Will Leaving A Taurus Man Alone Make Him Miss You?

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What happens when you’ve gotten upset or hurt by your Taurus guy and you decide to go quiet on him? Find out why ignoring a Taurus man might be bad idea.

No contact is one of those magic rules in dating. It seems to really work. It can help you get the person you want back, make them miss you, or even help you move on when you feel like there is no more hope. So leaving a Taurus man alone can be quite appealing…

But does it work on this earth Zodiac sign? Ignoring a Taurus man can be a total genius move, but the possibility of it blowing up in your face is there too… Taurus men are a lot more sensitive than they get credit for, so make sure you are giving him space for the right reasons.

You’ve probably stumbled onto this article because you want to know when to give up on a Taurus man and what will happen if you give him the silent treatment. Hopefully, I can help to give you some clarity on what to expect when you ignore a Taurus man.

Keep on reading to find out what will happen when you leave a Taurus man alone and what you can do to make him miss you.

When You Ignore A Taurus Man, How Does He Feel?

Taurus men are usually pretty chilled and laid back, however, when a Taurus man is being ignored it can cut him really deep. This is likely when you’ll see a different side to him—the side that gets angry and irritated.

Security and stability are very important for a Taurus man, so when it feels like these aspects of his life are being rocked, it can make him lose his mind a little bit. Ignoring a Taurus man can really hurt him quite a lot.

If you have a misunderstanding with your Taurus man, it would be a lot better if you just communicated clearly to him about what you are feeling rather than ignoring him, because this is what you can expect when ignoring a Taurus man.

What Happens When You Ignore A Taurus Man


He Assumes You’re Not Into Him

When you ignore a Taurus man, he may feel that you are not into him, don’t love him, and are moving on. This is a dangerous game to play with a Taurus man with whom you have not developed a serious relationship yet.

If you’re just starting to see him, talk to him, or are casually dating a Taurus man, ignoring him will make him decide to go ahead and move on. Ignoring works with some men, but a Taurus man isn’t really one of them.

Some men will chase after a woman when the woman acts as though she’s not interested. With Taurus, he is looking for a woman he’s sure likes him and doesn’t play games.

He’s a very serious type of guy. Mind games do not work with a Taurus man. So, the last thing you want him to think is that you’re not interested in him anymore.

If he’s being difficult or dragging his feet, use your inner strength and open up to him. He’ll appreciate your candor. Tell him how you feel and what you want. Here’s more on how to communicate with a Taurus man effectively.

This Will Hurt Him Deeply

If the two of you have been in an actual relationship for awhile and you get upset with him and give him a silent treatment, you might as well put a dagger in his heart. This is how he will feel if you ignore a Taurus man.

Taurus men love affection and adoration. Giving a Taurus man the silent treatment would be a bad idea, as he might feel devastated because you’re not giving him your love.

I’m not saying it’s fair if he’s done you wrong. If he did something that absolutely tore your heart out or made you angrier than you’ve ever been, he needs to face up to it. Ignoring a Taurus man isn’t going to solve anything…

Taurus men are oblivious when it comes to their partner’s feelings and whether or not they did something wrong. They can be total jerks and not understand that their actions were hurtful.

You need to step up and tell him what he did wrong, how bad it hurt, or how angry it made you. The only way he can work on it or not do it again is by addressing it.

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He Might Resort To Cheating

Taurus men are very loyal when they’re 100% committed. 100%, not 90% or less. If he isn’t 100%, then he may have a tendency to still be looking for the one if he feels you’re not totally hitting the mark.

That being said, if you decide to give your Taurus the silent treatment, he’ll chalk it up to you not loving him anymore, and you may give him that proverbial “push” over the line, which causes him to be in the arms of another woman.

Not all Taurus men are this way, but there are some who will seek comfort from someone else if they aren’t getting it from you. Rejecting a Taurus man will seal that deal, so you might want to be very careful.

Again, if you’re hurting or angry with your Taurus man but you want to keep him, tell him how he’s upset you and ask him not to do it anymore. He needs to know the truth, and he needs to know how you feel.

He’ll Shut You Out As Well

When you’ve had it with your Taurus man and you decide to give him the cold shoulder, he may react with the same action. You’ll probably regret that you started it because he feels he’s the one who will finish it.

You definitely don’t want your Taurus man to pull away in response to you being cold. It will get nasty, and a breakup may be well underway if you cannot get him to start talking again.

Taurus men hold life-long grudges, and he will hold one against you if he feels that you unjustly shut him down. Taurus men are great at giving silent treatment but not so good at it happening to them.

They do have a double standard when it comes to being cold to someone. Taurus men are experts at not answering texts, not returning calls, and not talking in person. Yet if their woman does it, he cannot handle it and flips out or runs away.

If you really love your Taurus man, you’re going to have to understand how he operates because ignoring him isn’t a good tool to use unless you’re willing to gamble losing him.

Want to learn more about what happens when you ignore a Taurus man? Watch this video:

Will Leaving A Taurus Man Alone Make Him Miss You?

Taurus men don’t often give their hearts to people. They like monogamy and falling deeply in love with one person. He isn’t the type of guy to replace you when things go south, so no longer having you a part of his routine will definitely hurt, and this means he is likely to miss you.

Leaving your Taurus man alone after an argument or after a breakup will definitely leave an emptiness in his life, which will make it easy for him to miss you. He is one of those guys who will definitely notice the difference.

Your silence will be unbearable for him, especially if you have become part of his daily routine. He is likely quite used to your presence, having you check in on him, or spending quite a lot of quality time together.

