To All Women Struggling To Catch & Keep A Taurus Man's Heart

Finally, A Guaranteed Way To Instantly Make Taurus Crazy About You With Just A Few Simple Texts… Even If He's Currently Going Cold Or Ignoring You, And Without Being Pushy or Worrying About What You'll Reply

A relationship Astrologer reveals proven-to-work cosmic texts for Taurus men
that will make him addicted to you. Make sure you read this letter before texting him again. 

*his texting style will depend a lot from his Mercury sign

Secrets I'll reveal in this letter:

  • Taurus Man's Texting Style - Which kind of communication does he prefer?
  • 3 Types of Taurean Men - Discover His Communication Hooks Based on His Mercury Placement
  • 3 Simple Texts Taurus Can't Resist And Can't Ignore
  • The Five-word Flirty Text Message That Makes a Taurus Man Addicted To You! 
  • 3 Word Text that PULLS Him Back and Makes Him Chase You
  • The Five-Word Question that Makes a Taurus Text You Back IMMEDIATELY…

"Why is he not texting me back?“

If I had a penny every time someone asked me that...

Did you ever text your Bull and get a cold reply? 

Perhaps it took him forever just to write a one-word response (which clearly states that he doesn't wish to continue chatting to you)...

Or perhaps he didn't even bother to reply in the first place... even though it's clear that he's read your text.

How rude, right?

I mean it's not just rude... it feels terrible, to be honest. (pardon my French)

As a communicative Gemini, I honestly hate it when guys do that...

Taurus is among the worst when it comes to ghosting sensitive women that don't deserve such treatment.

It's a bit blunt, and Taurus guys being a bit lazy doesn't help at all...

It seems so easy to lose their attention.

One minute they seem so interested in what you have to say and then they just drift away...

You can type for hours and enjoy interesting and deep conversations that bring you two together and just when you start letting go and fully enjoying the thought of you two sharing intimate moments forever...


You rationally think that something must have interrupted him and that he'll soon be back to continue the previous eruption of those lovely little texts... and you wait.

You wait for a minute (and it seems so long compared to when he instantly replies)

Then it's a couple of minutes...

Then it's an hour... (but you still hope he'll soon reply)

Eventually, a whole day passes and it's obvious to you that... it just didn't matter to him that much.

But how can it be? He seemed so inspired by you. Your conversation flowed so smoothly...

It's as if you two finished each other's sentences... He seemed to be a perfect fit and you were certain that he was very much into you... and then... straight out of the blue...



And you're left with seeping anxiety, not knowing what suddenly got into him.

Perhaps you ask him directly and you get a vague answer that he was busy or that he forgot to text you or...

Your usual generic prop from the Taurean „I-don’t-care” arsenal.

You try to rehabilitate the relationship, but from that moment on... everything seems to go downhill.

Eventually, the relationship ends up extinguished before it even started... like a beautiful shooting star whose glorious light burst and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

That's one scenario.

The other is an emotional rollercoaster.

The emotional rollercoaster is very much the same as the previous scenario except for this:

In a series of text-shots that you fire, trying to get him back, you seem to strike a chord (the right one) and he's into you again...

But not for long.

Soon enough, he starts pulling away for no obvious reason again.

And the hot-and-cold games continue until you're exhausted, depleted, anxious, angry, sad, awry, and insecure...

What are you, a plaything of his?

An instrument to pass the time until he finds someone he likes more than you?

Well, sister, if any of this sounds even remotely familiar to you, it's certainly time to be alarmed...

But that’s why I’m here to help.

I’ve talked with Taurus men around the world. Studied them. I’m even married to one!

But I’ve also spoken to thousands of women who love a special Taurus man. Just like you.

I know your desires, your temptations, and I know the well-intended romantic gestures that turn him off, even though your intentions were completely different.

Texting a Taurus man is not an easy game, but I can help you make sure your texts are spot on every time. 

You need to know how to activate his imagination and whisper words to his subconscious that he doesn't even know he wants to hear. 

Before I reveal to you three types of texts he will ALWAYS respond to later in this letter, I want to share with you some hidden insights about his Taurean psyche and how it affects his texting style.

It’s part of a Taurus man’s nature to keep texts minimal.

He is a man of few words and prefers to send texts only when he has information to share with you.

He definitely avoids small talk.

