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How To Attract A Taurus Man Through Texts: 6 Texting Rules To Follow

Are you trying to lure a sexy Taurus man to become more than friends? Communication is an important step. If you are wondering how to attract a Taurus man through texts, here are some ways you can text him and keep him interested.

Remember, every man is unique and so is your Taurus. What you texted before another guy may not work as well with a Taurus man. So follow these 6 “rules” on how to text your Taurus and I’m sure you’ll quickly set up a date once you communicate on the same level.


Who am I and why trust my advice?

Just so you know, I’m a professional Relationship Astrologer. My guide, Taurus Man Secrets, has already helped thousands of women attract that special Taurus man into their life — and I hope it can do the same for you. I want to get to know you and that’s why I’ve prepared a little gift for you: grab your FREE copy of my 30 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Taurus Man here. It will help you better understand your Taurus and thus manifest a deeper connection with him.

Now back to texting your Taurus! Here are some basic guidelines to follow.

1. Keeping it Light

The Taurus man doesn’t like to feel pressure or pursued. Read more about it in does a Taurus man like to be chased. He likes to be the one to do the pursuing. So if you’re going to maintain a healthy flow with a Taurus man; you should keep it light.

What I mean by light is keeping it fun and easy flowing. Just saying something like “Hey there, hope you’re doing well” or something like a friend would say. This will be enough to make him smile.

At that point he will then decide if he wants to say something more romantic to you or if he will text you back in the same light way. Either way, talking is something you want him to do.

Ask him how his day is going or wish him a happy day. Doing things like this make you look considerate and easy to talk to.

2. Don’t Panic

Woman typing write message on smart phone in a modern cafe - Attracting a Taurus man through texts

Taurus can sometimes become very busy with whatever they are doing and may not text you back right away. It doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily ignoring you. If all seemed well the last time you talked, there is no reason to panic.

If there is something wrong, you’ll know. It’s not at all unusual that he will go hours without saying anything. Have trust in him and he should text you back when he is able to.

If you panic and send him text messages indicating that you’re concerned or that you’re not sure why he hasn’t responded yet; he will take this as you trying to rope him in or control him.

Again, it’s about making the texts easy breezy for him to feel appreciated and thought about. He loves feeling that way and will want more of it.

However, once you’ve text him the initial texts, don’t try to monopolize too much of his time. Plus being a little less eager will make him come running to chase you down more.

If you’re more interested in the exact “lines” you can text him, I talk more extensively about that in my Taurus Man Secrets series where there’s a specialized guide all just about texting a Taurus. And this is especially useful if you’re not dating yet, but just trying to put your spell on him and make him fall for you.

3. Be Flirtyhow to text a taurus man

While keeping it somewhat easy going; you can still flirt. You can even send him a really cute photo of yourself. He’ll enjoy that! Maybe you’re doing something and you send him a picture of what you’re doing, just to give him a glimpse into your life — of course, don’t seem TOO forward, this is only if you notice that he’s already interested in you. It’s just if you’re already in the “flirting phase” of your relationship.

He’ll imagine what it will be like the next time he sees you. It helps build anticipation. Doing something as simple as “busy day” and sending the photo will make him feel wanted.

This will get his gears going and allow his mind to wander in a very good way. Even saying something like “hello handsome, have a great day” would be great! He’ll likely respond to you in kind. You can send him a little compliment and then not text him for a few days and see if he texts you first. If he does, that’s a great sign that he’s thinking of you and maybe even misses you a bit.

When you’re being flirty, remember to just keep it down a notch so that it’s enough to make him curious and enough to make him feel he can pursue you to be his. It’s a fine line.

Of course, this doesn’t all have to go by texting him on the phone… it can be on Facebook, or even Instagram. This is, by the way, a great way to start a conversation via text with a Taurus guy.

If you’re friends on Instagram, post a picture as “bait”, so he has a “conversation piece” to use…then if he likes your picture, you can like one back (so he knows you check his profile even though he didn’t post anything new), and this may prompt him to start texting you. He just needs some “bait” to make the first move and a clue that you’re open to being pursued.

4. Fact Finding

I know this is going to sound weird but; if you text him some random fact of the day, he will not only find it intriguing but it will appeal to his intellectual side. He will think how thoughtful you’d share that with him.

He will also see that you’re an intelligent person and want to get closer to you. Even better is to turn him on via things you know he likes. If he’s into animals, dazzle him with the new latest species of frogs.

Seriously; he will fall for it and think it’s amazing that you’re researching these things and are sharing it with him. Whatever it is he’s into, find a way to give him new insight or input. But make it casual, like you “heard about so and so…” and remembered he mentioned that. Again it’s always good when you have the end goal in mind — is it him asking you out on a date? It’s easier to push in that direction when you have something to talk about.

Texts like these will make him seriously interested in figuring out how much knowledge you’re willing to learn and share with him. That turns him on in a very unique yet special way.

5. Avoid Conflict Texts

Close-up of a Taurus man texting on his smarphone

The Taurus man doesn’t like drama and if you come at him asking him “where were you”; he’s going to take it personally and feel you’re trying to tame him. He won’t respond well.

He wants to be trusted so he can show you how loyal he is. Give him some room and some space before you haul off and start giving him the third degree. Even if he deserves it; he won’t respond well.

The last thing you want is for him to ice you out and start ignoring you. That will be far worse for you in the long run. So even if he ticks you off, try to avoid sending angry texts. Count to 10 before you text anything in anger or frustration, you won’t seem stable and Taurus hates drama.

This will cause him to retort or become displaced thus ruining his entire day. It’s hard to piss off a Taurus man but when you do, trust me on this; give him space. That’s the only way he’ll recover from it.

If you do end up asked on a date (or just casually “coffee” or even a movie if you mention you liked something), then this article will help you attract him through conversation so you know what to talk about. It can also help you better understand how to communicate with a Taurus via text messages.

6. Be Sweet and Caring

Try to be very sweet and feminine, but if you aren’t serious yet, don’t be pushy or “too caring” as it will seem oppressive to him. He wants to take his time and so he’ll look for a nice balance to maintain.

What I mean by sweet is by saying “I hope you have a wonderful day handsome” or something that will appeal to him in a way that indicates you care but without any sort of attachment.

