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Taurus Man Horoscope For October 2021

Autumn is in full bloom, and the warm colors are strewn all around us. The smell of pumpkin spice and apple crisp is in the air and with it, the Taurus man’s romantic side is raising its head. 

So, the overall October horoscope for Taurus man is cleaning out his closet from skeletons of the past, and leaning into his romantic side. His passions will be on the rise during this month, and he will be focused on spending more time with his love interest or partner.

October, belonging to Scorpio, is his “opposite” season, so he will feel a bit chilly on the inside as he will be forced to face some ghosts that are still haunting the back of his mind and his heart. This month is filled with plenty of opportunities to keep his hands warm as he faces his inner coldness. 

The Full Moon will be extra challenging for your Taurus man, but that night will also have its very prosperous romantic ups without crashing down. He’ll be quite moody during this period, true, but he’ll try his best to better himself. 

In order to see what Taurus man is up against during October horoscope, dive right in and read along as I spill his cold secrets below!

All He Needs Is A Little Bit Of Love

As his ruler, Venus, is traversing the sign of Scorpio that falls into his seventh house, themes of partnerships and partner-related topics are active for the Taurus man. A lot of loving, sex, and obsession is coursing through his veins right now, thus he won’t be thinking very clearly, nor will he be acting in a very sane manner. 

During this period, he will receive wisdom from the past, an ex-lover or a friend whom he hasn’t seen in a while will come and give some serious piece of advice to your Taurus man that will keep the gears turning in his head for quite some time. He’ll be somewhat pensive during this period when he’s not exhibiting more passionate behavior. 

Pandemic restrictions are on the rise which will uproot his travelling plans, and this will frustrate him (but aren’t we all?). Well, he’s going to be a bit angrier about it than the rest of us. The root cause of this frustration lies elsewhere. COVID is not the problem, it’s just a trigger in his case, the problem lies deeper. He needs to work on himself…

Since his career is also taking his focus away from romance, he will find refuge at home, in his mother’s cooking, a moment of peace in his mother’s kitchen filled with warmth and childhood memories will charge up his batteries for the upcoming days. Leave him be, let him have his homey moments, and support him from afar. 

Despite focusing on his job and some communication problems that will arise there during this period, his love wants are quite disruptive for his mind. There’s a lot of opposing forces within him that are battling for dominance. He will undergo a lot of personal growth during this time and he’ll successfully overcome his jealousy and obsessive behavior in romantic relationships.

New Moon Trials

This New Moon finds his ruler Venus on a maleficent (the ending) degree in his seventh house (the house of marriage, partners, and other people). Plus, Venus is in aspect with Retrograde Pluto and this is enhanced with the New Moon happening in Libra in his sixth house (the house of health, daily routines, and job) matters. 

All of this is important for him because he is going to feel these cosmic events and aspects on a deep, personal (and emotional) level. This moment in time is good for clearing out the past, releasing his possessive-obsessive thoughts and jealous emotions. 

He could use this New Moon energy and potent aspects to let go of all that emotional baggage and old convictions by doing something constructive with his health. It’s a good moment for him to declutter his home, his work desk and to practice a diplomatic conversation with his love interest or partner. This could clear out any misunderstandings and squabbles from the previous period. 

It’s also a very good moment to try and see himself through the eyes of his partner – to see all the beauty and good qualities his love interest sees in him, without the need for possessiveness or jealousy. This New Moon should be used for letting go of the old and for making space for the new (and healthier) emotions. 

Full Moon Passion In Bloom

This Full Moon brings a very positive change of scenery for Venus, ruler of the Taurus sign. She’s moved to Sagittarius (in his eighth house of sex, deep emotions, and passion) where she feels much lighter, freer and more humorous, and she’s illuminating Taurus’ flirty and sexy side. 

This period is great for fun and adventurous dates with your Taurus man. Dates that happen during this Full Moon have a chance to turn into something more intimate with a lot of passion and steamy exchanges. 

This is not a very good time for friendships for Taurus man, so it definitely might be better for him to spend this Full Moon with his lovely lady. This Full Moon illuminates his twelfth house of dreams, hidden enemies, and fears; it’s activating some very auspicious and challenging aspects for Taurus man. 

He can find himself having a lot of trouble at work and with his digestion, he might swallow something sharp, thus I advise caution with food and consumption of alcohol. This is a good time to spend it indoors and away from unchecked consumables.

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The Fated Countdown

The end of the month brings a fated declaration of serious emotions from your Taurus man. He has made his peace with the skeletons in his closet, and he’s finally ready for the new romantic chapter to begin. 

He’ll also see an improvement in his professional sphere, so his mood will be on a positive streak. He’ll be prone to verbal romantic communication and declarations of love; his words will be sweet as honey and very charming – you won’t be able to be objective towards him during this period. 

Since the Moon is transiting through his fifth house of fun, joy, and pleasures, coupled with Venus in his eighth house and Mars in his seventh house, this Halloween is a perfect opportunity to go on a very private date and enjoy each other’s uninterrupted and undisturbed company. 

All in all, the October horoscope turned out pretty good for the Taurus man and his love interest or partner in terms of romantic relations. 

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I had a very tough conversation with him before Pluto becoming direct and new moon but he just was patient all the time and listening. I can’t wait kissing his calmness…

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