This is why when you go all quiet and disappear on him, he is more than likely to miss you quite a lot. He will want to recreate the way he feels when you are around him because this is the type of guy who tends to be rather nostalgic.

If the two of you just had an argument and you resort to leaving him alone, he may react quite stubbornly and give you the same kind of treatment, but I can promise you that he is dying to speak to you and probably misses you tremendously.

However, if you just broke up with your Taurus man, then you might want to give him some space so that he can really feel what it would be like to not have you around. This will make him miss you so much and possibly have him come running back to you.

Here’s more on how to make a Taurus man miss you.

Should I Ignore A Taurus Man To Get His Attention?

For this to work, it really depends on where you are in your relationship with your Taurus man. If you’ve just started dating or are even just in the talking phase, it is unlikely for your Taurus man to even notice that you’re ignoring him.

However, if the two of you have a solid and strong connection, then the chances are very good that you will definitely get his attention. This might annoy and upset him, though, as your ignoring him shows immature behavior to him.

You might just end up spitting yourself when you ignore your Taurus man. You need to remember that he can be incredibly stubborn, and if he decides that two can play that game, it might really end up hurting your relationship with him.

Ignoring your Taurus man is up to you, but know that there might be consequences to your actions. You need to be prepared for it because there is nothing a Taurus man hates more than being ignored.

When To Walk Away From A Taurus Man


Knowing when to walk away from a Taurus man can be pretty difficult. These guys make loving feel so good, but being with a Taurus man is sometimes quite impossible as they tend to be very stubborn and stuck in their ways.

If you can’t accept that your Taurus man is never going to change, then walking away from him is probably the best for both of you. The last thing a Taurus man wants is a nagging girlfriend, and if that is you, it isn’t going to work.

Know when to cut your losses and move on. If you have given everything you have and you still feel unsatisfied in your relationship, then it is probably better to accept that things will never change. You’ll be happier elsewhere.

FAQ On Leaving A Taurus Man Alone…

Will Ghosting A Taurus Man Make Him Want Me More?

The short answer to this question is yes, however, I do not recommend it. Ghosting is never a good way of treating someone else. I am sure you know how painful it is.

It is fine to take space for yourself, but if someone keeps trying to get a hold of you and you just ignore them, then you are probably not a very nice person.

Does No Contact Work On Taurus Men?

No contact does work on Taurus men; in fact, it actually drives them crazy because their whole being is rooted in feeling a sense of stability and security. If you start going no contact with him, then it can really trigger some insecurity in him.

But you need to keep in mind that using no contact to get your Taurus man to do something for you is quite manipulative, and having a healthy relationship does not look like this. No contact is absolutely fine after a breakup, but doing this while you are in a relationship is not recommended.

How Does A Taurus Man Take Rejection?

A Taurus man doesn’t usually take rejection very well. These guys can actually be quite insecure, and they often seek validation from their lovers. In fact, when a woman rejects a Taurus man, it can often lead to him going into his shadow side.

This is when he can become quite vindictive, mean, jealous, and obsessive. Rejection really hurts him. This guy really only wants to be loved and find a good companion. He is very scared of getting hurt, and this is why he rarely puts his heart on the line.

Does A Taurus Man Like Being Alone?

Taurus men don’t particularly like being alone; in fact, they are usually quite commitment-minded and want to settle down with someone. But these guys would rather be alone than be in a relationship with someone who isn’t right.

Taurus men don’t often open their hearts to women because they know how painful it can be to get hurt. They are very protective of themselves, and this is why it isn’t uncommon to find a Taurus man alone.

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If You Listen To Dating Coaches, You Can Lose Your Taurus Man Forever…

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Taurus man.

And I literally wanted to scream with frustration.


Because most dating advice definitely will NOT work if you use it with a Taurus. You see, Taurus men are VERY different than men of other signs.

And if you use standard dating advice with a Taurus, it can backfire. He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Especially when it is SO easy to draw him to you and get him to connect deeply with your heart.

You just need to know the specific phrases to tell your Taurus man…

So he’ll NEVER want to lose you. He’ll be wrapped around your fingerAnd it won’t take him long to put a ring on that finger either.

These phrases are the EXACT thing you need to turn everything around with him.

So… for heaven’s sake… DON’T listen to normal dating coaches! They give out the same advice for ALL men… which is absolutely insane. Because your wonderful Taurus is NOT like other men… at ALL.

So click here and find out the specific things your Taurus man needs to hear to melt his heart.



Anna Kovach

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47 thoughts on “Will Leaving A Taurus Man Alone Make Him Miss You?

  1. What if he felt being neglected and not loved in the marriage? If the capricorn woman (me) was cold for some time. Will he want to end it just because he thinks I don’t love him anymore (which is not true, of course)?

    1. Hi Olga! Thank you for writing in about your Taurus guy situation. Yes, if he feels unloved or guarded because you were cold to him then this would cause him to withdraw and become cold and guarded. This could cause a Taurus man to either leave or cheat as well. They wouldn’t ordinarily do either but he does need his partner to give him lots of love and affection. When he isn’t getting it, he starts to look at his other options but in the meantime becomes very cautious and calculating. There is more you should know about Taurus man and luckily, I have written more books about him. Take a look at “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    2. Meet a Taurus guy that reminded me of a Virgo man in some ways. Both Earth signs. I first checked him out to see if he meant what he said. First month in a half. We talked in phone for hours, he came over, we spent time, he said he loved me and wanted to be in a relationship but I wasn’t trying to get hurt again so I filled him out. Filled him out and he passed. He was good with his words, loved his kids, loved mine. There wasnt anything I could find wrong. He cared for me, he checked up on me, helped me out, and did kind things, and boy was he a Man! I was falling for this guy. However, doing everything right by him. Being loyal, only entertaining him, cooking for him, showing him my love and undivided attention. I could tell he would try to make me jealous. I wasnt into that, I didn’t wanna play any games. So I showed him how much I just wanted to be with him and try to do the best I could to keep him happy and he didnt complain. But, he act if he wasnt into me anymore and started talking more to his girl friend. He said there was nothing going on with him and her. She had a boyfriend and they all knew each other. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and trusted what he said a did. Honestly, I wanna play his game too and stop calling and texting as much but I don’t wanna play games. Is he really not that into me? What should I do?