If he detects you’re becoming dependent on him, he will not like it. He doesn’t want a dependent partner until he’s really ready for it. You could also tell him next time you see him, you’d like to get some dessert.

Dessert is literally very sweet and will probably appeal to him. Taurus loves food and extravagance so he’ll appreciate it. It’s also a great way to “bait” him via text to get asked out on a date, if you’re still in that phase of your relationship.

The suggestion of FOOD alone will probably make his mouth water. Even better, text him back (if he asks what you’re up to), that you’re thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight. Maybe you can make it a date. And a Taurus LOVES a woman that knows how to make delicious food more than any other sign.

All in all, find ways that you can be creative, helpful, caring, and interesting. These types of texts will make him feel as though you’re really going all out but not being too aggressive which is perfect.

He wants to be the one pursuing you and making sure he’s being the man he knows he needs to be. It will make him more comfortable. If you’re ready to dive deeper and start your journey to unconditional love with your Taurus man, you can purchase Taurus Man Secrets here.

Ask questions in the comment section below!

85 thoughts on “How To Attract A Taurus Man Through Texts: 6 Texting Rules To Follow

  1. Hey…my taurus man is sending texts which is not of real “him”…may be he s too busy or upset with me for a reason or focused on his interview coming up….dont know …but i what feel i need to give him his space to get back to his real self….any suggestions!!!

    1. Hi Amanda!

      Taurus men can suck when it comes to text. They like talking about real stuff face to face. If he is actually busy then that’s what he’s doing. Prioritizing his life is important and just because he’s not texting like he maybe used to, doesn’t mean he’s lost interest in you. It may just mean he needs to sort through his life and figure things out. Don’t give up on him unless he’s showing other red flags that indicate he’s not interested.

      1. Hello! I have been chatting with a Taurus guy for more than ten years. He is my high school crush and he is in another country now. He has been honest with me before that he cannot reciprocate how I feel for him. We are friends I guess. But, there are moments that he said I love you to me (he was drunk when he said it). We are spending more time in chatting more than before. We have our fights and sweet moments. Last time we had a videocall, he told his friend who peeked in the camera that “I was his girl.” I want to ask him what does it mean but I was not able to ask. He likes to send me selfies and videos of his life there.I admit my heart gets broken by him due to misunderstanding and his being so brutally honest. I am such a sensitive person. I know I love him despite of the fact that I do not know what I am to him really. I hope you can help me. I am herttbroken

        1. Hi Dean!

          It sounds to me like your guy really does care for you and is taking it really slow to make sure that no one gets hurt. While drunk, people often tell the truth. That’s typical unless they black out then anything they say during that will have to be taken with a grain of salt. I think you should keep it going what you have with him and give him some more time. It sounds like it’s developing at the rate he’s comfortable with and if you feel he’s worth it, you’ll hang in there with him.

        2. So this is a complicated situation/story for anyone who likes to help in these cases id really REALLY appreciate it. So ive known my Taurus man for years upon years … He was friends with my boyfriend (who cheated on me multiple times, but has changed his ways and proven that to me) (regardless of that, me being a taurus myself and my “boyfriend” being a virgo… We are the best of friends we live well together and get along like crazy.. but i forgive and i dont forget so someday i knoe this must come to an end even after 8 yrs with my virgo man) I still cant bring myself to trust my virgo fully after all thats happened up until a couple years ago.. but one night, i did something i cant believe and would legit never do normally. I started hitting on his Taurus friend he had the falling out with bc id always been attracted to him and he hit on me right back. He has a complicated life and so do i, so we’ve only messed around (casual fwb) kind of stuff. I have never desired or felt so attracted to a guy like this Taurus in my life. He makes me legit weak in the knees. We have only hooked up maybe five or six times, the usual we dont talk for months inssues and neither one of us is bothered, except the thought of being in his bed overtakes me at random moments and i dont know how to handle it. Everything casual, me checking up on him because we were and still are friends as well until he went and decided to tell my sisters boyfriend about our flings. That betrayed my trust and he keeps watching my stories on snap, sending me random videos to get my attention… And yea ive complimented his new glasses cus i like them and like i said checked up on him but nothing other than that. I keep thinking if he told my sis’s dude, who ELSE has he told? And it freaks me out. One day i got my nerve up and straight up just said why did you have to go and tell him that? NO response. The first time i addressed it he denied it and got angry and we had words. I know he told him.. how else would my sis be able to tell me that? Us being FWB, even tho i want it to be soooo much more i know if that ever happens itll be a hard break from my virgo of 8 yrs and also how am i to know he would ever want to be with someone like me? Ive never told him how i really felt when we were together but ill sure as hell never forget it. His smile alone makes me melt… I guess what im trying to understand here is did he not respond bc taurus’s like to talk more about serious things face to face or because he doesnt give af or because hes going to keep lying about it. I know i went about it wrong lashing out at him but i was pissed af. Anyone with this crazy of a situation would be…. Ive been ignoring him alot and icing him out ALOT but then like i said giving him chill compliments randomly and randomly checking up on him. What the hell do i do?

          1. Hi TaurusLove

            It’s very hard to go from FWB with a Taurus. If that’s what he wants he gets comfortable and won’t want to change it. That’s how they roll. The best you can do is talk to him and tell you what you would like. If he isn’t up for that then he will most certainly tell you and then you’ll have to decide if you stick with him or move on to find someone who wants a relationship like you do. Make a choice darling but if you need more info, please check out Taurus Man Secrets book as it could do the trick.

  2. Hey everything was going fine between my Taurus man and I .. we were in the initial stages of just talking , flirting and getting to know each other . We were gonna meet up one fine day and he suddenly canned on me without texting back or receiving calls . The week later he texts apologising that he canned on me and it was rude of him not to text or call back . But post that text there has been nothing . What do I do ?!

    1. Hi Priyanka!

      Well if he apologized for having gone missing then he must have had other things going on that took his attention and time. It’s alright if he does this now and then as long as he doesn’t make it a habit. If he does then you need to tell him it’s not cool to disappear like that without reaching out. If you don’t tell him it’s a problem then he won’t know it is.

  3. Talking with taurus guy for a year 6 months he’s a vary busy guy owns his own business…he’s getting busier…more meetings more events…he doesn’t initiate contact any more but replies when I text …should I just keep initiating ,like saying good morning ,good night …or should I give him space?

