Taurus Man In Bed — Your Unrivaled Guide To Taurus Man Sexuality

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is a Taurus man in bed like? Go confidently with this guide - here's all you need to know about sex with a Taurus man.

Sensitive, affectionate, and romantic are some of the words to describe a Taurus man in bed. When it comes to Taurus man sex there are a few things you must know!

They have a great passion for beauty and sexuality. Venus—the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure—rules TaurusAs one might expect from such an erotically charged planetary ruler, Taurus men are naturally gifted lovers. But, Taurus’ gentle, easygoing style of lovemaking and penchant for long sessions might take some lovers by surprise.

Are you wondering how to please a Taurus man sexually? Perhaps you’re about to hook up with a Taurus for the first time, or maybe you’re looking to spice things up with a dude you’ve been seeing for some time.

Then keep on reading to find out how to have the most fantastic time with your Taurus man in bed.

Taurus Man In Bed — Why Are Taurus So Good In Bed?

A Taurus man is very sensual at all times so you know from the outset that sex is something that is very important to him and something that he pays a lot of attention to.

Taurus man sex is definitely some of the very best to be sure. You’ll be fortunate if you get a Taurus man in bed. In fact, sex with a Taurus man is something you’ll never forget. It’s heated, it’s passionate, and it’s something you crave after having it.

Taurus men are attentive and dedicated in bed. They will always care about their partner’s physical and emotional needs. A Taurus man will bend over backward to ensure that his approach is exactly what you want all the time.

Taurean men are also deeply sensual creatures. They are true romantics in every sense of the word. This is what makes a Taurus man so good in bed.

Taurus Man Sexuality Traits

  • He is sensual
  • He is attentive to your needs
  • He is loyal
  • He has a strong sexual stamina
  • He is imaginative in bed

Taurus Men Sexual Desires — What Do Taurus Men Like In Bed?

Let’s look at what exactly a Taurus man likes in bed so that you can make sure that you please him when you make love.

Taurus men want to feel a CONNECTION with you. Of course, they love physical beauty, but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t connect on an emotional level. Otherwise, your Taurus will only view your relationship as casual sex without the emotional passion and connection he truly craves.

For this, it’s necessary that he feels that you truly understand him. That’s the only way you can create that special connection. So don’t put too much of your focus on “tricks” or “techniques” when he’s looking for much more depth.

A Taurus man will also cherish giving you pleasure, so you should make sure he feels equally adored. Pamper your Taurus man with some sexy undies and some stimulating foreplay. Make sure you give ample attention to stroking his ego, and he’ll make you the queen of his heart.

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Do Taurus Men Have A High Sex Drive?

I’m sure you’ve noticed just how much your Taurus men love to get you in bed. So yes, Taurus men usually have a high sexual drive. He wants the full-body experience, and being able to connect with you this way is pure heaven for him.

Landing a Taurus man is like hitting the jackpot for a lot of women. There’s no one who pays quite as much sensual attention to his partner as this earth Zodiac sign, and he truly wants to please you!

The desire to be physically, emotionally, and mentally together with his partner is very strong for a Taurus man.

How To Please A Taurus Man Sexually (7 Proven Ways)

Take The Initiative

In bed, a Taurus man wants you to look like an expensive call girl, ready to take charge and make the first move. He loves expensive perfume, make-up, and lipstick. If you know how to play his game, he will adore you and never let you go.

He likes roots, stability, and dependability, and he hates surprises and change. These guys can be lazy and just adore you when you are on top of the situation. Once you show initiative, he can be strong and steady for hours on end.

Taurus men are the most passionate men of the Zodiac, and they like to take their time having sex. He will go on and on, waiting for you to beg them to stop for a rest. Taurus men have long-lasting stamina, and once aroused, they want their partner to have equal sexual energy.

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Take Him Outside

The Taurus man is typically a man who likes to go out and be in nature. He likes camping, hiking, and looking for animals. You can very much turn a Taurus man on while you’re out and about in the good ole outdoors.

A Taurus man has no problem having camping sex inside or outside the tent. His inhibitions are very low, so he also has no issue with having sex in a place where you could possibly get caught.

