Taurus Man Hot And Cold — Why Would A Taurus Man Act Interested Then Disappear?

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you met a Taurus man who acts interested and then disappears? Learn more about the Taurus man hot and cold game.

When a Taurus man acts interested and then disappears, it can really leave a girl feeling confused and overwhelmed. Why is a Taurus man hot and cold? Why do they always do this just when you feel like you are getting closer to him?

A Taurus man disappears simply because he is afraid of intimacy and because he knows what it is like to have his heart broken by someone. The Taurus man will do absolutely everything in his power to remain in control. He likes his safety and security and falling in love threatens this. 

A Taurus man taking things slow isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if he is acting hot and cold then you may want to put your foot down because you deserve someone who shows up for you all the time.

Are you currently experiencing your Taurus man hot and cold and unsure what to do? This is frustrating but I can definitely help. Keep on reading to find out how to make a Taurus man show up consistently and stop disappearing:

Why Does A Taurus Man Go Hot And Cold?

Taurus men are usually some of the most consistent and reliable guys in the Zodiac. They pride themselves on being loyal, reliable, and very independent. However, some of their experiences may have tainted their view on love and this is why they act out of character. 

Most Taurus men will have had the experience of having their heart broken by a woman and for a Taurus man, it is particularly difficult to let go once he has given his heart to someone. The pain of investing in someone and then not having it work is a lot for the Taurus man to handle. 

This is when a Taurus man disappears, he usually feels quite close and intimate with a woman and then when his feelings become too much for him it can leave him overwhelmed and out of control. 

He would rather run away than face having to deal with the potential of getting his heart broken again. The truth is, he is acting out of fear. It can be very scary for a man to be vulnerable with intimacy. This isn’t something they are very comfortable with.

Here’s more on what to do when a Taurus man pulls away.

Taurus Man Acts Interested, Then Disappears — 3 Most Common Reasons Why A Taurus Man Disappears

1. He Jumped The Gun, Now Regrets It

Taurus men are known to be slow movers. That being said; you need to know that if a Taurus man moves quickly; something is not right. They normally don’t do this and if they do; they will regret it.

In fact; this is often what happens when a Taurus man comes on so strong and then suddenly disappears. It leaves many women very confused and hurt. He doesn’t mean to do this but sometimes his self-worth is involved here.

When he meets a woman who is loving, adores him, and seems to have it all together; he feels he may have found the right woman for himself. Sounds romantic right? This is when he pours his heart out and women think the world of him.

Women fall in love with a Taurus man when he lays it on thick. It’s hard to resist him. However; he begins to think about the ramifications of his actions and then he decides he needs time to think.

He’ll do this by taking the time and not letting the woman know what his mental state is and what is going on. He’ll just stop talking, will be less attentive or affectionate, or will stop talking for a while.

Some Taurus men disappear altogether until they figure out, what they want, and that the woman he let go of was probably really good for him. This is when he’ll re-emerge and be all hot and heavy again.

The bottom line here is that Taurus man should never jump into a relationship quickly. He shouldn’t but sometimes he does. If you’re the target of his affection; you may need to put the brakes on yourself.

Just be careful because if you hold him off too much; he may decide that you don’t really want him anymore and will disappear thus moving on. Just ask him to go a little slower so you can really get to know each other.

2. He Feels Overwhelmed And Needs Space

The Taurus man is often a hopeless romantic. This means that he is quite keen on the idea of love and finding a mate, he will put his heart and soul into the relationship, especially at the beginning stages when things are a lot simpler. 

But when his true feelings start to emerge and he realizes he is at risk of possibly falling in love, it can definitely freak him out and make him feel a little trapped and overwhelmed. Falling in love definitely makes the Taurus man feel out of control

And feeling out of control is a nightmare for a Taurus man. He likes to feel safe and secure, this is why you may have noticed how important his routine is for him. But, I digress, when a Taurus man feels overwhelmed he will often disappear because he needs space. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, he just needs a moment to breathe gather his thoughts, and figure out what is going on between the two of you. Taurus men need a lot of space to relax and feel at ease. 

This may feel a little jarring especially if the two of you have been spending a lot of time together. It can feel quite painful if he pulls away from you. But, take this as an opportunity for you to figure things out for yourself as well. 

Taking space doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Focus on yourself and remember to take things slow with your Taurus man. He usually takes his time, this is no reflection on you but him staying true to himself.

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3. He Feels Too Insecure Or Jealous Around You

One thing you really need to understand about the Taurus man—he has quite a big inclination to feel insecure and jealous in his relationships. This again comes back to him liking to be in control of everything.

When he feels out of control it makes him feel extremely insecure and it can be overwhelming to him to have a knock to his confidence. Being with someone feels like a threat to his security sometimes and this is why he has a tendency to run away and disappear. 