    1. Hi Maria!

      Yes, as long as he’s busy then it’s not a big deal to be the one initiating as long as he’s actually responding. Don’t be afraid to contact him. He will let you know if it’s not alright to contact him. I wouldn’t worry about it unless he stops answering and isn’t reaching out initially. Then that would be a red flag. He sounds pretty normal so go ahead and reach out.

  4. I met this Taurus man online and just like you describe above he has been doing the pursuing and he even told me over the phone he wants to pursue me .Since then everything has been fine and I did not know much how to even be with Taurus man but it came all natural and he moved our dating to relationship. He told me he loves me and I am the world to him.I must say it is true Taurus men do not like drama and I prefer a man that avoids this anyways.
    I have been a happy girl since my Taurus man make sure that I am.Every meeting and every kiss its pure dedication. Long term relationship is what he likes and he choose me to be his lady .I do love him and seem like I can’t get away from him as he does nothing wrong and always cares about my feelings…always .

    1. Hi Samantha!

      Thank you for writing and sharing your Taurus man experience. Everyone needs to see this because this is exactly an example of what Taurus men can be like when they have a woman who suits them well. He sounds dreamy and wonderful! I wish you many amazing years ahead!

  5. I have been reading u r blog 4 long time my taurus is married actually he is 4 yrs younger 2 me n i was his crush in younger days i m married 4 12 yrs now with 2 kids and he is married 4 3 yrs now but we happen to meet again in my cousins wedding and started seeing eachother but sometimes he wont just reply to my text and is bit hesitant to meet outside anywhere when i said we could b friends he says you are my love and i cant be friends with you how to know what is he upto

    1. Still my idea about him is not clear i had been reading that tarus men bring you flowers n all but he has not done anythng like tht as yet

      1. Hi Cyra!

        I hate to say this but if you’re trying to get with a married man then you’re not going to fare well. Even if they aren’t happy and are saying they want out, they do feel a great sense of maintaining their duty which is taking care of their family. You will never get to be first in his life. You would probably do better finding a single Taurus man that can give you all that you desire.

  6. Inwas living with a taurus man and out of nowhere he kicked me to the curb. And everything seemed to be going well. We now live miles apart but talk daily he told me hes not ready but when he is id be the first to know. We’ve been broke up for almost 3 months now and he chases other potential dates off by telling them i am his. What do i do? This man has my heart but the waiting is heartbreaking. We dated long distance prior to me moving with him. And i knew him before. He is an amazing guy and i still help him anyway i can. Should i cut ties or?

    1. Julia you Better let his ass go quick. That was file of him to kick you to the curve advert moving in with him,especially knowing you before. He should’ve had me respect for you as hurts friend first then women. You’re feeling head over heels for him and the feelings aren’t mutual. You already had history truth is new he wants to make you history. Make yourself happy. Don’t let him chase off your potential husband. Cause obviously he ain’t it.

    2. Hi Julia!

      I’m sorry you’re dealing with such a crappy circumstance with your Taurus. Unfortunately they never do things out of left field even if it feels like it. There are always signs but if you aren’t paying attention, you didn’t see them. I’ve been through it. You realize it later on. He actually plans this in advance and is likely there was something he didn’t like and instead of talking to you about it and trying to fix it, he decided to just end it. I would let him go and pursue your own life for now. If he’s meant to be back in it, he’ll come back and if not, you can meet someone else who will dedicate themselves to you.

  7. I’ve been trying to get a Taurus guy to chat more for the past month…he asked that we remain in touch after a out first meeting..he asked what time I get it so he can call but he never did…he said he wanted to meet again but we have not and when we says we’ll chat tomorrow we hardly..what should I think. ..should I keep waiting. ..he does like my pictures and he has asked me questions but his responses genearly take long …

  8. Unfortunately I have been good friends only with this Taurus for three years!! There has always been a physical attraction in which we acted upon but he told me we were better off as just friends. Now he has a girkfriend but we are still ‘friends’ . why does he want to maintain the friendship still? Ego?? I am hurt but more confused.
    Guess he only cares about me as a friend unfortunately. So frustrating.

    1. Hi Alyssa!

      Keeping you in the friend zone sucks and it hurts. He’s doing that to keep you as a “just in case” scenario. It’s not fair and it’s not right. Let him go and move on. You can find someone who wants you and will give you all your heart desires!

  9. I’ve been involved with a Yaurus man for 3 yrs fell deeply in love with him then I found out he cheated and it broke my heart. Then we broke up did the back and forth thing him always pursuing me and I always taking him back. He knows I’m deeply in love with him. This last time we broke up he became involved with another and was with her for 6 months. I fought trying to move on forget him but I still loved him therefore could not become involved or even date another man. Throughout the 6 months while he was with another he would text me acting like he still loved me and I would respond in anger knowing he was with another which he never denied being with. Recently they broke it off and we hooked back up sexually and talked a lot and now he’s saying I think it best we not see each other but we can continue communicating. Did he just use me for sex or does he love me or am I being played? I’m so confused. Oh he said he’s going to a spiritual counselor also to get himself right. I’m lost and I told him ok and I probably need to get back in a relationship with God myself and find a church that I can go to regularly. As a result of all we been through ups and downs, real bad arguments and fights, passionate happy loving times as well, I’m now at a state of confusion not knowing to text him or not. I’m wondering now what is really going on.

    1. I think you should tell him how you feel. Give him an all tomatome. Tell him you want a relationship and he dosent want that then you are going to move on.

    2. Hi Dee!

      Sounds like he’s a mess and doesn’t know exactly what he wants. I think that you need to let him sort out his business before you ever hook up with him again. He is going to keep repeating his pattern and hurting you if you allow him to. He needs to put focus on himself and figuring out what he wants in his life so he doesn’t keep up with this nasty cycle. Do what makes you happy and move forward!

  10. Dee he’s done with you. Do all that you can for your own good to get away and a stray. Hobbies and create new ones. Good luck.

    1. Hi. I’m a cancerian lady who’s interested in a Taurus man. We used to go to the same Institute, however I graduated earlier. I’ve been trying to maintain contact with him through social media. It’s always me who initiates the conversations. Once, due to peer pressure, I ended up asking him out( he didn’t have the slightest idea that I had a crush on him)..I made sure not to come onto him too strongly. He politely declined the offer, but since then he has started responding more sincerely to my texts. Both of us talk pretty casually and we play it cool…mostly talking about nerdy stuff. However, I’m a bit concerned…is this leading anywhere? or am I simply wasting my time?

