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How To Attract A Taurus Man In April 2021

Last month was an amazing month for love and establishing a new bond. If you already know this Taurus man, or have previously begun a connection, don’t fret. April has many opportunities for success! But you do need to be mindful that the first half of the month can be a bit tricky when the Sun is in Aries. Taurus and Aries aren’t generally compatible. This means there are some minor insecurities that come to light in such a fiery and overpowering energy. 

How To Attract A Taurus Man In April 2021

1. Pay Attention To His Words

He won’t be using words unless he has a point to make. This April, the Taurus man is speaking little and deliberately. He may even come across as slow or reserved… the truth is, he is sensitive and quite reflective this month. His mind is attuned to personal beliefs and philosophies, potentially even a spiritual reality. He is in tune with his soul.

Every word he speaks will be done with intention, therefore. If he says something, shares a story, speaks from emotion, or conveys a feeling, belief, perspective or piece of advice, it will be done with meaning. Disrespect this? Or simply don’t give it the attention it deserves? You won’t be received warmly. 

The Taurus man is naturally quite slow and deliberate anyway. He is an earth sign and a fixed sign, meaning he has a deep love of security, comfort, and stability. His communication style reflects these innate aspects. Because it is Aries season – so, due to there being so much fire and ‘yang’ energy – he is feeling more attentive and reflective, careful and thoughtful in his words, actions and speech. 

Make sure you respect or even admire his qualities and strengths. Wisdom may shine through in subtle or more obvious ways, and any conversation he does have with you will reflect his innermost core. Honor and cherish it!

2. Respect His Sensitive Nature

Attracting A Sensitive Taurus Man In April 2021

Aries season means fire, passion, zest and aggression. Action and vitality are associated with Aries, but this fire sign is also the child of the Zodiac. Impatient, impulsive, egotistical and selfish, Aries tends to shout “me, me, me!” and expects everyone to hear it! This doesn’t work well with this grounded and mature earth sign. Fortunately for you, being anything opposite to this will work in your favor. If you’re selfless, spiritual, down-to-earth, or filled with grace and empathy – you’re a winner.

You won’t actually have to do much to attract him. Just be yourself. If you need to make some internal shifts and changes, be aware of positively he responds to beauty, harmony and kindness. The Taurus man is ruled by Venus, after all, the planet of sensuality and feminine energy and beauty. There are so many brash and overbearing influences around that he will deeply appreciate some calmness and gentleness.

Also, connect with him on a spiritual and subtle level. He is in an extremely reflective space all month. He is intelligent and observant, mindful and aware of the current Astrology (most likely), he can certainly sense the Taurus season is approaching… You might want to check out your compatibility to see what works for him and what doesn’t. 

3. Laugh To Uplift

Laughing To Uplift A Taurus Man In April 2021

There might be some stagnant energy in his subtle body. I.e., his subtle energy field (aura, demeanor and vibe) has picked up on some things and held on to them. Emotions and thoughts haven’t been free to flow, and this has led to some internal blocks. Laughter is one of the fastest ways to release blocked or stagnant energy. Laughter also aligns you with your soul and true self. 

Laugh to uplift. The Taurus man has a wicked sense of humor. He needs to feel comfortable around you first and foremost, but when he does, he is incredibly witty and funny. Make a conscious effort to redirect the energy flow and mood or tone of the conversation too. Never worry about offending him or thinking he wants to be quiet. The secret of the Taurus man is he is always up for some banter and belly laughs!

4. Don’t Be Stingy

So, you may already know that Taurus is one of the most materialistic and pleasure-seeking signs. He is ruled by Venus, who – in addition to love and beauty, sensuality, and feminine sexuality – also rules money, wealth, and luxury. Life is a journey of pleasure and joyous experiences for this guy. But he is wonderfully generous. His generosity and benevolence know no bounds to and for the people he loves. 

When the Sun enters Taurus (19th), there is more of a focus on the pursuit of pleasure. He will be thinking about good food, luxurious items, sex, self-care, and pampering himself, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It’s essential that you don’t show signs of stinginess. He may be greedy and hedonistic when at his lowest, but the Taurus man is turned off by petty or greedy behavior!

If anything, shower him in gifts, positivity, and praise. Be loving and affectionate, generous in personality and character, and kind in mannerism. Furthermore, if you’re able to show him you are on a spiritual path and very much open to the joys and luxurious life has to offer, you may just be seen as the perfect woman. 

One side of the Taurus personality is happy to camp out in the wilderness with nothing but a tent, fire, and the simplest of items. Being surrounded by nature and divine simplicity, tranquility, is a sought-after experience. On the other hand, he thoroughly loves wining and dining in beautiful hotels and guesthouses, visiting swanky spas and top restaurants. Something to be mindful of… 

5. Embody Serenity

The month builds up to Taurus season, yay! Taurus loves his birthday month. The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th which signifies a month of the energy he adores and cherishes so. The best way to go is to embody a peaceful and serene outlook, mindset, and persona. Make your vibe something people gravitate towards. Be generous in spirit and wisdom, graceful, down-to-earth, and humble. 

The Taurus man is humble and modest. He loves to relax and chill, to take life easy and enjoy the finer and simple pleasures in life. Slightly hedonistic, luxury, and materialistic pleasures are loved. But this doesn’t mean he is spiritually disconnected – quite the opposite! Be as chill as you can possibly be. Radiate a spiritual vibration that says, “I am at ease with myself and the world around. I only project good vibes and positivity…” 

Are you comfortable in your skin? Do you bring peace and wisdom to people’s lives? Are you soulful and deep with a certain level of emotional intelligence? If so, you will find a perfect match in the Taurus man this month. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

April is a serene month for the Taurus man, despite the fiery and chaotic Aries energy. He knows that his birthday season is coming up, and he also knows how to control his energy, mind and thoughts, and emotions. 

Subconsciously, he is preparing for the amazing times to come, so he is choosing to be more reflective and reserved to retain his energy. This doesn’t mean isn’t open to laughter and romance!

There’s a Full Moon in sexy, spiritual and imaginative Scorpio on the 27th. Make the most of this dazzling time, as he will be in his prime. Check out the Taurus man secrets too.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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