Taurus Man Horoscope For April 2024

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
April 2024 horoscope for your Taurus man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is April going to treat your Taurus man?

Well my Sweethearts, this is very exciting April reading, particularly for Taurus Man because it is the month of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which takes place in Taurus and will be particularly impactful for Taureans who are born from the 12th to the 17th of May.

Now you may remember, especially if you purchased one of our brilliant yearly guides, I mentioned that the year is off to a sort of slow start in terms of January, February and March because there were a lot of transits involving Saturn and Neptune which meant the energies were more cautious, subtle, conservative and slow to evolve.

In fact, there were some tricky emotional issues to work through, a certain amount of stoicism and resolve was required, and it gave us a chance to or work on ourselves. However, in April, it’s a month full of surprises and the year really gets into full swing. 

So the notable features this month are Mercury going retrograde on the second in Aries, the total solar eclipse in Aries happening on the eighth and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, so we have three pretty significant events happening this April and because it’s a retrograde and Uranus is involved, I’m thinking there are going to be some surprises, so be ready for anything.

With that said, let’s get going onto the April reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Taurus Man this April…

Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on 2nd of April

Now this particular retrograde really affects the more subconscious aspects of his thinking, therefore it’s a time when he’s more prone to self-doubt and anxiety, but often the source of the anxiety is unknown.

So for example, he can suddenly experience some ambivalence or indecision about things that he previously cared about or showed an interest in. What’s so important for him right now is to use his intuition as often logical analysis doesn’t really cut the mustard.

He needs to understand how you really feel too, so it’s very important to make time for the more delicate and sensitive conversations.

Now if Taurus Man is at all interested in meditation, mindfulness or even past life regression, it’s a wonderful time for him to explore. So the more able he is to analyze the roots of things in his subconscious, the better he will fare.

If he tends to live on a surface level or be very pragmatic, he’ll kinda struggle and he might even self-sabotage buy going against his highest purpose, simply because his rational thinking is not aligned with his emotions.

Venus enters Aries on 6th of April, 2024

With Taurus’ ruler Venus entering Aries, there’s a stimulus to love and affection and a greater urgency as well as a need for company, however because Aries represents his twelfth house, he can be quite shy and indirect.

So what this means is he’s a little bit nervous and bashful in new relationships and you will have to do most of the running. Sometimes he can be a bit withdrawn, especially if he’s insecure, however if you’re on a sure-fitting in your relationship and he knows how you feel about him, he can be very warm and emotional, and you can have a wonderful time romantically exploring your fantasy life and enjoying some movies or maybe even a small trip away.

If you’re newly in a relationship, don’t worry if he’s a little bit vague and even wants to spend time by himself, it’s just symptom of this kind of confusion that he’s having at a deeper subconscious level.

Total Solar Eclipse on 6th of April, 2024

Taurus Man tends to be quite reflective in character in April, he likes to understand things and he should use a blend of intuition and knowledge to understand life. He is seeking more emotional awareness and understanding and it may actually be a good time to introduce some less tangible concepts in conversation. So while at some stages, it’s very good to talk about practical matters, he’s also rather receptive to hearing about and discussing the slightly more vague and hard to pin down things that are going on at a deep feeling-level of relationships. 

This is the time when in new relationships with Taurus Man it’s actually quite hard to progress the relationship, he’s a little bit more insecure about himself he may second guess himself and that diminishes his vava voom when it comes to dating.

So don’t take a personally if he’s maybe a little bit quiet or less involved when you are communicating, he’s likely to be more thoughtful and this is not indicative of a serious problem at all, just try and go with the flow and take one day at a time in relationships, remember that breakdowns in communication are probably because he doesn’t understand himself, so you can’t always be expected to understand him. He’s not always good at expressing himself in a way that’s ready readily understandable 

This eclipse is sensational for his evolution at a deeper level and for great understanding of his past versus his destiny. It’s also excellent for a psychological reboot and renewing his latent energy, his true soul connection to the universe.

Sun Conjunct Chiron on 8th April

This is an excellent time for him to reflect on the past, and the barriers that prevented him from achieving what he set out to. Things change, the lay of the land changes and thus past behavior or events are not always a good indication of the future and the message this week, is that a new pasture with new rules and new challenges are opening up for him, so it’s time to encourage him to let go of the hang ups or doubts linked to the past.

Sun enters Taurus on 20th of April

Now this represents an important period of time, it’s his birthday period and it’s always an awesome time for a reset and refocus on health and well-being. So your birthday present to Taurus Man, particularly if you guys are celebrating him April, can be to encourage him to think about the direction of his life and his health, particularly to do with his physical health.

What a great time for him to spend more time outdoors in the sun exercising or getting some treatments to try and put him in a frame of mind where he feels good about himself physically, which then filters into his self-esteem.

So gifting, particularly to do with making him feel great is perfect. It could be fragrances, shower gels, a spray tan, gym membership or whatever he’s into as this will really make his passions pop.

Mercury goes direct on 26th of April

Mercury going direct is always a good sign that it will be easier to make decisions and it brings clarity of thinking and the possibility to move forward. As it’s moving and direct in his twelfth and will soon enter Taurus, this is a cue that you guys should get your heads together and do some planning.

It may not be a good implementation phase, but it is certainly a good phase to finalize anything that was pending during the month and clear up any disagreements, arguments or misunderstandings. He is certainly in a better frame of mind to work through things rationally but with sensitivity to underlying emotions and needs.

