Why Are Taurus Men So Emotional? — The Truth Revealed

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you noticed your Taurus man being a bit grumpy and wonder why? This article will help you find out why are Taurus men so emotional.

Have you noticed your Taurus man being a bit grumpy and wonder why? Maybe this article will help you understand why there are days where the Taurus men are moody.

Work Woes

Taurus men want to be the best at everything they do. They especially take this seriously when it comes to their jobs or careers. They have a high expectation of themselves.

Sometimes their standards are perhaps a bit impractical and a little too high for even themselves. This makes it easy for them to feel let down by their own actions or lack thereof.

When they set their sights high on what they’re trying to accomplish and fail to meet that goal, they become self sabotaging. They beat themselves up over an expectation they had.

They are their own worst enemy for sure but I can definitely attest to the fact that when they are feeling this way about themselves; they are moody. They will get off work and not be very optimistic.

It has nothing to do with you; it’s his emotions trying to cope with the fact that he wasn’t able to accomplish whatever task he set out to do which makes him feel like a failure.

Play with others

Sad young man in white t-shirt is looking at glass of beer while sitting at bar counter in pub - Why Are Taurus Men So Emotional

While the Taurus man loves to be social with people who have the same interests as himself; he can be rather critical of them at times. He isn’t one for gossip but if he finds a flaw in someone; don’t be surprised he shares it with you.

If he goes out with his friends and they behave in a way that he doesn’t like; he will become a bit strange about how he feels that person should be.

Rather than come home in a great mood, he may come home saying something more like “man you won’t believe what happened”. Taurus has high expectations of the people they associate with.

He can play well with others but if he notices they aren’t playing the way he wants or they do something out of his own character description; he may become cynical and sometimes smart-alecky.

You may be used to seeing his sensitive loving side but when this side of him comes out, you may find yourself wondering “who is this guy?” This is just one of his few moods he has.


Taurus men have a tendency to be quite the brood artist. They really good at being quiet but by their body language you can tell something is off. He will want to be alone and possibly to talk to you about it.

He may also decide to go for a walk or hike to sooth his mind. Even though Taurus men love to laugh and make you laugh; they are also the type that over analyze everything which makes them experience other lesser moods.

Taurus men like to feel sorry for them when they feel they’ve failed. Whether they’re upset about relationships or situations; they don’t accept defeat well and this puts them in a pissy mood.  This is not at all uncommon.

The best thing to when you see him in this type of mood is leave him alone. He’ll get over it with time and doing something he enjoys to take his mind off it. He may require some time alone to recuperate.

Taking it seriously

Confident young man in smart casual wear holding digital tablet while sitting near window in cafe - Why Are Taurus Men So Emotional

Remember that Taurus can be a very serious man when it comes to his life. That means that there are days where he wants to really focus on what is important to him. While he may seem despondent; he’s actually in deep thought.

Taurus men have a tendency to make strange faces while they’re thinking about things. Try to avoid the ole “what’s wrong” question. The reason why is that; 9 times out of 10, he’s thinking about something he feels is important.

If you ask him what’s wrong, he’s going to think that you don’t think his thoughts are as important as he does. It also interrupts his concentration. He doesn’t like being grilled for facial expressions he has no idea he’s making.

Accept that he’s weird and makes weird faces as well as talks to himself a little bit. It’s all totally normal. When he’s in deep thought, he needs to be left alone to his own devices. This will help him come up with better plans.

This will make him happy and feel you really understand him as well as appreciate him for all that he does.


These men are terrific at being funny. If you haven’t laughed around a Taurus man; something is definitely wrong. They may not be the best joke tellers but they will find ways to make you laugh.

Doing some silly dance or making funny faces should help you crack a smile. They work hard and deal with a lot of stress. Sometimes their naturally goofy side comes out when they’re really tired too.

It’s during these times that watching some comedy may actually help him to decompress. It’s hard to get these guys to relax so when you can find the time to help them do this; they’ll really be grateful.

It also helps them see you as their rock and safety. Just remember that sometimes they are being funny simply because they’re in a great mood. If that is the case then enjoy it while it lasts.

Taurus mood shifts quite a bit so you aren’t ever really sure what’s going on but after you’ve learned his body language; you should become a Taurus man expert.

The funny side of the Taurus man is probably what drew you in besides his dashing good looks. He’s still in there even when he seems to be moody or angry. As long as you can remember he has a good side to him; you’ll be able to make it through.

