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Taurus Man Horoscope For September 2021

With the coming of September and the falling leaves, the Taurus man will undergo many changes. Due to the placement of currently Retrograde Uranus in his sign, he will be forced to approach life from a different perspective. 

We all know that Taurus hates change, and he prefers when things are stable. Well, to his grief, September is anything but stable. There are some very hectic times ahead and some very interesting fluctuations coming in his personal life. 

This is anything but a calm month for Taurus men, they will experience change, culmination, raw power, emotional struggles, and all in all karmic lessons that were long overdue.

Both major the New and Full Moon in September have interesting effect on the Taurus man. He will be asked to (re)consider his current path in life and his current romantic status. 

Keep reading in order to get a more in-depth overview of the September for your Taurus man, and see what kind of tides are expected to hit him!

Many Changes…

At the beginning of the month, Taurus’ ruler, Venus, resides on the 15th degree of Libra, which is good, right? Since Venus feels excellent in Libra and expresses its more romantic tendencies… Unfortunately, not. This is not a great place for Venus since it is the beginning of a “scorched path” that will give rise to darker and Plutonic themes of the Venus. 

And this is quite important for the Taurus man and his love life, as he is ruled by Venus. Because of this “scorched path” that Venus is on, all romantic and emotional encounters will have a very Plutonic and dark overtone for Taurus men. There are going to be heavy moods and vibes glooming over his heart and head. 

At that moment in time, Libra is opposing Chiron in Aries, which will affect all Taurus men with the plague of past trauma, triggering emotional memories, and force them to heal their emotions and learn from their past relationships. 

So, the beginning of the month is not great for Taurus men, but not terrible either. It all depends on how ready they are to come face to face with their inner wounds, work on them and heal them in order to open new doors for love that is coming their way in September. Because love is coming their way!

Don’t Look Back

Taurus Man Horoscope September 2021

On the 6th of September, the New Moon in Virgo conjuncts the Sun in Virgo and trines retrograde Uranus in Taurus, and this is kind of a big deal for Taureans. Their 1st and 5th houses are afflicted, so there’s bound to be sudden and eruptive changes and violent new beginnings. 

You know how it’s said that there is a time for work and a time for play? Well, now is the perfect time for play – and lots of it. So do something outrageous, something courageous, hedonistic, and bold with your Taurus man. 

But, be warned, your actions can have very long-lasting consequences, since the 5th house doesn’t preside over entertainment, but children also, thus any romantic or sexual encounters during this period can lead to unplanned pregnancy. 

Whatever you have planned or whatever you spontaneously decide to do – just be aware that it might change both of your lives in the long run, so bear that in mind as you venture down that rabbit hole of hedonism and pleasures. 

Now is a great time for gentleness and romance. Romantic retreat, getaway, a road trip to a high place that has a perfect view or just staying at home together and cuddling can all be amazing and very fruitful activities to have with your Taurus man at this time.

It’s Morphing Time

Thanks to Taurus’ ruler Venus squaring retrograde Pluto and trine retrograde Jupiter, Taurus men will be forced to adjust. Just like how Power Rangers back in the day had to morph together into one big warrior in order to overcome the enemy in front of them, well, that’s exactly what Taurus men will have to do during this transit in order to reach their higher form. 

The aspects Venus is making at the start of September will set Taurus men on course to deep transformation. They are hurting, and some of them don’t even know why, they just feel that they do. So, what can you do? Well, first of all, you can hold their hand as they battle their inner demons. 

Thanks to Mars opposing retrograde Neptune, they will have a tendency to party hard during this period, and although you might feel drawn to party with them, it would be better if you don’t indulge their escapism at this moment in time. 

Instead, try to nudge them to be brave and to work hard (for now) because there’ll always be time to play later. 

Danger, Danger, High Voltage

Taurus Man Under Pressure September

In the middle of the month, Venus squares retrograde Saturn and Mercury squares retrograde Pluto, so Taureans are going to experience emotional duress and verbal conflict within their relationship and at their workplace. 

This is a tough time to be in Taurus’ skin, and very challenging for them because just when they had a breather, they’re right back at it – combat mode. They are haunted by their past and karma is catching up to them on their emotional plane. 

What you can do for them is just let them battle their own battles but be there for them. Let them feel your presence and your strength backing them up through thick and thin, and once this period is over, they should be back to their laid-back and humorous selves. 

Don’t avoid honesty with them at this moment in time, but do resists the need or the urge to rub it in their face. If they need to hear it – they’ll come to you, so be patient and be calm like a stone in the storm, and let them come to you.


After the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th of September that will touch upon the Taurenas’ workplace situation with a calming resolution of the changing tides, they will experience a positive, yet powerful change in their emotional life. 

Venus is squaring retrograde Jupiter and they are experiencing emotional relief and expansion of their, thus far, squeezed heart. Taureans are also giving in to their fatal attractions, so you can expect a very passionate and raw culmination between the two of you towards the end of the month. 

So, your best bet for staying with your Taurus man is to just go with the flow and swim when you can in order not to drown, not much else can be advised and said about September from a star-view. Stay dedicated and humble, pray when the times get bad and have massive fun when the times are good.

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In The End…

Retrograde Pluto will make a strong case against the Moon in Cancer. For a Taurus man, this means that he will engage in a voyage that will be more than just a physical experience. 

He might go abroad, or he might just cruise to a nearby town. Either way, this excursion is bound to make realizations about himself, where he is in life and what he wants from it, at least in the immediate future!

He might also experience some turbulences in faith department, he might question his faith, or he might take a break from it. Either way, he is bound to grow, evolve and change, and we all know that Taurus dislikes change, especially when it’s out of his control. 

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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