      1. Hi Tamia!

        Talk to him openly and honestly. Tell him exactly how you feel and what you want. He will either agree and try to work on it or he’ll tell you he’s not into it. Either way you find out you can move forward with him or you can move on from him. Don’t sit around wondering because you’ll drive yourself crazy. Do what is right for you and take control of the situation by talking to him openly and honestly! Wishing you the best!

        1. Hey Anna!
          Is it normal for a Taurus man to dissapear in the middle of a conversation?I met him online a month ago and we were on 2 dates already. Everything was going well. He has been texting me back immediately. when we were talking, he said he wants a commited relationship, and can see a future with me but wants to go slow. I accepted it saying that I would like it too. What I’ve noticed this week was that he was a little colder than usual, I took it as a sign that he doesn’t want to express his feelings and go even slower. I texted him from time to time some nice texts, but he’d give me the cold shoulder. Yesterday, he texted me to drive home safe, sent me a picture of himself, and then poof and he never responded back. I left him a couple of messages saying that I’m worried about him, because that is not his usual behavior. I do not have the feeling that I would do anything to hurt him. I wasn’t pressuring him, asking about our dates or what does he think about me. Were were having conversations about anything and everything.I was just being patient waiting for him to decide when he wants to go on a date or talk about more serious things. Does he just decided to ghost me? I’m confused.

          1. Hi Veronika!

            I know you are so confused and I feel for you. Taurus men are not the best when it comes to texting. I don’t think he’s trying to ignore you but I think he is trying not get carried away with himself with you. In other words, he’s afraid he’ll go to fast and then regret it. That’s why the hot and cold behavior that Taurus men are known for especially when it comes to texting. Try not to make too much of it when he does these things. Keep acting like everything is normal. He’ll find an even keel and certainly will feel better when some time has passed for the two of you. When he seems to have disappeared, reach out to him and say something really easy like “Hey, hope you’re alright” and then just wait to see what he does with it. I hope this helps sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

    3. Hi i am a cancer woman and i started to have a fling relationship with a taurus guy. I wanna say you said it really right and very accurate. We ended not talking anymore just because i tried to ignore him once and been into a worst situation. I was a little bit confuse on him but once i ignore him because i am sulking then he tries to also ignore me for hours and follows another girl on social media!! That is why, he thought I wasn’t interested anymore, i wish i read this before. Thank you so much!

      1. Hi Xai!

        The Silent treatment is one of the worst things with Taurus. They’re good at doing it too. He probably is following other girls to show you he’s not waiting around on you (it’s probably a bluff unless he’s already moved on). Yes, I’m so glad this article helps you and I hope everything goes exactly as it should for you. I wish you all the very best!

  2. As a cancer woman I definitely let him know what upset me, I told him what he many times did wrong followed by “there are so many other guys that would value me much more than you do” all this I did through text. Now I said this with true intentions to break apart from him because I was feeling hurt and thought I did not deserve that. But it hurt me even more when he replied back saying I am right I deserve someone that can give me all the attention that I need. Wanting to hear this out of his mouth I went to visit him a week later. I told him I exaggerated things. He said I did not exaggerated things I was right. He said he thought about what I told him and found out he was not paying too much attention to me because he was just not focused on me. Meaning he was not into me. This was all I needed to know to stop wasting my time. We decided to keep things calm and changed conversations at the end of the night he wanted to have sex with me but I said good bye. I did not mean good bye forever, but I think that’s what he thought I meant because he stopped me and said wait not like that and then hugged me good bye. I need time to let him out of me. He is a good person to keep close as friend but I don’t want to have feelings for him if he doesn’t have any for me. It’s been 2 weeks since we last spoke and maybe its just me but he has tried to indirectly show me he cares for me. Posting things on social media. Of course without any reference to me. This makes me wonder does he care or not care for me.

  3. I trust most of your advice about Taurus men Ana, but this advice your giving is basically saying allow a Taurus man to walk all over you, when he treats you poorly. Spare his feelings, but not my own. I tried going that route with my Taurus guy, being up front and clear on what I wanted…build a relationship ship, with real communication and not a bunch of texting. To make more effort to see me. I gave him space, to think things over, two weeks he didn’t call, I don’t complain. But at some point your just a doormat. I stopped responding to his text, until he starts to put forth action, and stops making unfulfilled promises.

  4. Hi Anna I’m a Virgo female and I just started talking to a Taurus male. First he seemed interested then he changed his mind and said he needed to work on things for himself. That we should take it slow. Now he says he just wants us to be friends..nothing but friends. Did I do something wrong or is it just him?

    1. Hi Kara!

      It sounds like he’s not really sure what he wants and due to that, he says he needs to figure things out and just wants to be friends. Take that friendship and run with it. That can open up doors for the two of you later on. Then again, if you don’t want to wait for him then you may want to move on. It’s your choice to make but you have to go with what he says in terms of what he wants or doesn’t want though until or if he changes his mind. You have to decide if you want to wait him out or not. I wish you all the best!