Taurus men can be flirty and send sexual texts but only when he’s in a particular mood. Men born under this sign don’t spend extensive time texting. He’ll want to text you enough to get his point across.

Taurus men don’t linger and text for hours.

Taurus men like to read signals in your body language.

Texting is not his preferred communication style. This is why texting is sometimes a challenge for hi

Taurus men also have a habit of assuming you understand what they want. They assume because they feel a certain way it must be clear to you and also that you must feel the same way.

It takes some work for Taurus men to improve their communication styles.

But still - Knowing HOW To Text Him is an incredibly powerful tool to make him more connected to you, to sparkle up imagination and make your dates more exciting...and most importantly, learning which combination of words and emojis you need to type to make him completely crazy about you. 

(Some women just know this intuitively, don't give them an advantage)

Today, texting makes a huge part of our relationships, and it is of enormous importance how well you know to communicate even through this type of communication. 

Now before you learn new texting tricks that will forever change your texting game with that Taurus guy, let me introduce myself...

Who am I & Why Should You Trust Me?

Anna Kovach

Hi, I am Anna Kovach.

As a relationship astrologer and a consultant, I've spent the last few decades helping thousands of women find, attract and keep their Mr. Rights.

Thousands of women are thanking me every day for helping them improve their relationships, become more intimate with their partners, and even get their love interests back after making mistakes that end relationships.

Thousands of the women whom I've counseled have successfully dealt with Taurus men and won their hearts...

Even though Taurus is one of the most complex and mysterious signs in the Zodiac... I know him like the back of my pocket.

Not many relationship consultants and astrologers can say that.

Most of the content on Taureans consists of a few dozen generic facts that don't even begin to cut it. And when you search for tips on how to text a Taurus man - you find just some completely superficial tips that won't have the effect you're hoping for. 

They are not letting you know about the most important factor to his texting style... (you'll learn about it in few seconds)

That's why I want to help you understand why your Taurus interest acts the way he acts, what melts his heart and what puts his love to rest...

I want to help you understand what moves him towards you and what drives him away.

I believe that Astral Knowledge is meant for everyone and that all of us should use it to understand ourselves and those around us.

It's our purpose to align... not just with our stars... but with ourselves and each other as well.

That's why the 4000-year-old science of astrology has been bestowed to us – to Love and Be Loved.

A 9-centuries-old library I inherited from my aunt/grandmother allowed me to dive deep into the secrets of the Taurean Astral Psyche...

Now the time has come for that knowledge to be translated into languages that the modern world can understand.

That's why I want to use this arcane wisdom and help you grow and nurture your relationship with him.

To make sure you don't blow it all up before you even get the chance to make him fall in love, in the next few paragraphs you'll read about the 3 Types of Taurus Men and why they will respond completely differently to a same text message.

If you’re not new to dating Taurus men, you may think you have nothing to worry about, right?


If you treat one Taurus man like the next, or if you base your moves on generic information found in the average internet search, you could be in trouble.

There are actually 3 types of Taurus men. Their communication style is based on his Mercury sign.

A Taurus man can have his Mercury placed ONLY in:
1. the fire and leader-born sign of Aries, 
2. the practical and sexy sign of Taurus,
3. or the reign of flirty, vivacious Gemini...

Of course, Mercury being the planet of communication influences by a lot how he'll respond to your texts, which tells you how much this detail can influence your relationship (and texting strategy) with a Taurus man.

If you don’t understand the difference between the psyche of a Taurus man with Aries, Taurus, or Gemini Mercury, you could make a critical mistake that makes him ghost you forever.

type #1 - Taurus + Mercury in Aries - Fast Text Skimmer 

Taurus men with Mercury in Aries are a ball of contradictions. All the passion of Aries with the need for security of Taurus. They think fast, and are prone to texting mistakes. They respond too quickly and don’t always read your messages through before responding.

A Taurus man with Mercury in Aries is likely to skim your messages and answer after only reading two or three words. Keep your communication free of problems and misunderstandings by making sure your texts are brief, clear, and concise.

Texts like, “Pick me up at 3, please?” Rather than texting him a dozen sentences about why you need a ride at 3.

Conversation hook: Keep texts brief, clear and concise.

type #2 - Taurus + Mercury in Taurus - Enthusiast for Hedonism 

If his Mercury sign is Taurus, you need to appeal to his senses. Show appreciation. Ask about his comfort. Mercury in Taurus responds best to messages like, “I appreciate you offering to drive. If you pick me up at 3, we have plenty of time for lunch.”

