Taurus Man Predictions For June 2023

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly May predictions for your Taurus man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to the reading for Taurus Man for June.

This is really a good month for one-to-one relating, affection and for stabilizing your relationship. It’s a good time to talk about issues to do with money and enter negotiations about these matters, which will be a lot easier than usual. This is also a good time for you and Taurus Man to make new friends or to establish positive connections with different sorts of people who can help you both in business and in feeling more fulfilled in life in general.

Socializing is a big part of your month, it’s a great time to be introduced to each other’s friends, and it’s also a time to start to learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. Thus if you have been dating but you don’t know him that well, this is a time when you really have to get to grips with what turns him on and what doesn’t. It’s also an excellent time to increase familiarity by discussing everyday things that he likes or doesn’t like, like music, food etc. This is the way you develop respect, i.e. by understanding his red lines and not going there.

Venus enters Leo (6th June)

This tends to be a really positive time for Taurus Guy, and for you as a couple, home life feels a lot more satisfying and enjoyable; you may be more inclined to have family to stay or to entertain. He’s less likely to want to go out at night, although he will want to enjoy himself or even socialize from a home base.

Venus enters Leo opposite Pluto (6th June)

Whether he shows it or not, there are a lot of deep-seated psychological issues going on within him right now. He’s more likely to be thinking about the past, about relationships and also family matters in quite a serious way. So this can be a time that’s quite cathartic for him, and he may need a bit of space and time to work through things. It’s also a time when he takes family matters a lot more seriously, and while it may not be apparent, the responsibility weighs heavy even if he’s not necessarily talking about it. So this is a good time for him to reconnect with family members like his parents (possibly) or maybe other family members who are likely to support and encourage him.

Mercury Trine Pluto (12th June)

It’s important to plan for a night where you simply enjoy spending time with good friends or eating great food and fine wine. It’s very important to have a bit of downtime to relax and get into a situation where you feel comfortable – so that may be with your best friends or your favorite family members, but predominantly with people with whom you can share a laugh. Surround yourselves with people who share your sense of humor and you can have a good social evening without feeling as if you have to stand on ceremony or have to pretend.

It’s very important right now for you and Taurus Guy to relax with the sort of people who know you and love you for who and what you are so that you can just chill.

Mercury enters Gemini (12th June)

There’s also a discussion and negotiation feel to this aspect, and again money matters may rear their head, however, this is a fantastic time of year for you and Taurus Guy to do your budgeting, to talk about ways to cut back and to discuss investment and savings.

So while at other times of the year, you may want to put these financial discussions off, this is a really good time to do it, and then you can focus on fun things because this month isn’t all about money; it’s also about discussing fun ways to spend your money. So you guys may also enjoy going to trade fairs, antiques shopping together, visiting the furniture shops or looking to purchase a new car. Thus this is a good time to work together on how to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Venus Square Jupiter (12th June)

This aspect brings a real feel-good factor to Taurus Guy, but he may be really bad with indulgent eating, so there’s likely to be a lot of socializing, and he has a huge appetite for life and especially food. So this is not a great time for the diets and he should be careful of having too many carbohydrates.

Mercury Square Saturn (16th June)

This is definitely a time to be cautious of spending money, so leave the chequebook or the credit card at home, don’t rack up debt and remember that the simple things in life are the best things.

Sun in Gemini Square Saturn in Pisces (19th June)

This can be a somewhat stressful time in terms of money, there are often a lot of commitments that you’ve probably made in the year up until now, and you have to follow through. It’s possible that there is a certain amount of tension between you and Taurus Guy, but it’s important to just deal with this systematically, so when it comes to anything to do with money, be methodical and don’t take on any more of this month, because it’s highly likely you’ve got enough on as it is.

You need to just focus on what is most important, so the key for you in terms of family life and money is identifying the most pressing concerns and then dealing with those in order of priority; this can help you both to focus and find a rational way through any disagreements.

Sun enters Cancer (22nd June)

This represents a phase where he is busy, but he also has a lot of mental energy and so both the days and the evenings will tend to be quite full with work, perhaps entertaining colleagues and then maybe dealing with pals on social media. He can be easily distracted right now, so he’s not always that present when you talk; thus it’s probably better to have important conversations before this period, because during this period he’s a little bit of a fidget, and while he likes to talk, he prefers to focus on what’s lighthearted and fun.

