Taurus Man Horoscope For June 2024

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
June 2024 horoscope for your Taurus man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is June going to treat your Taurus man?

Welcome Sweethearts to the June horoscope for your Taurus man, and it’s going to be off to a cracking start because we have a stellium of planets, along with the New Moon in Gemini.

Now, Jupiter has just moved into Gemini as well, and in week one, we have Mercury moving into Gemini, so we will have Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter all in Gemini during the first two weeks. This will have an important impact which we will be discussing.

Now, Jupiter has moved into Gemini, meaning there’s a distinctly different flavor throughout the rest of the year from what there was in the first 5 months. This is a time of ideas, study, expansion, and exciting communication. There’s also much more of a restless energy, a desire to be pioneering, and to explore.

What a fantastic time for all your hobbies, your social life, and having fun! But also, an excellent time to improve yourself intellectually, to gather knowledge, and to be empowered. Knowledge is power, and with Jupiter in Gemini, it is the key to unlocking your and your Man’s future.

Now, for all star signs, it’s very important right now to dabble in new things. Variety is the spice of life, and this is a time for attracting new friends, acquaintances, and forging new partnerships, whether they are romantic, business, or social. Remember, with Jupiter in Gemini, there’s a slightly lighter touch with less attachment, so there’s a dilution of the heavy energies of Taurus, which represent the desire for commitment and sometimes jealousy and possessiveness.

So, the whole flavor of relationships going throughout the rest of the year is to be mutually supportive but always to focus on independence, humor, and novelty in the relationship. This is also a great sign for money-making, so rub your hands together and get excited.

With that said, let’s get going onto the June reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Taurus Man this June…

Mercury enters Gemini – 4 June 

Now, for a lot of men, Mercury entering Gemini represents quite a jovial, light-hearted placement, but for Taurus Man, it’s pretty affectionate and also playful, but there can be a serious side. In effect, he wants to get down to business, particularly because as Mercury goes through Gemini, it will be squaring Saturn in the 11th.

He is ready to turn friendships into something more serious. So, if you guys have been in the friend zone or maybe you’ve been friends with benefits or on a pause, this is a time when he wants to think about the future of the relationship.

In most cases, he’s gonna want to make it more serious and become committed again. In some cases, he might decide to walk away, but on balance, he’s looking for more affection, more commitment, and more signs of your loyalty and the fact that you’re attaching.

So, it’s very important right now to have conversations involving how serious you are about the relationship. In terms of those of you who are married, it’s great to be talking about the finances, committing to budgets, and thinking about saving money. He’ll really respect you if you are on board with either saving money or his business ideas because he tends to be quite serious about security issues right now.

New Moon – 6th of June

The New Moon is a sign of renewed affection, intimacy, and also understanding. Now, it’s also a time for boundaries in relationships, so it’s very important for you both to know where your red lines are and for there to be respect. In relationships, people often think that people-pleasing leads to a good relationship, but it’s not really true.

Strong boundaries, respect, and knowing when to say ‘no’ is what actually leads to a good relationship. It’s important for you to be fairly assertive with Taurus Man, show him that you are loyal and committed to the relationship, but also that you don’t accept any nonsense and you know what you want and you know your own mind, because this makes him secure.

Mars enters Taurus – 10th of June 

Now, this is a very exciting once-in-two-year occurrence for Taurus Man. As Mars moves into Taurus, it will be conjunct his sun at some point in the next two months, leading to a boost of energy and vitality. So, not only does his libido increase, his desire to achieve is enhanced and he can be more proactive. 

It’s very stimulating in terms of helping him to get things done, and it’s pretty good for his levels of competitiveness. Mars can give him just the right boost when he needs it. It’s a little bit of an energizer placement; however, it can make him a little bit more stubborn. If he is determined about something, he’ll double down.

So, in some ways, his more bull-headed, arrogant side comes to the fore, so it’s hard to reason with him, but if you guys have a lot of goals and you need to get things done, you should achieve a lot in the next two months.

Venus enters Cancer – 18th of June

This bodes really well for dating and relationships that have just started. He’s in a particularly amenable and fun-loving frame of mind, so this is great for socializing together, short trips away, and any internet romances should begin to progress with speed.

If you guys are married, this is certainly a time to reconnect with family members that you both get on with, because sometimes family members can be very helpful, both as peacekeepers and to provide advice and perspective.

So, strong relationships with each other’s siblings are important, and to the extent you may not be getting on with siblings or haven’t seen them for a long time, it’s time to remake that acquaintance.

Sun enters Cancer – 21st June 

This placement is very conducive to better communication in both new and existing relationships. However, the communication doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy, as it should encompass a whole range of communication, communication about interests, hobbies, laughing together, and communication about the slightly more serious things in the relationship.

However, the key is redefining the connection between you and not drifting apart. You should both be making an effort to be jolly and take an interest in each other. Relationships fail because people don’t pay attention to basics, and one of the good basics is friendly communication, so don’t neglect it.

