Taurus Man Predictions For November 2023

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Taurus man. Things to know about your Taurus man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, welcome! Let’s get going on another update for Taurus Man.

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However, what I want to chat now about is the trends which he’ll be experiencing in November. Now November is the month of Thanksgiving and with Venus in Libra, it’s a good time to show appreciation in all relationships, however, there is an awful lot happening with Taurus Man this month simply because we have Mars and the Sun in Scorpio and they will be activating Jupiter and Uranus which are the really important planets going through Taurus.

This is bringing about an enormous amount of changes that are making Taurus man a lot more unpredictable than he normally is, so let’s get cracking.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 11th

Now this is a really good time for communication about sexual matters, getting to understand each other’s likes and needs, and if you’re newly in a relationship, this is a wonderful time to begin to understand the parts of each other’s nature that one doesn’t get to know upfront. It’s about sharing secrets, sharing fantasies or even sharing one’s past.

This is certainly a time where the right kind of communication helps the relationship progress, simply because you understand the more closely guarded and tender aspects of each other’s hearts.

On a more mundane and practical level, there is definitely a very pragmatic side to this month, so for you couples who are married or thinking about moving in together, it’s a good time to discuss money plans and what your priorities should be.

This is an opportune time to bring money onto the agenda because with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, there’s a lot of heavy spending in view, so the earlier you get budgeting, the better things can be because relationships that are well-planned tend to run smoothly this week and problems are avoided.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

The New Moon is in Scorpio and this represents his solar seventh house of partnership, marriage and long-term commitment and therefore the New Moon symbolizes starting fresh, different ideas and injection of energy and new emotional outlooks in relationships.

This is quite an exciting time for you to be experiencing with him, because as his partner, you have the opportunity to set in motion a relationship reboot, to suggest some new directions and it’s a marvelous time to a draw a line in the sand and just move on to something different in your relationship.

So, in the spirit of the New Moon, you should be thinking ahead, bringing negative situations to a conclusion or even bringing positive things to a conclusion, so you quit while on top. However, the key is planting new seeds for the months ahead and especially the year ahead in terms of your relationship, and looking forward not back.

This is actually a wonderful time to get married or engaged.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

Sun conjunct Mars is a powerful energy, and Mars is at home in Scorpio being its co ruler and this brings an enormous amount of energy into a relationship in terms of problem-solving. However, it’s also a time when passions and feelings run high, so there’s more likely to be conflict. What’s important right now is harnessing the energy without being drawn into the conflict side of it.

It’s very important to be eager, to show optimism, but also to have an extremely determined and resourceful approach. You have all the skills you need between you right now in order to make things work and to overcome hurdles, it’s just important that you work together.

However working together now takes a lot of effort because you can be coming at things from very different angles, so you guys need to be patient, and you as his partner, need to do your utmost to be a leader and by leading I don’t mean necessarily getting it all your own way, but leading by showing that there is a way forward and there is common ground you could work on.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

As Mars enters Sagittarius it squares Saturn in his 11th house, this represents an important phase in terms of money decisions and it’s very important for you guys as a couple to know your own minds and not to follow the crowd.

This is a time when advice from friends can be misleading and also following wider trends in the social sphere can be something that you want to be reticent about. It’s vital to take the power in your own hands, to trust in your own instincts and to also understand what is most important to you as a couple when you make these decisions.

This is also a time when certain friendships or unhelpful to the development of the relationship and there needs to be some distance, particularly from toxic friends, right now. The problems of other people are not your own, so there needs to be some insulation around the relationship so that you’re not necessarily taking on board angst that isn’t yours.

Theme of the Month

A dynamic time in relationships where you can set the engine room of the relationship alight to make progress, to move on to exciting new goals and to reinvigorate your levels of attachment to each other. It’s also a good time for working on relationships in terms of material and pragmatic affairs as well.

Magic Phrase – “The most beautiful part of our journey is the thrilling uncertainty of what we will become together.”

Magic Text
– “Growth is the heartbeat of our relationship, and it keeps us alive with new experiences and boundless love.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

Romantic activities and date nights are generally successful. A good time for gifting in love.

Financial and investment decisions are favored.

Development of love and trust is important in relationships.

Avoid: Property matters and family events are not favored.

IT projects, short distance travel and new business negotiations are not favored. Not a great time for internet dating or long distance relationships. Catering and hospitality business is not favored.

Not a good time for career moves, PR and public events. New businesses should hold fire.

