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How To Get A Taurus Man Back And Never Lose Him Again

How do you get Taurus man back? What works, what doesn’t and why?

Chances are that if a Taurus man left you in the first place, he knew something you didn’t.

Something in his mind was telling him that the relationship you two had together wouldn’t work out. But is there a way to get your Taurus man back into your life? Even if he’s ignoring you?

YES. It’s possible. It worked for many other women in your situation. I won my Taurus man’s heart back, too. Here’s some of what you can do.

My name is Anna Kovach and I am a Relationship Astrologer. My step-by-step astrological guide, Taurus Man Secrets, has already helped thousands of women like you win the love of that special Taurus man in their life — and I hope it can do the same for you. You can learn more about my story here and how you too can create a deeper connection with your Taurus man.

OK, what next?

If you want him back, you need to tell him in the best way possible and drown out that voice inside his head saying no.

Taurus men are comforting, reliable, and family-oriented. There’s no one way to get him back that will work for everyone or every circumstance, but these starter tips will definitely point you in the right direction.

1. Honesty pays with a Taurus

Portrait of a beautiful young woman sitting with her boyfriend in cafe

Be honest with your Taurus man. They’ll appreciate you more for it and it’ll probably clear the air a bit if you say what you mean. If something was happening in your relationship and you didn’t speak on it, that could have been what drove you two apart.

Speak out on it and say everything you need to say. Listen to what he has to say too and work off of that. Honesty plays a big part in relationships with Taurus men. If you can’t be honest with him, he’ll know something’s up and it won’t be worth his time.

Honesty is a sacred thing to them that they prioritize in every situation. Being honest will only have positive outcomes. The reactions may be negative, but it’s not worth it to keep secrets around a Taurus man because they will find it out eventually and it’s better to tell him yourself than for him to find out from another source.

2. Compliments (always) work

Compliment him like he’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen because he should be. This could possibly be the love of your life and you need to show him how much you love him. Express into words how you feel about him and why you fell in love with him in the first place.

Speaking on that, it will spark your love and the love you shared when you first met and fell for each other.

Before anything bad happened, before you fell apart, the young love you had when you met will spark again and you have a small window to jump through to keep that feeling between you two. Give genuine compliments and don’t belittle or tease him. The trueness of what you’re saying will be the thing that keeps it going.

3. (A little) space may be all he needs

Handsome young man in bluejeans sitting on a bench nearby the sea

If your Taurus man is hurt, ultimately all you can give him is space. Taurus men aren’t very social by nature, so they may ignore your calls and stay at home, or even go away for a few days just to clear their head.

Don’t be worried if they don’t talk to you after a few hours or days. They are sensitive people who need their space every now and again. If you really want to or need to reach them, give it some time and wait for them to reach out for you.

If or when they realize that they need you; that will be your time to shine. They are fairly emotional people, so be gentle with them. Kindness and honesty will get you to where you want to be.

4. You’ll need a little determination

Beautiful young woman holding mans hand and showing him something in distance the sea

Taureans may be the nicest people out there in the world, but just because they love to please others doesn’t mean they’ll always put someone else in front of them. If you did them wrong, it’ll take some time for the to forgive you. Don’t give up trying, though.

If they are worth trying to get back, it is worth working for. Giving up on them after trying once and not succeeding will just tell them that you don’t think they’re worth it, that you don’t think you’re worth it yourself or that you don’t really care enough to work harder to get them back.

Trying once and leaving won’t work with reverse psychology on a Taurus man. They’ll give up the exact moment you do because if you’re not willing to make it work, why should they be putting all their effort into something you don’t even want.

To get a Taurus man back, you’re going to have to work for it. If they’re worth it, it won’t feel like work. BUT if you’re serious about getting him back into your life…the first step is UNDERSTANDING HIM on a deeper level.

I got my Taurus man back. And I can teach you all about how I did it with the power of Astrology. I developed a step-by-step guide for you on improving your cosmic connection.

Ask questions in the comment section below!