  5. Hello Anna!
    I need help! I am an Aquarius woman 25 and I started dating a Taurus man 29 about two months ago. At first was everything nice and romantic, I liked him more and more everyday, for I am a very romantic person myself.
    We met two times only in 3 weeks time, since we live in different cities and he is a busy person. After that we had a fight, I iniciated, because I thought he was not paying much attention to me, since I wanted to call him that night, when I was very sad and he declined coz he was busy “with his family watching tv”.
    I claimed “you are not supposed to care, but my man must” and his response was “I am not your man, yet”. I must say he was very committed form the start, we kissed, and he was very caring.
    After the fight he gave me the silent treatment for three days, with me doing the good girl ( I read your books) he came back, he started responding to my messages, calls but he didn’t come to see me saying that he was very busy but he also wanted to see me and he likes me. The relationship though didn’t have it’s romantink shine as before, I felt like I was iniciating the conversations and calling him and he was just replying, but he made some progress from the cold shoulder in the ten days. After that I asked him for the holiday trip we booked and he told me he was not sure if je could come, because he had planes with his family. I accepted and told him we can go another time. He also told me that I should me mature and take things slowly. After that I asked him if his feelings for me or the relationship has changed? He told me nothing has changed, you are a very good girl and we are geting to know each other. But I do not want to say people that we are lovers, coz we are not in a relationship yet and this woudn’t be healthy for none of us. I become worried! So I told him how I felt about our relationship from the start, how I loved him being caring and romatic and how I do not understand his coldness now, cancelling our trip, not calling me, not initiating conversations with me. If this was a way of saying goodbye I asked him to be truthful to me and say it. If this was just he that needed more time to make up his mind, I told him I will wait for you. I told him that I like him very much and that’s why I want to let him chase me, call me if he want, meet me if he want or even leave the relationship I will respect his choice.
    He didn’t reply to my sincere message. It’s six days now that I didn’t comunicate to him and he nither, but we still see the stories of one another. I think he left me, but I do not know is he losing interest or me acting to pushy? Will he come back, maybe he needed more time to think about his feelings?

    1. Hi Aquarius 02,

      You cannot get him to chase you. Taurus men typically do not chase. If they do it may be due to a moon sign or rising sign that is more of that type which would make him be a bit different but most Taurus men don’t do it. If you insist on not talking to him then you may not hear from him. If you need to know what is going on with him, you have to ask but I wouldn’t bug him. Try checking in with him once or twice a week by texting something simple “hope all is well with you, thinking of you!” type of thing. Don’t ask him about where you two are, etc… With time you may get the answers you’re trying to get from him. Hang in there!

    2. Hello Anna.
      I’ve been on and off with a taurus man for 15 years. He told me that he will never get married. However, during off time, he got married, but I didn’t know about it. Four years ago, I got text from him that he always loved me and that I’ve always been good to him. I replied that his actions don’t match his words, and I told him not to contact me again and not waste another decade of my life. Month later, i texted to him that I was too harsh, and that I need help with something. He replied right away, we met the same day, and had sex as if we never stopped seeing each other. Then we start seeing each other time to time, he initiated conversations. We even had set days. He wanted to be exclusive, but I told him that it’s only sexual and if we meet someone else, we should let each other know and stop seeing each other. He would accommodate the time and place whenever I wanted to see him so that I wouldn’t find someone else. In 2020 covid started and I wanted to have a baby, I told him. He asked to wait when covid is over, I didn’t want to wait. And he agreed. But before the weekend gateway when I was ovulating he asked to call me and made a confession that he was married, but it was a mistake and there are no kids. He said that he wants me to know before we conceived. I was shocked and in disbelief. But I already made up my mind about having a baby and we proceeded. I know it’s not right, but at that moment all I wanted is a baby. I was 38, approaching 39. I didn’t care if he’ll be with me or not after the conception. I got pregnant. I didn’t tell him about pregnancy, but I told him I can’t see him anymore because he is married. His response was that he’ll make things right, get a divorce, and that I should just wait for him. I said no, once a cheater is always a cheater. He didn’t stop texting me. Then I had a miscarriage and told him about it. He was pissed that I didn’t tell him (he said that its suspicious that i was even pregnant because i didn’t tell him that right away) and that he would have helped and comforted me. We stopped talking again until Thanksgiving. He congratulated me, I replied. Then he texted me more, but I stopped replying. Then he reaches out in 2021 and let’s me know that he quit his job. In 2022, that he moved out, sold the house, and filed for divorce. He told me that he wants to see me and give me all updates, but instead of agreeing I’m being rude to him, question his std health status. Two months later he congratulations me with my birthday, I told him not to contact me again. I was dating a guy at that time. A week later, I stopped dating the guy. A month later I reach out my taurus man. And ask if he still wants to have a baby with me. He doesn’t because I treated him poorly, but he wants us to be intimate. I disagree, but I agree to meet because I need closure and he owes me one after 15 years of stringing along. We meet and it feels like we never stop being together. So comfortable. Coffee date turned into dinner and kissing. He texted me all weekend, I agree to meet to do the deed. Lol. He wants to see me, texts me, be exclusive, be his girlfriend. I don’t agree to the girlfriend status, but we are exclusive. He asked me to stop dating other guys (even thou I don’t sleep with them, I shouldn’t do online dating). I agreed. Couple of weeks ago, he hurt his leg, but he kept on seeing me and take pain killers. We didn’t use protection and he was wondering if I’m pregnant and what our kid would look like. I wasn’t pregnant. But I texted we should try to get me pregnant. He wanted to discuss that over the dinner. We met, he offered to move in with me or I move in with him, but I told him that there is no need for that during pregnancy. He said that I must be joking, and it’s strange that I’m not worried that he will meet someone else while we are not living together and I’m pregnant. That any other girl would be happy if the guy suggested it. Besides, he wont allow me and his baby ve separate from him. He wants to be with us and support us. I got upset and told him that we should luve together not only because of the baby, but because he loves me. He said that he feels that im with him because i want to get pregnant and not because of him. Then he said that the ball is in my court, I have to sleep on it and let him know what I decided. Next day, I told him the same thing. We texted a little. We were supposed to meet this week twice, but both times he politely canceled due to pain in his leg. Also, last weekend he told me that he doesn’t want to conceive a baby intentionally until his divorce is final (which is another 6 weeks). Other times, I would break up or stop talking to him until he reaches out. Usually, it takes me a few months or a year to get over it and respond his messages. But i fee this time is different, and i should be patient. I’m a leo sun, scorpio rising and aries moon if it helps. Please tell me if it’s really the pain in the leg or he just wants space to think things over because I made him feel like a donor or maybe he is thinking about breaking up? Or should I offer my help and care due to his condition? I feel like he is testing me and my patience? The uncertainty is killing me.