This feeling of insecurity or jealousy definitely isn’t a feeling he enjoys. It can be very overwhelming and make him feel like a monster and that is why he prefers to step away and not have you see this side of him. 

It is really difficult for him to control his jealousy. Any little thing can set him off and make him feel terrible about himself. It can be the smallest thing that sets him off and makes him go into a spiral. 

It can be you simply talking to another man to him perceiving you as not giving him any attention. He finds this really tough to cope with and this is why he will run away and disappear. Especially if he perceives that you have hurt his ego. 

If a Taurus man disappears after intimacy, it is often because he feels jealous, especially if he knows that you are sleeping with other people.

What Does It Mean When My Taurus Man Says He Loves Me, Then Disappears?

Taurus men are often a lot more insecure than most women realize. They often expect commitment the moment they meet a person they have a spark with. However, when they feel that things aren’t reciprocated they can often act out of ego and insecurity and just cut the other person off. 

Is it possible that your Taurus man was quite vulnerable with you, and you perhaps didn’t respond in the way that he wanted you to? Taurus men aren’t really the type of guys to mess a woman around, when they do, it is out of insecurity.

It is very possible that your Taurus man thinks you don’t feel the same way about him and because of this he wants to protect himself from getting hurt even further. Love is all the Taurus man wants in a relationship, but it also makes him feel really insecure. 

Being with this earthy Zodiac sign means that a lot of what you have to do initially is to give him a lot of reassurance about your feelings. He needs to know that you are into him as much as he is into you. 

Of course, there will be the Taurus man who is an anomaly who might just say that he has feelings for you to get you in bed, but these Taurus men are quite rare. 

Taurus Man Disappears And Comes Back Without An Explanation — Should I Accept Him?

Taurus men are always following routine and they like to stick with what they know. If your Taurus man is making a habit of disappearing and coming back with an explanation and you accept this behavior, you are only reinforcing this habit in him. 

Have a discussion with your Taurus man and let him know that you aren’t okay with hot and cold behavior. He needs to make a decision whether or not he wants to be in your life but you will no longer accept this from him because you deserve more. 

You can give him one more chance, but if your Taurus man continues with his hot and cold game, tell him you are out and have better things to do with your time. Accept only the best kind of treatment.

If you would like to look out for the surefire signs about Taurus man intentions about you, check out my recent blog post.

What To Do When A Taurus Man Becomes Cold And Distant

When a Taurus man becomes cold and distant it can feel really heartbreaking. He is usually so good at showing up and being a consistent force in your life, that when he goes cold it can be discombobulating. 

It is very possible that your Taurus man is acting this way because something is going on in his personal life. Your best course of action is probably to let him know that he has your support, but that you are going to respect his need for space. 

Sometimes a Taurus man simply needs to connect with himself again to help figure out what is going on in his life. He needs a lot of downtime because most Taurus men are actually very introverted and need sufficient time on their own or else they become cranky. 

Take it easy and let him come to you, the last thing you want to do is to overwhelm by putting pressure on him to warm up to you again. Allow him the space to not be at his best and show him how patient and loving you can be.

Is your Taurus man pulling away? Here’s what to do <<

FAQ About Taurus Man Disappearing Act

Will A Taurus Man Come Back After Disappearing?

Taurus men are pretty consistent. When a Taurus man disappears, he usually made up his mind because he is so stubborn and willful. Don’t get your hopes up too much because Taurus men don’t often come back. Once they made up their mind, that is that.

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Why Are Taurus So Slow To Commit?

Trust me, it is better to have a Taurus man who is slow to commit than one who wants to get married the moment he meets you. A Taurus man is acting his true self when he is slow to commit.

This means he is taking the time to get to know you and making sure that being with you is the right thing to do for both of you. Let him set the pace and take the reigns. He is being careful for a reason. 

Why Does A Taurus Man Suddenly Disappear When Things Are Going Great?

A Taurus man will suddenly disappear when things are going great because he can be quite insecure within himself. He is doubtful that things can actually be great because he is so used to being disappointed. 

This is a way for him to practice self-preservation because he is afraid of getting hurt and being disappointed by you. So instead of waiting things out, a Taurus man runs away because this is a lot easier to cope with than the possibility of having his heartbroken.

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38 thoughts on “Taurus Man Hot And Cold — Why Would A Taurus Man Act Interested Then Disappear?

