Dating A Divorced Taurus Man: 5 Things To Know!

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are the pros and cons of dating a divorced Taurus man? Let me walk you through what you should know about dating a divorced Taurus man.

What are the pros and cons of dating a divorced Taurus man? There are definitely some good things and then there are also some potentially destructive or heart-breaking ones. 

Let me walk you through what you should know about dating a divorced Taurus man, so you’re not in the dark. Keep reading to find out what you’re getting yourself into…

Dating A Divorced Taurus Man: 5 Things To Know!

1. Pros Of Dating A Divorced Taurus Man

One of the things you need to know are the pros of dating a Taurus man who has been married before. Naturally, he will have learned that he has to communicate his feelings better.

He has probably learned how to compromise and know that he cannot always have it “his way.” He’s also learned how to live with a woman, knowing now how women operate (for the most part!).

A divorced Taurus man is also likely to take his time, instead of rushing into a relationship that may end up badly. He wants to be sure that things are right and that she’s the right one.

The Taurus man has learned the value in deep commitment, in that he doesn’t choose just anyone. He’s become more selective, so if he’s into you then you are surely very special to him.

A divorced Taurus man has some experience with what marriage is like and really that can go either way. It may have soured him, or it may have showed him the type of life he wants with the right woman. 

2. Cons Of Dating A Divorced Taurus Man

Cons Of Dating A Divorced Taurus Man

Naturally with him having learned a lot in a marriage, the Taurus man probably has learned some not so nice things as well –he has learned that he may not be able to trust women. 

It’s possible that the Taurus man has become jaded due to their failed marriage. He may also have become more selfish, as perhaps he was taken advantage of when he was married. He may decide that he now needs his own time to himself.

It will also make him go a heck of a lot slower (and maybe over analyze) any new relationship he gets into, which can cause confusion for the woman he’s dating. 

There is no doubt that he will have some emotional baggage which he may not want to talk about. But you’ll know because he’ll start pulling back or seem twitchy if he catches feelings for you. 

It’s also possible he had some kids with her and so there are ties between them he cannot break. If she’s pushy, she could get too “involved” in his life which you’ll have to learn to deal with or put a stop to. 

3. Will Taurus Man Commit Again Or Not?

Will Taurus Man Commit Again Or Not

The Taurus man may feel hard pressed to actually get married again, but he’s not dead set against it either. It will just likely take a really long time for him to get to a point where he feels he can do it again.

This is particularly true if he went through a harrowing divorce. If he somehow managed an amicable divorce, then things could be very different. He may not be jaded and could open up sooner.

Just be wary of the Taurus man that wants to dive right into a relationship once he’s gotten a divorce. That’s a bad sign that you could end up being his “rebound” woman. 

To be his rebound would mean that at some point he’s going to realize that he jumped too quickly, and you aren’t the one. Thus, he ends it. If you know he’s newly divorced, be very careful with yourself.

Be sure that if he doesn’t go slow, that you do. You will regret it if you let him go full throttle. He’ll make all these promises and future plans only to turn around and back totally out of it all.

It can and does happen. You’ve got to take it nice and easy with the Taurus man –whether he’s newly divorced or not! Taurus men need to really see and learn who you are as well as who they are with you or they will not be able to move forward in a healthy way.

Taurus men go through a period of not really knowing what they want. They think they know, until they experience it then they realize that maybe it’s not at all what they wanted.

Unfortunately, they do this when they date. He will always question whether you’re the right one, he may even look or talk to other women, and he may not be one hundred percent committed to you. 

This is when cheating occurs, a lot of the time. This is why it’s important to give him a great deal of time so that he can figure himself out. An affair isn’t something you really want him to do.

4. Beware Of A “Friends With Benefits” Offer

Beware Of A “Friends With Benefits” Offer

Sometimes after a Taurus man has been married and it failed, he will decide that he’s just not going to do a relationship again. That doesn’t necessarily mean forever, but who knows how long it will take him to come around. 

