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5 Reasons Why Your Taurus Man Pulls Away (And How To Pull Him Back)

The steadiness of Taurus is legendary. Pair this with technicolor, wine-and-roses sense of amour, and you’ve got yourself a textbook romantic. But it can be easy to turn off a Taurus—here are 5 things that could send your Bull running to greener pastures!

5 Reasons Why Taurus Man Pulls Away

1. Irresponsibility

Taurus men need respect and trust in a relationship—otherwise, there’s no foundation for him.

If your Taurus Man pulls away, you must first show that you’re responsible enough to trust and then responsible enough to respect. This is especially true when it comes to matters of love and money.

If you’re constantly getting fired, emptying your bank account, losing your wallet, or behaving carelessly with your possessions, he won’t be able to relate.

Even worse—act irresponsible with his heart, his hopes, and his sensitive spots, and you’re finished.

A Bull can smell instability, and it turns them pale. He’s always trying to walk the line and can grow resentful of those that can’t or won’t.

If you feel like you’re lacking structure, try to plant a few roots. Tidy and upgrade your home, perhaps with some comfy, stylish new furniture. You could open a savings account, buy a few Tile trackers for your keys, or start a side hustle with one of your secret skills.

Someone with her feet on the ground and her eye on the prize—now that’s something that really turns a Bull’s head.

Taurus Man Meltdown - Why Taurus Man Pulls Away

2. Emotional Meltdowns

This solemn sign adores endurance—it might even have been a Taurus who first said (quite wrongly) that strong men don’t cry.

The slow and deliberate processing of emotions is the Taurus way, and that includes both actions and reactions.

They’re slow to anger, slow to love, and slow to digest. If a tornado blows through their lives, they’ll either survive because they were tied to something steady or die because they think quickly enough to run.

If there’s one thing a Taurus doesn’t understand, it’s a meltdown. The chaos of emotions and the suddenness of impact are totally bewildering to the Bull.

It’s likely that a Taurus man won’t understand what cocktail of triggers upset you, and worse, he won’t see why you reacted so strongly. The lightning-strike timeline of many meltdowns is also nerve-shredding to the average Bull, who cherishes safety and predictability. 

Some signs can take a little drama in stride, mostly because they can understand the hows and whys. Not Taurus. 

They’re some of the most supportive and emotionally generous creatures out there, though, and they want to be your rock when something’s going down.

So dial back the tears, swallow your anger, and count to 10 before choosing your words. Then ask for his help. You’ll be curled up in his arms in no time.

3. Shabbiness

In truth, Taurus loves beauty. A lot. 

And part of their initial attraction to you was likely physical, even though you’re definitely funny, sweet, and great to be with, too.

And it’s not necessarily the facade of beauty that Taurus is drawn to. Makeup, good hair, and nice clothes are a great bonus, but if it isn’t you, they’ll know.

Natural beauty is at the top of the list for a Taurus man, and that means beauty you can see both inside and out—a fresh-faced kind of beauty homegrown from good health and sunshine and, sometimes, good genes.

It may seem contradictory, then, to say that makeup and all that doesn’t matter in the face of natural, inner/outer beauty. Because it actually does.

Let me explain—your accessories and embellishments should only be enhancing what you already have, not hiding imperfections or creating illusions.

To show the extreme end of the spectrum as an example: if you stop taking care of yourself, your diet worsens, you skimp on sleep, and you start living in stained old T-shirts, your Taurus man will notice. Read next: 7 Things To Say To A Taurus Man To Impress Him

This sounds unfair— we all have a right to our old T-shirts! But if you can strike a consistent balance between being relaxed and dolling up, that’s a real sweet spot for the Bull.

Couple arguing- Why Taurus Man Pulls Away

4. Vagueness 

Taurus loves absolutes, that’s what they understand.

They love the simplest, purest, most classic, most exquisite versions of everything because they believe in simple, classic, exquisite purity, of course!

Coca-Cola, blue jeans, rock n’ roll, Chuck Taylors, little black dresses, Disneyland, chocolate chip cookies, steak dinners, hugs, and red roses—your Taurus guy totally gets the appeal.

This is a taste issue and a values issue but also a concreteness issue. He loves to choose sides, to define, construct, and hold. Read more: s

His opinions are often fixed, and so is his morality. He often knows exactly what is “right,” what is “wrong,” what’s “cool,” and what isn’t. He’ll say that what’s time-tested is what’s best, solely because it’s time-tested. Taurus Man pulls away simply if you undermine his opinions.