  6. What if we’re in a long distance relationship and he’s on vacation in his hometown with his parents and siblings, and he doesn’t call or text in days, almost weeks? As a Gemini, I usually fight and say all kinds of things, which only pushes him further and further away. Now I think that my only option is to give him the exact same treatment he gives me, because when he’s angry he always gives me the silent treatment. I know he loves me and it’s a committed relationship. I know he’s busy with his huge family and decompressing from his exhausting job, but he could at least let me know he’s ok…

    1. Hi Lana!

      Does he answer you when you text him? If you’re expecting him to always initiate then you’ll be disappointed. Taurus isn’t the best when it comes to initiating contact. This is especially true the closer he gets to someone. He gets comfortable and doesn’t feel the need to talk as often as he would when he was trying to win you over. Giving him the same treatment may backfire on you. If you need more from him then ask him for it. It’s likely he doesn’t have any idea that you feel this way. Be honest and just ask for him to meet you halfway with communication. Also tell him you’d like to know if he’s ok. He should answer you. Hope this works!

  7. Hello anna, i really an advice.. i met my taurus man online, and on long distance, we talked for months, and clicked on lots of things (im a taurus too), and he did bought ticket to see me, but in the process, he was also work abroad and at one point met a girl in his town and dated for couple of times, he told me everything that the relationship base is friendship but time passed and he said that he have this feelings for her too,, and feel very complicated.. as he like me too,, now im feeling down and told him what i feel at the same time i dont want to be an option, which i told him too, and told hime just to choose her to make things easier, i feel like giving up but sad, because i cant force anyone feelings,, and now its month till he come, i really dont know what to do.. talk friendly or just give spaces?

    1. Hi Bell!

      You’re going to have to decide if you want to wait for him to choose you or her. Do you want to sit around and be his “maybe” or do you want to move on and find someone who will give you their all? It’s not fair for you to be his option and you know it. I would probably let go and keep dating around. If he decides that he chooses you then he’ll chase you down. Otherwise date other people as you might find someone who wants what you do. You may also want to read my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as it could shine some light on him for you.

  8. Me and him used to talk, but I was the one who was iniating when it comes to contact, so I told myself that he doesn’t care about me and decided to stop texting him, and after like a month, he came back and asked me If I still likes him,he told me to think about it and tell him tonigt, I told him that I moved on(but I didn’t really).what does that mean Anna?did he expect me to chase him?

    And I noticed that he started following depressed edits on ig, which is very weird because he doesn’t usually watch this type of stuff on social media, he’s the type to follow basketball players, artists, watch, funny videos, etc.And he’s always looking sad, he barely talk and laugh with his friends now,which is also weird,because among all his friends, he’s the “hype” one.but now it seems like he’s isolating himself.

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Taurus men get lazy with texting because they don’t like it so they prefer you do the initiating so they can answer. Even if he used to do it a bunch before, he’s become relaxed and cozy with you so he doesn’t feel he has to chase you anymore. Yes, he expected you to keep reaching out to him. He wanted you to do the work. He may feel like he’s not good enough for you and caused him to pull back with a bit of sadness. If you do still feel from him, you probably should let him know. Read more about Taurus in my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  9. aquarius here, my taurus man asked for space, so, I’m keeping my distance and decided to implement no contact rule, and ignoring him. i tried to be there for 3 weeks after he broke up with me. trying to understand him but he said a lot of things that were not making sense, like thinking about going back to his ex, etc. and I said, ok have your space. and not going to talk to him for a few weeks. hopefully he’ll go nuts and start questioning me. lol fingers crossed. I always initiated contact, and tried to acommodate his taurus needs. but, now it’s my turn. i don’t want to chance it, but need to try something different. i hope it doesn’t backfire. 🙁

    1. Hi K!

      It sounds like he maybe has changed his mind about the relationship or is questioning his life in general which has caused him to back off. I suggest you wait the time out then reach out to ask him if he’s figured things out or not. If he acts unsure or acts like you’re bugging him then you should just cut him off and walk away. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  10. I have been chatting with a Taurus man for a month or so, I am a Leo/Virgo, and he seemed interested. Just last week he ask was I talking to anyone else and I said no then he ask for my phone # and I gave it to him, we talked a little that day, then I emailed him later and told him how much I enjoyed our talk and loved his voice. The next day he was cold acting, then he sent me an email and said he got the impression I wanted a relationship and he was not ready for that, that he was in one once and he was not ready to go there again. I told him he was dead wrong, I just wanted a friend, someone to chat with and maybe go out to dinner one night, we live about 3 hours apart. It hurt a little but we chat some now so where do I go from here? We are not young, boarding on old…

    1. Hi Myra!

      He probably likes you but is questioning himself and what could be. He’s scared and doesn’t want to get hurt again so he’s pulling back. He may do this hot and cold dance a bit more before he decides for sure. I understand how it hurts when he acts this way. I would ask him flat out what he wants and what he sees happening between you two. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  11. Hi Anna!

