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10 Hidden Signs That Your Taurus Man Loves You

Taurus men are hard to read when they have fallen head over heels in love. If you don’t know what to look for, you may miss all the subtle signs that this man is deeply fascinated, completely smitten and very much in love with you. Read on to find out all about hidden signs that your Taurus man loves you.

One clear sign is that he will go out of his way to ignore you, which doesn’t make it at all easy to figure out where he stands – especially in the early days when you are both feeling the chemistry, you may start wondering if he even likes you at all.

What you need to understand is that a Taurus man is very sensitive and he will avoid any situation where he thinks he might experience rejection or get hurt. Read on to find out what to look for and all the secret hidden signs that signify when a Taurus man is really, deeply, completely in love.

1) He will suddenly act shy around you

A Taurus man in love will act like other men do when they are really not that interested. He will be shy and avoid eye contact and he will talk to other people while appearing to not hear a word you say. This is just his way of trying to figure out if you are as interested in him as he is in you, and whether he can take the plunge without getting hurt.

2) It will feel like he is deliberately ignoring you

signs that your taurus man is in love with you

A Taurus man may go out of his way to avoid talking to you directly and if you are in a group he may find a way to never be close to you or make eye contact. If you talk he may suddenly become engrossed in reading the menu or staring out of the window. This means he is actually crazy about you and is still trying to absorb that fact himself.

3) He will seem unaffected by your presence

A Taurus man in love will get a strange sense of purpose and confidence that he doesn’t normally have. He may appear to you to have lost all interest and not even be aware that you exist. Inside he is just feeling the strength of his feeling and desperately trying not show it. Be patient and give him time. His love is worth waiting for.

4) His eyes will give him away

signs that your taurus man is in love with you

All you need to do to know if a Taurus man is madly in love is to look into his eyes. He can’t help showing exactly how he feels, and that is why he may be avoiding eye contact and acting like he hardly knows you. Be patient and stay open to him, he will find the courage to show his love in good time.

5) His lovemaking style will become softer

When a Taurus man is trying to impress and win you over, he will try to be a sex god in bed, but once he is in love he will want to kiss you more and will become much softer and more vulnerable. Enjoy it, this is just the beginning of what he is when he is in love.

6) He will make expensive gestures

signs that your taurus man is in love with you

A Taurus man is very much defined by material luxuries and when he really loves someone he will make gestures that give away how valuable you are in his eyes. These gestures are not always expensive in a money sense, he may invite you to visit his senile grandmother, which in his eyes is a step closer to marriage.

7) He will show concern for your safety

Taurus men are possessive and obsessed with security so one way they show love is to be very concerned with how safe and secure you are. This is expressed in being protective and even bossy about the risks you take and the choices you make. Take it as a compliment and show your appreciation, because if you fight him off or show that you don’t need him, he will find it harder to come to terms with being head over heels in love.

8) He will boast about you or quote you when he talks

signs that your taurus man is in love with you

A Taurus man in love may go to a lot of trouble to look like he doesn’t’ even care, but he won’t be able to resist dropping your name or quoting things you say into his everyday conversation. Listen for how much he loves you in how much he weaves you and your opinions into his everyday communication.

9) He will turn up the sensual heat

Love, for a Taurus man, is an expression of tantalizing tastes, sounds, and smells. Watch for subtle signs like a few more candles, fresh flowers or a specially prepared home-cooked meal. He may take more care with his appearance or get a new haircut, and all of these are hidden signs that he is madly and badly in love. If he runs a big hot bath and lights candles or fills the house with exotic smells, take that as your cue to be willing and receptive to his brand of enduring, faithful love

10) He will confide in you

signs that your taurus man is in love with you

Trust is a major issue for a Taurus man and he will only confide his most deeply hidden shameful secrets to someone he completely trusts and loves. When he does this you need to take him seriously and guard his confidence in you as you would your own life. You need to create the conditions where he will feel secure enough to bare his heart and soul, so don’t react to his mixed signals – just stay interested and available to him and this will coax him out of his shell.

Taurus men are the natural lovers of the Zodiac but they take their time to show how much they are, and they remain hard to read and strange in their behavior until they feel completely comfortable and safe. Believe me, it is worth the wait and your patience will pay off, because once they commit and feel OK with being in love, they are the best lovers around.

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11 thoughts on “10 Hidden Signs That Your Taurus Man Loves You

  1. I do all of these when it said we will protect her a “friend” said he was going to rape her so everyday I would watch out for him till I got the ok to stop (I didn’t stop)

  2. i’m dating a Taurus i love him so much he treat me like i am someone i’m get use to it i know this is true and he loves me and he cares about me

    1. Sue he probably really likes you. My guy dated me 6 months, fell off the planet for 3 months then popped back up like nothing happened. I laid down the law at that point and now we’ve been dating again 2 months and it’s really progressed. Just be patient don’t bug him and move forward making yourself happy and strong. If it’s meant to be then you’ll know. They have a totally different concept of time haha

  3. Been dating a Taurus guy for about a year. We’ve been on two cruises several trips and he still act like he’s not into me.. He pays for everything but he does exactly what you said he do he ignores me when he’s around other people he acts shy with me he won’t make eye contact and I’m like what? do the guy like me or not but I guess he must love me according to what you said I don’t know

  4. My husband was Taurus.Loyal beyond belief yet anger issue ever present.After dating a different men I am now dating another Taurus.Hopefully no anger problem here.Taurus men are difficult and cold they really don’t show emotions yet I missed the stability,not to worry about checking other women now it feels familiar and good to me.Taurus is not for everyone.

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