So be prepared to argue with your Taurus sometimes, but adopt an agree-to-disagree mantra! 

If you’re someone who changes with the weather, who’s allergic to “yes” and in bed with “maybe,” a kook whose resolve is as porous as a sea sponge… well, how’d you find yourself interested in a Taurus? 

A dreamy, soupy personality is confusing to the male Bull. He might find himself amused and intrigued initially but will find little to hold onto.

If you can make a list of your favorite things (keep it simple), pick a restaurant (nothing too adventurous), and show up on time at least thrice in a row (wow!), you’re on your way to charming your Taurus sweetie.

5. A Wandering Eye

Tauruses are attracted to exciting people. Aren’t we all?

But the Bull needs this fun, magical, intriguing person to save all the excitement for him.

It’s the plot of any rom-com featuring a manic pixie dream girl, co-starring a downtrodden Taurus (or Cancer) as the target. The only way this story works is if she laser-focuses her magic on this man, lifting him out of his rut and elevating him to hero status.

But that’s only a fantasy. Why? Because in real life, that same girl would be all over the place, crushing hopelessly on scores of men, rushing from adventure to adventure, and skipping town for some sparkling (temporary) future, leaving the Taurus completely flattened.

A Taurus is not cut out for this sort of life, and once real feelings are on the table, he’ll become confused, jealous, resentful, and impossible if you put him in those situations.

If you’re frisky, free, and flirty on the regular, Taurus is not the best match. But if your wild spirit is finally ready for a safe harbor, Taurus would be happy to have you—as long as you stay true for real. 

What do you think why your Taurus Man pulls away? Have you ever pulled a Taurus back to you? I’d love to know! Share your tips and stories in the comments below!

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Taurus Man Pulls Away (And How To Pull Him Back)

  1. My Taurus lover is extremely possessive and was not happy I was chatting with other guys. I asked for forgiveness and told him I would stop if we could work things out…we are back together and it’s amazing how we get along and have such fun…I promised him I’m his for as long as he wants me

  2. My current situation with a Taurus that I’m interested in, he has pulled away. He asked me to back off, nicely. I text him occasionally and give him reassurance. I’m at a loss, I dont know where to go from here. I feel he is interested in me as well, he has opened up to me about personal things. So now, I am just waiting.

    1. Hi Mary Ellen!

      Well, that’s basically all you can do at this point. You cannot push him or he’ll close you off and never speak to you again. You have to be patient and give him some time to figure himself out and what he wants. You can text maybe once a week or so to “check in” by saying something like “was thinking of you, hoping all is well for you” or something like that. It’s simple and lets him know that you are indeed still there for him. Keep it simple!

  3. I’m at a total lost! I was seeing my Taurus for about 7 months and everything was wonderful. He said he really liked me & enjoyed the time we spent together. But all of a sudden he just stopped reaching out. When I finally talked to him he said he lost interest but he was not sure why. We haven’t spoken since then. I really miss him & want this to work. Is there still hope or have I lost him?

    1. Hi Kendra!

      I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. If he’s actually said that he’s lost interest then you have to rely on him telling you the truth. I don’t think he would say it if he thought there was actually something between you. At this point I’d be inclined to tell you that it’s probably best for now to let it go and move forward in your own life. If he changes his mind, he’ll come back but otherwise, you’ll be doing what is right for you and staying open for someone else to come in and give you all you could ever imagine!

  4. So the Taurus I have been with has a wandering eye, He is completely vague and speaks in fractured sentences – everything listed here is what my Taurus does – not me. Not sure if I am with a Taurus by these definitions. Wow I was hoping that this article would help

  5. I’ve been with a Taurus man for 8 years. And after that, I got attracted to a guy then he found out and break up with me. Is there any posibility to pull him back again? And what are the things that I should do? My zodiac sign is Cancer.

    1. Hi Angel!

      It’s likely that your Taurus guy doesn’t trust you anymore because you were attracted to someone else. You would have to prove to him that it will never happen again but it won’t be easy for him to believe. It will take lots of time and showing him that you’re only into him and won’t ever stray from him again. He may give you another chance but you definitely have to reach out to him and tell him you’re willing to work toward healing and proving to him that you will be loyal.