  11. I met this Taurus guy and he asked me to marry him immediately. We introduced ourselves to family and we got married. We quarrel a lot which leads to him getting angry and sometimes irritated. We are just 4 months in marriage and he told me to pack all my things and leave the house to his mother’s house. I left his mother’s place and went somewhere else. It’s been one week and he has not called me. What can I do. He is quite stubborn. And says he is not interested anymore. I don’t want my marriage to end… I am a July 20th.

    1. Hi Chizzy!

      It’s totally not normal for a Taurus man to move that quickly and when he does, he realizes that he made a huge mistake then back pedals. This sounds exactly to me what he did here. He realized that he jumped too quickly and it wasn’t what he expected or wanted and so he’s now pulling back. If he’s telling you he’s not interested then there is actually a chance he means it. All you can do is try to pick yourself up and move forward. If he still has love for you, he will come for you. If he doesn’t then you can find someone who respects you enough to take their time.

  12. I used to be close to my taurus man. We dated and slepted together already but he never stated what we were. We stopped talking bc I was scared he was using me and was upset with the idea i even thought of him like that. He later texted me but its not the same. Idk if I should just let him go. Any advice?

    1. Hi Ana!

      Taurus men don’t like putting labels or titles on relationships until they know for sure what it is. It sounds like he was either playing with you or he just isn’t sure what he wants this to be. Talk to him and tell him how you feel and ask him what he wants. You’ll get closer then to finding out what this is and if there is a future between you.

  13. my taurus man he is nice he daily chat me from morning to night but now he is msgng a day only 10 ya 15 msg if i used other application like facebook instagram he got angry he stopped talking with me he start doubting on me??i want to know how to say him that i love him only..

    1. HI Amairahkhan!

      It sounds like you have expectation of how much he should be texting you based on his past record. The thing is, Taurus me don’t really even like text messaging. The fact that he does at all is a good thing. The other part is that once they’ve won your heart they don’t feel the need to have to work so hard to keep it. They get comfortable and think it’s alright to relax a bit. If you don’t like it and you want to tell him you love him then just go for it and tell him!

  14. I am aquarian born in Feb 15, 1971 & my boyfriend born in April 28, 1972. I met him in may this year in the first place he chased me like his afraid to lose me. But after we have met 4 times & the last time in july but until now we never meet again since he is very busy with his work but he always sent me a messages even now its me who sent him first. Now i am confused with him since he always said we meet next week but no news after all. I fell tired with him even i love him. Should i let him go ?

    1. Hi Denisence!

      You are the only one that can decide when enough is enough. If he’s busy then yes, he’s prioritizing which means that the work he’s doing is very important and puts love on the back burner. As long as he does get back to you then I don’t know why you would worry. It’s when they don’t reach out at all or answer you then it’s a problem. However, if you aren’t sure then you should just talk to him and tell him you’re confused and need clarity on where things are for the two of you.

  15. I meet a Taurus male on tinder and we barely talk. He asked for my number but we still barely talk. He sometimes stopped replying. We meet up for the first time two weeks ago. To me, the date went well. He seemed interested although he didnt say to hang out a second time. We barely talk. Just a few jokes. He hasn’t fully texted me since the first date and I’m really into him. This weekend I asked him if he wanted to come to a party but he said he was tired and couldn’t make it but thanks for the invitation. I didn’t reply. Should I wait a little bit more for him?

    1. HI Olivia!

      If he’s still talking to you then you might want to give it more of a chance. If he is actually truly busy then this will pass and he’ll find a way to you. You can tell him you want to see him and try to make plans. It’s alright for you to initiate. Sometimes Taurus men need you to so that they can have an excuse to break away from what they’re doing. It’s up to you to decide though what you can or cannot handle. Trust your own gut!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Sorry he’s not replying to you. If he’s not interested in you then keep your options open. Surely there will be someone else who will be. Keep your heart open and the right one will come along. He may be a Taurus then again, he may be another sign that captivates you.

  16. I messed up big time.. told him I don’t want to talk to him, to delete my number and so on.. after few days I started to apologise and he doesn’t react in any way.. then I send another few messages.. I think is over, the only way is just to wait and see.. feel so sad, was so silly

  17. The taurus guy that I want tends to be really absent minded. He has “friends” that he’ll invite over just to have sex, and even though he says that he doesn’t date, he still shows the signs of clear interest in other people. What I want is for him to show me these signs or even at least verify that he sees me as a friend. I’ve read that taurus love stability and comfort and he has that in part because of me. Yesterday, my friend said he saw him go into a serious panic when I wasn’t feeling well.

  18. I just sent a message to my Taurus man hes76 and I’m 73 it’s been a four month affair, I’ve been a widow for 15yrs, he five he was so hot and cold, I couldn’t stand it anymore he was like a booty call, and I just wanted more, so I ended it, so now I’m sad, I miss him do I stick to my silence and move on like I said I would do?

  19. Hey I’m dating a Taurus guy, and he always blocks me after I say hello to him, I met him last September, we hit it off when he comes to this side of the world, the sex is great and this time he was so relaxed and we chat for a long while. I sent him a message to tell him how I feel about him he didn’t answer but I can see that his seen it. I can’t wait to see him next time, but I don’t know if there will be a next time after I told him that I love him. Will he be in contact with me again? Is he over thinking things or is he scared that he is inlove with me too as I could feel it the last time we were together.

  20. I really like this Taurus guy I’ve been talking to and I’ve followed what this article said and I don’t think he’s really catching on. He texts me all the time but he never asks how my day was going or flirts back. I really like him and I really don’t know what to do now.

  21. Ive been seeing this taurus man for about a month. Whennwe started talking i didnt know he was already in a situation . long story short she found out about me and put him out & me being the woman i am. I let him move in. Hes very nice and respectful. I can feel myself falling for him . hes great with my daughter she loves him. He takes care of the household. Pays al the bills. But we sleep in different rooms. We have sex occasionally. Most time orally. I just want to know am i in over my head. Is this just a friendship or possibly more?

