You’ve probably noticed that a Taurus man can be a tough nut to crack. That is to say that as an earth sign, he’s so good at keeping a stoic, solid exterior that you may feel as if your love isn’t getting through his defenses.

But there are some easy ways to melt a Taurus man’s heart. No matter how much he tries to keep his feelings hidden, even a Taurus man has his love triggers.

Taurus men can be proud. And the way to get the heart of a man like this is to flatter him.

Of course, there’s a catch. You can’t just give him any compliment. A Taurus man may be insecure. He’ll know when you’re lying. He’ll also know when you’re trying to manipulate him. Don’t use false flattery, or it will be an instant turn off.

It’s best to stick with the tried and true tactics. Here are four compliments that will melt a Taurus man’s heart….

1. You must have been popular with the girls in high school.

The reason this works is because chances are he wasn’t. This is not an insult to your Taurus man. But let’s face it, even the guys who were popular in school may not have realized it. Adolescence is a time of huge insecurities.

Maybe your guy was a heart throb, in which case, he’ll appreciate the compliment.

But if he wasn’t? He’ll appreciate it even more.

Chances are your Taurus man was the silent, observant, studious type. Maybe he was in the drama club or in the high school band. He was most likely sensitive, kind and romantic, even if wasn’t sought after as the Romeo he wanted to be.

When you give him this compliment, you’re playing to his lifelong desire to be the guy that all the women wanted. If this wasn’t the case, you’re giving him a huge compliment by suggesting you imagine it would have been true.

2. Loyal men like you are such a rare treasure…

This works for a few reasons.

By using the word “treasure” you’re invoking a reference to value which means you’re speaking a Taurus man’s language.

By stating his qualities are rare, you’re again putting your feelings for him in economic terms- which is just the way he thinks. Rare is good. It’s valuable. Hard to find. Exclusive. This builds up his ego.

Lastly, yet importantly, you’re acknowledging his loyalty. This is FAR better than questioning his loyalty or repeatedly checking with him to get reassurance of his loyalty. This is a significant compliment for a Taurus man. Plus, it reinforces the connection to you by reminding him of loyalty in a positive way.

3. Your home is beautiful.

Taurus men love comfort and luxury, and their homes typically reflect this. When you compliment a Taurus man’s home, his work, or his creative talents, you’re complimenting him.

Show him you notice the care and time he puts into making his home a comfortable and relaxing place. Mention specific things he’s done to improve or care for his home that are exceptional.

Especially if he’s done the work himself, praise his craftsmanship. If he hired someone to do the work, still compliment him on his good taste and eye for quality and beauty.

4. It’s amazing how much you’ve accomplished in your career…

This works well especially if he’s a man in his 30s or 40s. If he’s an older Taurus man, adapt this compliment to not emphasize his age, but rather to admire his career accomplishments.

Taurus men define themselves by their work. When you take an interest in his work, you’re showing you care about him. And when you compliment his accomplishments, it’s one of the best compliments you can give a Taurus man.

Use these four compliments and your Taurus man will simply melt. He’ll become obsessed with you.

Now that you know the magic words to entice a Taurus man, you’ll have an almost perfect formula for love and attraction.

Almost perfect.

Because Taurus men follow their own rules when it comes to communication. You have to know not only what to say, but how and when. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.

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Sending you love,

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