Themes for a Taurus Man this June 2024

The themes for Taurus Man are actually quite varied. There’s a high level of motivation; you have to watch out for some possessiveness and also jealousy, and there may be some other issues about money that need to get sorted out.

It’s a very important time for you guys to be communicating in a strong way and reestablishing trust and respect. So, what are the things you should be working on? It’s boundaries but also fun, communication and having an enjoyable time together.

Magic Motto: “Respect and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses then growing into our best selves serves our highest good in our relationship.”

Magic Text: “The best fun is the feeling of success when we use our smarts and come out on top”


The moon waxes from the 6th to the 21st making this the best period for his new activities and projects. This is also the most suitable time for new relationships goals, discussions and starting dating. Any major new initiatives or decisions should be planned for this waxing phase. The waning phase in-between is better for contemplating, fulfilling promises, reflecting on progress, adjusting to circumstances and completion.

This is an excellent waxing phase for money and you guys can make sound investments. It’s also great for getting financial admin in order. It can be a great time to buy furniture, a car, jewellry or even a hot tub. He may get good news about a bonus.

This is suitable for short weekend breaks.

Relationships based around communication on the internet are favoured as are internet dating. This is an excellent time for discussion and improving your communication with Gemini Guy.

The waxing phase is ideal for job interviews, new career directions and PR. Any business venture regarding IT, leadership or public speaking is favoured.


It’s quite important not to be paying attention to your friends’ issues. If your friends are having any marital issues, you need to insulate yourself from that.

It’s also important not to spend too much time on your weekends with friends, because that can sometimes be a distraction as the important thing this month is being totally aware and present in your relationship, and not looking for distractions, especially on social media.

Sometimes, to enhance your marriage right now, it can actually be a good idea to take a break from social media altogether because that may be proving not only a drain of energy, but also bringing negativity into the relationship.

June 2024 Horoscope for a Taurus Man

Week 1: You sexy things 

No week one has some distinct elements with Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini and Jupiter trining Pluto. It’s a highly acquisitive time; he is very money-minded, which can make him more ambitious and proactive about sorting out financial problems.

He’s also keen to get affection and reassurance; his ego can be slightly more vulnerable so, it’s a time to go easy on criticism, to make him feel good about himself, and to remind him of all his unique talents and attributes.

It’s also a good time for the physical side of relationships, whether it’s intimacy or physical affection.

Week 2: Dynamic Passion 

Mars is in Taurus square Pluto and the Sun is in Gemini is square Saturn. What does this mean? This is a very intense phase for Taurus Man; he’s very driven, determined, and can be quite difficult. So, if you guys have a very strong sexual relationship, this is a great time when he’ll be very physically affectionate, and you guys can maybe enjoy some brand new things in the bedroom.

So, perhaps a good time to get out the toys or all the snazzy underwear and excite him visually. But it also can be a time of fierce arguments if the relationship hasn’t been going well. It’s harder right now for him to keep his temper in check. We know Taurus Man has a temper, and it can occasionally flare up, so that’s something to watch out for this week. However, it can be a dynamic time in a relationship.

If you’re meeting him during this phase; he has a lot of charisma but he’s also quite pushy and can be a little bit bossy, so don’t get steamrolled.

Week 3: Seeking really good company 

This is certainly a much calmer week than week two, it’s definitely more conducive towards romance. Whether you’re dating or in a serious relationship, it’s important to be going out with friends, having fun, perhaps even taking a small road trip or break away to ease tension.

It’s important right now to be communicating in a playful, fun way and to be encouraging and supportive.

This may be a good time to distance yourselves from friends that are perhaps superficial and not very helpful and focus on reinforcing relationships with the couples who you both enjoy the company of, and who bring something positive back to you guys.

Week 4: The Micro 

Mercury in Gemini trining Saturn and Venus in Cancer sextile Mars portends a very productive week. It’s good to work on the ambitions you have as a couple, to arrange any scheduling and talk about matters that are pragmatic. This is the kind of week where you have to get your mind into gear and make sure you’re on the same page.

Now, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re both dating, you really need to make sure there’s a good understanding, specifically about the details, because right now it’s the details that can derail the more important plans or connections going on.

So, planning is important, listening to each other is super important, and sincere efforts to pay attention to each other’s immediate needs and requirements are essential. Remember, needs change, I mean, sometimes we are focused on the macro and sometimes it’s on the micro, and right now it’s more important to be looking at your immediate future and environment rather than worrying about the bigger picture.


Now, overall, I think this is going to be an important month for your relationship with Taurus Man. There are some flashpoints and there could be some arguments, but in general, things will be able to get on a clearer track, or if you guys have kind of just been drifting along, this is a great time for refocusing, finding out what’s really important, and setting a brand new tone for the immediate future of the relationship.

There’s lots of scope for physical passion and affection, so it should bring you closer together. It’s very important not to overreact to the slightly more stressful or difficult aspects because generally, there’s momentum for positive growth within the relationship.

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