    1. Um… yea… no…. you’ve known this guy a month? He was trying to make you a side piece? He needed a place to stay cause he got caught by his girl & she got rid of him? LIKE YOU SHOULD! You don’t know this man, get him out of your house & #1 get him the hell away from your daughter!

      Just my 2 cents though… ya know?
      You can know someone your entire life, & not know them at all… & you’re willing to possibly sacrifice your daughters well being… for oral sex?


  22. I’ve been talking to a Taurus for about 3 months. First month he really pursued and then second and third we still talk often but not as deeply. We’ve only seen each other handful of times in the last two months as he’s been very busy with summer, work, and home projects. I ask him out and he says “he’s love to but..” sometimes he replied right away other times it’s days. Am I just getting a polite brush off or is he just keeping me on the line until he has more time? Why can’t Taurus men just tell you if they aren’t interested? Frustrated

  23. Bottom line we all should do them how they do us. Play their game but smarter. They are so routine if you can stick around long enough to bear with their personalities you’ll see they’re very simple creatures. But they demand a certain treatment. I used to clash a lot with them. I’ve had 3 Taurus men in my life one who I am with currently. We are a year into talking/dating and the only reason I haven’t thrown in the towel is because I know and remember how to handle and deal with them. All different men but same temperament and very similar qualities and values. They want to be MEN. Old school manly. They handle the bills work take care of the family and you as a woman do your part. Take care of him and his children lol oh and his home he pays for. Act docile and sweet. Don’t be aggressive in your approach. Be tender and loving. Act like a damsel when you need his help but don’t act completely helpless then he’ll think you’re useless. Too much excitement in the bedroom will make him overthink stuff so keep it the way you guys normally do it and slowly introduce things into the bedroom. Taurus are freaks and they get nasty nasty once they’re comfortable. You gotta have a lot of patience to break down those walls. And really you’re not breaking them down he’s taking it apart brick by brick and the minute he sees something is off balance he starts putting the bricks back up. Taurus are action ppl so it’s best to always be clear if your actions. But if you’re not a talker or don’t communicate well it may not work for you. He needs a partner who can pull that out of him and get him to talk. It’s very uncomfortable for him at first yes. But the more he trusts you the more he will open up. If you want him that bad you gotta stick with it. The texting the calls the planned dates. You can’t be a person who’s afraid to be vulnerable. Cause they wanna see that from you first before they show you anything. They are very smart. Most mature Taurus date for keeps. So if you feel at some point he’s playing these little games with you. He probably is and wants to see how you react to certain things he’s testing you to see how you would be in a relationship with him. They don’t like lazy women. They’ll have sex all day they love sex but if you’re not holding down your own fort he won’t stick around. He needs security and stability 100%. He loves kids so be ready to get pregnant later down the line. Most of them don’t like to wear condoms with that special someone so just a warning. Birth control is best when dealing with one lol. Be solid and honest. Just basically be yourself but play his game. Just don’t continue playing long after it’s over or dramatize things out cause he’ll be turned off and then he really won’t text or call. Be available but not 100% ignore him sometimes. Act busy. Play his game say you been running around all day but he’s on your mind and you’re thinking of him. He probably won’t respond right away but he will eventually and when he does he will probably be asking to see you or he will talk to you longer then normal. Act like you’re being pursued by other men but be discreet. Even if you really aren’t talking to anyone else. If he makes you upset stands you up ignores your calls. Be direct and upfront but soft and sweet with your message. I know it sounds weird but it works. Like “ I really try to make an effort with you babe. I’m reaching out and you’re ignoring I’m making plans and you don’t show I’m done trying. Maybe I’m doing too much and what I want from you is too much to ask at this time. I know there’s plenty of women that can give you the type of treatment you’re looking for and I know there’s a good man out there waiting for me to give him my all I just know. And I’m gonna find that soon. I wish you the best too” BOOM! lol either way he saw it and if he cares he’s gonna call or text you back cause most Taurus don’t like when another person is coming in on “their” territory. Bulls are very protective and possessive. You’re his even if you don’t feel you are and the moment you show his physically that you aren’t you’ve lost him. Just make him keep thinking he’s your all even if he’s not. Those Taurus men are something else. They think cause they take care of home they can do whatever they please and you’re not supposed to say anything cause they’re taking care of home. Uh uh no matter what always put your foot down when you feel he’s getting too bossy or controlling. He’s always gonna be the man but you always let him know who the woman is!! I hope this helps. This is just years of dealing with Taurus men. By the way some of your star signs help in your attraction and connection to Taurus. I have a Libra moon, Venus is in Cancer, I have a Capricorn stellium and my Mars is in Pisces. Crazy enough I’m a Gemini sun but all the earth and strong water in my chart doused out my wild side I’m a very calm and reserved Gemini. He’s Scorpio moon, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio and he’s a Capricorn rising. So we are very different but we are drawn to each other like bees to honey and reading his and my chart helped me understand him and I better as well. It’s not perfect it’s not gonna be but all you can do is try. If it’s draining you and it’s clear he’s not interested after all your attempts move on. You deserve happiness ❤️

    1. I’m a pisces and have known my taurus man for 13 years. We slept together from 2006-2008 before he moved out of state. The sex was mind blowing for both of us, but we never chased each other or moved forward. We spoke about how we missed each other after his move, however, 30 days later he changed his number and I didn’t hear from him again. In 2012 I received a friend request on Facebook along with a message asking if I remembered him, ummmm yeah, why would I forget? He asked how I was and gave me his new number, I said hello and then blew him off! Long story short he is the last man I had sex with (2008) and have been with the same woman for the last decade. I recently decided to use the number he provided, around late 2016 just to see what he had been up too. Our conversation was awkward at first but once he found out I had obtained a few degrees and was no longer wild his demeanor changed. So, summing it up he’s asked me to go on trips and has asked me to come see him all expenses paid. I am reluctant because he runs so hot and cold, does he want to sleep with me to feed his ego or is there something more? He moved across the country again and is always asking if I am coming, I don’t know what this is, but I feel like running…I don’t want to go through anymore heartbreak from him!!!!

