Taurus Man Predictions For July 2023

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly May predictions for your Taurus man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, I’m really excited to bring you this month’s prediction for Taurus Guy, particularly because it is going to be quite an unpredictable and exciting one. So let’s get cracking!

This guide is aimed at people who are either married to or dating Taurus Guy to help you understand his moves, his moods, his motivations and the themes that will be affecting your relationship this month, July 2023.

The New Moon happens on the 17th of the month in the Cancer, and it triggers a desire for discussions and greater communication. Taurus guy is one of the more communicative signs and he feels happy in relationships where it’s easy to talk to somebody, so it’s important this week for you to be available and to show an interest when he wants to chat, express ideas or even talk about work.

This is a great time if you are dating, or particularly internet dating with Taurus Guy, and it favors long-distance relationships too, because he’s eager to talk, particularly about the future.

He is rather more inspired by frivolous topics, so if you’re in a relationship, remember he is more likely to skirt around the elephant in the room and focus on conversation which brings instant gratification. He doesn’t necessarily have the patients for the more detailed mode of conversation, but he’s always got an ear open when you’re chatting about the future.

This July, let him know you’re behind him, in his corner, and you believe in what he’s doing.

What’s really important right now is showing that you have an interest in, and you care about the things that he cares about, so don’t be bland, jump on board and be his cheerleader.

Mars enters Virgo on the 11th of July

This is great for Taurus guys who are dating, as it supercharges their vigor and enthusiasm. Sometimes they are a little bit too hot to handle because they are quite demanding, and they may leave you in a tailspin.

Your Taurus guy is easily bored, so the key in terms of dating a Taurus Guy right now is be spontaneous, surprise him and do things together that are likely to inspire an adrenaline rush. If you have recently met Taurus Guy, mutual interests in sport or following a sports team can be a uniting factor, and it’s a wonderful time to go to high-energy events where you get to shout and cheer.

In terms of marriage, this is an excellent time to have date nights and to reinvigorate the affectionate side of your relationship. It’s very important to give Taurus guy compliments and encouragement, so if he’s doing anything creatively or within his work that’s important to him, let him know you’re on board.

Mercury enters Leo on the 12th of July

During this period, he enjoys amusing himself by pottering around the home, he’s interested in shopping for gadgets and technology, particularly when it improves or expedites chores. He may like a few new ‘man toys’ to play with in his shed. He can be a little bit private, there are often things that are playing on his mind and he’s not necessarily forthcoming about these. He may require a little bit of space just to mess around while he organizes his thoughts and comes to terms with a few things in his mind.

In terms of marriage, it’s quite important to tie up loose ends during the Mercury in Leo period. If there’s anything that’s been left undone or pending, just try and get a grip of that now because loose ends can cause snags that may lead to either arguments or delays. This may be an opportune time if you guys are looking for property or seeking to get quotes to improve your property. It’s a good time for entertaining in the home, for personal, community or business reasons.

New Moon on the 17th of June

The New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn indicates an excellent period for long-range plans. So this is a great time for you guys to see how aligned your vision of a future relationship is. If you’re dating, this shouldn’t involve pressure about commitment as such, it’s more about you guys chatting about your ideals for the future so you both understand the things that you most value i.e. career, travel, living in a foreign land, children etc. It’s important to fantasize about the future, and in that way, get to know what makes each other tick.

Alternatively, if you are a couple, this is a good time for thinking about work-life balance, your finances and how you can get better organized as to increase the value you get out of your life. It’s important that you are paying attention to the things that bring you the most happiness, and then perhaps realign your life so you are spending less time doing the things which drain you and ultimately make you unhappy.

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Venus retrograde in Leo from the 23rd of July

While most of the month is quite outgoing in terms of Taurus guy’s personality, from the 23rd he tends to look inward and this is a more introspective time when he is interested in grappling with personal dilemmas. It’s also a time when he may want space from certain family members, and issues to do with his parents could be quite concerning for him.

Theme of the month: This month Taurus Guy thrives on variety and ideas, and he’s a bundle of nervous energy. It’s a time when he’s got a lot to say, and the wheels in his head are always turning. He’s a bit of a fidget and is easily bored, making it a good month for trips, even if you aren’t able to go far.

