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Taurus Man Secrets program
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 11 reviews
 by M Sidhu

Thank you for writing this blog. Honestly if it wasn't for your articles and explanations about Taurus men I would have given up long ago. But you kept me captivated and for an Aquarius woman I learned to be patient, thanks to your blogs. I understand the man I'm dating now and I'm so happy with him. We are doing long distance (any tips on that would be great) but again thank you for everything Anna.

 by Pearl

These books are super. Let me give you a short Ph.D on my relationship. I am a VIRGO. I met my Taurus on line last March of 2017. He contacted me with my photo of me and my little Rat Terrier “priceless”. In my profile I stated “I am a follower”. I was in Florida, moving to NJ in May. Turns out we are 45 miles apart.
Long story short:;; it is now June of 2018. I would read and re read your book. Taurus are SLOW and SLOWER. We became pen pals. We are now getting together. 5 dinner dates. He tested me. I told him, exclusive only, no three-some. I have morals. I am a one man only. We text every day. I follow his instructions. He wants a photo of me every am what I am wearing. When we go out he likes me braless, and he likes to see my cleavage. I told him I would not go out in public braless, only with him and no cleavage. He loved that. He feels he is the only one to see my cleavage, and only with him. So he can protect ME. He has started to open up. His words to me “I want a woman like you, but I have a hard time opening up” My answer to him, “you will in time” .. 2 weeks ago he texted me “I’m busy but taking a break for you”. He also has told me he doesn’t always answer my texts because “I am busy”. Anna, you are right. Patience. He is slow. Also it is very important to acknowledge him in his progress. I make sure I apologize to him, if he comes back with a negative response. One thing Anna said. If he doesn’t text you, text sooner than later. It is true I have put s lot of energy into this relationship. Me being Mutual on the ziodiac, I am flexible. I made sure to tell him I can change my mind instantly. I told him, many times (just to be sure he remembers) I want exclusive only, no three some, over and over. Being flexible does not mean I will change my mind. I have also told him how I feel. I don’t ever mention LOVE. I say “strong feelings”. The both of us have come out of a marriage of many years of no love. Both did the moral thing and got married. I have told him, You are you, you are not my Ex. I am me, and I am not your Ex”. It’s little things like that, that I use on him. Yes he is a silent person. It’s me who does the blah, blah.
PATIRNCE HAS PAID OFF. I STILL READ AND RE READ, youf books. Every time I read, I get something else out of it. The best part about me a Virgo and Taurus, we are very comfortable with one another. One thing that my Taurus Loves—he loves it when I tease him. Especially with being SEXY. For example. He texted me. “Send me a photo”. I texted him back. “I want my payment first” his text “what payment” I text “lol-you” his text “I’m here for you Babe”. These are the little banters that I believe have helped us.
ENOUGH. I hope I have helped someone. I apologize for the blah blah. But if you follow Anna’s advice and re read it will take you on your Journey.
And BE PATIENT. He will drive you CRAZY. BREAK that’s wonderful. PS we have not had SEX yet. I told him I don’t give my body unless I have feelings. AMEN

 by Tish

This book has been helping me navigate my dealings with a Taurus man I've been friends with. Since reading this book I've been able to understand him more and we are closer than we've ever been. We have our ups and downs (I'm a Gemini) but all in all we have found ourselves in a good situation right now. We have fully committed to each other yet but the building of our foundation has been a fun and enjoyable process which is rare for me to have.

Thank you Anna, I almost gave up on the possibility of this Gemini being with this Taurus

 by Angela

The book was helpful. Very well written and explained

 by Dee

This book is very helpful it taught me alot about how to deal with the taurus man i was dating.even though we didnt work out it taught me what may have beem the reason as well.i would recommend this to anyone who needs a better understanding of the ♉ taurus in there life.

 by Diane

I think the info Anna provides in the whole series (I bought them all) is very helpful!! I am a Taurus/ Gemini cusp. I followed the info like a bible when we met up in March and unfortunately it did not work. He is as she describes in her's crazy!!!

Trying to figure a Taurus man out is no easy task. I am still confused by the Taurus man I communicate with. We met while I was on vacation a year ago and have kept in touch as this is a long distance scenario. The week I spent when I met him initially, was amazing!! Now he is nice to stay in touch with and will respond immediately if I reach out. Still offers to do things together, but ok to go days with no communication. So I give hime space. We will see each other in September again. I have given up on the thought of a relationship, however, I think he is a great guy. Staying friends has been nice. All be it the INSANE mixed messages. We'll see...

 by Miranda


Your book series and one on one convos have been a lifesaver to me! I honestly would have been completley lost without your help and probably would have screwed things up royally with my Taurus if it wasn’t for you. I’m so thankful for your books and your wisdom and insights! They are 100% on point for my Taurus. If it wasn’t for you I think I literally would have lost my mind by now. But thanks to you. I am actually sane and happy! Keep up the good work Your Awesome!



 by Shelly

I was interested in a Taurus man and decided to purchase Anna's books to help me through the process. The series of books are so accurate. She takes you step by step through every aspect of the way they think and behaves. Unfortunately, I did not match up too well with the Taurus man as a saggittarius woman, but I was able to use some information to understand why he behaved the way he did. We ended up understading each other's positions and decided to stay friends instead. Now, I recently came across another Taurus man and was fully prepared to deal with him because of Anna's books. I went back to them for tips on dealing with this man. We will see what happens, but regardless of my relationship outcome with a Taurus man, these books are fantastic for anyone dealing with one. I highly recommend that you purchase them if you're confused. Besides the books, Anna is also a great source to seek for personal advice. Thank you Anna and good luck to the new readers.

 by Aida

Very helpful information. Knows my taurus man better, mentally and spiritually.

 by Sam

The information & insight provided was spot on. It really helped me understand my Taurus man & navigate the ups & downs of our relationship. I also used it to help friends in their Taurus man relationships.
I am a Gemini woman. I recommend this to anyone with any connection to a Taurus man

 by Nina

I liked the book

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