28 thoughts on “How To Get A Taurus Man Back And Never Lose Him Again

  1. right i was seeing my taurus for eight months and we were head over heals inlove but we broke up beause i blocked on social media cuz we got into a fight and i really want him bck i feel like he is trying to contact me because he likes my pics on ig and then unlikes it do u feel he is looking for my attention for me to add him bck on ig and does he still have feelings for me

    1. Please help my tors guy birthday is April 23 we met on a dating site but things went wrong after I told him I didn’t trust him anymore and I was a little jealous after 24 hours of talking to him on the phone he said that I was the one for him because I prayed on the phone for him I advised him if I’m his soulmate Jesus would send me three signs the first one with . So after that comment I was had it on the highway to a union meeting and I saw his name on a street sign which was Gabriel that there is a sign was a tech-support man name being Gabriel. This guy purchase a plane ticket for me to visit him before we ever met he flew to my town for my birthday and we went to amazing concert I cooked all his favorite foods he told me that girl you make a man marry you after I told him I didn’t trust him he stayed it we should break up he trusts me but why don’t I trust him my Taurus guy was very consistent we video chat it every day on a particular app we text message each other every day on a certain app I want my Taurus guy back but I’ve pleaded with him with a Videos text message and he stated that we need space where how long ammm I want my Taurus guy back but I’ve pleaded with him with Danielle’s text message and he stated that we need space We haven’t talked in 11 days but on this certain app he always update his status with nice photos I don’t know what to do I miss him terribly he told me I was his soulmate because I pray for him on the phone and he flew here after only knowing me 21 days with no hidden agenda and was very consistent what should I do please help

  2. Hi,
    My name is Shay,
    I have been dating my ♉ man for almost 8 months now. We met last year through our old staffing company. We recently hooked up a day before his birthday.
    My Eros Ennis is an very Compassionate, Genuine man only when he wants to be but when he’s absolutely upset about something he can be an cold hearted stranger towards me. Recently We have an argue about what he claim he has he seen me do.
    He assumed that I acknowledge another man that was trying to get me to come in this odd man direction and that I fanned him off and pointed in the direction of my man as of me saying my man is right here, We’ll talk later type of situation.
    I have Honestly explain to him it was totally exact opposite of what I did.
    An woman who is employee at same staffing company where we use to work @ had stopped me to ask me did I find my man who was my transportation that was given permission from our manger to leave early due to low quantity of work.
    But unfortunately I had to stay, So she asked me did I find my man& make it home safe and I replied yes pointing to my man in straight direction notifying her he’s over there by vending machine..

    This is actually our 3rd time he has broken up With me for no absolutely true reason.
    But somehow God always bring us right back together.
    How can I fix it and convince him we can make it

    1. Im actually in the same situation right now and he left me heartbroken. It hurts like hell and i havent talked to anybody about it cause i always mainly fix my problems myself. How im feelimg right now i dont think my Taurus man will ever want me back. He was right when he said he was the best thing that happened to me. But he completely turned cold hearted towards me and dropped me off at home back in the city i lives because he lives an hour away. I can’t picture myself with anybody else but him. I cant imagine him touching or kissing or having sex with someone else because i love him and love hurts like hell.

  3. hey
    okay this is going to sound really bad but i have been intwine with an amazing taurus man he is amazing in every possible way i met him at my last job i wasnt all so interested in him at first but then i got to know him a little bit better it has been about 9 to 10 months but the thing is me and him still arnt together yet like there is no lable and theyre never has been and im scarred there never will be me and him have had the worst arguments possible for the stupidest reasons and i honestly dont understand how or why when me and hin arnt even together “YET” i seriously dont know what to do i have fallin so deeply inlove with him but he still doesnt know what he wants i mean me and him arnt even in the same facinity as one another i mean he makes the time and effort to travel for hours just to ce amd see me for a coupl of hoirs when he can and i just wish i knew how he felt inside like deep down but i dont know what to do no more please desperate help asap please

  4. Back in August .2014 I meet this amazing Taurus guy at work I was a cashier and he was the pizza dude, he was funny everyday always making me laugh, he would try to hide behind the fridge in front of the glass window lOl and I would point out that I saw his reflection from the window he was just amazing and little by little he won me and I toll him I was liking him or crushing on him lol by November 24 2014 we was officially dating and on January 2015 we move in together,mmm truly amazing this love, but then in December of 2016 some chick from another job gave him a Christmas present and he was so excited and happy I got super jealous and throw his presents in his face then after that he started to drink and come home drunk and started to neglected our bills so in the summer of 2017 it was too much for me to handle mom of two and then this guy acting like a single man I ended kicking him out of our house, it was heart breaking for me but he wasn’t changing and I now regret kicking him out it was summer he was drinking I send my children with their father family members to vacation and I beg him to come back and he ignore me once in the summer he came asking me for the internet money since it was still in his name and I beg him for a hug and no he wasn’t gonna give me one it hurt me so bad inside and out, then i find out that he move in with one of his exes, that was my worst summer ever 2017 the following months I was real depressed and by December 2017 my depression was getting better I was able to think about him or remember him and not shedd a tear for me that was an accomplishment, but then February,16, 2018 a Friday at 3:30pm an unknown number was calling me I was surprised when I answer and it was him, with a big smile in my face I said it’s nice to hear you again then I started teasing that I would tell his girl that he was calling and he didn’t have a girl no more, I did ask him if he would let me see him this time and let me hug him and he said yes, today sunday April 8th 2018 we still don’t live together but we are seeing each other kisses, hugs, sex, but we see each other once every 2 or 3 weeks sometimes I feel that he doesn’t want me at all but I’m still here hoping that we can really work something out I want to trust him and give him tons of space to really think what he wants in life, after all I’m a mother of two big Kids 12 and 10 and this Taurus guy is 4 years younger than me, honestly the only thing making me stop from chasing after him is if he gets involved with someone else. Am I being greedy with this fine man yes I am. I do want him for me and me alone.