  1. I’ve been on four dates with my Taurus in a time span on 3 months.. There was a week that he completely disappeared and then later reappeared & apologized & told me that something very bad had happened and that was the cause behind it… I forgave him, didn’t even comment about his absence.. We went on date 3 & he planned it out, it was sweet.. We spoke and then he disappeared for like 3 days.. Date 4 came along and I think he was drunk but he asked me out and said that he wanted to see me and was in need of good company.. He picked me up at like 11 at night, we went to his favorite spot & then in his truck things got hot and heavy but no sex.. He took me back to his house and I was fully expecting sex but instead he tells me he doesn’t want to rush things cz he likes me & I ended up staying the night, brought me home at 7am.. That was a month ago.. I asked him out and he couldn’t go because he had his daughter (understandable) then the following week he was sick for two days (I didn’t ask him out that week) and then the following week he disappeared for 8 days.. Reappeared as if nothing had happened.. We planned to go to a game together a few weeks ago but it isn’t until the 19th.. I asked him yesterday if he had his daughter this weekend and he said yes.. didnt ask why, didn’t offer to look for a sitter.. nothing.. It drives me crazy because he’ll play games on the phone against me and chit chat with me until eleven at night, sometimes three in the morning but he hasn’t asked to see me and when I asked it was no.. He’s flirty… I don’t get him.. Do I give him more time? Do I move on? It’s been a month since I’ve seen him and if he does really go to this game with me it won’t be for another three weeks.. That’s a long time.. I’m ready to throw in the towel.. I don’t want to though 🙁

  2. Been seeing, hanging out with this guy for a year now, here and there. Things are great. We get along well and have a lot in common. Everything has been slow and steady and laid back. However, back in October he asked me out of the blue ‘do you love me?’ I was completely flustered that I couldn’t answer.
    Instead I replied with all the things I love about him. Then recently in January he asked again and I replied ‘i adore you’ and this last year I have grown to love you’ (meaning love you as a friend) anyways things were great when I last saw him in January and then I text him a few days ago and ask to see him and hang out and he replies, ‘what do you have in mind?’ I said, ‘that’s a loaded question, if I say anymore I believe I’ll faint for I simply wish to see you’ and he responds, ‘I need details. No bs. Otherwise not interested. ‘ So i give details , I become quite vulnerable in my response to him but it’s not what he wants to hear. He doesn’t want sex. He doesn’t want to go out bcuz it’s late around midnight or later. He wants details on what I want to do. No bs as he continues to say. I am so confused Idk wth is happening or what details he is seeking. I dont. Help me!! I really like the guy and everything was fine last time we hooked up I just don’t know where this side of him came from. Demanding details and no playing games. I am NOT playing games nor have I ever with him. So what is he seeking that I am missing.

    Would like my name/email to remain private plz. Not be posted. Thank you!

    1. He wants you to open up to the point of vulnerability. He wants you to trust him. So the question is can you with him? Does he do the same? Do you require that of him?

  3. I met a Taurus guy recently, he divorced but 44 years old, he saw me and became attracted to me ,I’m a Gemini lady, I had spent some time with him and it was great,though I was vulnerable as at when we met , he was visiting me often and we had sex and it was great one,I could not stop myself from having sex with him, but there are some…committed words he speaks that made me feel he loves me,he uses song to pass messages to me but after that night we had sex ,he’s not coming like before but he still calls me like 4 times in a days and speaks as if nothing has gone wrong..
    I’m confuse and unfortunately I have fallen in love already…what do I do? Do I forget him or I should call him and ask what the problem is? Please reply me

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for writing in regarding your Taurus guy. What you probably will struggle with is having great patience with the process. Taurus men get excited about someone and may dive in but they will not commit and give their heart away to a total commitment until they’re sure of what they’re doing. If they move too fast, they may regret it and go backward. When they’re unsure where things are headed or what they feel, the go back and forth with feelings. Yours sounds like he’s trying to establish a level of comfortability which could include balance via having some space in between. You might want to check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as I believe it would greatly help you further.

  4. So l have been seeing this Taurus guy for 5 months and he is everything..He says he doesn’t want a relationship but he includes me in his plans trips etc he says he just wants a fwb but these 5 months he has been acting like we could be more..l finally had the courage to tell him how l felt and he rejected me but we still decided to carry on what were doing..I’m so confused l DONT know if l should stay friends with him and keep being patient or just leave him alone..Now he has not texted me or won’t respond to my texts after we had fun together l dont know if l did something wrong or if he is with someone else or what… I’m hoping that everything is OK but lts killing me to have the urge to text him first etc…What’s going on

  5. I have been seeing a Taurus man long distance for a few months. The last time I saw him, he was in town for work and we had plans to hang out. I saw him for an hour and he blew me off when we were supposed to hang out later that night. The rest of the week he was too busy with work to even text to say he couldn’t meet up.

    I of course did not respond well which was out of character for me as I did not know I was having a side effect of a new medicine. I did apologize when I realized it like a week or so later that he did not deserve how I reacted that I was hurt that he could have at least told me he could not meet instead of just forgetting I even existed. He understood and said it was not a big deal and asked how I was feeling. We talked for a while and said I would talk to him the next day. I haven’t heard from him in two weeks. Should I contact him? Is it too late or is it over?