He’s all about living a bachelor lifestyle. This is the type of Taurus man that will romance you and then tell you he doesn’t want a relationship –he’ll dive into bed with you instead.

The problem is, if you know he doesn’t want a relationship and you have sex with him, he’s got you into a “friends with benefits” relationship. That means that in his mind, he can have fun with you no strings attached.

What’s bad about this is that if you didn’t tell him you were alright with this arrangement, he will assume you are since you had sex with him. If you get into this zone, you will likely never have a commitment with him. 

He will be perfectly fine with your arrangement and won’t ever feel the need to change it because why do that when he’s getting your time and your sex for free? 

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap! I’ve had plenty of women write to me that that fell into this trap and then ended up hurt because he doesn’t want more from them, and then they have to end it with him.

Avoid this at all costs and you’ll be fine. If he clearly states that he doesn’t want a relationship, trust him on that. It doesn’t matter how nice and sweet he is to you. He already told you he’s not into it. 

Sex will not change his mind either. He’s told you his intention and you’ve got to accept that is what it is. You’ll save yourself heartache if you do. 

5. A Realistic View Of A Divorced Taurus Man

In reality, it’s really hard to get a divorced man to get into a relationship. He’s learned about what it’s like to be committed fully and what happens when he does. 

Even if the marriage wasn’t that bad, he still sees it as a failure and some of it falls on his shoulders. This means he may look at himself as damaged goods. The Taurus man is insecure even though he comes off as tough.

When he feels pressured or doesn’t feel good enough for someone, he will actually get hot with her but then turn around saying that he doesn’t think he’s the right one for her.

He will say he cannot give her what she wants, blah blah blah. It’s probably not true, but the fact that he’s saying it means he’s insecure and will revoke the commitment or not make one at all. 

I really do advise you to guard your own heart if you’re going to start dating a Taurus man. He’s a bag of mess much of the time. Know that he may be a bit of a difficult guy to get close to but in time, he could be worth it. 

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Final Thoughts

I hope this has helped you to see two sides of the divorced Taurus man. Be sure that you’re taking your time and getting to know him. Don’t dive into bed with him right away.

Remember, you’ve got to hold out on sex until you know he’s going to commit. You’ll end up hurt if you don’t! FWB relationships almost never turn into more, so watch out. 

Taurus men can be some of the most solid and loyal guys there are, until they get hurt or jaded. Then they turn into a wandering-eye type of guy that is capable of lying. It really does change them.

This explains the married Taurus man that cheats. He isn’t happy and so he’s emotionally jaded that he’s looking for someone else to fill that void instead of divorcing and starting fresh. Just be careful with your heart!

Did you know that smoking hot actor (Superman) Henry Cavill is a Taurus man? Whoa, who knew? He is many women’s hottest fantasy. He probably has some baggage though.

Have you dated a divorced Taurus man? How did things go for you? Please tell me! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

To find out more tips, tricks and secrets about the Taurus man check out my Taurus Man Secrets here.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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10 thoughts on “Dating A Divorced Taurus Man: 5 Things To Know!

  1. I am with a divorced Taurus guy at the moment. He decided to marry me after our 2 weeks holiday. By the way we are in a long distance relationship and our fiance visa is along the way. He is good in many ways until then we had some arguments and he decided to climb again with his climbing partner whom he had intimate relation. It its so confusing, because he told me he was hurt too if I am hurt. That he was committed with me. What made me sad is why he will climb with her even if I told him it was hurting me so bad and I feel insulted and disrespected? He is just difficult to read. I thought he would be more matured in a relationship because he is 21 yrs older than me but seems he wants to manipulate rather than to love.