This appeals to his desires for comfort and security while showing gratitude.

Conversation hook: Appeal to his senses.

type #3 - Taurus + Mercury in Gemini - Quick-Witted and Fun-seeking Communicator 

The third type of Taurus man is the most confusing. If his Mercury sign is Gemini, he is more expressive but also flighty. He may be more forgetful than the average Taurus man. You need to work harder to keep his attention.

Send him a flirty gif or emoji at first, then make your point, then send another emoji.

An example is, “Hey gorgeous, I’ve been dreaming about what we’re going to do later… (flirty emoji) how about you pick me up at 3 so I don’t have to wait to show you…. (flirty emoji)?

Conversation hook: Keep him curious and entertained.

As an earth sign, Taurus people usually have high expectations.

Disappoint a Taurus man once and there could be no coming back from the wreckage of a potential relationship gone wrong.

But it’s not all bleak.

When you know how to text a Taurus man in just the right way to turn him on and get a response, you’ll be set.

You’ll know how to avoid tricky situations and do damage control when you need to.

If you want to dive in deeper and learn which messages he'll love, hate or get turned on by based on his Mercury sign - you can click below and get instant access to my 2022 bestseller guide.

Secret method of texting Taurus men so that you get them to fall for you. 

Introducing "Taurus Text Magic" : 64 Ready-to-send Texts to Make Him Yours

Suitable for:

flirting with a Taurus

LDR - approved

dull conversations

make a Taurus man addicted

Taurus man pulling away

slow texter

rekindle your Chemistry

Taurus man losing interest

DISCLAIMER: “Taurus Text Magic” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

If any of these statements resonate with you then this special guide is meant just for you.

  • You’re in the dark about what your Taurus likes to hear and what gets him to shut you off
  • He ever ignored your message
  • It takes him ages to reply to you
  • He sends short, cold, formal texts.
  • He doesn’t seem genuinely interested in you
  • Despite the interesting start of your conversation and all the fireworks in the beginning he started to pull away, close off and talk less
  • Your conversations became dull and you’re afraid he’s losing interest
  • You’re in a long-distance relationship and you want to breathe new life into your mutual flow
  • Or you’re constantly anxious because you’re not sure what to write to him & how to respond
  • And even if you just want to learn how to improve your skills of written communication so that you, at last, have a bulletproof system that Taurus guys will fall for

Click below to get access now and download my bestselling Taurus texting guide.

If you decide to get my best-selling guide at a special price now, you'll get fast access to your Taurus man's powerful texting secrets in minutes. 

(see table of contents below)

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The step-by-step guide to texting that hot Taurus guy you like and making him chase after you like you never thought possible (64 customisable text messages that will fire up your Taurus man).

I'll keep this offer active only shortly, and then I'll have to increase the price. 

Before proceeding to the 3 insanely effective text messages that no Taurus man can resist that you NEED to know.

I'd just like to mention one thing. 

I've analyzed so many chats of my clients, especially with Taurean partners (if a Taurus guy confuses you over text, you're definitely not alone <3)... And had my own share of text conversations with my husband - a Taurus, as I might have mentioned.

Women with Taurean situations often need just 1 text to trigger Bulls primal desire and turn the tables to their advantage.

That's why I tried to make this guide not only immensely insightful and beautiful to read (my designer did an amazing job), but I also made sure that you can save your ready-to-send messages directly to your Notes... this way you'll always have them in your arsenal ;)

I’ve made sure that the book is available for you in a convenient e-format that you’ll love and that you’ll be able to use at any time (on your phone)…

It’s enough to just copy and paste some of these messages and see the results in no time.

And don’t just take my word for it.

I've used these exact secrets to guide other women to a better relationship with their men.

Here's what some of them have to say:

I'm very impressed with how accurate your information is when it comes to my man's sign. It's helped me navigate the relationship in a totally different way than I ever would have prior. It's made our communication better because I understand where his actions are coming from, so I respond rather than react! I'm no longer feeling triggered or overly sensitive when he seems to appear more distant...I now understand his needs more deeply.  As a Life Coach it's helped me see how powerful this "inside track" can be in relationships. THANK YOU Anna! 

Deborah Martins // 47, U.S.

I LOVED reading all of the insight she seemed to have and it always hit so many things right on the nose!!! I’ve always been into astrology but the accuracy she has is just mind-blowing!!! Definitely worth every minute!!! 

