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5 Ways To Make Your Taurus Ex Regret Leaving You

Are you a little bitter after your breakup with a yummy Taurus? Have you been scratching your head thinking about ways to get him to regret ever calling it quits? What sort of ideas does Astrology have to offer you on this matter?

You’re in luck! Astrology has many paths for you to take to assist you in making the Taurus kick himself for ever thinking he could do better than you! It takes a few special techniques to make the self-assured Taurus regret his surely well thought out decisions!

I can offer you five of the best tips and tricks that I’ve found in all of my experience as a professional Relationship Astrologer. Just be mindful because these techniques are powerful and you might just get what you wish for… for better or worse! 

5 Ways To Make Your Taurus Ex Regret Leaving You

1. Don’t Speak To Him At First

Ways To Make Your Taurus Ex Regret Leaving You

This is likely to be the most effective tip. Distance yourself for a while to give the Taurus time alone. While this is a good technique to use no matter who you just wrapped up dating, it’s especially useful with the Taurus. What’s this time alone going to do, you ask?

Distance is going to force the Taurus headfirst into the realm of discomfort. If you two were together for any length of time (who am I kidding, he’s a Taurus, of course you were together for a while!) then he definitely got secured into a routine with you, aka: predictability. 

A Taurus who doesn’t know what to expect likely just wants to crawl into a ball and cry. So, when someone who he built a routine with is no longer in the picture, this is basically his worst nightmare. This time away from him is going to force him to come face to face with what life is like without you, and he isn’t going to like it!

2. Remind Him Of The Good Times

When you do begin to speak again, it will work for you if you remind him of all the memories you two share. The Taurus loves to have a good time and losing that with anyone is going to keep him regretting losing the one who provided that joy. 

Don’t be too obvious about it though, since Taurus will quickly catch on to your tactic and he’ll think you’re the fool for attempting to get him to lament your absence! How embarrassing would that be? So, your best bet is to be subtle, and just gently reference old memories. 

This is going to remind the Taurus of what they’ve lost with you, that they won’t get with anyone else. You should be expecting them to fire back soon after with further trips down memory lane… that’s how you know he’s regretting leaving you! 

At this point, it’s up to you which direction to go. If the goal was to simply make him sorry for his foolishness, then pat yourself on the back and move along. If not, this is a great time to go ahead and feel out how into the idea of making more memories with you he is. 

3. Post Pictures Of Your Natural Beauty

Making Taurus Ex Regret Leaving You

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and this has a lot to say about what makes up their personality. Venus is a planet of good times, parties, art, and femininity. Venus is a sensual and visual planet that fosters an appreciation for beauty in the world at large and humans. This is why Taurus’ and Libras (both ruled by Venus) happen to be some of the best-looking people in the Zodiac. 

If you want the Taurus to start questioning their every decision, then you’ve got to post photos of you looking your most naturally gorgeous. Taurus’ aren’t showy and over the top. They appreciate substance more than illusions. This is why they love natural looking makeup or no makeup at all!

Think about just doing a simple contour, a little deepening under the brow bone, and some nicely groomed brows. Get some natural, flowy curls going and then take your selfies outside against a lush, green background with the Sun on your face. This will highlight everything the Taurus loves in appearances! 

Looking fresh, natural, and gorgeous will make the Taurus instantly regret leaving you, no doubt about it! He’ll be lamenting his choice to go solo in no time! 

4. Make It Clear What He’s Missing Out On

Think about everything that he ever said he loved about you. Was he enamored by your geekiness? Did your passion excite him? Did he always say what an A+ snuggler you were? Show that off! 

Post a pic clutching a stuffed animal with the caption “I miss snuggling with someone :/” or perhaps take a picture of you eating something delicious with the caption: “meal for two, but there’s only me!” Something comforting and sensual will grab the attention of a Taurus. 

You know your Taurus ex best, so go ahead and play off of the things that he loved about you, and work from there. The Taurus will begin to feel awful about his decision to leave when he sees his beautiful ex feeling lonely! The only thing that will make him more upset with his decision would be the next tip!

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5. Play Up The (Hot) People You’re With

This tip is going to drive the Taurus absolutely insane! This is because Taurus’ can be very selfish and possessive. Part of them probably takes for granted the fact that you’re not with someone else because they like to believe that if they ever wanted to take you back that you’d be theirs. This is the exact reason why dangling the possibility of someone else is going to torment the Taurus. 

I’d casually mention the someone you’re hanging out with or, even better, post pictures of you with attractive people on the social media you know the Taurus checks! Just make sure these people are great-looking or else the Taurus won’t feel threatened by these new contenders. 

What memories will you use to get your Taurus rethinking his decision to leave you in the dust? We all are aching for this tea, so go ahead and let me know in the comments below what direction you’ll head in! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe, 

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Taurus Ex Regret Leaving You

  1. I have tried all your tips and nothing worked. I found my Taurus man to be controlling and selfish – in fact he dumped me at a time I was highly vulnerable (workplace bullying ) because I didn’t fit into his change of a date plan at the last minute.. what does he expect of me ? To be a telepath? His capacity for intimacy was limited and he refused to open up beyond the superficial – I tried to reach you guys several times but got no reply so I’ve let him go – I occasionally here from him but he continues to mess with my head.. eg he says, I’ve got a gig in your neighbourhood .. and when I reply I’m working at that time but can meet later, his reply is: I’m busy going to a party afterward – and no invite extended to me… well f**k that!

    1. Hi Natasha!

      Yikes. It sounds like he’s one of those ego guys or rather narcissistic. They do exactly what you described. They want what they want and yet you are not allowed to do the same. I don’t like what he did to you but I’ve got to say, any man of any sign can be like this as well. I think their sun sign is “Narcissisto”…lol. Seriously though bad news. Thankfully not all Taurus men are like this. He must have too much fire in the wrong places in his chart. Just like in fishing, toss him back because he’s bad meat. You can reel in a much better one. You deserve all the love in the world but please don’t write the Taurus men off because of this jerk. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  2. I am a Taurus that had a Taurus guy friend. We started off very good he was overactive with me in the beginning we went out, after a few weeks he said I was falling too fast. However, he insisted on talking to me somewhat in and somewhat out, didn’t respond to my messages at times etc. Now he’s completely out he’s not responding nor answering my calls.

    1. Hi Kierra!

      I am sorry you’re going through this sweetheart. I think in this case, you’re going to need to blow him off. Don’t try to contact him. If he cares for you then he will wonder what is going on and will reach out. If he doesn’t then it means he wasn’t as invested in it as you. Try the 30 day no contact rule. That could lead him to think about you and reach out. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  3. My Taurus ex-boyfriend dumped me 3 months ago. Everything was going well between us but my flakiness really turned him off. He said he needed time to think things through, but many things happened in between (he moved out, lost a loved one, had a new job…) and in the meantime I never stopped contacting him. I feel like I should have given him more time but I feel him pulling away from me more and more, and I know that when Tauruses move on, they do for good. What should i do? I can’t communicate with him, I can’t stand his silence and distance…

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