These men are stubborn though so whatever you do; don’t try to force him to change his mood. He will probably look at you like you’re nuts and then give you the cold shoulder.

The moods of a Taurus man can seem complicated but if you read my book, you may find some helpful hints to help you cope with it. Taurus Man Secrets can help you develop the ability to handle this man very well.

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13 thoughts on “Why Are Taurus Men So Emotional? — The Truth Revealed

    1. Hi Delsie!

      Taurus men and Taurus men are different only because your DNA is different. You’re a woman and he’s a man. That means you have hormones and react to things probably a bit more emotionally than he might. However, that also means that you are also probably more reasonable than he can be. You’re better at communicating because women are more talkative and open. So you’ve got to always consider the feminine touch when it comes to the womanly side of Taurus.

    1. Hi Nicolette!

      I would suggest getting something that will help him with his projects or hobbies. It’s practical and pragmatic. Taurus men love that you pay attention to what they like and what their interests are. Something he can use will make him feel really good about his relationship and connection with you.

  1. Hi hes older than me and is very secretive about hes emotions .im am scorpio and i luv him to bits is he jealous cause at times i pick up that type of signal .Please help with answers as we 5 years together and want to spend many more together .Im not an easy person to get along with but he kind of understands me at times is that a dead spot for him .Thank you Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      Taurus men are secretive only when they’re not comfortable enough to talk. When they get comfortable with you they will open up slowly and surely. If you want to know how he feels then you should just boldly ask him. Don’t be afraid. He’ll answer truthfully. He won’t volunteer anything without being asked. Give it a shot and you might find a way to get him to talk to you better.

  2. I’m dating a Taurus sun man, moon in Aries. I’m a Libra sun, moon in Taurus. 90% of the time, we are in tune. One thing that he does that bothers me is he’ll say “let’s do xyz tomorrow.” I’ll say “sure! Sounds fun.” Then tomorrow will roll around and he’ll say “I know you are busy and tired. I’ll just do xyz today instead.” All the while, I was looking forward to our plan and never implied the contrary. Typically, he wants to “work”. He’s a retired firefighter, but does remodels and handy man stuff for $ and so he’s not bored. So I find myself unsure of when to make plans, accept plans, etc. because his mood may change. From what I read this is common, but I take it personally.

    1. Hi Sue!

      Next time he does that say “no, I’m not at all tired, let’s do this”. Don’t give him a chance to change it up. Taurus and Aries have capability to be workaholics if they really like their job. That’s not surprising but don’t let him back out again. Tell him you’re ready to rock and you don’t want to put it off and see what he says to that. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  3. Hi there, I recently started dating a Taurus man, I love him so much but I feel like I’m too clingy because sometimes he says he is tired, I still want to talk, sometimes he wants to sleep, I still want to talk. He complains I keep him up, but we are in a long distance relationship…. I feel he is moody!! Help… I’m losing my mind!

    1. I can relate to Phumi… Same exact thing happens to me I want to talk and he gets tired and tells me I’m being mean to him because I’m keeping him awake… Yes my Taurus man is Moody I have noticed that right away about him I am a Pisces and very sentimental and emotional and want to share more of what I feel but he’s got his moods and I feel like walls go up when he is moody… Please tell me what you think thank you very much

      1. Hi JJ!

        While a Taurus man can become moody, they typically don’t get angry until they’ve been pushed repeatedly. Does this mean you shouldn’t talk to him about important stuff? No of course not… you definitely should talk to him. The trick is finding the optimal time to do it. Trying to do it at the end of the night when he’s trying to go to bed is not the ideal time. Picking a day off or when he’s not working. His walls won’t be up when you’re able to find the right time and angle. Check out my books on Aries Man Secrets to discover more that will help you out.

  4. I AM raging bull expert..been with 4 of them there is very moody quality, along with sexy funny.
    They are super loyal, but expectations of you to “be at their beck and call” on their timeline
    is #1. They also have tunnel vision, can ignore your “new hair, promotion, or excitement,
    and rather switch hit self compliment ” hows MY hair,shoes,or car look? its very hard
    to be round being upstaged. they have all been like this. period. different races too.
    none of them spent 1 minute saying how talented I was, while they demanded I TOTALLY
    was floored by their superman talents…GOWD…so annoying….

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