  6. I have been dating a Taurus man for 4 months and it has been nothing but a HUGE roller coaster ride. He is one of the biggest game-players I have ever met in my life. I have caught in numerous lies concerning women. In fact, he was still talking to a lot of his women in the past. This has been a living nightmare. If you are with a Taurus man run like hell!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Gina!

      Oh my! I’m sorry you had a bad egg. Not all Taurus men are like this though. It sounds like your guy was probably very unsure of himself and so he played around while he was confused instead of trying to fix himself and get on top of things in order to have a long lasting relationship. Immaturity can cause problems as well. Just don’t write the sign off due to one guy that didn’t act accordingly. You can do better and I wish you the best!

      1. Hi Anna,

        Is there any way to private message you?
        I have all the online books about taurus man but I still have a few big questions.
        If possible please email me and I can reply then.
        I sooo dont know whats going on with him.
        Thank you

        1. Hi Lizzie!

          I’m afraid I do not have a way to private message me. If you have all the books then that means you have access to your one free VIP consultation. Please reach out to my support team and let them know so that they can send you to me. Their email is support@annakovach.com I look forward to talking to you more sweetheart. Taurus men are not easy to read sometimes and I totally get why ladies need so much support while dating one.

  7. Taurus man online dating. Whats the deal? We exchanged beautiful passionately written (not sexual) messages for 6 weeks, so much in common too, then he withdraws… no more kisses, much more subdued. He originally wanted to meet me, said he wished I was with him. Now I see him online (must be talking to others now). I’ve tried to be cool and wait, but its driving me nuts. He does to respond to messages but its not the same. We haven’t met, but I really like him. Is he just trying to get rid of me now? I wish I knew what was going on. Id rather just know, than hang about like this. Torture.

    1. Hi Lola!

      It’s a tough call when it comes to online and Taurus. They don’t take it too entirely seriously until they’ve met the person and spent some time with them. They can flirt and they can day dream just like anyone else but they are not committed to anything until they can be face to face with someone. That being said, he’s not committed to you and is why he’s acting this way. He was probably excited in the beginning but now is realizing it may not be realistic to his life or he may be interested in someone else that you don’t know about. Either way you’re not going to find out unless you just point blankly ask him what he feels and if he wants to have some kind of future with him. He should tell you the truth and if he skirts around it then you probably should just move on. Take control and don’t wait to get answers. Do what you have to do to make yourself happy honey.

  8. I’ve been with my Taurus man for 9 months. It took 5 months for us to become intimate. And 6 months to make it official. All on his terms. (I’m a cancer woman)
    I read Anna’s tips on how to catch, handle a Taurus man, as I didn’t want to make the same mistake like I have in past relationships. I followed each step carefully. And I got the man!!!

    But now…. I’m confused. Out of the blue, he said he wasn’t sure of the relationship. That something was missing. But then said I’m everything he wanted and needed? (I did moan at him for feeling like a buddy with benefits) he gave me 3 weekends of his time. I made his social media!! BIG THING FOR A TAURUS MAN!
    This all kind of came from when I had plans to see him, I rang him and said I would be late, as I had a fight with my family. He invited me round to his house. Told me everything was okay and I can always rely on him and I could turn up at 4am if I needed too. He’s there for me. Etc. And then a couple of days later. I got the text of ‘something is missing, can’t quite put my finger on it’ I then rang him and asked him if he’s okay? And where has this came from? he said he didn’t want us to end as he didn’t want it to be the biggest mistake of his life walking away from me. So I asked him what he needed from me. He said just some time and space.
    I gave him just that, only replying to text messages when he messaged me. He then messaged me and said ‘I NEED to see you’
    I let him come round. It was ‘normal’ then he opened up to me. I didn’t push him. He said he feels he needs to find balance with life and relationship. I said that’s fine. You can have a social life, I’m busy next couple of weeks also! But promise to talk to me and don’t venture too far. I reassured him that I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere.
    He left and it was okay….. he messaged to say thank you. He loves me and feels better about the future.
    I told him to go find his sparkle and whatever I can do on my part I will do. I’ve gave him space and again only messaging him when he texts me. (I promised him space) texts have been passed back and forth, but not nearly as much as before. Over the weekend, he asked what I was doing. So I sent a picture! And he couldn’t believe what I was doing! And how I didn’t tell him! He said YOU NEVER TELL ME ANYTHING. I played it down and said I honesty thought I told you. I’m sorry. He said he don’t want to know the ins and outs but it would be nice to know what MY MRS is doing at the weekend…. I said I understand and can see his point that I could be more open. (I’m a cancer, I don’t like to over share or bore him and plus he asked for space!!) and I never know what he’s doing!!
    we had a laugh and a joke about it in the end. And then the texts died down. As he was out. Again I have always respected him when he’s out not to text him unless he texts me. I even tell him to put his phone down and enjoy his time with his mates….. I felt he criticised me as he called me hopeless (at telling him things)
    I’ve not text him today. As I don’t want to fall back on the promise of space.