      1. I have a Taurus guy friend that i met on social media 5 months ago he’s 7 years older than me im 14 ,for everyday we talk even our reply takes hours I think I loved him,,,I’m certain that I loved him for everything he does ,I want to tell him he makes my heart rapid then sometimes crying bcuz of the girls he go out…he’s just so nice that he still reply to me…I want to meet him

        1. Hi Erica!

          Then you should try to angle for meeting him. I would take it slow otherwise though to ensure that it will actually be something that you two will really build a bond with. Taurus men do not move quickly and when they do, they often regret it and regress to being cold and quiet. Take your time, there is no hurry and naturally with everything going on in the world these days, may be good to wait travel wise. I wish you the best!

  24. So my Taurus man broke up because I made a few of these mistakes that were listed on this website but things have been good now that we’re more on talking terms. But I don’t want to be too direct or weird but I do want him back and make him feel more interested

    1. Hi Zoe!

      I”m glad you’re on talking terms again sweetheart. Take your time, build up the friendship you have, and just maybe something will come of it. Be yourself, show him that you’re a wonderful person with love to give, and that you don’t actually NEED him but rather would like to have him around. Independence is sexy. I wish you the best!

  25. So I hurt my Taurus man, he was so head over hills for me but he was turning me off with a lot of things that happened between us so let I him go. But now everything came flashing back showing he truly did love me but he just had his flaws. I miss him but I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t know if his still available or not

    1. Hi Vivian!

      I’m so sorry to hear things went badly with you and your Taurus guy. All you really have to do is casually reach out to him, feel it out, and find out if he’s with someone or if he’s single. Then try to get him to meet up with you for coffee or something simple. You’ll be able to really talk to him and it should reveal to you whether or not there may still be a chance or not. Keep it simple and friendly when you text him. “Hey there, hope all is well with you. Was thinking of you and thought I’d reach out”. That has no pressure and offers an “olive branch” in friendship. It also opens the door of possibility if he does reply to you and decides to befriend you again. Go get him girl!

  26. So I met a Taurus, I’m a Libra and we got along really well, spoke all the time, he phoned me everyday to talk, he wanted to make plans almost every day and then one evening he randomly messaged me after we’d been out the afternoon/evening saying his ex messaged him and they are thinking of working things out. We were on the phone for over an hour talking about it, but nothing really came of it. He still messages me first everyday, occasionally phones to make plans with me, but he lies and tells me they are over, when they actually aren’t. Why is he still trying to keep contact and all with me? What should I think about the whole situation? He still sends me messages saying he misses me or I make him happy but he is still going back to his ex? Please help

    1. Hi Danushka!

      He still has feelings for you, that’s why he’s still keeping in contact. Also he may be thinking of you as a “back up” plan should things not work with his ex. If he’s going back to his ex, I’d let him go and move on. If they do break up and he contacts you later on then you can give it another try but honestly, you don’t need someone leading you on or playing head games with you in order to keep you as a back up plan. I hope you do the right thing for you!

  27. I started talking to a Taurus man a few months ago in the beginning he showed me a lot of attention. Things slowed down because I was too busy to meet him he let me know that he was going to meet others offline if he felt chemistry. I’m guessing he met someone he’s interested in but wants to continue talking as friends and never meet. I really like him and he reminds me all the time that we are friends. Last week he said that he felt we shouldn’t talk anymore and I agreed with him. Two weeks I contacted him and we are now back in communication… what’s going on and what should I do? Or what should I think

    1. Hi Tiffany H.

      Hmm… if he’s talking to you again then the door is still open. I would ask him what he thinks about you two talking again and if you two should give it a try. You need to know so you don’t drag it out in hopes that there may be something if he doesn’t think there is. Just talk to him and be really open about it and you’ll get the answers you need.

  28. I been in a long relationship with a taurus man for 8 going on 9 years…one day i got off work late, after i had shower, he was asleep by the time i got to his place, we work different shift..any way after my shower, i had picked up all his mails, laptop and phone off the bed so i can lay down..before i got in the bed i decided to look at his phone if he received any of my message …i knew something odd about him for some time but didn’t know what it is…back to the phone..i lift the cover up and saw a lot of messenger messages from younger women…he had flirting with her for quite some time while we still together…the bad part was they had been sending each other pictures…from that point on our relationship went down hill…a couple of days ago he had texted me that he had mat someone and want to see where it go’s…he respect me by letting me know…he didn’t told me the first time until i caught him…anyway my question is : is this it for us after 8-9 years together…i thought i had found myself a prince..what is your advice on my situation?

    1. Hi Chandora!

      I am so sorry to hear that you’ve had this happen to you. Taurus men will keep “looking” if they aren’t convinced they’re with the right one. Most are loyal but there are a vast few that will actually go so far to befriend or talk to other women to see what they may be missing out on while in a relationship. That being said, he’s not convinced you’re the one. I would definitely confront him with it and ask him if he thinks you are the one and if so, why is he talking to other women. Get your answers girl!

  29. I met a Taurus man a year and a half ago. He was interested and has been around all this time. About five weeks ago it started moving forward and was going well but somehow I believe he got the idea I was seeing someone else but I wasn’t. Will he ever come to his senses and come back? I have texted him quite a bit and sometimes he responds and sometimes he doesn’t. When he does respond it’s a bit cold. What can I do? He is the first man I’ve had feelings for in six years. And he initiated all of this. I just don’t know what to do because I was starting to fall in love with him.

    1. Hi jody!

      That really doesn’t make much sense that he’d suddenly think you’re seeing someone else. I think he’s using that as an excuse to pull back from you. He’s questioning whether or not he wants this relationship and since he’s unsure, he’s using an excuse that you cannot really battle. Personally, I’d tell him that you don’t really understand what is going on with him and you’d like some clarity. He needs to tell you what his problem is or at least tell you he needs time to think things over. Either way, you deserve answers!

  30. Hi, i met this a taurus guy on tinder and when we first made plans to go on a date he stopped texting 3 days before so i thought he was a flop but later that week he texted and said sorry that he was busy. So we planned a another date and it went amazing. So he said he goes both ways, casuals or serious so i told him that i was interested in continuing with him and he said he is too. But that thing is he said that during this period of time so the isolation time, he is also very senual. I just confused if he only wants sex because there is no one to meet with or he actually wants to work toward a relationship with me? Sometimes he texts me once a day, many times a day or even once every 3 days. So I am so confused.

