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5 Reasons Why A Taurus Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

You may believe the stereotype that all men suck at romance and that they don’t really care about love. May I introduce you to the Taurus man; potentially the best lover in the Zodiac!

But how can they satisfy you? What makes them so great at being in relationships? Are they really all they’re cracked up to be? 

I’m pleased to be able to answer all of these questions because of my experience as a Relationship Astrologer. I believe that I can convince you that the Taurus man is your golden ticket to a happy and loving relationship the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. 

If you’re with a Taurus then I know I don’t have to tell you the many perks of being with one. But if you have yet to experience the pleasure, then I’m here to tell you all the reasons why a Taurus will make the best lover you’ve ever seen!  

5 Reasons Why A Taurus Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

1. Taurus’ Are Stubbornly In Love

Have you ever partnered up with someone whose love felt dependent on other things, like what you can provide for them? Are you sick of fair-weather lovers? Well then, you’re going to want to get your hands on a Taurus man! Once he’s in love, he’s never falling out of it. 

Taurus’ are a fixed Earth sign. Earth signs are already known for their ability to remain steady and faithful to their given cause (like your relationship!). Fixed signs pretty much grow where they are planted and they aren’t dreaming of better things… they like right where they’re at, and if that’s by your side then all the better!

Taurus’ don’t think about breaking up unless something is seriously wrong. Their affection for you is yours and only yours! They stand firm in their love for you no matter what. If you’re done with partners who play games in love then you’ve got to get your paws on a Taurus guy!

2. The Snuggles Are Out Of This World

Taurus Man Snuggles Better Than Anyone Else

Taurus’ are highly physical signs. They love all things tactile and beautiful. So, is it any surprise that they want their hands all over you all the time? 

The Taurus man is not the type of guy who needs physical space and who needs to take a breather from cuddles after a while. He’d rest happily in your arms and never leave if it was up to him. If you like to have your guy within close proximity most of the time then the Taurus is your dream match! 

Make sure that when you’re with a Taurus the two of you find plenty of time to stay in bed and snuggle while snacking and watching TV. This is prime bonding time in the eyes of the Taurus and he’ll deeply appreciate holding you in his arms from morning until night.

3. They’ll Spoil You

Earth signs in general are associated with money and abundance, and this goes double for Taurus who is ruled by the money planet, Venus! This isn’t to say that every Taurus is rich, but they’re more likely to be well off than almost any other sign. He’s dedicated enough to stick with one line of business until it rewards him and this helps him rake in the dough. 

As a result, Taureans love to show their love through giving things that they know their lover will enjoy. As such, the partner of the Taurus will know when they are on their lovers’ mind because they’ll be showered in any number of gifts. Flowers are a favorite of Taurus’ for gift giving because they grow from the Earth and have a natural beauty. 

Always be appreciative for the gifts that he’s given to you so that he knows you see his effort. He’s going to always give you the objects that you desire as long as you show him that he’s your one and only. If you’re with a Taurus, you are officially the envy of us all!

4. Taurus’ Love Love

Taurus Man Loves Better Than Anyone Else

As I mentioned, Taurus’ are ruled by Venus. Venus not only rules money, but it’s more famous for ruling love and romance! Taurus’ are one sign that, more than most, is heavily associated with love and partnership. They love coming home to someone who is happy to see them walk in the door. 

He takes a while to settle into a relationship because everything a Taurus does is slow (well, most things). Once he decides that you’re his girl then that’s it! He loves being in love with you and he will go above and beyond to make you feel as loved and appreciated as you make him feel. 

Taurus’ are romantic and so he’ll appreciate gestures of love. He doesn’t need anything flashy, just genuine displays of affection with real feeling behind it. Taurus’ look for substance in a relationship and so whatever you say to him, back it up with real action and true intent. 

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5. Incredible Sex!

If you’ve been treating your Taurus man well and making him feel appreciated, not only will he cover you in cuddles, smooches, and fine jewelry, but he will also give you some out of this world sex! Yes indeed, these guys enjoy sex more than most things because of how sensual and hands-on it is. 

Taurus’ are pleasure seeking beings. They want very much to make sure that they’re feeling relaxed and totally happy as much as possible, as often as possible. And if he really loves you then he is going to want to ensure that you’re feeling the same ecstasy that he’s feeling. 

He’s a great sport in the bed and he will take his sweet time giving you all the pleasure in the world. He’s motivated by real, tangible satisfaction. This means that he won’t be theatrical and he won’t be over the top… he’ll just get the job done better than most men could ever dream! 

Taurus men are the gift that literally keeps on giving in a relationship. He loves to love you just the way you like in any way that you desire. He’ll spoil you and be loyal only to you. He’s a total romantic dreamboat and easily one of the best lovers in the Zodiac. 

Have you ever been with a Taurus man? How did he show you how much he loved you? Let me know down below in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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    1. Hi Barbara Hands!

      Ouch I am so sorry to hear that your Taurus man is that ego oriented. Not all of them are the same but they can easily be selfish. I’m sorry to hear he’s no fun either. It sounds like you probably should move on if you aren’t happy with him because I don’t see him changing. Counseling is needed for these types of guys. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

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