Themes for a Taurus Man this April 2024

So for your Taurus Man, this is a month of excitement and opportunity. It’s all up for grabs, however he may begin the month feeling a slight bit of trepidation, it’s almost as if there’s a portentous feeling of something coming and it he doesn’t know quite what.

It is it’s vital for him to get enough rest and also mental downtime upfront so he is ready in the latter part of the month to jump and pounce on opportunities for change, improvement and revitalization of his life. What’s key for you as a couple is never say never, open your minds, open your hearts and allow the universe to take you in a new, revitalizing direction.

Magic Motto – “Let our words be guided by the magic of objectivity and understanding. Today, let’s cast spells of clarity, turning conversations into a dance of shared insights.”

Magic Text – ““Creativity is the passport to the extraordinary, and inspiration is the journey will lead us to higher love.”


The moon waxes from the 8th of the month to the 23rd and this is the best time for new starts in relationships, for dating, for planning anything brand new and for being a little bit courageous and risqué.

Unresolved issues from the past or deeply ingrained patterns may influence his actions without his conscious awareness and it’s very important for him to understand what’s really going on emotionally and what forces are driving him.

Helping others out or doing charity work or volunteering can help bring him a perspective on his own internal dilemmas.


Mercury retrograde in the 12th house (until the 26th) brings to the surface and deception, suppressed emotions, and half-truths that need attention and understanding. However it also means that dealing with government departments, bureaucrats and large corporations is very difficult.

This is not a particularly good month for long distance travel or any international trade. He needs to be careful of beginning any new legal initiatives. This is definitely not a good month to have the in-laws around as relations might be more difficult. He also needs to be careful of any new ventures involving publishing, promotions or advertising, as these may not work out as planned. This is also not a good time for you guys to be planning or booking any long-distance travel, or for him planning any study.

April 2024 Horoscope for a Taurus Man

Week 1: Secrets and down time

With his ruler Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Mercury retrograde and then Venus moving into Aries, it is somewhat of a quiet beginning to the month, he may not be as communicative, he may want time alone and it’s very important to respect each other’s boundaries.

This is a time when he wants to have his little secrets, he may keep things to himself simply so he can mull over them and try and understand what exactly is going on. However the reason for his secrecy isn’t nefarious it’s simply that he’s finding it hard to access right words, because words don’t come easy right now.

It is a time when he has to contemplate, have a bit of down time and come to some realizations. 

Week 2: Confidential 

This week Sun is conjunct Mercury and Mars is conjunct Saturn in Pisces, this is a great time for dating, actually it’s a good time for long distance romances and for developing a stronger sense of friendship with Taurus guy.

However, what’s so key in love right now is being consistent, this is not a good time for any shocks, surprises, ultimatums or demands that come out of the blue.

He doesn’t like anything unpredictable in love right now, it’s very disconcerting to him, so to win his love be a reliable friend a confidante, someone he feels totally safe with.

Week 3: Guilty Pleasures

Mercury is conjunct Venus and Mars is sextile Jupiter, now this bodes well for affection, intimacy and your sex life, but it’s also a good time to talk about matters to do with love. Try to reinvigorate your love life by engaging more with each other about what works for you both and what’s enjoyable.

This is also an excellent time to have secret pleasures, it’s a time of doing those things that are so personal to you as a couple that no one else knows about, or perhaps, if you’ve just met, trying to establish some secret things that you can do together that you’ve never told anyone about and won’t ever tell anyone about.

Week 4: Everything to Play for 

Now with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction and Mercury going direct, this is an excellent time for action, so the final portion of April is ripe for surprises and sudden opportunities. This is an excellent time for him to nail a new position in his career or in turn for you guys to make a big financial decision that could alter the course of your lives.

So this is a time to think big and to make plans that are really significant for your life. What you don’t want to be doing now as a couple is bogging yourself down with obligations and minutia, this is certainly a wonderful time to see the bigger picture, to embrace change and to be as open-minded as possible.


So from a rather contemplative and slightly apprehensive start to the month, it builds into a great crescendo when suddenly there’s a huge momentum, a desire for achievements, success and new pastures.

While it may be important for you to give him some space at the beginning of the month, as it goes on things open up for discussions, more romance and doing fun things together. Also a very important month for your private secrets as a couple, for private time together and for nurturing the most delicate and intimate parts of your relationship with compassion.

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Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Taurus Man Horoscope For April 2024

  1. Just what I needed to understand about Taurus in the approaching weeks. I am trying to be steady and stable in my love. No drama or demands. He is very deep into a big project.
    Steve’s birthday is May 1st. I am being patient in how to approach his birthday. Thank you. Desera

    1. Dear Desera,

      When giving a gift to your Taurus man Steve, you need to be spontaneous. He loves being surprised and having an unexpected surprise happen in his life. This gives him life and excitement.
      He is always looking for the most fun and exhilarating adventures. So if you can find a way to think outside the box to give him a gift, you’re definitely going to earn some points. Make a spectacle about it and make sure that he is the center of attention. He might pretend like he doesn’t like it, but secretly he loves knowing that the world is watching him.
      Make up some elaborate story to have him come meet you somewhere; sound stressed and like you need his help. He loves a damsel in distress. And then, when he arrives, just tell him that you wanted to treat him to something special. Trust me, this works every time!

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