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3 Reasons Taurus Men Avoid Commitment — And How to Flip It Around

Sensual, goal-oriented Taurus men are some of the most commitment-minded fellows on the planet, but even this Bull holds back once in a while. For a Taurus, the tortoise’s approach is more appealing than the hare’s, so if you’re down for the slow burn, ask yourself these three things! I’m grateful that you’ve found your way here because I can help you out. I’ve outlined the 3 most prevalent reasons why Taurus man avoids commitment and my best tips on how to flip it around. Let’s dive in!

3 Reasons Why A Taurus Man Avoids Commitment

1. Does He Trust You?

Trust is one of the most important things to a Bull. It’s the bedrock of security—his ultimate endgame. And to be trustworthy, you have to be as consistent and reliable as a Taurus himself. 

Everyone can be forgetful and flaky once in a while, but when it’s chronic, that’s when the Bull wants out. 

When he tells you secrets, do you keep them, or maybe just tell your best friends and favorite coworker? 

If he wants to meet up at 8, do you show up at 8:20? Or maybe you text him 10 minutes beforehand with, “Some stuff came up, can we raincheck??? Sorry!! xoxoxo.” 

Do you flirt with his friends? Go through his phone? Pick little fights when you’re moody? Repeatedly let his indoor-only cat escape? 

The list of possible offenses is long, and the Bull’s capacity for forgiveness is limited. So if he starts thinking you’re someone who won’t be there for him, your clock is ticking. Actually, it’s been ticking this whole time. 

Tauruses like to get a decent read on someone before they let them into their lives. 

Since he knows the enormousness of his own heart, and the sluggishness of his emotional metabolism, he knows it won’t be worth it to get with someone unreliable. 

Falling truly, madly, and deeply takes time for Tauruses, and getting over heartbreak could take them three times longer. 

To Taurus guys, living an ordered life spells success, whether it’s emotional, financial, or creative, and they’re eager to fit you into that equation! He wants to believe in you and your power to fulfill his hopes. 

True bon vivants, Taurus men want to “have it all”: beautiful houses, stocked fridges and closets, deluxe cars, bigtime careers, and the romance of their lives

They want the status of obvious, tangible gains—and flakes and drama queens move the goalposts too much. 

If you want to get serious about the Taurus in your life, your number-one priority should be to gain his trust

Keep your word. Make him feel heard. Show your vulnerability and tenderness. Once you’ve done this over and over again, your Taurus will hold you tight and breathe a sigh of relief.

2. Are Things Moving Too Fast?

Your Taurus guy really doesn’t like to be rushed. Remember—tortoise, not hare. He likes to let information seep deeply into every pore until he can understand it with his whole body

Once he understands, he can plan. And once he can plan, he has a success story on his hands (quite literally—Tauruses are known for their tactile expertise). 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so you can trust that Taurus is a romantic—once he gets there. Then, you both have to get there together. 

Shotgun weddings are for Sagittarians or Aquarians, not the Bull. Love is more like a 5-course meal, to use the (perfectly Taurean) analogy of food, and the Taurus man wants to savor each one. 

Of course, that’s not all that’s going on. To savor is to eventually process, understand, and know. A Taurus man is deeply rational and likes to have a grip on what’s going on, as it gives him control. 

Nothing will make him squirm more than an urgent, abstract, or unexpected situation. 

Labels are great for a Taurus, but they must be earned from a baseline he can understand. He may even have a milestone system in place before he can say you’ve gone from “crush” to “dating” to “girlfriend.” 

Jumping the gun when you haven’t earned it is a big no-no in the eyes of a Taurus. To grow his heart a few sizes bigger, you must be patient. 

Let things unfold naturally and steadily, as game-playing will only throw him off course. Gradually open up to each other in a way that feels safe and caring. 

If you feel like you’re both getting carried away, step up and gently tap the brakes—he’ll respect you for it and come away trusting you more than ever. 

Unlike other zodiac signs, the Taurus relishes quiet intensity and slow reveals, and he won’t lose interest if your relationship isn’t fiery from day one. 

To this earth sign, a gradual ascent doesn’t promise a roller-coaster drop. It’s groundwork for a long, satisfying future, which is what the Taurean wants someday. 

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3. Is Life Too Crazy Right Now?

A Taurus bogged down by school, career goals, family troubles, or otherwise will likely not have time or energy to give to a relationship. A heartbroken Taurus is in a similar predicament and doesn’t bounce back easily, unless it’s to have regular sex. 

For Tauruses, true love is both an achievement and a point of pride, and the Taurus man wants to do it right. 

He wants to be able to care for you, whether that means living together and actually sharing finances or giving you his undivided love and attention.

Despite their highest hopes, a Taurus isn’t willing to sacrifice one cornerstone of success for another. 

And yes, when we talk about Taurus, we’re talking about relationships as an indicator of success! 

A lot of Taurus men are very ambitious, and all of them are hardworking in their own way. 

They have a singularity of purpose when they’re feeling determined, which is nearly all the time—unless they’ve suffered a difficult setback, in which case they tend to curl up, couch-potato, and mourn with sugary starches and vino

Even if a busy Bull were to attempt to juggle you with everything else, he probably wouldn’t be very good at it. Multitasking is not a Taurean strong suit, even when it’s required. 