    I feel the distance. How’s he’s being hot and cold. Am I doing something wrong here? Am I missing something here? Like do I give him space? Or is he secretly reaching out I don’t know…. I’ve downloaded Anna’s new book. Secrets of a Taurus 2020. I’ve read it soo many times and it’s making sense slowly.

    But then I read other articles and it’s like it’s his way of ending the relationship?? Even though in the heart to heart we had, I told him as much as I love him and want him, if it’s not what he wants, that’s okay. He can tell me. But he’s the one who said “I never said I was finishing with you, I’m not here to break your heart, I’m here to make your heart” I am so confused. Can anyone shed a little light This? Is it his way of ending things? Has he got scared?

    1. Hi Ellie!

      It sounds to me like he’s confused and so he’s trying to distance himself until he can figure out what it is he wants and if that means being with you. Communication or lack thereof can definitely hinder a possible relationship so if or when he talks to you again, you should be very clear with him as far as what you want and what you feel. Don’t let him blow you off. If he does then he doesn’t deserve you and you can find better. If he’s telling you he wants to still make a go of it though, give him the time and patience he’s asking of you. He is trying to get himself in order to feel good enough for you. Don’t be scared. Don’t give it any energy. Simply focus on yourself and wait a week or two then try reaching out in a casual way. That should open the door back up but if it doesn’t, you may want to think about what you really want and if you want to continue. You have to decide. I have faith in you!

      1. hello im a virgo woman who dated Taurus man in a month so the whole time of communication and dates are the best. He really treats me well, invite me over to his flat, we had out of town getaways, he visited me in my flat too knowing im 2hrs away from his place. he really took effort to get to know me. From the first date he asked me how is he as a partner? And i just compliment him and he compliments me too. Whenever i have doubts he is open to listen and communicate very well. We became intimate our daily routine is progress. he told his mom too that shes with me when we are out of town but haven’t meet them yet and even his friends. so im taking time to take it slow . I also ask him if he likes me he really is he said and he needs more time to get to know me more and meet more.. but there are things he said he is on lowest moment sometimes and i support him that i really understand him. but after 1day from our date he disappeared for 2days and i did not bother him at all i just waited for him to contact me again but it is so unusual of him to do that . But i have patience.

        And I got shocked when i received a message i will just send it here “ Good afternoon M, i would like to tell you how i feel. Cause I dont want to make you suffer, neither anybody. I am not sure about us, not for you, but for how i feel. Reviewing my feelings i am not sure if I am open to offer my love in a good maner now. And you deserve a person Who loves you in a good maner. You are a nice girl, beautiful, Kind, warm, you have very good values, and thats worth a lot. I do not know how i Will feel in a few months, but i am experiencing a low moments right now, so i have to deal with It to feel good with myself. I thought this job was done, but i am having a few weeks where I am feeling not good. I hope you understand. And i am so sorry for behaving with you as if a were ready for something”
        The second message is
        “Anyway, i am here whenever you want, we can talk and even meet if you want with kisses”

        I did not reply yet i dont know how to respond i am completely shock i question myself what i do wrong “ i never put pressure on him to jump in into a relationship with me. i just go with the flow and ofcourse i reciprocate everything he did. But i thought we are taking it slow and all of sudden he gives up not wanting to try. But im confused with the 2nd message he wanys to stay communication but dont want to commit? Should i waste my time on that?

        P.S He had 10yrs relationship and now he is 2years single

        He is the one who initiate to me and I reciprocate. I dont know what went wrong. I only wanted to slow and steady. I can give him space but he already give up? Do you think i can tell him that to try with me even without commitment yet? I understand what hes been through and i want to stay but i dont know how to say that without rejecting me again. HELP

        1. Dear MM,
          Taurus man should never jump into a relationship quickly. He shouldn’t but sometimes he does. If you’re the target of his affection; you may need to put the brakes on yourself.
          He is quite keen on the idea of love and finding a mate, he will put his heart and soul into the relationship, especially at the beginning stages when things are a lot simpler.
          But when his true feelings start to emerge and he realizes he is at risk of possibly falling in love, it can definitely freak him out and make him feel a little trapped and overwhelmed. Falling in love definitely makes the Taurus man feel out of control. Take it easy and let him come to you, the last thing you want to do is to overwhelm by putting pressure on him to warm up to you again. Allow him the space to not be at his best and show him how patient and loving you can be. Sending Love!

        2. In addition to this story. the taurus man got cheated on in his 10yrs relationship. He tried dating women and no progress . I thought im the one to end it and he will start to trust again and take risk but no he exit again. And it hurts like hell. I think he lovebomb me for almost 2months of dating. I wanna try to understand his situation i wanna support his lowest moments right now but i dont think he will let me. Instead he pushes me away. I dont know what to do.

