Number One Reason Taurus Avoids Your Texts

Perhaps you’ve had the following experience…

You’re deeply engrossed in a text conversation with your Taurus man. Everything is going smoothly. You feel your heart fluttering every time a notification clues you in that he’s responded.

You reply to him.

He replies back.

You text him back.

You watch as your phone signals he’s in the process of responding….

But then…


No text.

No reply.

Your hands start to sweat and you try to distract yourself. You put your phone aside and busy yourself with other things, but even an hour, then two hours later, still no answer.

Maybe against your better judgment you send him a few additional texts hoping to jumpstart the conversation again. Still nothing.

What in the world went wrong?

A Taurus man has a funny way of communicating. Most women would agree he’s not the best at expressing his feelings. 

He may seem to send mixed signals. But the more you understand about Taurus men, the more you’ll realize he’s communicating in ways that make perfect sense….

That is, for a Taurus man.

One of the biggest pet peeves about Taurus men is that they don’t always return texts. Sometimes not even for days.

While he’s radio silent, you may be pouring over every anxiety producing possibility in your mind wondering what on earth you did to make him ignore you.

Or maybe you’re wondering what’s wrong with him that he can’t take a minute to send a reply.

But chances are, if you’re overthinking his motives, you’re missing the key reasons a Taurus man hasn’t responded in the first place. When you know the issues that tend to hold him back, you’ll feel so glad you didn’t give in to suspicion and jealousy.

There are a few reasons Taurus men don’t respond at first.

Strange as it sounds, even when he’s in love he may not be focused on his phone.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to talk to you. He may be thinking of you and missing you. He’s just not looking for a message from you.

He may also be enjoying time out with friends. Another situation in which he may be so engrossed in drinking, eating and conversation that he doesn’t answer his phone or may have notifications shut off.

And no, this doesn’t mean he’s with another woman.

He may be out with the guys or with colleagues. Taurus men don’t like to be bothered when they’re focused on something. And they certainly don’t like multitasking. You may read this as him ignoring you, but this is a big mistake. Taurus men just need space to focus on one thing at a time.

And yes, sometimes he is trying to give you a hint. Sometimes he feels crowded or overwhelmed by the relationship. Sometimes his feelings are kicking in and he wants very much to ignore the fact he’s falling in love with you.

Yet none of these are the number one reason a Taurus man doesn’t text back right away.

The top reason for him not responding may actually surprise you.

Usually, when a Taurus man is not texting you back initially it has more to do with his work than anything else.

He’s on a work deadline. He may be engrossed in a project and feel under pressure to complete what he’s doing. Similarly, he may be in a meeting with his boss and trying to focus.

Yes, for all the insecurity and jealousy that can be triggered when a Taurus man doesn’t respond may simply be chalked up to him being busy at work.

And that includes during typical “off” times of day. You may be on a lunch break. But this is something he may not grant himself.

You may be making dinner, but he is likely to be working late. You may be enjoying a Saturday afternoon but a Taurus man will likely be at the office catching up.

The best thing to do is to avoid making assumptions.

At the same time, don’t text him repeatedly. If you’re thinking he missed the notification, sending him follow up texts is not the answer.

If he sees a stream of messages from you, he’ll only become annoyed, even if he did miss your text.

Just let him be. If you don’t hear from him for several days, drop a line to check in.

Knowing the biggest reason he doesn’t text back may be reassuring but it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Not handling these situations the right way can be one of the biggest reasons a Taurus man backs off. 

I hope this reassured you that one ignored message doesn't mean the end of the world.

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