    1. Pisces,
      I am so happy that you guys found your way back to each other. Give your Taurus man all the love you can give him. All the hugs and kisses you have never neglect one to him. Be patient give a lot of love and he will just melt in your hands. 🙂 Goodluck and Happiness with your Taurus. God bless.

      1. I am a Taurus man and I found my true love over 12 yrs ago,a Pisces woman…she is an amazing person and I was the happiest man in the world ,I thought I found the pure love , the love you have it once in a life time,until she start cheating on me…since then our love lost the glow and is never what was before…we are still together but don’t know for how long if she won’t change things in her life…so enough about me and here is my advice… taureans likes to have a relationship based on love, trust and reciprocity,so give him what you want in return from him and you will be happy…good luck

  5. I met my Taurus boyfriend in November 2017. I was just getting out of a relationship and he had been single. We started talking ever since we met. But it was long distance. We talked everyday and night for 6 months and though it felt as though we were in a relationship he made it clear that he wasn’t ready and that he wanted to take things slowly. In April 2018 we started officially dating. I found out he had been talking to other girls (though he had the right to I felt hurt by it and told him I rather us just be strictly friends) He got down on his knees and promised that it will only be me and him, that he wants to be in a serious committed relationship with me. Since then we’ve been dating. But its long distance. His mom had just passed in June 2018 so he wanted me to console him and that was my reasoning for visiting. But When I went to visit him I saw his ex had contacted him and they’ve been talking via text and phone call for about 2-3 weeks prior to me coming. I confronted him and he said she wanted to apologize for how they broke up and then send her condolences about his mother passing. He told me that she doesn’t mean anything and that I should block her from his social media if it would make me feel better. And so I did. I returned back home a week later and saw that he unblocked her and followed her back on social media. Since then we have been in arguments and haven’t talked as much as we use to. He tells me he loves me everyday but I feel the shift. We just don’t talk as often as we use to and so everytime I mention the drift he complains that I just nag too much…but I have concerns about his ex. We’re on the verge of breaking up officially but I don’t want to regret it if I do.

    1. Leo Woman
      You have every right to be concerned. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Key thing here is to know how they ended things. Usually Taurus male do not return to an ex if she was unfaithful/cheating. If things just didn’t work out for other reasons then there is still feelings there. Taurus’ harbor a lot of the past and past relationships and the what if’s. Although he is with you and clearly loves you, he still has a tie to his ex something which he hasn’t let go of. But at the same time Taurus’ are always lending a helping hand and keeping close ties to people who were special in their lives even as friends but because there was a sexual connection there, I would be wary. Its sad to say this but in order to avoid getting hurt you may have to put your foot down and/or walk away nicely at least with that he will understand what he’s losing. Clearly he’s not going to stop talking to her and makes it seem that your a nag or that this is just ridiculous. Taurus always tend to self-preserve their emotions and are sensitive and you just may have to do this for you as the strong Leo that you are. Goodluck hope this helps.

  6. I have been in a relationship with a taurus man for 2 years. Everything has been great and getting better. Until 1 night I got drunk and blew up his phone, I think he was working at the time. I text him good morning the next day and he said, “you have some nerve trying to speak to me”. Since then he’s been giving me the silent treatment. The first 2 days I called, text and left voicemail. I was so afraid of losing him. I gave him heartfelt apologies and assured him it would never happen again. The next few days I called and text 1 time each and the last few days I haven’t called or text at all. It’s been 11 days now. My plan is to wait maybe 2 more weeks and then reach out 1 more time by text. I don’t know if he is needing time, if it’s over and I should move on or what’s going on. If it was over do you think he would tell me and do you think I’ll ever hear from him again? I realize what I did was wrong, I just don’t feel it was an unforgivable sin, especially since everything had been going great.