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Week 1 – Opportunities with a hint of mystery

Now this week Venus is still in Virgo and it will be opposing Neptune, this can be a tricky one for new romances particularly if you were initially friends with Taurus Ma, as there can be a feeling of uncertainty that pervades the relationship. Some of his behavior may be a little bit confusing and both of you may not really know whether you’re in the friend zone or in a relationship zone, so it’s quite important not to allow feelings of negativity to get out of control – take it a day at a time and just be sensitive to each other’s needs.

This is time a time when there’s probably a lot happening in both your lives, which neither of you know about, and this can be causing emotional confusion that may not be related to the relationship, as such. Take it slow, this is not a good time for any confrontations, pressure or arguments.

In ongoing relationships, it’s highly likely that he’s a bit restless and impulsive. It’s an ideal time to just do things a little bit differently and add spontaneity to the relationship as he can easily become bored or frustrated, that’s why this is probably a good time to just shake things up.

It’s not a great time for a relationship that’s very predictable and certainly not time to be controlling, so know when to stay take a step back and allow him to have a little bit of space or to blow off steam in his own unique way. Definitely encourage him with some of his ventures, because this could be a key time in his career where there’s an opportunity to be grabbed, so don’t really distract him from that.

Week 2 – Flashpoint

Now this is an interesting week because Mars in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus and this can be a week of flashpoints because both you and Taurus Man tend to be very strong-willed and may rub each other up the wrong way.

Now if you are both fairly young and carefree, this can be a vibrant time of heightened sexual energy where you could really enjoy novel activities in the bedroom and give expression to your wild sides.

However, if you are a couple with children and a lot of commitments this can be a time when you both struggle to manage your own need for self-expression and freedom while maintaining a lot of responsibility. So it’s vital to find some sort of avenue, together to maybe blow off some steam or to allow each other to vent.

This is not a time to self-censor, if something needs to be said, say it and allow him to say it too, but be strong and courageous, don’t take anything too personally because it’s more important right now to take the lid off the pressure cooker and release some emotion.

Week 3 – Taking life off the hook

While this is a high-energy week where feelings are at fever pitch and where you both need more creativity and excitement in your life, Mars trine Neptune also bring a certain calming influence to it, so this would be a great week to just get away from it all, take a long road trip and escape together.

If you’re a new couple, this is a marvelous time to just do something outrageous, have a good night out where you let your hair down etc. If you’re married, this is certainly a time for an evening takeaway, with a good bottle of wine, with phone “off the hook”.

It’s very important to make time for your relationship, make your relationship a priority and spend time together rather than on distractions. The problem now is that it’s so easy to look to pointless activities to take your mind off things, but why don’t you take your mind off things by coming together in a romantic way.

Week 4 – Reading between the lines

This week the brakes are on a lot of the passions, the restlessness and excitement of the rest of the month as the energies taper as Sun goes into Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces. There’s a distinctly more sober minded, reflective attitude.

Mercury in Sagittarius is also square Neptune, which makes this a good time for using intuition. So while the first week, in particular, pragmatism was the order of the day, this is a time when you really need to get a feel for things, to listen to what your heart is saying, because the heart is a good guide to both financial and other decisions you face as a couple.

If you are dating, communication should involve a good exchange of feeling and productive sharing with Taurus Man. It’s important for you to also listen to your instincts during this time.

It’s also vital to be discrete, trust is very important to him right now, and so rather don’t chat to his friends or your friends about your relationship and avoid social media when it comes to expressing feelings that should be between you and him.

This is really a tricky time for a relationships that involve a lot of communication using social media, it’s better to have face-to-face discussions where you can really look in each other’s eyes and read the body language.

Closing Thoughts

This is a powerful week for relationship transformation, but it takes a little bit of grit because sometimes there are heightened levels of emotion to deal with. You won’t always agree, but the disagreements can be creative if you stay reasonable and keep your feet on the ground.

It’s vital right now not to overreact, take it as it comes and retain a buoyant, positive attitude. Remember to inspire Taurus Man never to control him. Support him in his ventures, encourage him to grab new opportunities and always be willing to work with him on his goals. What he doesn’t want now is a wet blanket or a hand brake, so try and mirror his really progressive attitude to life and use your power in the relationship to introduce entirely new directions.

This is also a time when you both could say, enough is enough, and you could suddenly draw the line under some activities, that to be honest, were getting you both down.

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