Taurus Man Predictions For September 2023

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Taurus man. Things to know about your Taurus man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, welcome to this month’s reading for your Taurus man and whether you are dating, in a romance or married, this guide aims to help you understand the various planetary energies and potential.

It’s the first reading of the autumn or spring season, depending on which hemisphere you’re in and there’s lots going on with Venus going direct, Jupiter going retrograde and Mercury going direct at the same time as the New Moon, so just like the weather tends to get more changeable and unpredictable at this time of year, things emotionally are also a little bit topsy turvy, but in a good way.

The planetary influences feature Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus, so flexibility, imagination and some creativity is required. It’s vital to have an open mind, to go with the flow and to take things as they come, so what we don’t want this month is a very rigid attitude, we don’t want to be authoritarian or judgmental either.

It’s definitely a time to cultivate your own levels of intuition and perception listen to your inner voice and deal with your relationship with Taurus Guy in a way that cultivates respect and different perspectives.

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th September

Well after about 6 weeks, Venus has at last gone direct in Leo.

Venus going direct is fantastic for Taurus Guy because Venus is his ruler, so this should free him of any limiting energies and he should feel more able to make decisions and move forward on important goals. It may be the case that he has worked really hard and now he feels he’s over the hump and ready to go down the other side.

So as a partner of Taurus Guy, you should be more confident right now in terms of getting a better response from him, getting better feedback and finding the relationship more fulfilling with better two-way communication.

Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus – 5th September

It’s important in September for you to help Taurus Guy develop a perspective, sometimes he can lack moderation and almost have mood swings where he’s up and down. If you’re in a relationship with Taurus Guy, one minute he can be extremely amorous and easily excitable and another moment he’s quite withdrawn and aloof, almost like he wants to take a step back.

So it’s hard to always gauge his reaction, he may react with energy and enthusiasm to some things and give little or no reaction to others, so he’s quite hard to predict ahead of time.

This is also a period where he’ll think a lot more about the meaning of relationships and the meaning of his life and sometimes he needs a little bit of space to do that, in which case he may suddenly want a little bit of time alone.

He is more aware of what’s lacking in his life and that could be a good thing and a bad thing. It can make him less content and more likely to question himself and his decisions, but it can also encourage him to explore some new options and not to be fatalistic about life.

It’s very important for him to understand the power he has and that means that you guys should not your let your relationship drift, it’s vital that you keep mindful about the potential as well as the problems in your relationships and that you work on growth and nipping any problems in the bud.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus opposite Neptune – 14th September

The New Moon heralds a fantastic time for date nights, invigorating the romantic element of your life, doing spontaneous things together and basically being more imaginative about the way you communicate with each other. Taurus Guy gets bored easily right now, so if there’s ever a time that he’s up for surprises and becoming a lot more spontaneous this is it l.

So you guys definitely need to be more experimental, more adventurous and to take life and love by the scruff of the neck and enjoy.

This New Moon period is also great for decisions about children, for possibly expanding your family and sometimes attending events with your children can help reinvigorate your love life, so inspire the child within and encourage him to connect with the youthful part of his spirit.

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Mercury goes direct in Virgo – 16th September

Mercury going direct is excellent because that means improved communication, the potential to reach agreement and a general clearing of the air. In terms of Taurus Guy, this is especially good for you guys discussing money and investment matters, or maybe setting some budgets and thinking about what your priorities are in terms of spending as the year comes to an end. This is also a fantastic time if you are in a long distance relationship where you rely heavily on communication, as you may be able to increase the levels of understanding.
It’s a great time for couples to take romantic trips away and it’s also great for you guys hanging out with mutual friends. Hobbies are vital, as is mental stimulation in relationships, so make sure that when you’re doing things, you’re both engaged and find it interesting. It’s not a good time to bother with anything that bores you both, keep things light hearted, avoid heavy subjects and make your leisure time count.

