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5 Turn-Offs That Make A Good Taurus Man Leave A Great Woman

Taurus men are some of the most beautiful guys of the Zodiac. Being ruled by Venus, they often have voices that sound like honey, and the charm and good looks of a movie star. 

As such, they have some easy to grasp, but sometimes hard to avoid turn-offs that remain consistent no matter who they’re dating. They are almost irritatingly predictable, but hey, that’s why we love ‘em!

What kinds of behaviors and habits should you be avoiding to stay in the Taurus’ good graces? Thankfully, Astrology can let us in on the psyche of the Taurus man! From this, I’ve been able to deduce five things that will have a Taurus running for the hills and away from an otherwise great woman!

5 Turn-Offs That Make A Good Taurus Man Leave A Great Woman

1. Game Playing

Game Playing Turn Offs Taurus Man

Taurus’ are some of the most straightforward people you’ll ever meet. They are a fixed Earth sign, and this pretty much means that he’s super grounded and very predictable. 

He’s not one to manipulate or attempt to gain sympathy from others. He’s pretty good at accepting things as they are, unless it requires a huge life upheaval for him!

As a result, he won’t be on board with immature behavior that baits him into reacting a certain way and he doesn’t stand for emotional manipulation. 

A Taurus is what he is and his opinion is that you can take him or leave him! He won’t be changing for you or for anyone for that matter. Remember the thing from physics about an object in motion meeting an immoveable force? The immoveable force they were talking about was definitely a Taurus!

Some examples of game playing could be trying to lure out certain emotional reactions from him, attempting to see how far he will go for you, or “testing” his love for you. 

He sees right through this… a Taurus rarely moves fast, but you can bet they’ll be out the door in a blink if you push his limits!

2. Over-The-Top Behavior

Turn-Offs Taurus Man

A Taurus is typically satisfied with the simple things in life… a hot cup of coffee, good food, and a comfy couch are some of his top needs!

He doesn’t quite understand those that like to go out all the time and meet as many people as possible. Though a Taurus isn’t necessarily an introvert, the times he seeks social scenarios are usually for a purpose and not just because he’s bored and it’s the thing to do. 

He would look at the wild girls doing shots while standing on the bar to be cringe-worthy and don’t even mention posting videos and photos of risqué and questionable behavior on social media! 

He sees these behaviors as rather desperate and it’s not his speed. There is a good chance that if you do these things it isn’t a cry for attention, but that’s how he’s going to interpret it. 

3. Emotional Displays

The Taurus is an Earth sign and thus he best understands solid action and the material realm well. However, he gets along really well with water signs. After all, the water needs something to contain it (Earth) or it will flood everywhere and the plants that grow from the Earth need sustenance from water.

Taurus isn’t insensitive to emotions for this reason, in fact he pretty much gets where you’re coming from as long as you’re self-aware. But when emotions get to be overwhelming, unending, and wallowy, he starts to yawn. 

A Taurus himself does get into deep funks but he feels that it’s his problem to deal with and he wishes that some of his water-sign loved ones would vent a little but ultimately handle their own you-know-what!

The best approach for a Taurus is to talk about your emotions a bit and even get really into it for one or two conversations… but then take the advice of your Taurus man and take personal responsibility for your emotional reactions.

Being so grounded, the Taurus recognizes that whether or not the emotion is your “fault” or not, it’s still yours to deal with. Someone who can’t grasp that and continues to inundate the Taurus will find him inching towards the door. 

4. Erratic Behavior

Woman Behaving Erratic Turn Off For Taurus Man

I think I’ve made it clear that a Taurus likes his routine and predictability gets him all hot and bothered! So, if you’re someone who struggles to have two days of consistency in a row the Taurus may have issues relating.

Taurus’ don’t have a high tolerance for changeability. Someone who wants to do new and different things every day and have the gall to ask the Taurus to join will find one bullish guy laughing in their face!

Now, I advise that you more spontaneous ladies use your relationship with the Taurus to work on the areas of life that need more consistency from you. A Taurus would gladly help you manage your checkbook, achieve your goals, and take baby steps towards a more consistent life where it counts.

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5. Lack of Common Sense

A Taurus exists in the now. He isn’t floating off on another planet in his mind, rather, he’s pretty entrenched in the moment. He knows how to work for the basic everyday things that need done. If not the Taurus, then who?

A Taurus has a great mix of tackling unpleasant necessities and rewarding himself with creature comforts. A Taurus isn’t anti-pleasure, quite the contrary. He wants to fully enjoy his pleasures and can’t do that with un-addressed responsibility looming overhead!

He takes issue with flighty behavior and a lack of mindfulness. In his mind, practicality should have been one of the ten commandments! 

Someone who drops all their money on a pair of Louis Vuitton’s when her rent hasn’t been paid yet will make a Taurus’ eyes roll, for example. 

He knows what the priorities are and he needs a partner who also sees what has to be done and does it. He respects the self-restraint involved in temporarily putting off pleasure for long term gain. Don’t worry, he’ll be the first to suggest you reward every effort you put forward!

Are you dating a Taurus man? Are there any signs from your guy that he’s losing interest? You got to let us know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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