Taurus Man Predictions For March 2023

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Taurus man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hi, there ladies! How was your February? Full of love and romance I hope! March is probably the most important month of the year, so hold onto your bootstraps because a lot is about to change in the world and the psyche of your Taurus man. Everything is about to change!

Jupiter and Venus are both in the sign of Aries this month! Your Taurus man is going to experience a lot of luck and blessings behind the scenes. It is a great time for him to work on his subconscious fears or focus more on the spiritual side of his life. 

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 will give a boost to your Taurus man’s passion. He should feel extra sexy and confident on this Full Moon. Take advantage of this and go on a hot date. I can promise you the energy is going to be sizzling for him!

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 which is going to bring massive changes to the world and your Taurus man is most definitely going to feel this in his friendships and connections. He may lose a few people along the way, but they were never meant to be there in the first place. On a positive note, all his hard work is going to start paying off and he will finally see a shift in his bank account.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 27 and this brings a turning point in the world as this planet is going to stay in this sign for the next 20 years. The changes will start out subtle, but a very big shift is about to take place in his professional life. His career might finally transform into everything he has ever dreamed of.

taurus man march horoscope 2023

Theme of the month: A lot of change is taking place for your Taurus man this month. His career seems to be the big focus of the month, but there are definitely opportunities for him to have some fun and play with his romantic side. 

Magic Phrase: “I love how powerful and masculine you are.”

Text Magic: “It is amazing seeing all your hard work paying off!”

Do: Support him in his goals, join a group together, have a fun date, introduce him to your circle

Avoid: Criticizing him, being too serious, expecting too much from him, depending on him for your happiness, blaming him for your moods

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Taking A Step Back

There is a lot of change occurring in your Taurus man’s life. His career is about to grow from strength to strength and although this is a very positive change – change is always difficult and a moment of adjustment is quite necessary. 

Jupiter and Venus taking up residence in his 12th house are definitely going to give him the silent support he needs to make it through this time. He may feel a little more isolated and withdrawn over this time, but he needs this rest to gear up for what is about to come in his life. 

Let him figure things out on his own and don’t put too much pressure on him to be Mr. Charmer right now. He is healing himself on so many different levels, but he needs the space, time, and freedom to be able to do this. 

Don’t feel hurt if he is spending less time with you than what you are used to. It is important that you let him be, and let him do the work. This is exactly what he needs from you right now, so take the pressure off. 

A Flash Of Passion

The Full Moon is a brilliant day for you to experience some passion and romance with your Taurus man. The Full Moon is falling in his 5th house of fun, joy, creativity, and romance. It is a very good idea to organize fun date with him on this day. 

This may help the two of you to solidify the relationship you have with one another. To really see where this connection is going. Use this moon magick to your advantage to get closer to your Taurus man. 

On this Full Moon it is quite possible for your Taurus man to actually realize that he may be in love with you. Grab this opportunity and see where it takes you!

Missing Connections

Saturn is finally making its way out of Aquarius where it has spent the last 2.5 years and moving into the lush waters of Pisces. However, this can prove to be quite challenging for your Taurus man within his friendships and hopes and dreams. 

Your Taurus man is slowly going to start realize who has his back, and who isn’t worth another single moment of his time. This can be pretty painful for him as it is likely that he’ll lose some important people in the process, but once this wears away, he will quickly realize that he is better off anyway. 

This transit takes a while to manifest, but it is challenging and it may make your man feel a lot more reserved and isolated. He’ll start to realize that he needs to be way more discerning with whom he shares his time and energy with. 

He may also experience a bit of a delay or hold up when it comes to the money he earns from his career, but that is nothing to worry about. Saturn is actually just ensuring that there is longevity to what he is doing and that he won’t want for anything by the end of this transit. 

It would be really helpful if you gave him some words of encouragement ever so often as this period he may feel a little hopeless. But let him know that you support him and believe in his dreams. This is all he can really ask from you. 

A Powerful Transformation

One of the biggest events of the year is taking place in March, and that is when Pluto moves into Aquarius where it will spend for the next 20 years. That is one very long transit, and this is happening in your Taurus man’s area of career. 

The energy of this transit is extremely subtle, but your Taurus man is going to go through one heck of a transformation in his career. Everything is about to change as he will have the opportunity to really step into his power and make major changes in his life. 

He has a long time for this energy to manifest and he may not even be aware of the changes taking place within him. You should encourage him to work through his subconscious patterns and help him recognize his limiting beliefs. 

If he can work through all of this, then chances are good that he will just move from strength to strength in his career. Everything he has ever wanted to achieve is totally possible now. This change can be scary, and it may affect your relationship, but if you both put in the work, you  may come out the other side as one of the hottest power couples around. 

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Final Word 

And there you have it my darlings, if this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

March stands to be quite an exciting month for Taurus man and his companion, so make sure that you’re prepared for better or worse, and that you sharpen that sensual spirit within him. Be his rock and don’t take his changes personally, remember these changes are happening to you on some level as well. 

The two of you should be able to work together as a team to grow closer. Allow the energy of March to unfold naturally, and do your best to try and not control the outcome. Life is much easier when you can accept the shifts and live in the flow of the moment.  

This is a month of major changes and it may feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but if your own spiritual practice is sound and strong and you know how to soothe yourself, then dealing with the changes of your Taurus man shouldn’t knock your confidence too much. 

Ask him how you can support him and what he needs from yo, but don’t forget about your own needs and taking care of what you need first. Neither of you are ever going to be the same, but it is better if you can manage to grow together instead of apart. 

So have fun, go wild, and I’ll see you next time around, 

Wishing you love and luck with your Taurus Man, 

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hello I am a cancer woman I truly like this Taurus man . We met at a bar and literally hit it off from that day I was getting princess treatment I stayed a few nights at his dads house while they were out of town. The connection was definitely there. BUT we live in 2 different states which is only 4 hours away from each other . Ever since we’ve both went back home his communication is HORRIBLE. I definitely give him space because I know he’s been working to get a new job . But I just don’t know if I need too move forward and stop trying to talk to him, or should I just be patient with him we are both going to be in the same city this weekend, I asked him a couple of days ago did he want to see a movie this weekend he said he didn’t want to make a commitment if plans changed immediately I wanted to cry lol because I wanted to show him that I can treat him good as well since he gave that princess treatment . DEEP DOWN I REALLY FEEL LIKE HE IS THE ONE FOR ME. Idk what to do

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