  9. I have been with my Taurus man for a couple weeks now. We met online and he reached out to me first. We spent 7 hours on the phone one night and then the next day he came to see me. He was very sweet, opened my door for me and walked me to my door in the rain that night. He came down a couple days later for the afternoon and then a few days later he came to my house where I cooked him his favorite meal. We were sitting on the couch after supper and he said I love you. I looked at him in disbelief and asked him if he was serious. He froze and I could tell that it had slipped but he said that he meant it, he just didn’t want to say it that quickly. We went and ran a couple errands that night before he went home and he told me he would see me the next day. I sent him a message that night before I went to bed saying that it meant a lot to me that he was so vulnerable about his feelings and that he told me he loved me but that I was ok with taking it slow since we both have had some very bad luck in relationships. He text me the next morning saying “Awww. Thank you for the message. Means a lot to me” I told him I meant every word and he said “Thank you.” He text me a little bit more that day but as soon as I asked him what time he was coming over he went silent. The next day I called him twice and text him twice. My last text message said “If you’re done please than just say that you’re done. We talked about this the other night and I don’t deserve the silent treatment. If you’re busy I get it, but being ghosted hurts.” He responded within an hour and said “I’ve just been busy hun. Sorry.” I asked him if he would call me and he said “In a bit ya hun.” He never called and I haven’t heard from him since. I also haven’t tried texting him or calling him since that night (Friday) and it is Monday today. Is he done with me or is he just taking time to figure out what he wants? I am so confused. When we first started talking he said he would never ghost me but I feel like that is what is happening. Please help!!

    1. Hi Lindsey!

      Alright first of all, Taurus men suck with texting and calling. They prefer old fashioned face to face. That being said, they get busy and they tend to blow off things that aren’t too important to them. If he feel comfortable with you and feels you’re his then he’s not worried about trying to impress you by keeping up with such things anymore. That’s lazy on his part but that’s how they operate. Go ahead and reach out to him. My guess is he WILL respond to you. He will probably explain what has been going on as well. Give it a shot. If you need more help, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  10. Dating a Taurus man with Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Aquarius and Venus in Cancer. We’ve been dating for almost 7 weeks now – I’m a Capricorn btw – and things are great. But… he’s got family issues (his mom cheated on his date and an ex-girlfriend cheated on him) and thus deep seated commitment issues. He says I’m every man’s dream woman, but that he wants to be able to date other women still. As a Capricorn, I already know that I want to be exclusive. I feel good with him and want to give it a proper chance without distractions. But he’s saying that he wants to be able to date other women – despite the fact that for the past 7 weeks, he hasn’t done so. He hasn’t sought anyone out, but women do come to him on social media and he’s keen on going on a date with one of them. Is he testing me? Does he really want to “double check” I’m the right woman for him?
    Things are very hot & heavy, but also emotionally we’ve had some very intense moments where we’ve both laid out fears and struggles. He has a bit of toxic masculinity too, so when he told me about his mom cheating on his dad when he was a kid, he was crying and also let me know he’d never said that to anyone before. So despite him having commitment issues and wanting to date others, he’s telling me deeply personal stuff that he’s not felt comfortable sharing with anyone else ever before. Is he scared of that connection? Especially bc the connection is only 7 weeks old?

    1. Hi Lotte!

      With his Venus being in Cancer, that means he’s most compatible with a Cancer woman or another water sign (Pisces or Scorpio). It also counts as far as what his 4th and 7th houses are in his chart to determine his full compatibility. He’s a slow mover since he’s Aries with Aquarius rising. He’s guarded and careful. Yes, he may very well be testing you honey. Be patient and give him a bit more time and things will unfold. It might be lucrative for you to find out what your Mars is as that will tell you who is best for you. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

      1. Hi. I’m a Leo with a Taurus moon and rising in Leo. I have a baby by a Taurus man. He has a Virgo moon and rising in Gemini. He always does the hot and cold thing. Lately I stopped contacting him bout our daughter I told him in a text I was going to stop. Well every time I talk to him he got something smart to say to me like our daughter is stubborn like me she’s dramatic like me she looks like me every thing is bout me. Well I called him one day saying his daughter wants to talk to him he talk with her. He talks my ear off on the phone but not on video chat if he does that with our daughter. He gives me vibes he’s trying to push me away and not deal with me period for the sake of her. We hooked up a year ago but he’s been distant since the last time I saw him. What do you think is up with his behavior?

        1. Hi Kiyana!

          You’ve got to trust your vibes sweetheart. If he isn’t willing to video chat with you or make visits then he’s only talking to you because of the child you have together. I think you should confront him about it and ask him what is going on with the two of you. Ask him if he still wants to be with you and if so, you two need to work together to make that happen. Get your answers instead of driving yourself nuts contemplating. If you need more help, check out my book Taurus Man Secrets.

