Taurus Man Predictions For October 2022

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello, my darlings, how are you? Have you thrived or just survived through September? I hope you are alive and well, for we have things to do – October predictions are here, and we need to jump right in!

The first week of October eases the Taurus man into fall vibes and chill weather. Thanks to Venus in the Taurus man’s fifth house of fun and pleasure, and the Moon in Pisces with Neptune, this week is a perfect opportunity to get him drunk and honest. Or to simply have great fun with his friends, or around an intimate bonfire built just for the two of you under a starry night…

The second week puts focus on his dreams, obligations from waking life, and all in the between – challenging love talks and thin ice with his lover or partner. Now is not a perfect time for any lovey-dovey activities, instead, more difficult matters should be resolved and attended to, no matter how scary they might seem.

The third week points toward the service of others, and thus, being of service to oneself. It’s a great time for charitable activities and volunteer work, as well as harmonic dates and pleasant evenings filled with candlelight and soft words.

The fourth week of October is the most intense one for the Taurus man, as both his ruler and his seventh house are major themes for him. His emotions and his love relationships will all be laid bare, and he will be asked to take a long and hard look at the decisions that have brought him to this point in time.

Play Hard

The first week of October brings beauty and balance to all things connected with daily life, daily rituals, patterns, and repetitions. The Taurus man is feeling festive and he wants to relax – perhaps he can, considering that Mercury is in his fifth house of fun and pleasure.

Although Mars is in his second house of income and finances, this is a good thing for the Taurus man, as this means more physical activity and action for him, which, in turn, means leaner physique and muscles.

This is a great time to go out with his friends, have fun in creative ways (like playing video games or board games, or even interactive games like VR and escape rooms), drink, and share imaginative stories around the fire.

This first week is a blessing for cozy and easy-going activities, and you can even have intimate dates, the Taurus man won’t complain about ‘being forced to get out of the house.’ It’s a balancing and pleasant time, all in all, and if you are up for some constructive mischief – then go and get it done!

Dreams And Waking Nightmares…

The second week of the month brings awareness and the importance of dreams into the Taurus man’s waking life. Communication between him and his lover or partner can be on thin ice thanks to Mercury on the closing degrees of Virgo.

He is left to wonder what is love if not a materialistic showcase of gifts and security; he is asked to think deeper and feel on a different level than before.

There’s a potent Full Moon in Aries on the 9th, and when this takes place, his inner wounds and demons will come out to play, all the while his health and waking life will demand hefty sacrifices of his time from him.

This second week is a prelude to what is to come, and right after the Full Moon in Aries, his own will and sense of self will be put to the test. The Taurus man is advised not to make any rash decisions, nor to break off any relationship until the Moon has passed above the shadow of the doubt – out of his mind and out of his heart, as they say…

Clearing Out And Giving Back

During the third week, the Taurus man will have an easier way of explaining his thoughts and feelings, thanks to the Moon’s transits. And he will be called to pay extra attention to his legs when it comes to health and care for his body.

This is a great time to dedicate to each other; doing small things and acts of service for each other, lending a confidential ear, or simply finding grace in each other to extend to the other person might be a perfect idea or an activity to do at this point in time.

He might feel overshadowed by his work and coworkers at this point in time thanks to the really tight conjunction between Venus and the Sun, but since both of them are making a nice trine with Mars in Gemini, this might be a great time for the Taurus man to iron out some stuff at work, and that could lead to an increase in his finances.

This is a good time to be diplomatic and observant and to inspect one’s emotions closer than before. It’s a perfect time for a date that has something creative and of service intertwined with it. Like volunteering together, or simply going out to clean the neighborhood – both excellent ideas for this transit.

Scorpio Is As Scorpio Does – Silent And Deadly!

The fourth and final week puts the Taurus man in a tough spot. It’s as if everything is stacked up against him – Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and the Moon make opposition to his Ascendant, and with Fortune, the North Node, and Retrograde Uranus in his first house, this does feel like a pity party on his behalf.

On the 25th there’s a powerful New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, his seventh house, and that New Moon conjuncts both Venus and the Sun, and we all know that Venus doesn’t feel great in Scorpio, which means that the Taurus man won’t feel good.

His heart and mind will find themselves in opposing corners during this fourth week, and although it’s a great time to start something new and fresh, for the Taurus man, that might mean starting therapy or doing something very profound and deep for himself.

His emotions are laid bare for everyone to see, and he is forced to take a hard and long look at himself, his emotional state, and his love relationships.

Now is not the time for lighthearted dates and moods, now is the time for do or die, and for intense emotions and feelings to come up to the surface and be properly inspected by all who are involved.

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Final Thoughts

The Taurus man will be in a pretty even mood this month, but there are certain challenges and love lessons included in this month’s transits for him that he must overcome if he is to have a happy life until the end of the year.

His work situation and career prospects are actually looking good this month, so he should be satisfied on that front at least. However, he does need to take a deeper look at this psyche and his mental hygiene.

It’ll be a great step and deal for him to undertake such a task upon himself this month, and to share his (emotional) burdens not just with his lover or partner and family, but also with an expert who can help him crack some of his inner demons.

I recently wrote an article about a Taurus man’s texting style. You might want to give it a look before November approaches, it’ll help you ease through the challenging periods or misunderstandings. Trust me on this one.

All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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