  6. ‘My’ Taurus and I have known each other for almost 2 years. He lives in neighbor country and works in my country. So he comes every week for 4 days…he and his ex bu about 3 months ago and right that time clicked between us. They have been together for 10 years. We had 2 dates and kissed on a 2nd…he said that he doesn’t want to hurt me and we can’t be together bc he and his ex might get together again. Then he kept texting and also lots of juicy texts. If he didn’t I’d be ok but…I fell in love and he has been telling me all sorts of things how sexy I was, how he enjoys talking to me etc. He always initiated first, then I initiated twice and he suddenly disappeared. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t ask questions and force anything. I know he likes me but this situation with Corona is making things worse. We all have to be in quarantine and I am 100% that he is stuck with his ex or idk maybe they are back together…it’s so frustrating. I know if I texted him he would reply bc he’s very polite. And also he’s not a player, he never cheated…he’s a good guy. I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to lose him even as a friend. Please help…

    1. Hi Moyca!

      Yikes, sounds like this Taurus guy is in it for sex or sex talk. Taurus men aren’t normally that aggressive sexually but when they are, it’s not about someone they want to be with long term or even marry. Telling you that he might get back together with his ex is a huge red flag to me and tells me he’s keeping you at arms length so he doesn’t have to commit to you. He’s basically having you as a friend he can get sexy with. I wouldn’t rely on him to ever be more sweetheart. Friends is good but you’ve got to put your foot down and not let him talk sex with you anymore. Tell him you just want to be friends if that’s what you are cool with. I think it’ll be alright!

  7. My Taurus and I met online last Feb. It’s different countries and not an easy reach. Up until Oct when we met irl for the 1st time he behaved as if he is looking for an LTR. We had great time and matched really well emotionally and physically and all; however in that same week he has been with another woman twice; he had made attempts to avoid contact but she was very pushy and since he never mentioned I existed they had sex on two occasions; I found out and felt miserable; talking about it with him relaxed me; we split on good terms and kept in touch; He promised he has cancelled any virtual relationships with other women; Later on he admitted he had sex with some that came over; At some point he told me he is in touch with that woman he cheated on me with, rarely.
    Beginning of Feb I went over to him for a week or so; he behaved as if things are different and I expected it will be great this time; I had misunderstood the signals obviously and he was obviously testing me; he had been in touch with her the whole time and they met end of Feb. He is also keeping in touch virtually with some women just for fun; While I was there we had a few fights over his ways; I had caught a cold at the beginning and had that worsened; emotionally I was a wreck – I don’t function well when under that kind of stress and still we had good moments, he looked after me, making soup and cutting fruits; looking after my human element as he calls it; Sex was great; He does love me in his own way I am sure; his behaviour is as if he is testing us if we are compatible as LTRs. I stopped contact with him as soon as I got home a month ago. He reacts to my posts on social media and tried to contact me on few occasions. I did not respond. Last Friday he was telling he is sorry, he loves me, thinks of me, adores me, etc. I do know we are a great match although work is necessary. I have never been cheated on before and kinda don’t want to accept the obvious; I am afraid if I start talking to him again I will fall in his net;
    Wondering if should fight for him, burn all ties, stay in touch as a friend or what? Staying silent has not yet given me the answers I am looking for…