  7. Is getting to know this Taurus man and he kept avoiding my question about if he is in a relationship. I then went behind his back to ask a colleague of his to.try and find out if he is indeed single coz I was falling in love with him… needless to say his colleague told.him and we had a huge argument. He says he does not trust me and he never will, he hates me he is deeply disappointed by me I shamed him. Ive apologised immensely and meant it. I need him back in my life. I never told him I loved him just how much Im inlove with him. He does not want to hear about it. how can I get him back! Please! I dont want to loose him.

  8. Me and my Taurus man were together for just under a year and I have honestly never loved someone as deeply as I’ve loved him. We had such a meaningful relationship and were each others best friends and partners. He broke up with me just over a week ago because he said the relationship impacted his work. I miss him so much and am super heart broken. He contacted me a few days ago to ask if I have a shirt of his and I know for a fact he knows I dont have it. He’s also listening to a lot of music about heartbreak and being sorry. So I’m wondering if this is maybe a sign he wants to get back together, or if I should ask if we can be friends and see where that goes?

  9. So I was with my man for almost 3 years. It’s been the most serious and loving relationship I’ve been. I saw and still do see myself with this man for the rest of my life, marriage & kids, all that. However, he broke up with me because he found out I cheated on him. Hes absolutely hurt, he doesn’t trust me but I know he still loves AND care about me. He says that he won’t get back with me and I respect that but I truly don’t believe that simply because I know our love is different. I know that he needs his time and space bc the breakup is still new. I admit I lost myself in our relationship due to some of our internal issues and he’s not perfect but I did betray his trust and did not be his friend AND woman. From our last talk He expressed that I should learn more about myself being as that some of my actions are detrimental, learn more about my sign and get more in tune with myself. I really want to be with him, which is a selfish reason why I didn’t leave instead of cheating. I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to get him back because he is an amazing person. Do you think there’s hope?

  10. Hi there, i am dating this amazing Taurus man, it’s been 3 years we are in a long distance relationship. we started as friends , i found him on a matrimony website , he was dating this girl who left. But they are still in touch when i went on his birthday to see him i saw his texts and he was convincing the other girl to come visit him during Christmas, i felt hurt on confrontation he said he had no feelings for her. He always looks after me and calls me seems to be a genuine guy but some times i will get ice cold treatment from him, that makes me wonder and leaves me confused. He asked me to marry him which i was really happy for but due to certain reasons i cannot be with him for a while as moving countries take time. Due to certain reason he got into a sham wedding thing and he says the marriage wont last long. But i am very confused. I don’t know what to do , to stay and wait for him or move on with my life? It’s a very tough situation clearly he loves me but i don’t know where i am heading with him?

  11. I started dating a Taurus (I’m a Scorpio) in three months ago. He had gone through a very ugly, long marriage/divorce process so we started slowly… or at least tried to. Things in our relationship just evolved so naturally and felt so real and comfortable that we didn’t even realize how rapidly we were falling in love. But unfortunately, some things in life have reopened the wounds from his divorce and he’s moved away for a while to sort out his own issues… causing a break up neither of us really wanted, it just seemed to be the only way he could sort through his past. We have resolved to remain friends and he says I am still one of the few truly trusted people he has in his life. I just feel that, while I can’t base my life around waiting for him, we aren’t truly over.

  12. I miss my Taurus friend, he was so sweet. He took me out to a nice restaurant for my birthday & we hung out for a while. I still have pics of him & I. Although, we don’t talk now…he’s still a friend in my heart & hopefully, I’m still a friend in his heart.

  13. Can I make my Taurus boyfriend contact me again. It’s been 6 days since his last chat. I can’t contact him. Is there any way to make our relationship flourish? The day before his chat, he’s not contact me due to busy. And the day before he is busy too but my last chat in my opinion not support him enough. We are close before that. Please help. Thanks. I’m Scorpio woman.

  14. I only have a question, if I start to push my male Taurus friend away by trying to move too fast how can I fix it? I didn’t get a clear answer before.

    1. Taurus are very stubborn; the more you push them the more obstinate they become. If you back off they will become insecure and begin to come to your way of thinking. Taurus are passive and so they do need to gentle prodding or they never move forward.

