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How To Attract A Taurus Man In January 2021

This sensual and modest earth sign is a perfect match if you’re looking for a romantic and warm-hearted lover. But there are some key things you need to know first. Ruled by ‘the Bull,’ the Taurus man can be quite stubborn and prone to jealousy at times! He’s also irresistible to water and earth signs, or those with a lot of water and earth in their natal (birth) charts.

So, read on to find the best methods to pursue a Taurus guy in January.

How To Attract A Taurus Man In January 2021

1. Know Yourself

Firstly, you really need to know yourself. This means being sure of yourself, your goals and dreams, and aspirations. Your intelligence and honesty shine through to a Taurus man, he can sense superficiality in a heartbeat. Taurus men need strong and devoted women. 

This isn’t saying throw yourself in the deep end right away, but you do need to drop subtle hints to show him that you’re serious with him. He can take his emotions and desires very seriously. 

Actually, subtlety isn’t probably the best way to go. Taurus is an earth sign that thrives in authenticity and openness, vulnerability and ‘saying things how they are.’ He is very practical and even traditional or conservative at times, which means its best to tell him your intentions directly.

Be honest, open and sincere. Show a little of yourself while remaining independent and content in your own self-sovereignty, Taurus men love strong independent women!

2. Be Emotionally Open

Emotionally Open - Attracting a Taurus Man In January 2021

Although an earth sign, Taurus is very emotional and needs emotional intimacy. This means vulnerability, openness, and at least a willingness to connect on a deep level. Venus is this sign’s ruling planet, and Venus represents love, beauty, emotions, sensuality, and the divine feminine, femininity in short. Planet Venus is sometimes called the ‘Goddess of love and sexuality’ too, so take note. 

The planet which rules us tells us a lot about our personality, whilst also shaping and creating our core nature. The Taurus man you’re seeking is extremely romantic and sensual. He is quite literally ruled by the plane of love and sexuality, so this makes him in tune with his inner Goddess; you don’t need to be a woman or female to resonate with the divine feminine! 

He certainly isn’t weak, however. In fact, Taurus is a very wise and modest sign with a powerful inner strength. What we’re suggesting is to be emotionally open and show him you have a nurturing and gentle feminine energy about you. 

Expressing yourself through dance, music, art, deep respect and appreciation for nature, and anything sensual- either in front of him or with him (ask him to join you), are sure ways to successful attraction. 

3. Be Sensitive To His Insecurities

Be Sensitive To His Insecurities

This is where you can really ‘wow’ and fabulously surprise your Taurus love interest. Intuition combined with wisdom is a powerful force… January is a ‘1’ month in numerology, with number one signifying action, assertiveness, energy and passion; self-leadership and traits and qualities associated with the sign Aries. Aries is impulsive, slightly aggressive, dominating and primarily ‘yang’ in nature.

Taurus is ‘yin,’ feminine and soft with a gentle gracefulness and inner benevolence. This means that in January there will be a natural clash. Your potential mate will be feeling conflicting things this month, and regardless of how positive, strong or confident he comes across he does have some insecurities. They are highlighted in a one month. 

So, show him your beautiful and divine feminine power! Show him that you understand – and care, and that you’re intuitive to his needs and feelings. Be in touch with your inner femininity so he can shine in his; Taurus men are very feminine as this sign is an earth sign, and earth is a feminine quality. 

Also, be strong simultaneously portraying the essence of an intuitive and empowered woman with inner strength. If you can do all of this you will be sure to not only spark his interest, but automatically win his admiration and appreciation. 

4. Connect To His Humanitarian And Earth-Loving Side

Taurus is naturally compassionate and humanitarian anyway; he loves nature and animals. But these traits are amplified during the first month of 2021 and this is largely due to some major planetary shifts. Both Jupiter and Saturn have recently entered Aquarius, Aquarius being the sign of collective consciousness, humanitarianism, social justice and rights – human rights, animal rights and environmentalism. Altruism. Aquarius is deeply altruistic and justice loving.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius means that the positive characteristics that are already innate within this Taurus guy are going to be highlighted, expanded and increased. He will be feeling more socially responsible and compassionately charged during January. Inner empathy and benevolence will make him extra sensitive, and the spirit of friendship and community will be flowing strongly through his veins.

Connection and authentic bonds are in the forefront of his consciousness. So, it should be for you too. Depth and transparency are what’s needed to get your Taurus man interested. He further requires intelligence and a genuine interest in humanitarian topics and cause, again the superficial won’t cut it!

To really draw him in, consider asking him to an online or peaceful protest event. Any organization that strives towards a fairer, more beautiful, and just world will captivate him! 

5. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Attracting A Taurus Man In January 2021

Due to Venus being in Capricorn in January 2021, it’s best to be aware of the current Venus cycle. Venus herself is in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign with a modest and down-to-earth energy. There is nothing rushed about Capricorn, Capricorn adopts a conservative approach and believes in the power of patience. Patience and determination are actually two of Capricorn’s greatest strengths.

Thus, you should be mindful of applying patience and perseverance to your approach to flirting and going after this guy. Commitment is attractive and a bit of a turn-on for him, yet he still needs to figure you out. He is in tune with his senses and Venus being in Capricorn makes him extra cautious, sensible. 

Security, longevity and creating strong physical foundations are keywords with this Venus transit. And no mature Taurus will give their heart away so easily… 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

This guy wants to be desired and sought after, yet he is not a wild man without boundaries. There is something beautifully conservative and traditional, and sensual equally, with a more mature, sexy and wiser Taurus. Romance and a love for the finer things in life fill his days, inner beauty and womanly features and attributes take precedence over anything shallow or superficial. You should be conscious of the Taurus traits and qualities

We’ve just come from a Full Moon, symbolic of completion and ‘coming full circle,’ in Cancer. This happened on December 30th (2020). Cancer is wonderfully compatible with Taurean energies, there is a mutual understanding and natural synergy. Cancer sign also loves home and family just as much as Taurus does, perhaps even more so. 

This implies that this Taurus man will be feeling deeply connected to his home and family, and his emotional self; Cancer’s ruling planet the Moon rules the emotions, after all. Super-sensitives may have taken over – although he won’t want to admit them to you- or he will be feeling very balanced and whole within. Either way, he has recently come to self-realization and a sense of completion in his private, emotional and personal life.

Share your dreams and passions, aspirations and long-term goals with him. Be open emotionally and spiritually, and don’t be timid in your ability to shine intellectually or intuitively.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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