    How do I start.. It starts to get more complicated between me a sagitarius and my taurus man. I dont know, he make me feel unwanted even when he say that he loves me more than I know but then he take me for granted. I already told him how I wanted to be treated. But then, there’s nothing change. He is still the same! Sometimes, I feel like I wanna give up and move on but then again, my love towards him make me stay. What should I do Anna, should I keep staying with him? Plus, we’re in LDR. I feel like no hope for this love. And we’re never met, even once.

    1. Hi Ester!

      I think you need to drive it home with him. You need to sit and tell him everything you feel. EVERYTHING. Tell him you need things from him to prove his love and if he cannot do that then maybe you two don’t belong together. If he does want to listen to you and says you two should be together then he will feel more motivated to change and give you what you want. I would like to also add that if you two do not meet in person then this is all a moot point. In person chemistry is sometimes really different than long distance. Meet up and see how you both feel.If you want to learn more about Taurus man, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    2. Hello Anna ,
      I’m a Sagittarius dating a Taurus man,right from the beginning of the relationship he made it clear what he wanted that he wants to marry me and he went ahead to open his intentions to my mother by telling her he wants to marry me and things have been going on well but based on the experience have got i don’t want to be hurt again I reached out to a friend who knows him as he as baby mama who is trying to come back to his life and he told me about it he promised to introduced me to her and whenever he goes to see his kids he will be free to pick my calls so I reached out to my friend to ask about him and the baby mama cause I’m trying to secure my heart from heartache my ex boyfriend had a baby mama he got pregnant the second so I was scared of issue repeating itself but my boyfriend doesn’t like the fact that I reach out to my friend who knows him but I have asked him for forgiveness cause I meant no harm I’m only just trying to protect myself from heartbreak, but he keep saying he’s not upset with me but his action still feels cold but whenever I sent him a message he replies me even when I need help about something he’ll try and help me sort it out but I’m jst been concern about his cold behavior should I be worried

  12. Pisces woman here, met my a bit younger Taurus man. He was really chasing me in his Taurean way. I liked him but wasn’t ready for anything serious. When we started being together, there were some adjustments but only because Taurus man tend to say things that might hurt (unintentionally). But I know what I want from relationship so I was crystal clear with him. Without asking him to change some things, he did it himself knowing I don’t like it. Now, it seems like everything is going in the right direction. He needs a bit of push here and there, but I’m not controlling him or his life. He’s very caring and well me as a Pisces – I give a lot of love. I think we’re fine, hopefully in a long term. 🙂

    1. Hi PiscesWoman!

      It sounds like you are doing a phenomenal job. Kudos to you sweetheart. You’ve figured out a method that actually does seem to work with the two of you. That is what every woman should do. I appreciate very much that you took the time to write to me and confirm how lovely things can be with a Taurus man when you have patience and communication. Fabulous! Wishing you all the best. My book may help you going forward also!

  13. Hey Anna!

    I really need your advice. I’m a Leo woman and two months ago I met the most wonderful guy in my life, a Taurus guy.

    We’ve been talking nonstop for the past 2 months (like 5-8 hours a day)…I didn’t found a single thing so far that I don’t like about him. I’ve only been dating Virgo guys until now, whom literally messed up with my selfesteem, and now with this Taurus the communication and connection feels like out of this world.

    My only concern with him is that he didn’t invite me over to his place yet. The sexual chemistry is also incredibly great, I feel we have 100% compatibility in life-views. There isn’t a single thing he said that I wouldn’t agree with and he replies things like “Totally agree” or “Exactly” to all of my statements.

    I read your materials, I understand that the Taurus man needs time and a lot of dedication to get fully involved.

    He managed to change the way I see a relationship and we started on a mind-set of taking things day by day and not puting a label on our interaction, and to be honest, I’ve never been more peaceful in my life. I feel that the biggest source of our lfie dissapointment comes from the plans we picture out in our head, or how we imagine our future to be.

    Although we are not making any plans of future, he talks about how would it be to have babies, or how I’ll be part of his retirement plans. To make it clear, we are both in our early 30s.

    Also, he has a pretty busy schedule with work + university and a dog. I haven’t seen him in a week, which for the volucanic lioness in me is super sad.

    Please clarify how does Taurus man handle time spent together (when he has as busy schedule) and how does he handle his intimate space… My gut tells me to wait patiently until he’ll feel the need to invite me over to his place and not rush things.

    Looking forward to your advice.

    Thank you sooooo much in advance!


    1. Hi Rachelle,

      Taurus isn’t good at jugging a relationship when he’s a very busy guy. He will always put priority with his work/career because that is what builds his nest egg for the future. To him that means he’s a man and doing what he has to do so that when he IS ready to be completely immersed in a relationship, he can provide for his partner or future wife. My suggestion is to yes, be patient, don’t push, and you try making suggestions of getting together. You can say something like “would you be up for getting together on Friday night after you’re off work?”. He’ll tell you whether he can or cannot. Just cut him slack because a productive man like he is may turn out to be a real catch. Check out my books sometime as they can give you more helpful information.

  14. Hi Anna!

    Wow this is so interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your help. Your books are so interesting.

    I would like to hear your opinion on my situation.

