What To Do When Your Taurus Man Is Being Jealous (For No Obvious Reason)

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
A Taurus man has strong instincts to protect—and that translates to jealousy. Read on for my tips on what to do when a Taurus man is being jealous!

A Taurus man has strong instincts to protect—and that sometimes translates to jealousy. To soothe his anxiety, use my expert tips to unlock the secrets of astrology so you can put them to use.

Clients often ask me why their Taurus man is so jealous and how to deal with it. First, I want you to know that it’s not a bad thing for your man to want to protect you.

You can be grateful that he cares so much and that he doesn’t want anyone to take you away from him. While you may find it hard to handle his constant questions or feel like he is accusing you when he wants to know where you are, he is really just inherently mistrustful of other men.

Celebrity Taurus man Pierce Brosnan illustrates this quintessential Bull trait. Not only did he stick to one role for most of his career, but he also played a hopeless romantic character with severe jealousy issues. 

Now, your Taurus man isn’t going to kill somebody who tries to make a pass at you, but it might seem like the rage of the Bull comes out if someone looks at you the wrong way. It can be hard for them to let go when you just want to get on with having a nice day.

He may still be brooding about something you didn’t even notice—and he might act distant because he is so angry

Read on for my tips on how you can cool his temper and soothe his jealous heart.

Why a Taurus is So Protective

A Taurus values family, and his instinct is to protect them. As an earth sign, he is one of the most loyal men in the Zodiac, and he intrinsically wants to make sure his loved ones are safe, which can be quite endearing. 

He’s not like the fire signs, who are hard to keep track of and constantly asking you to go on dangerous adventures. Your Taurus wants you to be safe and feel safe, and he’ll protect you from things you may not even see coming like a manipulative player trying to lure you away from him. 

While you may not think anything of a casual conversation, he sees it as a call to war, so you’re going to have to find a way to manage his anxiety about other people. Don’t worry, I have all the tips you’ll need to turn this lemon into lemonade.

How to Put His Mind at Ease

Don’t lead men on just to get attention. Don’t send flirty texts or emojis. Don’t do things that you know are going to make him uncomfortable like dressing to turn every head in the room. 

Check in with him when you’re out with friends or traveling so he doesn’t become anxious. Tell him where you are, and don’t be evasive or tell white lies that will make him more suspicious. 

Just be direct and honest. You know you have nothing to hide, and helping him see that you’re not looking for other options will help him feel at ease. That might mean avoiding men who you know have feelings for you. 

Your Bull cares about you. Don’t let your desire for attention control you. Stay away from those sexy selfies and flirty conversations, and you’ll put him at ease.

How to Accept His Jealousy as a Compliment

What To Do When Your Taurus Man Is Being Jealous

First of all, tons of women wish someone wanted to know what they were doing and where they were. Having someone looking out for you can be a great feeling as long as he expresses it in a way you can tolerate. 

Now, if you’re still struggling with the idea that he doesn’t trust you, look at it as an opportunity to prove you are trustworthy. He’s giving you the green light to show him you love him, so lay it on thick.

Show him you only have eyes for him by making romantic gestures, posting photos of the two of you, and making sure people know you’re spoken for. 

Ways to Adjust to Dating a Jealous Taurus

If you feel suffocated, try these little tips to make him trust you instead of letting it turn into a fight.

    • Let him see where you are by sharing your cell phone location.
    • Check in with him when you’re not around to tell him what you’re doing.
    • Make a plan to see him instead of just leaving things up in the air.
    • Keep a routine in your relationship so he feels there is some stability.
    • Tell him about your friends and their lives and let him get to know them.
    • Be sensitive to his feelings and intentionally provoke him.

What to Do When He Does Get Jealous

The next time you feel him starting to get jealous, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, take a moment to remember his intentions are good.

Your Taurus man isn’t trying to make you feel bad. He has a protective nature (just like Scorpio), and he will always be there for you—unlike many others who would run when things get tough.

Once you’ve reminded yourself of how much he loves you and how special that is, assure him with positive reinforcement and don’t scold him. He doesn’t like to be forced to do anything.

Don’t Try to Control Him

The key is to reinforce his trust with positive energy and love so he feels like he is still able to do what he wants—because a Taurus has a fierce sense of control over himself.

While they are very connected to their lovers, they want to be free to have their feelings. Respect that by making him feel appreciated and showing that you love him dearly. 

The next time he gets testy when someone looks at you a second too long, remind him that he has your heart. The more you assure him, the easier time he will have accepted it’s true.

Don’t Let Jealous Incidents Turn Into a Fight

Jealous Taurus Man

Ultimately, you only have the ability to control your own reactions to his behavior—not the jealousy itself. Send him love, find your gratitude for his loyalty, and connect to your compassion for his affection. 

Think through your feelings and respond in a calm manner. Don’t provoke him, don’t defend yourself, and build positive, loving vibrations. This is your power, ladies! Keep it positive. He’ll appreciate your perspective.

Another element in your control is keeping the relationship healthy and balanced. Taurus, similar to Cancer, is prone to codependency. They love spending time with their partner, but it can lead to an unhealthy need for companionship and attention. You can avoid reinforcing codependent behaviors by carving out regular time away from each other.

Understand His Ruling Planet

Astrology will give you the secret antidote to the seemingly bizarre behavior of your Taurus man. I want you to be fully equipped to not only feel prepped to handle his jealousy but to thrive in your relationship and enjoy it.

He is ruled by the planet Venus—the planet of love. This planet is all about romance and beauty, and your Bull thinks everyone is just as romantic as he is. When he loves you, he can’t comprehend that everyone else isn’t as smitten for you as he is.

He wants nothing more than to be totally and hopelessly in love with you—now and for the foreseeable future.

He may feel like everyone else wants to love you like he does. It might be tough, but take it as a compliment when he wants to keep you close. He’s more romantic than the other earth signs, and that, my dear, is a blessing.

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Don’t Take It Personally

You might start to feel resentful if he is always questioning you or trying to control the way you dress or act. This can make you feel stifled and bitter—because you are trustworthy! Why can’t he see it?

Sometimes jealousy pushes us away and ruins a relationship because we take it personally. We think that they are accusing us or that they don’t trust us. But with these tips, it’s possible to soothe your Taurus’s anxiety and move forward with a peaceful and loving relationship.

My Final Words of Advice

Wondering if he is right for you? To check your current compatibility score, use my calculator (https://annakovach.com/quiz/ ). Please share if you’ve put this advice into action and how it worked for you in the comments below.

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