Taurus Man Predictions For November 2022

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello darlings, how was October? Have you managed to pull yourselves through and together through this wretched Retrograde season? I hope you did, for I come bearing fruits of November for the Taurus man. Strap in, and let’s go for a Horoscope ride…

The Taurus man will have trouble dealing with enhanced emotions and emotional sensitivity during this first week of November. It’s a good time to go to a lake house together, garden, harvest vegetables from your garden for a home-cooked meal, and enjoy being near water and near your emotions (together) during this time. 

The second week of November is nothing to sneeze at – there’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus taking place on the 8th, and it’s making a mighty opposition to the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Thus, making it a very tense transit for the Taurus man’s love life and relationship commitment. Stay strong, and good luck! 

The third week of the month brings calming transits and soothing energies. It’s a great time to heed advice from an old friend and to spend time doing something that is bigger than just the two of you.

The fourth and final week offers a great opportunity for new beginnings when it comes to your intimacy, mental connections, and vocal exploration. Be funny, unapologetic, direct, and open about your feelings, desires, and needs. This is a great time to set (positive) precedents in your relationship. 

The King Of Cups, Reversed… 

During the first week of November, the Taurus man will feel somewhat erratic and intense, thanks to Venus transiting through Scorpio and his seventh house – the house of long-term relationships and love commitments. 

The Taurus man will feel a lot of empathy during these first days of November, and that will only grow. He might be slightly irritable since he’s not used to feeling (all) the emotions, but rather burying them, so bear with him. 

Patience is a keyword during this week, and when it comes to romancing him and doing nice things together, well, it’s a good time for activities like gardening, spending time in nature, hiking national parks, feeding the swans, or simply walking barefoot on the ground. 

The Taurus man could use more time near a body of water during this first week, and if either of you have a lake house – go to it and spend time there together. Harvesting vegetables for a home-cooked meal together can be quite a bonding experience during this week, so see to it. 

Full Moon Eclipse In Taurus, Here It Comes…

The second week of November brings a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, his first house, and this is going to be fun… The Taurus man will be on edge and quite susceptible to irritability during this time. Mars being Retrograde and squaring Venus is not a good sign either; he might be prone to raising his voice and saying things he doesn’t actually mean. 

Or, quite the opposite – letting the inner dam of emotions break and spilling all of the words and feelings he kept buried within spill out and about. This is a very transforming and thus, emotionally-charged week for the Taurus man. 

He needs to relieve himself of the hidden burdens he’s been carrying on the inside, and that might not be very pretty to see or be caught up in. Alas, there’s no way around it, it must be experienced and witnessed. 

This is a good week for relationship transformation, so make sure to keep your eyes wide open and look for the signs. Listen to your gut and follow your intuition when it comes to this week. It might just make or break your relationship, and transform your entire fate. 

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

After a pretty tense second week, the third week of November offers some empathetic relief. Jupiter Retrograde is making a nice trine to Venus in Scorpio, and this means that help from a friend will come to the Taurus man’s life in the form of an angelic blessing. 

He will be able to let go of all the hurt and drama that has been stressing him out leading up to the Full Moon, and right after. Now is a perfect time to bury the ax, and make peace with each other. 

This week is meant for healing and loving, so make love to each other, express your gratitude and count your shared blessings. Not many people have what you have, and not many people are as lucky as you are. 

This is a perfect time to participate in volunteer work, donate to a charity, and spend time with his friends. Especially if his friends are from a different background, country, or religion. Topics and conversations started during this week will have not just healing, but also (positively) transforming properties.

This is an excellent time to deepen your intimacy and to share (openly) your fears and obsessions with each other.  

It’s Morphin’ Time!

The fourth week brings a much more cheerful and bouncy mood. There’s a positive New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd, and this takes place in the Taurus man’s eighth house of sex and intensity. This is a perfect opportunity to make sweet, sweet love to each other and go out to stand-up comedy, and receive a healthy dose of laughter. 

This is a great time to spread awareness of each other’s bodies and explore each other’s limits via touch. It’s also a great week for mental exploration and the deepening of intimacy through humor. 

The Taurus man is feeling much livelier and more optimistic, and his career is also going to flourish. So, make sure to hype him up, and be even brighter than him when it comes to overall mood and enthusiasm. 

There are going to be a lot of social opportunities and invites, go out and about, enjoy yourselves and have a good time with his old friends. This is a great week for meeting all kinds of different people and expanding your knowledge and consciousness via the experiences of others. 

Final Thoughts 

The Taurus man will be forced to undergo a lot of sharp changes during this month, and we all know that Taurus hates change. 

However, his empathy and emotions will rise to the occasion, and he will receive many blessings (relationship-wise) if he opens up to change, instead of avoiding it and covering himself in fear of it. 

This is a good month for exploring his emotional limits and depths, for good humor, and an optimistic outlook on things – the fourth week especially, so be brave and direct. 

The Taurus man’s mood will drastically improve from the middle of the third week onward, and he will be much more at peace and open about his emotions and inner workings when the end of the month comes than he was at the start of the month. 

He might say some things he doesn’t (truly) mean during the second week, but that is up to you to decide whether he should be forgiven or not. 

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Until next time, my lovely readers – I wish you all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Taurus Man Predictions For November 2022

  1. My Taurus guy (Stan) told me a few months ago . He’s parting ways.its better for him and I.
    He said I never asked him what he wanted. Yes, it’s true to a point. I got him a t shirt I thought he would like n sent it to his work with a letter enclosed. He returned it with out opening it.
    It was like I am (Stan) going to reject you first before you will reject me.
    No I don’t want a partner right now. Just wanting a friend.
    He doesn’t want me to contact him period.
    I want to text him back and say I did ask you what you wanted but it was to late

  2. He’s (Stan) has been in love with me for years. It’s a different way or kind of love.
    Like a friendship one.
    So how can he just throw that feeling away ?
    He thanked me however in helping him see things differently like friends using him for their own gain.
    He’s a loner…not many friends

    So how can I get back in grace with him ?

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