    1. Hi chris!

      Well since it’s been a bit I think it’s not wrong for you to ask him on the status of what you two are. Tell him you’d like more with him and ask him if that’s something that he would be up for. That’s the most honest you can be and he should answer you with what he wants or doesn’t want then you can go from there.

  31. I am dating a Taurus guy, he is very sweet and thoughtful. But he told me he doesn’t like me dropping calls on him while we are talking, even when I’m angry and I took it for granted and I dropped the call on him. After that I sent him a text telling him angry I was because of what he did, he did not reply me for about 3weeks on his birthday I called and I find out that he his very angry with me. Please how will I ask for his forgiveness because he is behaving so cold towards me.

    1. Hi Purity Digienini!

      Ouch. This is fixable but it’s going to take time and patience. You’re going to have to text him and tell him that you are very sorry for the misunderstanding and that you didn’t realize that it bothered him that much. Tell him you’ll work on your temper and be sure not to drop his calls even if you’re upset. You’ll at least tell him that you need to take a breather for a minute and call him back instead of just hanging up. It may take time but he’s likely to forgive you if he really cares for you. You should read Taurus Man Secrets so you can learn more about this guy.

  32. Hi! I matched with a Taurus guy on Tinder. He was the first one to start the conversation. I kept it light and we talked about music. He became very excited through text knowing that we have common music taste even recommended music for me to listen to, which I did telling him I loved it. He became very happy. After a day or two he asked for my Snapchat a bit light flirting. We traded Snapchat information and began talking through there. It seemed he was interested in me, but then he began to leave my message on open. He apologized and I told him it’s okay. But he began to do it again, and again. I even started watching snap stories to get to know him. But he never replied back, so I decided to ask for his Instagram, two days later and he opened it up but never got back. I feel a bit weird if I reach out and I message with a hi considering he left me on read after I asked him for his Instagram. We are still friends with each other snapchat. So, I’m not sure what to say / do.

    1. Hi Shanna!

      It sounds like you two haven’t progressed enough for him to feel he has to give you as much attention as you want. If you want to know what is going on then just ask him. He should tell you what is going on. Tell him you like him and you want to know if things are still moving forward. Let him tell you in his own words what he feels is happening and if he wants more or if he just wants to stay friends. It’s not wrong to ask honey. Be brave and maybe get a copy of Taurus Man Secrets as it could actually help you.

  33. Hi! I have this Taurus guy I am friend with since high school and we were a bit close. but since we went to different colleges and course, we kinda grew a part years later on. But this year, randomly, I found out that we liked a same tv series and begun to text/ chat again. Our topic is always about the series, but sometimes, randomly, he start sharing thing again like how hard his work is. How the hectic the schedule should be. But there are moments when I replied, What happened or something like that, even if he saw the message he wouldn’t reply. Then randomly texts out of nowhere again about the series we are both fond of, and when I reply, later on in the conversation, he will reply in one liner word like haha, or sometimes cut the convo. etc. I kinda, like this guy, So I wonder why he does that?

    1. Hi Lylia!

      Well, he does that because Taurus men suck at texting. Trust me on this. They will admit to it as well if you ask. They aren’t one to think they have to instantly reply. They think if things are good between you two that he shouldn’t have to keep up with texts all the time. He gets comfy and comfy turns to lazy. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  34. I have dated a Taurus man for only 20 days, through phone call, video and texting.. His words and the way he talked seemed to be not only he likes me but fall in Love.. things he used to say: “I wish time could be multipled, or freezed while talking to you”.. he used to say: “I have a tsunami of feelings while talking to you.. the thing that make me angery is I want to know you more and more.” He is building house and everyday he used to send me photos of the progress. He shaved his bear for me.. my side I used to hide my feelings but in indirect way I used to show him I much I admired his personality. We had ALOT of things in common and he used to say that I NEVER had such talk with anyone in my life… although he is divorced..
    Our issue that we are in different countries and in the current situation can not see each other in person.. He asked me if I am welling to have a distance relationship! Although it was hard. But I agreed and that made him happy..
    One day he called and told me that this relationship can not be continued becasue of the distance and cuz he is busy with his work so it might be imppssible for him to come to my country and see me..It hurt honesty because he is the one who showed me all his affection and love.. I did but I am Virgo so you know 😀 he knew me in depth and could understand me very well.

    Anyway, I did not have any choce but I told him That I will not lose faith cuz I believe that our path will cross, for him reality is reality.. it really hurts really..

    So after our breakup I called him and I told him that if I could come to your country are you willing to go step further in the relationship, he said: yes, but it depends on the timing if I was not busy!!.
    Again it hurts more specially for virgos.. I smiled and we continued laughing and talikng and said good bye.
    Now I am uploading my photos or about my interest and life in whatsapp story, he always sees whatever I post… he could not do it if he does not like! Right! If he did not want me then why he is following me !??
    I do not know what to do? Should I let go and move on? Or keep posting things that may attract him..
    He said once everything in me attract him!! So why simply giving up on somone you like/ love?!

  35. been chatting with a taurus guy (knew each other through a game) and he had always been flirty (which i would somewhat be push&pull with him) but recently we had a small fight because i was upset about something that he said, we didn’t speak for 2-3days but i approached him back and we had a heart to heart talk and he even mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised that i approached him first… and everything is fine after that. however, we recently exchanged photos with one another (just normal photos to show how we look) and i got insecure after talking to him that day and he went “don’t sad. we will talk tomorrow okie?” then after that day it has been different…? he became kind of cold to me and not as flirty..? (did he find me dramatic when i was insecure??? but i was insecure because of the reaction he gave me…) anyways, what does it mean that he is acting this way?? should i approach him and tell him how i feel about this situation??? but i don’t know how because i’m just confused… it’s like the roles changed now, i am the one approaching more and he became me a few weeks back… hahaha pls advise

    1. Hi Heidi!

      Hmm… Taurus men don’t like women who are insecure when it comes to him so it could have turned him off. However if he really likes you then that shouldn’t have scared him off so easily. It’s possible he’s busy or he’s comfortable with you and doesn’t feel the need to talk to you like he used to. They get lazy about it. Yes you should absolutely tell him how you feel and that you’d like him to go back to the way it was. Tell him you’re working on your insecurity. Give it a shot. You may be able to smooth things over.