Mars Square Uranus (25th June)

The last week of the month ends with a little bit of a kafuffle, there may be a more unstable situation regarding your home and family life, and there could be some conflict and some upheaval. It’s necessary for you both to stay calm and rational. It’s very easy during this week to become a little bit stressed and overwrought.

Theme of the month: The themes are money, intimacy and affection. It’s important to focus on private matters and strengthen the relationship through positive action on money and renewed affection.

This is definitely a time when there’s a lot of pleasure to be had. If you are dating Taurus Man or if you’re married, this is a fantastic month to do date nights, to put everything on hold and to just re-ignite a bit of adventure in your life.

Magic Phrase:We are stronger when we focus on our similarities and strengths as a couple.”

Magic Text:  “Let’s have an intimate massage after our favorite aphrodisiac.”

Do: The moon waxes from the 6th to the 21st, and so during this period, definitely try new things, make changes to your relationship, start new initiatives together and be outgoing and proactive.

This is an excellent time for international travel and for any activities where he promotes his business. Advertising ventures and publishing can be very effective, and it’s a great time for him to start a course of education.

This is a good time for brand-new relationships, and it’s also a great time for you and Taurus Guy to do activities that you haven’t tried before.

Organizing your taxes is a great idea to get more in control of your finances. This is also a great time for him to do a detox.

Avoid: He should be especially careful about his health, and balanced eating is very important. In terms of diet, he should avoid any extreme exercises or any fasting.

After the 21st, it’s better to assess and reflect, to try and understand what’s happened and to think clearly about your next move without jumping in thoughtlessly.

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Week One – Creativity

This is definitely a time to encourage him with his creativity, but at the same time when you go out as a couple, you can enjoy things like culture and music.

This is an ideal time for a spa trip or weekend getaway where you just forget the world and have some peace and quiet. This is often also a good time – if you as a couple enjoy things like meditation, yoga or mindfulness – to do these together. Any activity or technique which helps you to really calm down, center yourselves and listen to your inner voice is very important. 

As a couple, you should be guided by the bigger picture rather than jumping on any bandwagons or reacting to immediate events.

Week Two – Nurture and Care

He tends to feel more contented at this time and that makes him easy to be around, but he can also be a little bit lazy, so it can sometimes be hard work getting him to settle down and get down to some nitty gritty. Thus if you want him to do anything perceived as hard work, it does take a little bit of nagging.

Even if he’s generally happy, he may need a little bit more mothering. If he’s been unhappy lately, he needs a lot more mothering, so the key to winning his heart in this particular week is being that nurturing, caring person. So being thoughtful, making him a special meal or encouraging a bit of nostalgia in the relationship works wonders.

Week Three – Time for Abundance

Right now, there’s a lot of enjoyment that comes from appreciating what you already have and understanding abundance, in fact the power of attraction can work very positively now, and so it’s important for you both to develop really positive mindsets. Instead of hankering and longing for you don’t have, you should actively appreciate what you do have and thereby draw more abundance towards you.

It’s also a time to appreciate the things in your relationship that actually provides stability and continuity, because for Taurus Guy these things can be the most important and should not be underestimated.

Week Four – Caution in Communication Needed

With Mars Square Uranus, it’s making all the star signs a little bit more anxious, irritable and lightly to jump the gun, so peoples’ tempers are more likely to flare and things are more likely to be said in anger. So in anticipation of this, it’s better to just count to ten and walk away, because most of what goes on is caused by acting in haste and then repenting at leisure.

It’s wise to just be a little bit more cautious and not to be drawn into situations where you behave in a preemptive way because sometimes it’s better to just wait and see.

Closing Thoughts

So this is a key time to solidify the relationship by showing that you are willing to understand what’s most important or fundamental to your relationship.

This can be a fantastic time for new romances, Taurus Guy is quite persuasive right now, so if he comes on to you, he will exhibit a lot of charm and aplomb, and this can be particularly exciting. Relationships that get off the ground now are likely to feel have that feeling of butterflies and anticipation, and there’s a good reason for that; this relationship is probably going to have quite a lot of excitement attached to it.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Taurus Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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