Theme of the month: He’s more eager to follow his own truth right now, it’s not always about what he’s learned or what he knows, it’s this prevailing feeling he has about his himself. This is a period of development in terms of his own personality and certain aspects of himself that have been hidden or which he hasn’t been comfortable to express, may begin to come to the fore. It’s a time when you could see an unexpected side to him, but that’s always an interesting thing that helps keep the relationship alive.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This is an excellent period for brand new ventures, and initiatives aimed at better physical and psychological health.
New diets and fitness activities are successful. A good time for sports and outdoorsy activities together. Activities with pets are also favored.

A good fortnight for renewed sexual understanding and improving your sex life or beginning a sexual relationship with Taurus Guy.

Avoid: This time period is not good for short journeys and business trips, it’s also not great for travelling with friends and family long distance.
He should be careful of social media publishing.
Beware of false friends.

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Week 1 – Soft Centre

With Venus direct, the gentler, softer side of his nature comes through, he’s definitely in a non-confrontational mood, he may enjoy things like staying at home, pottering around in the yard, doing a little bit of gardening etc. In fact, it’s time for salt of the earth, replenishing activities as what relationships with Taurus Guy benefit from right now, is a lot of nurturing and you should be spending more time with the people or family members who bring him the most joy and help him feel secure.

This is definitely not a good time to push him into anything, to use any harsh criticism or to drag him into things that involve big crowds and large events. He quite enjoys his own space right now, he can be a little bit conservative in his approach, in fact he’s more likely to be reticent about any dramatic changes, he just kind of wants a quiet life, so leave him be.

Week 2 – Bold and Daring Romance

This is a really good week for romance in both existing and in new relationships, but it’s important not to be bland as you don’t want your love life to be too vanilla. Be daring as this is an absolutely great time to do brand new activities together, to go places you haven’t been before and to make new friends as a couple. Variety is the spice of life, so this is a time to ditch the stale old routines and anything clichéd, so allow yourselves off the leash.

You and Taurus Guy should resist obligations, if there are family members or work colleagues who are pushing you to fulfill their needs and wishes, it’s time to just tell them No! It’s important right now for you guys to be whimsical, follow your hearts and do things that truly inspire you both. No more excuses, the key now in terms of love and romance is resist the banal, shake off the obligations and let your hair down.

Week 3 – Golden Days

This is an excellent time for attending large events, so if you guys have tickets for any concerts, festivals or are. going or traveling with friends, that’s absolutely ideal. This is another week when romance can definitely be on the cards, but it’s important to be aware of negative distractions.

For all couples, this can be a golden period as long as you and Taurus Guy are clear on who your friends are and where the potential thorns in your side are. It’s vital right now that you avoid potential flashpoints and conflict areas, and that includes steering clear of people who inevitably cause problems are divisive.

Sometimes it’s not good to sweep things under the carpet, but right now it is actually a good idea to put off your troubles to another day and to focus on the positives of your life again. It’s absolutely essential to encourage each other’s imaginations and doing things like role play or simply being more imaginative about the way you express your love through poetry, music or ingenious little messages and thoughtfulness are all important.

Week 4 – Pragmatic

At the end of this month, with Mars in Libra and Sun entering Libra, it’s an important time for his work. He can begin to feel quite stressed and concerned about end of the month issues within his job.

This is an important time for him to be more cautious of his health, it’s vital for him to get sleep and for you both to be fairly holistic in terms of your life. Scheduling is really important right now, as a partner show him that you are supportive, be reliable and help him to manage his work-life balance.

This can be a week when he’s a little bit stressed and more self-critical, which feeds into even more tension and thus it’s vital for you guys to be sensible and introduce greater balance into your life.

Pragmatism is key right now, while last week it was fine to avoid issues, now certain things have to be tackled. You guys need to take a decisive approach and often it’s important to remember that charities starts at home. Don’t devote time to people who should be taking responsibility for themselves.

Closing Thoughts

This is potentially an excellent month for you guys to grow as a couple, to reach deeper understanding but also to bring imagination and passion back into the bedroom, and into o your romantic life.

There should be plenty of opportunities to enjoy special occasions with friends and family.

Remember, it’s important to be spontaneous, to nurture the exuberant, youthful energy within you, and to do things that make you feel alive rather than doing things out of a sense of obligation.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Taurus Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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