  36. Hi Anna,

    I have a Taurus man that I have been good friends with for 3 years. He approached me at a work event and I was smitten with him. I wasn’t looking for anything, but we hit it off and talked every day since we met for hours on the phone. We got each other through some really dark times in our respective lives. We have never dated but I have expressed interest in him. He goes over seas once a year for 3 months at a time. He still tries to maintain contact and when we talk we lose track of time. He wants to start a family and I want to be the one to give that to him but he’s advancing our friendship/relationship so slow I’m confused by what he says and how he acts. He does not date. He’s very set in his routine. But he shares all of his dreams, hopes and fears with me. I reciprocate that vulnerability and trust. I feel like we have such an intimate relationship but we have never dated. He asked me to move in with him nearly a year ago. I told him I would seriously consider it. But it did not work for me and my career and children at that time. Every time I discuss buying a home he imparts requests of things I should look for implying his preferences. My intuition tells me he wants to advance our relationship, but something keeps him from doing it. No one invests the time daily in someone for no reason. Even my closest friends I don’t spend that kind of time talking to and he does not either. He tells me he misses me. He video chats me just to share a glimpse into his day while he’s out of the country. Even when I ask him direct questions about himself or his feelings he avoids the question or redirects until I ask him repeatedly. I think he’s afraid of how he feels. I want him in my life but how long is reasonable to wait and what can I say to advance this stalemate we are in?

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      I think it’s time you check in with him to find out where his feelings or thoughts are. Taurus man isn’t going to ante it up unless you inquire about it. Ask him if he’s given any thought of the two of you being together. He should tell you pretty quick if he does or if he wants to just keep the friendship you two have. At that point you will know whether to spark things up or keep it “as is”. Give it a try. Sometimes the risk works out!

  37. Hi so I’m getting to know this Taurus man and I find myself always texting him first and I feel like I’m being annoying. Yesterday we hung out and it was great and he also said that he isn’t talking to me just to be friends with him ( he wants to be more ) but I’m not sure if I should stop texting first or what because I don’t want to seem needy or annoy him. He always takes interest in wanting to know more about the stuff I’m interested in .. maybe I shouldn’t completely stop texting him bc I want him to still know I’m around but maybe a little pop up text asking how his day is ? I don’t know.. I just feel like I’m chasing him bc I’m texting first and if I stop then he’ll think I’m done with him

    1. Hi Ayla!

      It’s not a bad thing to text a Taurus man first. They suck with texting usually because they tend to be more old school and prefer to be face to face or talking on the phone. I don’t think you are annoying him. He would likely let you know it’s too much. He would probably back off, not reply, and not make time for you anymore. Unless he’s showing other signs of pulling back, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Try to to overthink it. Enjoy yourself.

  38. Hi, I’m a cancer and have been with my taurus man for almost 6 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but everything was going perfectly fine in the last couple years: we would see each other almost everyday, share lots of things, organize trips, and recently he insisted we should go live together. About 20 days ago I found out he started chatting every night for a few hours with a co-worker, an aries woman who is 8 years older than him (who previously texted him a few times but he never replied), but I didn’t say anything as I trusted him and didn’t make any drama. After a couple days he texted me saying we should break up, that he needed space and that there were lots of things not going well between us, which however he could not even list. I met him so we could talk about it face to face but he was cold and not caring at all; then I guess he thought about it and the next day he said he was sorry and asked me to try again and make things work out. After 4 days he said once again he needed space; didn’t want to be with me and needed time for himself, yet he kept on talking to his co-worker everyday (who clearly is interested in him). Then he asked me a couple times if I wanted to meet and have sex with him but I refused cause I didn’t want us to become friends with benefits. At some point he even deleted me and blocked me on all social media so “he wouldn’t be tempted to look out for me”. Since then he writes to me every 3-4 days to ask if I’m ok and then stops answering. I really don’t know what to do, he seeems such a different person to me and can’t believe he just forgot about everyting we had.
    What do you suggest? I really look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Ariana!

      Yikes! I am very sorry to hear you’ve been going through this with a Taurus guy. If he pulled out after talking to a co-worker for hours daily then he had something going on. He’s either interested in her OR she’s been talking him out of being with you. She could have suggested problems that maybe were no big deal between you if she’s after him. His mind changing definitely has something to do with that. If not here then it could be someone else. Either way, he’s decided not to be in a relationship with you. Inviting you for sex is almost an insult. He must not be getting what he thought he was going to so he thought he could get sex from you. I am proud of you for telling him no. Good for you. Blocking you on social media is him closing the door. I think you should probably stop talking to him. If he figures out he loves you, he’ll be back and he’ll need to prove his love. I wish you the best honey!

      1. Hi Anna, unfortunately I’ve got some bad news. After not talking to each other for around a week he asked me to meet. Briefly, he said he made some serious mistakes and that he doesn’t see anybody else but me in his future. He admitted sleeping with his co-worker and that he was attracted by her as she was my completely opposite and that she made him realize what was going wrong between us, but that he’s willing to fix things with me. He also said that he’s made it clear that he’s not into her but that she keeps on writing to him. He asked if I’m willing to start over and I answered that he should first make things clear with her, then we can talk about us. What do you think I should do? Thank you so much for your advice

        1. Hi Ariana!

          I agree with you. He should absolutely cut ties with her if she doesn’t mean anything to him. He needs to let her know he has someone and that she shouldn’t reach out anymore. Give him time to prove his feelings for you and prove that he can be trusted. Take it slow and easy. As long as he does feel you’re the one then he will do what he needs to to make sure that happens. Good luck!

        2. Hi Anna, thanks for your prompt and helpful reply, I’ve got some more news.. he spent the last 4 days saying he really misses me, that we’re meant to be together and that he’ll do whatever it takes to make things work out between us.. we met yesterday and he acted as if I were the only one for him, he said his heart is mine, that he has feelings for me and that he wants to make up for the damage he’s made.. he asked me what I need and I answered “his love” and then he hugged me, it felt as if nothing ever changed between us.. then he took me home and I haven’t heard from him since, plus he keeps chatting with his coworker, who apparently knows about us but doesn’t care.. after all, why would she? I really don’t know whether I should give him space or pressure him to cut all ties with her otherwise I’ll leave him forever.. what do you suggest? I really don’t understand what’s going on right now and I feel miserable

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