Combining the outdoors with sex is the ultimate for this man, and he will undoubtedly turn you on just as much as you’re turning him on. It will be fairly obvious just how good he is. He will never forget this and use it for personal use in the future in his own mind.

Avoid His Turn Offs

The quickest way to dampen the mood is if you become dependent. If you act in any way like you’re going to box or fence him in, he will shut down. Giving your Taurus man freedom will make him feel more alive.

Let him go have time with his boys, and he’ll come back to you hot and heavy. If you ask him if he had a good time, he will make sure that you have a good time yourself that night too… in bed.

While he doesn’t mind you taking the lead at times to get things going, sometimes he wants to be the one to start it up. Grabbing his hand and putting it right on your privates will get things moving very quickly and in the right direction.

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If You Want To TURN Your Taurus Man ON, Challenge His Mind

The surefire way to turn a Taurus man on is to start with his mind. Talk to him about really intellectual topics that most women don’t dare approach. Find out what he’s really interested in, and then learn about it.

If this guy is something like an electrical engineer and you bring up your skills at soldering capacitors on power boards, he may get a little tight in the pants. Just figure out what he is good at or likes, then learn a little.

Ask for his advice. This man has no problem giving you advice and actually really thinks it’s hot when you ask him for his thoughts on a problem you’re having. Make one up if you have to; watch how eager he is to respond.

Later in bed, you can say something witty about how much power turns you on and how you’d love to help him electrify his pants or something like that. He’ll appreciate the humor and want to let you go ahead and do it.

Talk Dirty To Your Taurus Man

Taurus men love music, art, poetry, and lots of dirty talking. The more graphic you are about his sexual performance, the more he will want you by his side.

Don’t hold back on telling him how amazing he feels inside of you. He already knows that. He’s just looking for you to be honest and open about the pleasures you can provide for each other between the sheets. He wants to know more about you and how he can please you.

If you want more hot tips to drive him crazy, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Taurus Man. You’ll thank me later.

Please Your Taurus Man In Bed By Teasing

What you want to do is masturbate in front of him. You can totally get naked or just pull your pants off or your skirt up and go for it. I know that may sound out of left field, but trust me on this one; he will go WILD when you do this.

He knows that sharing something like that is intensely personal for most women, and he will take that to mean that you trust him enough to do it in front of him. He will LOVE this.

Give it a try and see how he reacts, because I’m fairly certain he will not be able to control himself when he sees you doing this. He’s going to want in on the action. He does want to see you orgasm.

It really could go either way with the Taurus man, but one thing is guaranteed, and that’s that both of you are going to have some intense orgasms with this experience. It could even become a regular rotation with you two going forward.

FAQs About A Taurus Man In Bed

How to know if you can handle a Taurus man in bed? Well, luckily for you I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with your Taurus man.

Are Taurus Men Selfish In Bed?

A Taurus man is everything but selfish. He is conservative, but he knows what he does well and will exploit it to the max after you’ve been primed for peak pleasure.

He really cares about satisfying his partner in the bedroom. A Taurus man is attentive to her needs, which makes him an amazing lover. Sex with a Taurus man is an ongoing adventure.

Where Does A Taurus Man Like To Be Touched?

Taurus man erogenous zones are his neck and ear areas. He will appreciate lots of kissing, rubbing, and paying attention to his neck. There are other things you can do that will help raise the level of ecstasy.

Naturally, he’s easily aroused when you let your hands wander all over his body while you’re kissing him. Most men love this, but a Taurus man feels the energy brewing between the two of you, and it will mean more.

He will be absolutely pulled into how you feel in his arms, how you taste, and how you smell. It’s imperative to smell as good as you can. He’ll appreciate that as well.

How To Make A Taurus Man Sexually Addicted To You?

A Taurus man is passionate and ready to please you if you tell him what to do and how. It’s not a time to be timid or weak with him. He needs to know directly what you want and how to get it so that he can accommodate your desires.

You can share your hottest fantasies with him as well. He’ll love hearing them or about the experiences you’ve had. Normally in life, he wouldn’t want to be told what to do. In the bedroom, it’s very different.