Sarah // 27, U.K.

Anna is amazing. I’ve been reading her publications to give me a better understanding of the man in my life through her knowledge of people through their sun and moon signs. Even after 30+ years of marriage I’ve learned better methods to communicate with him. And it happened because Anna shared her very special skill of understanding people from their horoscope signs. Anna is caring and supportive and truly wants to help couples to better understand one another. I would encourage anyone to read Anna’s work. She’s amazing.

Barbara Samuel // 55, U.S.

Taurus men are ambitious. When he’s working, he gives his complete attention to the tasks at hand. You may wait hours, even days, for him to reply to your text. Meanwhile, he acts as if he’s done nothing wrong.

But your days of waiting for a Taurus to reply will be in the past when you learn the simple text messages a Taurus man can’t ignore.

These messages attract his attention like a magnet and compel him to respond right away.

There are three types of texts he will ALWAYS respond to. 

text #1 - The five-word flirty text message that makes a Taurus man ADDICTED to you 

Did you know you can make a Taurus man obsessed with you in only four words?

Less is definitely more when it comes to a Taurus man. Many women make the fatal mistake of sending him endless texts. You may assume the more words you use, the better.

But Taurus men are not into flowery and poetic language. They want direct and concise communication. The fewer words you use to make your point, the better.

If you want him to become obsessed with you and reply right away, try this four-word flirty text…

“I’ve got something for you…”

Notice that this text doesn’t explain the whole story. The text require a response because you left him in suspense.

Now, usually Taurus men don’t like being kept waiting. Only use this text to bait him into responding to you. Ideally, you’ll send more complete messages. But this text is designed to appeal to his interests while also keeping him wanting more.

He has to text back to find out what surprise you have for him.

ONLY use this type of text when he hasn’t responded in a while, and you want to lure him into a text conversation with you. Don’t use this type of text if he’s already engaged with you. He’ll see it as too distant.

This type of text works because of its brevity. He won’t feel intruded on but at the same time, you’re appealing to his desires to be pampered.

Learn in Taurus Text Magic: Wickedly effective texts to keep his eyes glued to the screen waiting for your reply, no matter what situation you’re in 

text #2 -The Five-Word Question that Makes a Taurus Text You Back IMMEDIATELY

You’ll also learn about these magic texts that make a Taurus man respond as if he was 911.

No more waiting around for him to prioritize you.

A Taurus man who is asked these questions in this style will feel compelled to reply. He’ll feel an urgent response to you in your time of need.

“Can I Ask your opinion?”

There are many texts tailored specifically to make your Taurus man jump to respond. He wants to be your hero and will take the opportunity to come to the rescue if you are in need.

Taurus men love to share their opinions and advice, especially on business and financial matters. Notice that these texts are short. Again, this is crucial.

The Taurus Text Magic guide always gets the job done.. making him respond quicker than’s a great one! Thank you Anna

Amy German // 53, U.S.

The key is to use your initial icebreaker text as a flag to get his attention. Once he’s responding, then you can give more detail. Don’t front-load your messages.

This message also works because it appeals to his three favorite things. His ability to help and be the hero, and to share his opinions.

text #3 - 3-Word Text that PULLS Him Back and Makes Him Chase You

If your Taurus man ever goes quiet, you may ruminate over your past conversation. When you find yourself pouring over past text conversations wondering where you went wrong, you may wish there was a way to wave a magic wand and make him chase you again.

Well, in a way, there is.

Not a magic wand, but a secret text that will make a Taurus man snap to attention.

With just three words you can make him stop what he’s doing, reconsider his silence, and even become obsessed to the point of chasing you all over again.

These three words are….

“I appreciate you.”

You may wonder how such a simple text could have any real lasting effect. But the secret most women don’t realize about Taurus men is that they live for admiration and recognition.

Taurus men do so much for others and seldom receive the thanks they desire. If you show gratitude with a quick note of appreciation, you’ll get his attention.

He’ll wonder why he ever let you get away, realizing that YOU understand him so much better than any other woman.

Men born under this sign will want to chase a woman who shows appreciation just because and not because she is trying to get something from him.

He’ll see it as a refreshing change of pace from the status quo.

This is just a tip of the iceberg... I'm sure you'll get benefits from what you just learned, but if you really want to click his right buttons and watch him crave you more and more, I truly suggest you get my Taurus Text Magic at a discounted price today. 