He’s drawn to gossip, and he’s a devil for chasing after tangents, giving this month an experimental vibe, almost like he’s eager to try new things with a slightly reckless attitude.

His chatty and open demeanor can definitely enhance love potential, as he expresses ideas and thoughts more easily. You guys can make long-range plans and expand your range of mutual activities.

Magic Phrase: “Ain’t no mountain we can’t climb together.”

Magic Text: “Our friendship makes my world go around.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of July, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. This is good period for your financial decisions and budgeting.

This is excellent time for dating, enjoying social occasions and flirting with Taurus Guy. Activities with children are favored. A good time for sports, creativity and self-expression.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not a great time for IT projects. Internet dating or is not favored, as communication is more tricky. This is not the best time for short-distance travel.

International trade and travel is not favored. This is not a good period for his legal affairs. Publishing is not favored.

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Week One – Change-oriented

Venus in Leo square Uranus can be a pretty disruptive transit because it brings out the more restless side of his personality. Remember that this is a year when Taurus Guy – due to the effects of Jupiter – is in a very adventurous, change-orientated frame of mind, and he’s looking to do things differently. He’s looking to introduce new elements to the relationship and he’s more concerned about the future.

No matter what you are doing right now, he’s thinking about the next best big thing for your relationship or for himself personally, so he’s less likely to be satisfied with the status quo and this week he’ll more likely be talking about things that he feels need revamping. On the other hand, he’s quite happy to do things around the home, to make important changes to your home and entertain. He can be a little bit impatient with certain family members, but he definitely enjoys being around friends and he may even invite colleagues over for dinner parties.

Week Two – Talk it out

This is probably the best phase to have significant conversations about serious matters with Taurus Guy. It’s easy to get his attention, and he’s able to focus.

He can however be quite stubborn right now in terms of his ideas, and if he has a very strong opinion on something it’s hard to change it. However, he can be very decisive, so if there are any major issues you need to confront, this is a good time to draw up a strategy or to take the bull by the horns and make those tough decisions.

Sometimes it’s important to cut toxic people out of your life right now, particularly if they are causing lapses in both of your judgment.

Week Three – Time for Socializing

This is a perfect time for travelling, spontaneous trips and hanging out with friends. It’s a great time for you as a couple to meet new people, as this will invigorate your relationship and give you a great deal to talk about. It’s also a time for you guys to join new clubs and organizations and just expand the range of things that you do as a couple, whether you are married or dating.

If you guys haven’t known each other that long, this is an excellent time to get to know each other’s friends and just hang out in a relaxed environment with nothing too specific planned. This is a wonderful time for being spontaneous together.

In terms of his career, he’s quite ambitious and confident right now so if there’s anything a little bit edgy that he wants to give a try, please encourage him to do so. This is a time when it’s more likely that he’ll step out of comfort zones, which can be a great thing for the relationship or for his career. So he should take advantage of anything that comes up that provides an opportunity to try something new whether it be in his career or new option in terms of investing.

Week Four – Doubts and Anxiety

This is a more difficult time for dating and romance as he’s more likely to second guess himself and this sows seeds of doubt in his mind. He’s slightly anxious, and he is often concerned about his image and how he’s perceived. Criticism, especially from his friends, is very hurtful. Friends may let him down.

He may often need your support, even though he won’t ask directly. The thing with Taurus Guy right now is he’s not really going to reach out if he needs help, he’s more likely to suffer in silence. So sometimes you just have to give him some space, he is not always forthcoming and eager to talk, but in very good relationships, after a while, he may give you a few subtle hints about what’s on his mind.

This is definitely a time when it’s not good to put pressure on him about relationship commitments because he’s already in two minds about many things, to and he doesn’t need more in the mix to add to the confusion.

Closing Thoughts

He’s fun and funny, however, he often leaves things half-done as he lacks discipline or attention to details.

You have to help him keep a sense of perspective to avoid him over-extending himself or getting carried away with random ideas.

Not all the results of his, or your joint plans, during this month will yield concrete results, however, that’s not the point as this is a great time to travel and explore new ground, and your communication with each other will be more enjoyable and enlightening.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Taurus Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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