Telling him to get down on his knees and orally please you will blow his mind in a very good way. Taurus man oral sex is out of this world! He’ll happily oblige.

Are Taurus Men Big On After Sex Cuddling?

Yes. A Taurus man uses cuddling as a way to initiate intimacy, but he also uses cuddling after sex because he enjoys it. He would be happy to give you the affection and attention you crave.

If he cannot keep his hands off of you, this is a sure sign your Taurus man is totally into you. Taurus men’s sexually active nature remains after sex as well.

Who Is A Taurus Man Sexually Compatible With?

Taurus Man & Cancer Woman Sexually

A Taurus man paired with a Cancer woman is one fiery match! The desire to be together physically, emotionally, and mentally is very strong with this pair.

The earthy Taurus man is as sensual and sexual as they get, and although it takes time to stoke his fire, once he’s lit up, it can be almost impossible to switch off! The same goes for the Cancer woman, who, once she’s decided he’s good enough for her bed, will show him a passion he’s never felt before.

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Taurus Man & Pisces Woman

These two have a chemistry that helps them be drawn to one another. The Pisces woman is always looking for her soul mate, but she’s also looking for someone who will provide her with stability.

The Taurus man isn’t really looking for his life mate, but he’s accepting of one that may come along. The Pisces woman seems to be the perfect sweetheart he’s looking for. She is kind, understanding, and empathetic, and she is the type of woman the Taurus man dreams of.

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Taurus Man & Virgo Woman

Virgo women are a bit picky in their choice of partners. Taurus men are as well. That being said, Virgo women are likely to be drawn to Taurus men quite easily. Most Taurus men are quite attractive.

Virgo women are also good at holding their own allure, as they’re well manicured and dressed at all times. Taurus will love this, so courtship is definitely possible between these two.

There is more than likely superficial sexual attraction right away for these two picky signs, but they can experience heaven in the bedroom!

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How To Make Your Taurus Man Crave You 24/7

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Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

P.S. Not all men are turned on by the same things. 

You need to see EXACTLY what turns your Taurus man on based on his specific astrology. 

If you use the same approach with a Taurus as you’d use with a Gemini, he could get up and leave instead of getting all hot and bothered.

Don’t make that mistake! 

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  1. Accolades!!! WOW!! Amazing…my bull is 100% described here. It’s mind blowing how his personality is mirrored in your article…it helped me understand some of my husbands idiosyncrasies. You absolutely nailed it….

    1. Hi PisceanPrincess,

      Thank you for your beautiful input. I really appreciate it. Being with a Taurus man myself, I want to share everything I know to women like you that may not really understand the Taurus fully. They can be rather complicated and hard to deal with at times but they are passionate, loving, and loyal typically. Again, thank you for your chiming in. I really am honored!

  2. Hi, I am in such a confusion I really need help please help me out. I met a Taurus man and he seems to be interested as he use to video call and text me quite often then suddenly stopped it. I started feeling for him and shared my feelings with him he clearly told he don’t know what to say and don’t want to get in a relationship with me but it seemed the other way to me before, strange. We still were in contact as I can’t let him go so we were friends but I felt that he hides things from me even in friendship. It’s been 3 years now we are still friends and talk rarely. We have also met a couple of times when he use to text me to catch up. We even had intimate moments into the car. I thought he feels for me now but I’m asking he repeated the same things that he doesn’t feel for anybody and don’t want commite anything. I am stuck and I am so emotionally connected with him. He gives me mixed signals for liking and friendship. I mean who smooches a girl if doesn’t like her or feel for her? He is 37 and am 32. He had two serious relationships before and I really don’t know what is he up to.
    I care for him and miss him a lot.

    1. Hi Ria!

      If you aren’t sure what he wants then you need to just be bold and ask him. Taurus men don’t volunteer information or feelings unless you ask them flat out. You aren’t going to know what is up unless you ask him flat out what he wants with you and where he sees things going. Tell him you would love to have more with him if he’s up for it. If you need to know more about Taurus men, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

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