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The Complete Guide To Sex With A Taurus Man

The Taurus man is the son of Venus, the ruling planet of the sign of the bull. As one might expect from such an erotically charged planetary ruler, Taurean men are naturally gifted lovers–but their gentle, easygoing style of lovemaking and penchant for long sessions might take some lovers by surprise.

An immovable object and a bit of a traditionalist in all things, the Taurus man sees the act of lovemaking as a natural human activity to be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest extent, in its proper time and place.

In the 1975 film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the character Columbia muses “slowly slowly, its too nice a’ job to rush!” as one of the major characters is being forcibly and hurriedly undressed. The Taurus man shares this sentiment, preferring long, drawn out sessions to a quick roll in the sheets.

If you are seeking a partner with stamina, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who could keep up with a Taurus male!

Taurean men are also deeply sensual creatures. They love to feel the texture of your lingerie against their sweaty body, to taste the red wine on your tongue, to smell the perfume you’re wearing (or the incense your burning), and to hear you softly moaning with each inch of pleasure he gives you! To really get him going, make sure that your bull is being as stimulated as much as possible by the ambience of your love nest of choice.

The pleasure seeking Taurus man’s insatiable sexual appetite is only matched by his love of a delicious, well paired, home-cooked (if possible) meal. Bringing your Taurus man dinner in bed (or any meal, for that matter) is sure to set the atmosphere for a wonderfully erotic digestif!

If treating your man to a meal in bed isn’t an option, you can always appeal to his taste buds by incorporating some edible fun into the foreplay…but more on that later.

Though the fantastic combination of stamina and sensuality in the Taurus man is sure to leave you breathless, eagerly awaiting your next rendez-vous, you won’t get much experimentation from this sign.

The ever conservative Taurus man prefers to find out what he is good at in the bedroom (and in all things) and stay the course relentlessly–or until they get bored. If you do manage to convince him to experiment with you, make sure you have a whole evening set aside for the task, with enough sensory diversions to make him feel completely immersed in the familiar.

My clients often ask me for advice on how to best please a Taurus man in bed. Above all else, it is critical that you do not come off as a lazy or selfish lover. As I said earlier, the Taurus man is a natural lover and will want to give you every bit of pleasure that he is capable of giving you. If he thinks that his amorous efforts are not being reciprocated, this will be deeply discouraging to him and a huge turn-off.

It may even be enough to deter future encounters, so look alive, ladies!

Remember, your Taurus man will absolutely cherish giving you pleasure, so you should make sure he feels equally adored. Pamper your Taurus man with some sexy undies, and some stimulating foreplay. Make sure you give ample attention to stroking his ego, and he’ll make you the queen of his heart.

Another question I often get from clients regards the locations of the Taurus man’s erogenous zones. To really make a Taurus man shiver, kiss him on his neck and throat–the areas of the body ruled by the sign of Taurus.

If you want to really make your Taurus man melt, give him a gentle neck massage, coupled with plenty of soft kisses to keep him tantalized. You’ve got more tricks Taurus man enjoy in bed here.

A Taurus man usually likes sexual acts to be well structured and organized, and foreplay is a critical part of the performance.

For foreplay, the Taurus man loves oral stimulation, and will often be more than willing to reciprocate the pleasure (your satisfaction is very important to him).

As we discussed earlier, one of the most direct routes to a Taurus’ heart (and bedroom) is through his stomach. Foreplay with a strong culinary or edible element is exquisitely stimulating to a Taurus. Don’t be afraid to try out some chocolate sauce, whipped cream, berries, or even edible underwear during your foreplay sessions with your Taurus man.

When it comes to sex positions, the Taurus man will stick with the basics, but that is not to say he will be boring. Though not much of an experimentalist, the Taurus man does have a bit of a fetish for the buttocks, and will definitely not be opposed to trying anal sex, if that is your thing!

On this note, it is important to keep in mind that the Taurus man always has at least one bedroom trick up his sleeve, whether it involves his tongue, his hands, his penis, or something else entirely.

He is conservative, but he knows what he does well, and will exploit it to the max after you’ve been primed for peak pleasure.

Many of my clients write to me in surprise at how romantic initial encounters with Taurean men can be. An earth sign, the Taurus man seeks stability, commitment, and harmony above all else. He is definitely not the type to go seeking out one night stands rather than cultivating a deep, meaningful relationship.

If a Taurus man has chosen to take you to bed with him, he is most certainly thinking longterm, with love, commitment, and above all, stability ate the forefront of his mind.

Be sure to tread gently, dear reader, because he will expect the same from you if it is to last.

With the astral knowledge you’ve now gained from this short guide, you are now ready to go forth and grab the bull by the horns!

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Do you have any additional tips, tricks, or sexual encounters with Taurus men that you would like to share or discuss? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Trust me, he will thank you for it later.

All the luck in the world on your journey,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “The Complete Guide To Sex With A Taurus Man

  1. Accolades!!! WOW!! Amazing…my bull is 100% described here. It’s mind blowing how his personality is mirrored in your article…it helped me understand some of my husbands idiosyncrasies. You absolutely nailed it….

    1. Hi PisceanPrincess,

      Thank you for your beautiful input. I really appreciate it. Being with a Taurus man myself, I want to share everything I know to women like you that may not really understand the Taurus fully. They can be rather complicated and hard to deal with at times but they are passionate, loving, and loyal typically. Again, thank you for your chiming in. I really am honored!

  2. Hi, I am in such a confusion I really need help please help me out. I met a Taurus man and he seems to be interested as he use to video call and text me quite often then suddenly stopped it. I started feeling for him and shared my feelings with him he clearly told he don’t know what to say and don’t want to get in a relationship with me but it seemed the other way to me before, strange. We still were in contact as I can’t let him go so we were friends but I felt that he hides things from me even in friendship. It’s been 3 years now we are still friends and talk rarely. We have also met a couple of times when he use to text me to catch up. We even had intimate moments into the car. I thought he feels for me now but I’m asking he repeated the same things that he doesn’t feel for anybody and don’t want commite anything. I am stuck and I am so emotionally connected with him. He gives me mixed signals for liking and friendship. I mean who smooches a girl if doesn’t like her or feel for her? He is 37 and am 32. He had two serious relationships before and I really don’t know what is he up to.
    I care for him and miss him a lot.

    1. Hi Ria!

      If you aren’t sure what he wants then you need to just be bold and ask him. Taurus men don’t volunteer information or feelings unless you ask them flat out. You aren’t going to know what is up unless you ask him flat out what he wants with you and where he sees things going. Tell him you would love to have more with him if he’s up for it. If you need to know more about Taurus men, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

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