This is Taurean quandary is harder to solve than the first two, since you can’t really force someone to drop what’s important to them. 

In this case, it’s good to be direct. Talk to each other! 

If it’s a serious relationship you want, tell him and see what he has to say. Maybe you can start seeing each other in a few months, when the madness has died down. 

Maybe sex is all he has room for, as long as you’re truly on the same page! 

Sometimes, though, no is no. With a Taurus, it won’t be personal—just the facts. 

If handled right, however, he will remember your grace and think of you fondly, leaving the door open. Who knows? You may have a beautiful future together after all. 

So there you have it—the three main reasons a Taurus man avoids commitment. I hope they’ll help you figure out the next step to take. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your story. What’s holding your love back? Share with me and other Taurus lovers in the comment section below! 

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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Taurus Men Avoid Commitment — And How to Flip It Around

  1. Hi Anna,
    I am having some confusion around the Taurus man I have been involved with since October 2020. We hit if off immediately and spent some continuous time together until the end of the year. There was some stress, for both of us, at the end of 2020. I can look back and see this now. I was disappointed by his sudden distance and forced the topic of a relationship. It didn’t go well and we didn’t speak to or see each other for about a week. He called and drilled me with questions and we resumed seeing each other under his title of friends. I allowed him to lead the direction of the relationship, the frequency, etc.

    Once we started seeing each other consistently, it was 3-4 times per week. He was very loving, affectionate, caring, attentive and concern about me and my family. We have talked about everything and he has really opened up to me. He’s even said “I love you” over text a couple of times. I made a choice to give him space and not bring up the relationship topic for 60-90 days. I know our relationship is NOT just about sex, there is real intimacy with him.

    Last week, we went away for a couple of nights together. Everything was NORMAL in our interactions, affections, etc. At one point during our drive home he made the comment of “If you want a relationship, let me know.” I was shocked and responded with “Pardon me?” He quickly replied “Nevermind. I said nothing.” I dropped the subject.

    Because his schedule/routine was disrupted, I figured he would need a couple of days to realign. I didn’t speak to him Wednesday after we parted. I didn’t speak to him Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had brief interactions over the phone. I attempted to make plans with him, but, he was aloof. I eventually called him and asked him if everything was ok and if he just needed some space? He responded with “Yes. I thought that was a given.” I reassured him I was acting in a way he expected from me (be open, direct and honest). I explained how I had grown accustomed to our routine and how his change in demeanor made me question my actions/words (had I done something wrong). He assured me he was fine and I hadn’t done or said anything though he did sound annoyed. He ended the call with “I’ll talk to you later.”

    I let him be. I did not call or text the remainder of Sunday. Or Monday. I decided to send him a couple of gifts (things he’s mentioned he’s needed) On Tuesday I sent him two brief texts, 8 hours apart (which is uncharacteristic for me…I can hailstorm)

    1) “Hi Hun. I am sorry I pushed you when you needed some space. I hope your week is going well.”
    2) “Take your time. I’ll be here. XO”

    Both texts resulted in ZERO response. I’m not going to lie, I started to get into my head. “Was I blocked? Has he ghosted me? Is there someone else?” But I kept those thoughts to myself.

    This morning I decided to call him as he much prefers phone calls. He did not answer but I left him a message telling him what a wonderful, caring, loving and attentive man he is and I apologized for not showing it more. I ended the message with hope we can connect soon.

    Still nothing.

    He has given me ZERO reason to distrust him, his words, his actions, etc. I am a Leo, but not a typical Leo. I am more patient than most and very adept to compromise. I don’t crave the spotlight. I want him to know I am not going to just disappear because it has become confusing. He has made it clear he deeply values loyalty and is turned off by people who give up to easily. But I am stuck in my head trying to figure him out. I know he is a man of integrity and I don’t believe after this amount of time he would just disappear.

    I am curious about your thoughts. Did he scare himself bringing up the relationship? What can I do? I don’t want to bombard him with texts and calls. But I don’t want him to think I’ve given up and just moved on.


  2. Really curious about Danica’s resolution. It all sounds so familiar. OMG those could be my words. My concern is that it’s always about us tiptoeing around the Taurus. I’m Cancer and enjoy nurturing, however, what about me? After 1.5 years I still hear “we can slow it down if you prefer”. Huh? A tortoise is speedier and I’ve never hinted at slowing it down. I simply indicate my occasional confusion.

    I adore my Taurus man but seriously!?! Does it ever become a partnership or will I always be on egg shells? Lol.

    1. Dear Angela,
      Looking at the two of you, you know that you are able to give your Taurus man all the care that he requires and wants. You both want security and stability within a relationship. This makes you two a great match.
      However, there are some personality quirks that the two of you need to work around.You two are compatible but communication could be an issue. You’re going to have to learn how to talk to him without having so much feeling and emotion behind it when you’re upset with him.
      Make sure that you’re level headed when you approach him to discuss something that upset you. If you can do that, you’ll get a much better response from him and he’s more likely to listen to you. Best of luck to you!

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