    I am a Virgo 29 years old just met a tourist male 29 years old on Easter April 4, 2021. We met through a dating app and we really seemed to like each other and we had a lot of things in common. I am a jeweler, and he sells precious metals and goals for a living. Our backgrounds also online because our parents are divorced and we’re both kind of very independent people that keep to ourselves.

    Of course he put his charm on me. And I was into it. I told myself “i am not sleeping with him until I get a commitment “
    Because I mean that’s what I want A solid foundation which leads to true love some day.

    He insisted on me driving to his house and parking there and he would drive us to the beach. I was iffy about this as it was our first time meeting and at first I said no then then later I said OK.

    I arrive and Will we shortly after head out to the beach. we have a great energy between us.
    We also had a glass of wine, and he told me let’s get some food and we can go back to my place and watch a movie.

    At this point I’m kind of just living life and going with the flow, we arrive to his place and we kissed and ended up sleeping together. Yupp lol

    I told him I don’t regret it but it’s not my style and I’d like to get to know each other more.

    He was okay with that, and he was still attentive as in the beginning, we had a sleepover with no sex.

    But then I felt his interest going away,
    And I used “regular dating advice” on him.
    I decided to ignore him and see if he would pursue me.

    Big mistake.

    He started texting me asking if I was okay and “baby are you ignoring me” also I want to mention I was on my menstrual cycle and wanted to avoid talking to him about me feeling ignored during this time .
    I felt awful about it.

    In a fury he sent me one last text “I don’t think you’re interested so goodbye hope you get what you want in life lose my number take care”

    I started crying lol and called him but I was heading to work and told him “I can’t talk now I will call you tonight”
    He said “is it something I did?? Are you trying to end communication??”

    I felt horrible and said no.
    I later told him let’s talk in person.

    He texted and said “why is it something bad?”

    I said no! Just think in person is better.
    He later texted and said “tonight is not good maybe tomorrow”

    I said okay. And he was acting distant and said he would call me but he didn’t. So I called him and he just said “he was tired and about to shower” .. he hasn’t texted me good morning or anything and I understand why.

    So I sent him a lengthy text apologizing for disappearing because I thought he wasn’t interested in me.

    He called me a few hours later saying something like this

    “I’m on the phone all day and I’m not a clingy guy so these long texts mess with my head and I know I was calling you and texting in the beginning but I’m not a clingy guy and I was getting to know you because we didn’t know each other..I’m not looking for anything serious serious or to jump from level 1 to 7 I’m just coasting right now and if I’m not texting you as much or calling don’t think I’m not interested , I’m attracted to you I enjoy your company . I like when you sleep over we’re just friends ”

    although the did tell me he was looking for something serious before .

    I played it cool, and said “yes I understand you’re busy I totally understand and I think texts are for small talk and I want to focus on a strong foundation of friendship first I just felt you weren’t interested”

    Since that day he became more distant and I texted him and he wouldn’t respond. Maybe once but not really.

    I called him to apologize again because I felt bad for disappearing. I texted again and I apologize and gave a heartfelt apology and told him let me make it up to him by cooking something good for us.

    He said “Hey it’s fine don’t worry I’m just been busy lately and I’m not rushing anything I just been doing other stuff I’m so tired gonna go to sleep just had diner but yes let’s plan on hanging out soon that sounds good how about not tomorrow but maybe Thursday you can come over? “

    I replied “thursdays works for me because I don’t have work the next day but I work overtime so I’d probably get there at 7:30pm would that be too late?”

    And he hasn’t replied the whole day.

    Not sure what route to take now.

    I’d appreciate your help!! Thank you Anna

    1. Hi Dee!

      Ok so if he text you and said you’re fine and he’s not worried then you shouldn’t be stressing it either sweetheart. Taurus men are typically busy and aren’t as engaging with their relationship. It doesn’t mean he’s lost interest so don’t think that. He’s literally just overwhelmed with his life and he has to prioritize in order to get through it all. Work is very important to a Taurus man as it makes him feel like a man to be able to provide when he is in a relationship. Be patient with him. If you need more information, check out my book Taurus Man Secrets. It may help you understand him a bit better. They suck at texts so don’t hang onto thinking he should text you faster. Read my book, you’ll see!

  15. Sounds like he is just using to you to be honest… you act like a gf but he doesn’t have to commit. Why would he stop that … he just doesn’t like you enough. I personally think Anna you are making excuses for a mans bad behavior.

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      I don’t make excuses for anyone. I am able to see two sides of a coin. My job is to give everyone options and try to look at angles they maybe aren’t looking at. In the end it’s their decision to make.

  16. Hey there. I’m a Leo I have a child with an older Taurus man. We was never in an exclusive relationship but I wanted to ask why does contact me off and on randomly about things he has going on. I strictly don’t tell him much at all about Me. I allow him have the first and last word. I don’t go out of my way to communicate with him. He has reached out about getting our daughter but he doesn’t. I don’t sweat him on it at all. I don’t hardly say much anymore I accepted things as they are. Our child be 3 she screams and yells if she sees him. He used to be so bitter and cold talking crap to me saying I’m too stubborn our daughter gets things from me blah blah. I told him one day how I felt he knocked his bs off. I’m asking what should I do in this type of situation I told him don’t contact me less it’s bout our child. He tries to tell people I got him blocked but he got me blocked on everything. I stop caring because he’s very inconsistent also he video calls me instead of using regular phone. It’s like he doesn’t know what to say on convo if I don’t conversate he tries to cut the conversation off quickly. I just don’t understand the hot and cold behavior.