 If you get your Taurus Text Magic now, you'll learn all of the following (and much more):

  • The worst 3 mistakes women make when texting Taurus men & how to make sure you don’t get ghosted,
  • 2 things that you absolutely need to imply when texting him – if you want his everlasting devotion,
  • The 3 essential needs of a Taurus man and how to get him open up to you and let you into their private worlds of tenderness 

  • The 5 deepest love messages that specifically appeal to Taurus men and awaken their romantic yearnings for you
  • The sneaky secret that reveals exactly how much and how often you should text him if you want him to go on all fours for you, 
  • Sending nudes, yes or no? Learn how to ensure that your relationship lasts for years… (the answer is not what you think),
  • The 1 thing that a Bull does not appreciate and that will only push him further away if you’re not careful,

All Of This - And So Much More -
Is Yours, When You Download Your Copy Of
Taurus Text Magic...

By now you must be wondering what’s the investment for this stellar guidance.

It’s hard to put a value on something that can make your Taurus want you 3 times more just with a simple push of a button, don’t you think?

For a short period of time, I’ve decided to make it available to you at special promo price of mere $27.

I’m not sure how long will this discount last so make sure to invest in evolution of your texting and relationship while this promo is still available.

After the discount expires, I'll charge $49 for Taurus Text Magic…

What matters for me the most is that you use it and reap all the amazing benefits… so that both you and your Taurus guy find the happiness that you deserve.

Why let petty communication breakdowns stand in the way of true love and attraction?

I’m determined to not let that happen.

I want to remove all the obstacles from your way and help you safely overcome any hurdles on your path to a long-lasting commitment with your Taurus guy.

That’s why I want you to Feel completely safe while investing in the future of your relationship.

That’s maybe the best part. You can give this a try and see how it works for you, absolutely risk free!

Try Taurus Text Magic Absolutely 100% Risk Free For A Full 60 Days...

Try some of the texts and mind tactics from my Taurus Text Magic. 

You have my iron-clad guarantee that your investments will be returned down to the last penny in the unlikely event of you not liking my book.

So, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide you want a full refund, all you need to do is email me in the next 60 days and I’ll return every penny – no questions asked!

My customer support works quickly to resolve any potential refund requests.

A lot of what Anna states is extremely true to the point. I have used her insight to have a wonderful exciting amorous relationship .Come on now, aren't you just a bit tempted?

Merci Torres

She was so accurate and on point about my Virgo man. It helped me understand his quietness so much more and helped strengthen our relationship as I finally knew how to connect better with him! Thank you for such an amazing and accurate description of my Virgo man.

Christa Quill

Accurate and exactly on the spot on many levels! Anna has described people in my life to a T and I’m blown away but also grateful for insight on how to deal w different signs! You have helped more than anything! Thank you so much!

Kristi Long

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Instead of chatting to a cold, distant, unresponsive Taurus…

Instead of him avoiding conversations with you…

Instead of those confusing one-word texts that leave you anxious…

You will now know all the rules of texting… and you’ll get actual sentences from him.

You’ll get him to respond immediately and write you all the time.

Just think of him checking on you to see if you got home in time… asking about your day and actually WANTING to hear more about what you feel…

Imagine him being interested in helping you get through life and going above and beyond to show you that you’re never alone… that he always thinks about you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel safe with a man for a change?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that someone’s infatuated with you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be appreciated?

I bet it would.

That’s why I wrote a one-of-its-kind book only on Taurus so that we make sure that you get him.

To the extent of my vast knowledge, this is the only book in the world that explain how to text a Bull in such a thorough manner.

If you’re ready to learn how to make that happen, all you need to do is click below.

Text away and never look back again,


Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach


“You can have the relationship you want!”

Anna Kovach is known as the most sought after relationships Astrologer and advisor to commitment-seeking women across the globe. Anna's guidance and astrological insights have helped countless women get the relationship they desire.

She is famous for saving 'failed' relationships, helping women secure their 'One' and showing seemingly incompatible couples “how to speak the same language.” 

She uses her gift and knowledge of Astrology & relationship psychology to help couples connect and gain an intense understanding of each other. All through the power of practical and accurate astrological advice that anyone can apply to their relationship — just without the hype, overcomplicated professional terminology or vague and confusing astro-speak.

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