  11. After 18 months, these Taurus men don’t get any easier!
    Just saying ladies…..

    We spent 2 months apart. (He ended it) due to the pandemic. It was just too much for us. Arguing over silly things…. it was for the best. They do it in the most nicest way though. Any ways…..

    He would keep in touch with me every now and again sending me a casual message. And then one day out of the blue, he asked to meet me (when lockdown restrictions was lifted) absolutely I accepted this!!

    And boy was I glad I did!! We got back together, he changed his ways. Giving me more of his time. Spent pretty much every weekend together. We went away for the weekends. Had some really nice date nights. What more could a girl want. Celebrated our first anniversary. You know, the perfect love story.

    And then one day (yesterday) out of the blue….. he said “I think we should just cut ties now” I was a bit shocked. I could only reply with “okay” he then went on to message me, saying I hope you find your Prince, you deserve it. Thanked me for the past 18 months….. I asked what I did wrong, he said “nothing, I just don’t want a relationship right now, I wanna do me”

    I said okay, I respect your decision….. I mean what do you reply to that?

    In my eyes it was okay. Actually no it was perfect!! Despite the little odd arguments…..

    Now let me rewind – during our time before the first break, he was constantly liking another girls pictures. It was then known that he was out with her when he got back together with me. I asked him about it. He said he only had a drink (same circle of friends) he then went onto block and delete her off his social media! (That’s when you know you’ve won your Taurus’ heart! He went out of his way…… but then he started doing what he does best ‘texts slowed down, less time spent together’

    I asked him, and he said he was busy with work. I said that’s fine, but sometimes communication is key. Rather than ignoring me. I’d much prefer you to say. He accepted that.

    Didn’t see him for two weeks, then I asked if I could make him a meal. He said yes….. he invited me round, I cooked. He asked me stay over. I stayed. It was like it was back on track.

    We went out that weekend on the Sunday for lunch. Text the following day. Literally had no idea…. had a couple of days of no texting (which I’ve learnt if he doesn’t want to talk, he wont and you leave him alone) but then I reached out and asked if everyone was okay…. he messaged to say “sorry babe, I’ve been really poorly, hope you’re okay” I thought I’d leave him a few hours if he was poorly and then out of the blue….
    I got that text…..

    Managed to get through today…… with about 3 meltdowns…..

    What is your advice? What do I do now? I’m really confused!!!!

    1. Hi Ellie!

      It sounds like he’s going through some heavy stuff and hasn’t talked to you fully about it yet or has played it down. Doing poorly indicates he’s starting to fold under the pressure and may be a bit depressed or ill from anxiety. I hate to say it but he may not come out of this until things start to change with his environment and that would mean he would keep pushing you back until he gets to a better point in his life. He is putting his relationship with you on the back burner until he can handle everything. So either you give him that time and be patient or you decide to stop worrying about love and focus on yourself for a while. Then maybe he’ll come back around with some news for you! If you want to learn more about Taurus man, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  12. I started dating a May 2nd Taurus man a few weeks ago. We hit it off instantly, have everything in common, and fit each other like puzzle pieces. We went on two incredible dates. By the second week he already loved me and told me so. I had fallen for him as well, and life was bliss between us. But yesterday afternoon he sent me a message saying he doesn’t think he’s ready to commit. He just got out of a three year relationship with an abusive scorpio woman, and he’s not sure he’s over it yet. He promised me that I did nothing wrong and that he just needs time to figure things out. I was really really hurt, but I told him that I would wait for him and give him the space he needs. He thanked me for this. Knowing the nature of the Taurus man, I’m fairly confident he’ll be back. But something inside is telling me it may be over. What should I do?

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Well given that he was brutally honest, it tells you that he does very much care for you but he jumped the gun by telling you he loved you and getting involved in two weeks. He knows darned well he needs to clear himself out and let the baggage go before he should move on but you excited him because you’re probably someone who could very much be right for him. He doesn’t want to mess it up so he wants to slow back down. I think he probably will be back unless he floats off onto another women but I don’t think he would given his situation.

  13. Hry. Guys im a cancer women i just recently dated a tarus we stayed togather had no argument he used to run my bath water cook for me everything but on Christmas of 2020 we had a disagreement because he was filling like i didn’t care about him but he never did say we had broken up.he said he think we should be friend yes sometimes i text him but he tskes a while to text back yesterday he was textin me calling me his baby. So idk what to say this morin he texte and said good morin and he asked me was i feeling ok i told him kinda i miss that man so much how do i get him back im useless without him

    1. Hi Brianna!

      Take it very slow and try to go with the flow. Try to compliment him more. He’s fishing for it so give it to him as best as you can. If he’s still calling you his baby then he isn’t done with you. He wouldn’t do that if he was done. He’d stone wall you and you wouldn’t hear from him. It’s totally alright to tell him that you miss the way things used to be because he made you feel so fantastic. Communication is what can save you two. Give it a try!

