Taurus Man Being Hot And Cold All The Time- What To Do?
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Taurus Man Being Hot And Cold All The Time- What To Do?

Have you met a Taurus man with whom things got hot really quickly and then he suddenly turns into a cold fish? Perhaps he’s dodging your phone calls, texts, or has stopped asking you out on dates. What is going on? Keep reading on why is your Taurus man being hot and cold all the time.

Moves Too Quickly

Taurus men are known to be slow movers. That being said; you need to know that if a Taurus man moves quickly; something is not right. They normally don’t do this and if they do; they will regret it.

In fact; this is often what happens when he comes on so strong and then suddenly disappears. It leaves many women very confused and hurt. He doesn’t mean to do this but sometimes his self-worth is involved here.

When he meets a woman who is loving, adores him, and seems to have it all together; he feels he may have found the right woman for himself. Sounds romantic right? This is when he pours his heart out and women think the world of him.

Women fall in love with his man when he lays it on thick. It’s hard to resist him. However; he begins to think about the ramifications of his actions and then he decides he needs time to think.

He’ll do this by taking the time and not letting the woman know what his mental state is and what is going on. He’ll just stop talking, will be less attentive or affectionate, or will stop talking for a while.

Some Taurus men disappear altogether until he figures himself out, what he wants, and that the woman he let go of was probably really good for him. This is when he’ll re-emerge and be all hot and heavy again.

The bottom line here is that Taurus man should never jump into a relationship quickly. He shouldn’t but sometimes he does. If you’re the target of his affection; you may need to put the brakes on yourself.

Just be careful because if you hold him off too much; he may decide that you don’t really want him anymore and will disappear thus moving on. Just ask him to go a little slower so you can really get to know each other.

Beware of the Taurus Man That Instantly Wants Marriage

taurus man being hot and cold

If you already read what I wrote above; you’ll understand what I mean by this statement. No Taurus man should be telling you after a very short time that he wants you to be his wife.

Taurus men need a great deal of time to make sure they have their own head together and have their ducks in a row. If he tells a woman how much he loves her and wants to marry her before he should; he will definitely shut himself down.

He begins to realize that he’s moved way too fast and that he isn’t totally sure if this woman is the right one or if he’s even really ready to open his heart to someone let alone make a commitment.

Taurus men can sometimes let their fantasies and dreamy side take over. They want the happiness they know they deserve so sometimes it’s hard for them to resist when they meet a terrific lady who has lots to offer him.

If you find that you’ve met a Taurus man who in a very short time is telling you he wants to marry you, wants to have kids with you, etc; please be very careful. Ask him to move a little slower.

Even if your heart wants to leap and do what he’s suggesting; realize that he’s probably not thinking clearly and if you jump in quick with him; you may end up getting hurt when he realizes that he needs to put the brakes on.

Maybe if you can get him to take things slower; you can really solidify the connection you have and you can actually eventually get married. It typically works out better when the two people can really get to know each other.

When He Knows it’s Not Going to Work

Taurus man isn’t the best at breaking things off. He may know or plan months ahead before he actually will say something about being unhappy and wanting to part ways.

He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and feels like he may be a bad person if he is the one to call it quits. He’ll go out of his way to seem a bit like a jerk so that the person he’s with will decide to break up with him instead.

One of the ways he’ll do this is by ghosting his partner. He’ll pull back, stop calling, stop or slow down on responses via text, he’ll keep going out without asking his partner to go, and he’ll basically live his life like he’s single.

If you find that he’s beginning to do this sort of thing to you, you really should confront him head on and ask him “how do you feel about our relationship and where do you see it going?” He will feel compelled to tell you.

It’s possible he won’t know what to say as he cannot believe you realize what is going on. If he’s speechless then tell him how you feel, what you’ve observed and you’d like clarity on where things are headed.

He will have to answer you. It may not be what you want to hear but at least you’ll know the truth of the situation. I do need you to be aware in all of this that Taurus men absolutely suck at communication.

There are times where they get very comfortable with someone and figure they don’t need to do much chasing so they stop. They get a little too relaxed.

He will neglect to answer right away, he will figure if you want to go out; you’ll let him know, etc. Again, simply talk to him and tell him what you feel and he should try to fix things unless he thinks it’s not working for him.

I hope this helps you better understand why a Taurus man can blow hot and cold as well as what you can possibly do when he does. Always stick with what your gut tells you!

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2 thoughts on “Taurus Man Being Hot And Cold All The Time- What To Do?

  1. I’ve been on four dates with my Taurus in a time span on 3 months.. There was a week that he completely disappeared and then later reappeared & apologized & told me that something very bad had happened and that was the cause behind it… I forgave him, didn’t even comment about his absence.. We went on date 3 & he planned it out, it was sweet.. We spoke and then he disappeared for like 3 days.. Date 4 came along and I think he was drunk but he asked me out and said that he wanted to see me and was in need of good company.. He picked me up at like 11 at night, we went to his favorite spot & then in his truck things got hot and heavy but no sex.. He took me back to his house and I was fully expecting sex but instead he tells me he doesn’t want to rush things cz he likes me & I ended up staying the night, brought me home at 7am.. That was a month ago.. I asked him out and he couldn’t go because he had his daughter (understandable) then the following week he was sick for two days (I didn’t ask him out that week) and then the following week he disappeared for 8 days.. Reappeared as if nothing had happened.. We planned to go to a game together a few weeks ago but it isn’t until the 19th.. I asked him yesterday if he had his daughter this weekend and he said yes.. didnt ask why, didn’t offer to look for a sitter.. nothing.. It drives me crazy because he’ll play games on the phone against me and chit chat with me until eleven at night, sometimes three in the morning but he hasn’t asked to see me and when I asked it was no.. He’s flirty… I don’t get him.. Do I give him more time? Do I move on? It’s been a month since I’ve seen him and if he does really go to this game with me it won’t be for another three weeks.. That’s a long time.. I’m ready to throw in the towel.. I don’t want to though 🙁

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