    1. Hi Kiyana Gray!

      Very simply put…. Taurus men can be insecure and lash out. That’s what it sounds like in your situation. I think you’re handling it as best as you can quite honestly. Good for you! You take care of the kiddo and yourself. He’ll create his own karma honey. My thoughts are with you!

  17. Hey there, I met this Taurus man online and we had our first date right away. We got along very well and he told me that he liked me right after. After the second date, he told me that he isn’t looking for a serious relationship atm because he has to travel to another country because of his job. I told him that I have to think about if I’m okay with this “friends with benefits” stuff. The attraction was so big that i couldn’t say no so i thold him that I’m okay with it but as soon I told him this, he tried to convince me that this is not the right thing for me and he wasn’t sure about this anymore. However, we kinda managed to see each other again and hooked up. It was the most perfect date i’ve ever had and I’m very sure he loved it too. However, after that he never conacted me ever again and even worse, he deleted my number. So I’m asking myself if he is insecure with something or should i even wait for him to reach out on me again?

    1. Hi Tamara!

      He figured out that you have more feelings for him than he has for you. He figured he’d save you some heartache by cutting you off. I am so very sorry that you’re going through this. It really sucks when Taurus isn’t 100% up front with his feelings. He did tell you he doesn’t a serious relationship but he knows if you do the friends with benefits thing, you’ll feel too much and he really doesn’t want to hurt you. I think you should let him go for now. Maybe later he’ll hit you up but in the meantime, you should move forward with your life. Do things you really love to do with people you care for! I wish you the very best.

  18. Hi I really need your help.
    My Taurus says my calls puts him under pressure. He’s been sick since the weekend and he blocked me from reaching him saying he will contact me when he feels better. I am a Gemini. How do I deal with this because all I do is send him sms which he doesn’t reply?

    1. Hi Div!

      Yikes ok so he isn’t feeling well and doesn’t want to be bothered. He’s a tough guy like most Taurus men. They are independent and don’t want you to see them at their weakest points. I would do what he asks sweetheart. You can send a text here and there giving him inspiration for getting well but don’t call. He will absolutely reach out to you when he feels well enough to do. He’s not going to reply to your messages either until he feels up to it. That’s how they are. Be patient with him. I wish you all the very best but if you need more tips, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets.

  19. Hi Anna,
    I have been in a relationship with a Taurus man for over 2 years. Initially it was fiercely passionate. It was a connection I never had experienced and many emotions at once. I think it is fair to say we were both swept off our feet.
    I am a Virgo woman, I am an artist, musician, poet and yoga instructor. I was drawn to his philosophical interest and as much as he was mysterious, he was an open book.
    I was just ending my marriage and he had just moved to town, so in a way we were both vulnerable.
    It became complicated because he couldn’t handle that I had to communicate with my ex fairly often because I have a young child. And, my ex is an incredible father who is very involved in his sons life. My Taurus man essentially had dreams of swooping in and being a father figure to my son, but my son didn’t need a father figure. So there was a lot of dancing around trying to establish roles.
    My son initially warmed up to him, but as Mr. Taurus went from being the fun guy to having to establish some minor authority at times, my son pulled away and was not impressed. (please note I am aware of the confusion this likely caused for my son, but I didn’t introduce Taurus as anything but a friend and we were not affectionate in front of my son, I still have regrets and feel I rushed things).
    Taurus man went from basically being the kindest man I had ever been with to a monster. He went from telling me how beautiful and talented I was to sending me a nasty text about being weak, and how could I ever have been married to that guy and told me I cater to my son and he will be a spoiled brat. This came out of nowhere and literally broke my heart.
    He didn’t talk to me for 2 days and then came over and apologized profusely. After that we had some pretty icky back and forth interactions over the course of 4 months. I would find myself trying to pry him open, to find that man I fell in love with and he would isolate and say harsh words.
    I eventually realized he needed personal space and I needed to work on myself. I have done a lot of shadow work and continue to do so, as does he.
    He eventually immersed himself in a hobby of his, and eventually moved to another town to pursue it further. I told him I felt he gave up on us and he told me he doesn’t see how he can be here when he sees my life as 2 different lives. One with him, and the other as a mom half the week. (shared custody). We text every day, simple texts. “Good morning, Good night, Love you…” and talk once a week. He lives 3 hours away and I have visited twice in the past 3 months.
    I feel like I am almost begging him to spend time with me, to take a day or 2 to see me. I feel like the philosophical man I met was either fake or he is so insecure with my life that he subconsciously blocked that connection.
    I am on the brink of ghosting, walking away…my needs are not being met, and I truly feel my needs are reasonable, but then I wonder if I need to accept that this is how he is, that he is set on his goals and I am not priority.

  20. Hi, Im a capricorn and I’ve been dating a taurus guy 6 yrs older than me ,since 1 Yr . We got into a pretty bad fight after he said he was not able to spend time with his friends because of me and that he can’t change his life for me. We’re in a long distance relationship and I’m not there with him . He said he lost his friends because of me. Ever since the fight, I don’t feel the same way about him but he’s back to being his old self.
    What am I doing wrong and how can I make things better

  21. I’m so happy I read this. I’m trying to figure out what to do with my Taurus BF as things have gotten complicated but we will get through it. I need to take a step back and focus on me and I was almost thinking of trying to do this and let him chase me. But glad I read this. I won’t do that I don’t want to lose him but I want him
    To appreciate what he has right in front of me. There’s other stuff going on that’s causing this friction(his job, etc) but luckily we are communicating very well talking it through. But I do need to take time for my self and I’m trying to give him space as well as my own self space because we have moved very quickly in a short amount of time… like blending our families, spending lots of time together. It’s been great until recently. All good though.

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