  14. I’ve been dating this Taurus guy since last year and it’s long distance. He made it official last year May and came to see me December. Stayed in his home. Met his family and spent quality time together, he even at some occasions calling me his wife. He was married and was thinking of getting married again but getting it right this time. When he traveled back he was all over me. Talked about getting married in March and I sensed he was a bit scared so I told him to relax, he shouldn’t feel compelled. We will get there and we would know when. He kept telling me he needed to reset that I had me all over his thoughts. He had some serious bills to settle and then started saying he was busy and the texting and calls reduced. I complained and he said sorry he was just busy and all. He calls and kept calling me his sweetheart and talked about how I would come over and all our plans and then the communication was getting slower and slower. He has stopped using personal terms with me, hasn’t called in 9 days and I don’t know if it’s stress or has issues in his job but he isn’t sharing and hardly gives opportunity for long chats anymore. He replies late sometimes and even normal goodnights now he doesn’t respond. He does business on Facebook and I see him online a lot there but hardly is he online on WhatsApp these days. I don’t know if he needs space but I decided to give it to him since I don’t want to be overbearing but I have little project I and doing for him he responds when I give him answers. Should I just give him space to come round? Could he be stressed because usually he would open up if I push but now it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be reached so much. He even said maybe we should get married before I come over and said he would be back March, asked what I wanted him to get me and then the weirdness started. I’ve read your book but I am probably in too bad a state to even understand much. Kindly advice pls. Anonymous please

    1. Hi Nicole!

      First thing you need to do is ask this guy if he still wants to be with you. If he asks why you are asking that then explain to him what you just told me. Tell him you’ve noticed him backing off or not reaching out like he was before. He may be having issues going on in his life and has put priority in those issues. Yes, he may be stressed or overwhelmed. You won’t know for sure though unless you ask him. Give it a try. Perhaps if you do ask, he’ll tell you exactly what is up or he will tell you sorry he didn’t realize he wasn’t the same. I wish you all the best!

  15. I had a kind of friendship/relationship with a Taurus guy and he has moved to another state 4 years ago. We have been in touch on and off because of misunderstandings especially because of his lack of communication. When we stop talking it can go up to 9 months then we re-establish contact.
    The latest scenario has been that we didn’t communicate since last October 2020, and 3 weeks ago I sent him an email saying: Hey, how are you? Just a little message to say I thought of you and that I miss us being in touch.
    He replied after about an hour and said: Hey, how are you. My mom and sister are here visiting me. I will send you a pic. When are you coming to visit me in U.S.? I send you a big hug!
    I didn’t reply to his email because I didn’t think there was anything for me to say. The question about going to visit him, to me they were just empty words. It’s been 3 weeks now, and no news, is the ball in his court now? since I initiated the contact. I feel very stressed and I don’t want to make another move, it should be up to him. However, he is very slow moving. I would appreciate your advice please.

  16. Hi,
    Further to my email above, I forgot to mention that I sent him the email with the hope that we would
    re-establish contact. But I don’t want to keep on waiting, so I decided that if I don’t hear from him by the end of the month, I will send him a final closure email (but still a bit skeptical about sending another email).
    In this situation, is sending a closure email a good idea? or I should not send anymore emails and leave it at that. Kindly advice please.

    1. Hi Laura!

      I’m confused here. You sent him a message that he replies to but then you didn’t respond to that but are no wondering why he hasn’t contacted you since? Honey… you should have answered him. You could have said something like “Aw how sweet, thank you, I’d love to see the pic and big hugs back to you too!” then the conversation would have continued. Always answer him or he’ll think you’re not really that into him band will continue to be silent. Message him right now!

  17. Went out with Taurus on 2 dates…. We worked together…I’ve known him for a while….we both decided that we don’t sleep around and we’re not into one night stands…the dates we went on was so unbelievably beautiful…. We both felt the connection…. He then told me that our third date he wants to be intimate…. ( During second date he was telling me how he wants me to go to his home town…calling my house his house… ) It was a beautiful connection…. We texted for 3 days before we were supposed to have our “3rd” date… And he cancels on me telling me his working on all his days off…. I am a single mom a cancer…. I work full time…. He knows that too….I know his off during the day and I asked if he wants to do coffee in the morning….he replied that I’m a nice person but there is something he doesn’t like about me…he then insulted me by saying hurtful things that didn’t make sense….

    I replied to him to message me when his ready and told him that I enjoyed our company… And that he shouldn’t waste my time and energy and figure out what he wants before including me in his plans.

    Between date 1 and 2 he was also hot and cold….
    Then between date 2 and suppost to be date 3 he was hot and cold….

    I do want him…but it’s been two weeks of no contact….I finally deleted his number….but I miss him what should I do.

  18. Interesting blog post! I can’t help but wonder why a Taurus man would be interested in someone then disappear. It’s an interesting question to ponder.

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