  8. I’m a Leo woman who’s been seeing a Taurus man for about 7 months. He told me about 4 months into it that he wasn’t looking for commitment right away because he didn’t know if he’d take a job in another country and had a few months to decide but asked if it was okay if we kept seeing each other. I agreed and we went on a couple trips, and every time we’d spend time together he’d ask to take me out somewhere to eat or to a show. He started texting me more frequently showing more interest but insisted that he doesn’t want commitment. Then I asked how about we stop seeing other people (5 months into it) and he flipped out on me acting like I was trapping him, so I said fine; we can keep things how they are. Now he told me this month that he’s leaving the country for work by the summer and said let’s spend time before he leaves and I agreed, yet again. I kept it pretty casual, occasionally expressing that I miss him (cause he works in a different state) and only texting him every few days, not always answering when he texts. But then I got upset about finding makeup in his house lol and he told me maybe we should just be friends for now because we’re not on the same page if I get upset about something like that and that he doesn’t want to be tied down or have to answer to things like this. And assured me it could’ve been his roommates stuff (this was the second time I expressed that it bothered me) and he doesn’t like making me unhappy to which I had to get stern and had to enlighten him that he doesn’t control my happiness, that my concern was him sleeping with other people and me wanting to start to use protection, and asked him what makes him think I’d ever want to tie him down when he’s moving to another country and that I know he probably sees other women and that if he wants to leave, I’m not gonna stop him. That pissed him off and he said “I know you’re too good for me and we should stop seeing each other and best of luck” and I replied oh you’re mad because you’ve treated me like shit this whole time? (Which he just didn’t give me consistency) And I said “you’ll be back”. I know he told me he wanted things to stay casual from the beginning but his actions when he was in town were always romantic and he always treated me sweetly and insisted on making time for me and he’d even check in when he was away and see how I was doing. I just feel confused. he didn’t text me back after we ended the fight and when I said he’d return eventually. Of course maybe this isn’t someone I could ever have a committed relationship with but wow, 7 months you start to really care about a person so this is bothering me more than I thought. This was the first time I’ve ever stood up to him like that because I was pissed off that he acted like he was too good to commit to me so I felt like he needed to be knocked down a couple notches. I just wonder if he’ll ever try to reach out to me again. I’m a Leo and feel to prideful to be the one to apologize especially if I don’t feel in the wrong. I never once asked this man to be with me. But maybe I let him get away with too much this whole time. Help please 🙂

  9. Hello Anna. I’m so much worried. My taurus man feels interested in me. We were friends and class mates. We talked on texts on and off. He always complements me on my pictures that i am beautiful pretty girl and also used to say that I’m his dream pretty girl.. we also have romantic talks. The way he admires me I love that. He said he wants to date me and meet me. I was happy. We are long distance away. He belongs to another city..
    He was comming to meet me on weekend.. I just told him on call that i have feelings and want to discuss about marriage. And He suddenly act cold and said we are friends very good friends. He have not seen things like this way I was shocked. He then didn’t came and gets cold. I was also in anger. But I never misbehaved with him. After that we didn’t talked for 3 months. And i really missed him so badly.. he don’t talk and admire me and even not commented on my status. And I also don’t talked to him because i was hurted deeply that he didn’t came to meet me I felt insulted and angry. And thought that he ditched me and he was not interested he was lying to me.

    After 3 months one day he commented on my status. And I also started talking. And told him that I like him. And missed him. He said he will come and meet me. And on weekend he really came that was our 1st date. And he was happy to meet me and i was too. We talked and eat. And spent a good time together.
    I told him that my parents have a proposal of their friend’s son and wanted me to marry him. But I’m interested in you. He said don’t give them positive response. I said ok. I also asked him about his interest and he said wait and then let’s see. And he also said i hope it will work btw me and you. I said yes it can if we both want. And I was happy after meeting him and he was too. One month going everything fine and better than before. He texts me. We talked every day. We also talked on calls. He told me about his family and all members.
    But now problem is I was so much stressed and tensed last days because of my parents they’re forcing me to marry that guy they’ve selected for me. I told my taurus man that I don’t wanna marry him. And I’m interested in you. I want to tell my mom about you. And want a 100% guarantee that you will come in near future and meet my parents and marry me only. So that I can refuse to that proposal. And i really really want to be with you not with another person.

    He said don’t tell about me to your mom right now. It’s so early. I need time. I can’t commit with you because you don’t know me properly. And it’s your personal problem what your parents are saying to you. We haven’t spend long time together. I want first to satisfy myself with anyone. I m not the person who jumped to commit early. I’m not such type of person.. and he said that it’s the matter of human beings and decision of whole life.. and you’re forcing me on this matter. I can’t do this right now and can’t guaranteed about anything. So you can do what your parents said. I don’t want to hurt you but this is the way things are.. I said how can we spend time together we are far away, he replied I don’t know.

    And I’m now completely disturbed..
    Please help me Anna. Tell me something that what i should do right now. What should i text him now.
    I’m scared to loose him. I’m scared that he will pushed away now. I don’t know will he now texts me and marry me in future. Please help.

  10. I’m a cancer woman trying to work things out with a pisces man with a taurus moon.. He’s much more like this sign than his pisces sun sign. He’s starting to come around a lot more now. I’ve missed him so much

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