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Taurus Man Predictions For April 2023

Hello Darlings, are you looking for the inside track on your Taurus guy to get you all ready for April?

Well hold onto your horses, because this month he may be behaving quite out of character, and he could even shock himself. On the other hand, it can be quite liberating!

So this month, it’s important to never say never, because circumstances can change quite quickly and quite differently to what you guys had expected, and this can put you in a predicament, but it can also help you to break free from certain restrictions. Therefore April is a bit of a surprise package but it’s packed with plenty of opportunity too.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries 12th April

Now this doesn’t necessarily signal a time for opportunity or heightened activity just yet, but it does mean that he’s got the whiff of adventure. It means that he’s beginning to feel very restless, he can feel something is changing within himself, and he’s ready for something new, and therefore he’s going to be much more alert to pursuing different opportunities as they open up.

This is also a very fulfilling month in terms of reaching out to others and making a difference, so encourage him to get involved his wider community or in a charitable event as that can be something that is quite exciting, and also enables him to express this restless side.

Solar Eclipse Conjunct his Solar Ascendant 20th April

A time to forgive and forget. A time to release and let go.

You can support him by helping him to have faith in the future and listen to the voice within. Do not allow the past the dictate your future as a couple. The next big adventure starts now.

Venus enters Gemini Square Saturn – 14th April

This represents an excellent time for his business and business management, so while he should be a little bit conservative when it comes to his business ventures, he should definitely up the ante, because this is a time when good investments can be made, and productive new partnerships can be forged.

Remind him not to neglect his networks, and make sure that he stays in touch with professional colleagues, because right now previous diplomacy, reciprocity and hard work done in his business relationships can pay dividends.

If you are married, keep an eye on all your investments as your longer-term investments may pay off, whereas the shorter term ones may be problematic, leading to some difficulty with cash flow. Overall your financial position is definitely improving, however some of your payments may be slower coming in, which is why I say be careful of managing cash flow.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus on 21st

This retrograde happens conjunct Uranus. Mercury retrograde is a notoriously difficult time for travel, contracts, communication and technology, but this is especially so when it’s conjunct Uranus. Thus this is not an ideal time for Taurus guy to be arranging speaking engagements, going on work trips, IT projects or giving speeches. It’s also not a great time for contractual negotiations as unexpected events can throw things into chaos.

taurus man april 2023 key themes

Theme of the month – Breaking Free

This is a wonderful time for him to break free of restraints and do things totally out of Left Field, which may be a little bit unorthodox, but could pay off. So it’s important not to freak out if he’s a bit outrageous.

His mind is more open right now, which means that although doors may close, he’s more interested in the windows which open. So change and novelty tends to come your way courtesy of Taurus man.

Magic Phrase: “You have the power within you to create a better life for yourself, so believe in your power.”

Magic Text: “You are my best friend and there’s nothing we can’t survive together, our life together is an adventure.”

Do: If he’s open to mindfulness it’s awesome for him to use positive affirmations or creative visualization this month. Help him create vision boards or just have an inspiring brainstorming session about what your future could look like.

You should be totally ambitious when you paint this picture, this is certainly a time of big thinking and big ideas, so while you guys may not be ready to pull the trigger right yet, it’s certainly a time to get your minds in the right mode for success.

Avoid: Do not over plan or over schedule this month. Remember to stay on your toes, read multiple communications, but don’t believe everything he says as he’s probably going to change his mind.

Stay skeptical, this is a month where the unexpected happens and you want to be ready for it, rather than invested in one particular outcome.

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Week One – Pace of Change

While many Taurus men are geared up and ready to charter a new course, fresh with different ideas and a new mindset. For some of who already know what they want and have been building up towards something, they will have some fuel injection to their aims this April and will progress at a faster rate than before, despite Mercury’s retrograde shenanigans.

Remember to remind him not to box himself in, he must be flexible in terms of identity and not letting anyone else define who or what he can be.

For many Taurus men the impact of new information is so significant that he can change his focus quite suddenly.

Week Two – Home Revamped

This is an excellent week for activities around your home: for revamping your garden, for buying some more garden furniture to improve your living experience and get ready for some summer entertaining particularly if you live in the Northern hemisphere! There’s a feeling of excitement and you guys may be preparing for a big birthday or major family event, and if so take the reins, get in control because you and Taurus guy can bring the magic alive.

Week Three – Words won’t come easy

In love, it’s very important to be honest and affectionate. You should be careful with communication this week as words can get in the way, it’s important to focus on playfulness, affection and showing Taurus guy in meaningful and practical ways. You should be careful not to make promises as these will be difficult to keep due to changing circumstances.

It’s always challenging for Taurus men to accept a degree of freedom in relationships, however this week it’s definitely important for you both to have space and to be open to more outrageous ideas. It’s crucial not to be dismissive, so be diplomatic and even if he confronts you with a concern or an idea that’s quite challenging, try to stay take a step back and not react to it with emotion. Embrace the idea and try and work with him not against them. It’s a magic strategy.

Week Four – Rhythm of Life

The great thing this week, is he is little bit more sensitive and will certainly perceive the world as less predictable and solid than usual. His environment is a lot more fluid and he is certainly not inclined to create schedules and fixed agendas. It’s essential for you and Taurus guy to be attuned to your intuition and gut feel, because it’s more important to understand the rhythm of life and the vibe, than to look at cold hard facts which can ultimately be misleading.

So, how does that all sound my Darlings. Remember, I’m always here to guide and support you.

April is a big month in 2023 and the message is, be ready! You and Taurus guy don’t need all the answers; all you need is to be alert, observant and confident in yourselves and the relationship.

This is a month when the feel-good factor is high, his sense of perspective is positive, and he has the ability to embrace things that would have caused him fear or anxiety in the past. So this is an excellent month to move beyond all those things which in the past held him back, like fears, concerns about what other people may think, or worries that no one will have his back. When he faces his fears, he wins respect.

While you should support him by providing clarity or guidance, you may have to let him wing it to a degree, otherwise he may doubt himself.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Taurus Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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