    1. Hi Alma!

      Taurus is capable of being friends with an ex. It’s probably likely that this is all he is with her is a friend and climbing buddy. I realize it’s hard for you to trust that it’s all that it is. The thing is, if he’s with you then you have to try to trust in him. If he’s going to go climb with her (you should let him), he should check in with you while out… before and after the climb. That would be a compromise that you two could work on so you’re not so insecure about it. Going climbing with an ex flame whom he has no feeing for in that way anymore does not mean he’s immature. If he can be just climbing buddies with her because he’s in love with you is actually quite mature as long as he keeps it at that level. See what I mean? IT’s either trust him or not. That’s up for you to decide.

  2. I began dating a tauras man during his separation period. The relationship went into long distance during which he got divorced.
    We planned a future together as we were both situated in different countries. He has a child.

    During the long distance we faced many obstacles. He didn’t do anything out of the way during theong distance. We Began facing issues as he wasn’t ready to compromise on anything. My needs were not a priority to him.

    There were periods of him switching on and off for days on end if I wasn’t in agreement to his idea of a relationship.

    After a year of long distance he decided to call it quits

    1. Hi Yaya!

      I hate to say it but this sounds pretty typical of a Taurus man. They are pretty fixed on what they want and how they want to live. The truth is, he’s had to go through some stuff with the divorce and how the marriage was before that. Now he’s single and he’s long distance from you. He knows how difficult it is to maintain a long distance relationship. He wants security and physical comfort which isn’t possible when you’re so far away. No he wouldn’t be willing to compromise unless you two were together together. His mind wasn’t there and so for him it became not worth the struggle. I’m so sorry sweetheart. I hope you find someone better suited that isn’t so far away from you. I wish you the best!

    2. Hi
      So I have been seeing a divorced taurus man for 4 years.We see each other over weekend one day for 6 hrs and this goes on every week.He calls this relationship and I think this Fwb.One day I told him how I feel about this whole thing and he reassured me he was committed to me .I think by now we would be engaged and married but he has three kids and he has custody of them while I have one son from previous relationship. Things are always harmonious between us whenever we together and he tells me I’m the love of his life yet I dont see ring on my finger or marriage anytime soon.Im not sure if he wants this but I asked him and he said he was open to marriage and kids.I have been with him over 4 years and we see each other one day per week and I think this is FWB .
      I feel used and confused that he claims he loves me so much ,thinks about me 24/7 yet no full commitment from him and always prioritizing kids over me.Their needs comes first and these kids are 20,and 14.
      I feel like I’m there for his needs and fun. I try to break up with him but he convinced me not too.Im ready to dump him yet I do love him as he has been good and kind to me but I feel like that is one day per week and nothing more ahead. Please help me to understand this and what should I do.

      1. Hi Alexa!

        Wait one day a week is not a relationship. It sounds to me like he’s calling all the shots and it’s not fair to you. You want to be closer to him and marry him but if he’s only spending time with you once a week then he is NOT showing you that at all. Judge a man by his actions rather than his words, it will speak volumes. Tell him you need the full commitment which includes more of his time. You won’t get marriage out of him until he takes this next step and sticks with it awhile. He needs to prove to you that you ARE the only one and that he does see a future with you. If he cannot do that then his actions are telling you that he’s good at telling you how much he cares but not giving it to you. You should check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets for more information on how Taurus men think.

    1. Hi T!

      Currently I only have the article that you’re commenting on. However, if you were to buy any of my guides, you would get a free consultation with me so that I can help you further if the article is not enough for what your needs are. Please consider that route because I’d love to guide you. I wish you the best!

  3. I just get to know a Taurus man, he was showering me with all the beautiful words on me, until I went and fall on his trap where after our first date n sex he totally avoided me more n when I messaged or call him ; he’s saying I’m too much annoying him. That’s where I got pissed n throw a lots of bad messages towards him. And now I’m missing him like hell.

  4. Dear Anna I have been in a relationship with this Taurus men for 6 years and 6 month.eventually we start arguing over that why he can not commute after that he really start getting distant even if he say he want to fix it and now finally he have made his mind “it’s not meant to be”

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