  15. I have the same issue, met him in work as was lovely – we hit it off great, but he left and then we were chatting and making plans to met – and he then blocked me, that was 6 months ago and I am hoping he will be back

  16. I’m in the same boat. I have been in love with a Taurus for 6 years, I am a Taurus as well. He was everything I wanted. We hooked up and I told him how I feel and he ghost me. After 2 years we got in contact again saw each other for 4 months and once again we hooked up and he ghost me again. He ended up being in another relationship. I thought things were starting to good and I don’t know what i did to make him act this way. I still love him and I think he’s worth it in every way

  17. I have a question that I need answered. I’ve known/talked my Taurus since 2015 and I did not start having interests in him until 9-10 months later. I fell deeply for him. Later after I fell for him, he was incarcerated and I’ve been there for him ever since. Basically he left me because of “drama” and I think he thinks I was seeing some other guy on the low while with him. I want him back. I love him so much and I can’t imagine being with anyone other than him. I’ve tried texting him and he won’t respond. He deleted me on snap chat. I know I messed up because I told him I will never involve myself with drama but a night of drinking happened and now I’m lost and don’t know what to do. Is he done with me for good? Can I patch this up? I haven’t been with anyone in over 2 years. I don’t want him thinking that I’m possibly “cheating” on him, that’s not the case.

  18. I have been with my Taurus man for 9 months. We are the happiest and most compatible couple ever. Everything has been going great until one day I got a little hormonal (near time of the month) and I was kind snappy at him. He wanted to invite me out for dinner that day but I was moody and honestly I did not know he wanted to go out. So generally speaking, I ruined our dinner plan. After that he got so reserved and quiet and not interested in talking to me much. I apologized sincerely and hope he would forgive me but I am not sure how long it would take. As a pieces, I sometimes got very emotional but I have been working on handling my emotion so that I can maintain a happy relationship with him. But I guess I failed to handle my emotion well this time. I am really sad right now because he seems very indifferent to my effort. May be he needs more time I don’t know.

    1. Hi Pisces lady! Thank you for writing in and sharing your experience with the Taurus man. I’m sorry to hear that he’s upset with you for having been yourself and been emotional. He needs to understand that you are a woman, you are an emotional zodiac sign, and you sometimes can make mistakes just like he can. You already apologized so that’s out of the way. What you might try explaining to him is why you went off the handle. Tell him your hormones were in flux and it caused you to be off kilter. Giving him an intellectual look at why this happened, he may actually accept it easier and move on. He will continue to monitor you though to make sure you prove you won’t act this way again. Of course, that is no guarantee because you are who you are. He needs to accept you for who you are and love you that way or he’s not worth your time. There is so much more you need to know about Taurus men. It may help you to check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” by clicking this link right now:

  19. I have been with my Taurus 29 years and honestly I don’t think we’ve been apart, other than when he was working, more than 10 times in all those years. We go everywhere and do everything together. We laugh often and seldom really fight altho there are a couple of serious issues he has trouble with we seem to get past those (it has to do with my child from a first marriage). I still need advise tho. At church a younger woman has taken an interest in him and works to be in his face too much to suit me hugging him and touching him. Once she grabbed him by the shoulders and started “breathing” I love you over and over again for about 3 minutes then walking away muttering it under her breath. Needless to say it took a lot for me not to knock her five ways from side ways but I did nothing just sat there although I did say something to him after we left. I have no reason to think he has any interest in this woman what so ever but she is little, cute and very put together and constantly in front of him. Regardless of his reassurance this is treatening to me. We are retired and she is much younger than I. I’d love to get your take on this and give me advice on how to handle it.

  20. Hello, I’m a Pisces. My taurus and I had a world wind romance. Only four months. We talked love and marriage. I was mean to him and emotional because things weren’t going the way I’d like them too . He told me to relax and calm down.. he told me he was sick of talking about emotions. Then he starting getting mean and speaking to me differently.. as of date he has told me he doesn’t see a future with me and love has nothing to do with it. Bit yet he still text me good morning daily.. he doesn’t call any more and blocked me on social media, never video chats with and erased that app.. he’s a firefighter and said he has to sleep and I was draining his soul and health.. why does he still text me daily good morning and he also text me other pics of his life and starts text conversations.. he said if we end up together it will be a miracle because it’s alot of damage done. Any advise.. last time I saw him or he told me he loved me was 2.5 weeks ago.. I didn’t respond until late and he went off said. Selfish and didn’t respond. I love him so much , I know he’s very angry.. Advise?

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