7 Tips To Move On From A Breakup With A Taurus Man

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
In this article, I'll share with you some useful tips and tricks to help you move on from a breakup with a Taurus man. Keep reading to find out more!

Looking for a way to move on from a breakup with your Taurus ex? Want to find a way to open your heart for new love in life again? It’s never easy to get over someone, especially someone as steady as you thought your Taurus fella was. However, there are many fish in the sea, as they say, and the sooner you can move on, the quicker you can see that! 

It’s never easy moving on, right? If you’ve been dating a Taurus guy, it’s likely you’ve been dating him for a long time. This is a sign well-known for their commitment and consistency in relationships.

Yet, at the same time, this is also the Zodiac sign known for their inability to deal with change – the change of a breakup – so, they end up behaving badly simply due to that defect in character. It’s possible that this guy has really hurt you, and that can sometimes make it easier to move on. 

For example, he was unfaithful, or he just began stonewalling you. Maybe you felt like he was there, but not really there. Or, maybe you just got tired of being with someone so routine-bound and, well, boring. 

Whatever your reason was, it’s time to move on and look at brighter horizons! We often don’t realize it, but there is likely someone out there who is so much better suited to you! Someone who makes your world exciting again, someone who can adore you and be open to change. 

Someone, perhaps, not as stubborn and infuriating as your Taurus ex, who may have driven you crazy with their insistence on doing the same thing, day in and day out. If that’s not enough reason to move on, here are some tips and tricks to help that process go much smoother for you! 

7 Tips to Move On From A Breakup With A Taurus Man

1. Don’t Engage With Him For A While

Moving On After A Breakup With A Taurus Man

As flattering as it may feel to have home holding onto you for forever and day, it’s just toxic, actually. Taurus men tend to try and try again, simply because they cannot handle the change of breaking up. Even if your relationship was never going to work, they’d hold on out of pure stubbornness. 

This could mean that he pulls you back all too easily into his world, weakening your resolve and making you take a thousand steps back when you were just moving ahead. Answering his texts, allowing him to see you, or going over to his house is just never going to help

Cut contact, at least for a few weeks, while you give yourself the chance and opportunity to get better and move on! 

2. Change Your Home Environment

It’s likely that you and your Taurus ex spent a huge amount of time on the couch. Or, in the garden, kitchen or bedroom. Basically, anywhere in his house (usually), and sometimes your house. Taurus men love their homes – it’s their kingdom. 

But it got boring right? How often did you have a change in scenery? Have you wanted to move homes or neighborhoods for the longest time, but had to contain his panic? Maybe you just wanted to redecorate or renovate, or get a housemate. 

Whatever it is or was, go ahead and try changing your home environment. Get a brand-new lounge suite, paint your bedroom, or move home! This will hit the refresh button like nothing else! 

3. Go On A Diet/Detox

Did you find yourself eating so much more when you dated your Taurus guy? It’s no secret that he really loves his food, find rich food at that! Pastas, cakes, chocolate and good wine filled your days and nights, but at the end of the day, it added to your waistline. 

Now’s the perfect time to go on a bit of detox of some kind, like a juice fast for example. Not only will you drop the extra weight, but you’ll feel in control, confident and back to your old self! 

Plus, you’ll soon be glowing and looking so good that you’ll barely have to lift a finger for someone new to cue into your life! 

4. Do New, Exciting Things

Tips For Moving On After A Breakup With A Taurus Man - Girls Having A Good Time

Did you find yourself getting bored with your Taurus guy? Going to the same restaurant every Friday night, or visiting the same old friends over and over again? Life is definitely yawn-worthy with the Taurus man at times, so now’s the time to spread your wings and fly! 

A great way to move on and enjoy doing it, is by trying some new, exciting things. Go to a club you’ve never been to, take a course, read a spiritual book and book a solo travel adventure to somewhere you’ve never been before. 

The possibilities are endless – and you never know how you could meet on the way! 

5. Book Regular Massages

You’re probably really missing the gentle and sensual touch of your Taurus man, right? That’s one thing he always got right, no matter how dull and stubborn he was! Everyone needs to be touched, to be hugged, and cuddled and loved. And there’s no reason to be missing that! 

Make it your mission to book a monthly or bi-weekly message with someone trusted. Get all your sensual needs met here – with the bonus of not having to give netting back in return – besides payment, of course. 

Of course, you could also always go out on sexy dates and bring the guy back home to perform a (ahem) massage! 

6. Get A Pet

Woman With Her Pet - Tips After Breakup With Taurus Man

Another way to get the comfort and touch that you’re missing from your Taurus man is by getting a pet. A cat or dog is best, something you can pet, hug and love. This will release happy hormones into your body and help you move on quicker instead of yearning for his touch. 

Pets are also a fantastic distraction from a broken heart. Also, if you decide to get a dog, you may also one day meet another sexy dog-lover who will help you open your heart to new possibilities! 

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7. Enjoy A Break From Routine

You know what, it’s such a wonderful thing to not have to do the same thing all the time. To not have to wake up at the same time each and every day. To not have to have the same meals on the same days. 

How can you shake up your routine? Do you want to go for a morning jog instead of an evening jog? Or cut out meat for a while? Aye you want to work flexible hours, or see your friends on a Friday instead of a Thursday?

The world is your oyster now, and you’ll soon see how great it is not to be shackled to someone who can’t deal with change. Plus, the more your shake up your routine, the more likely it is that you’ll meet someone new! 

Have you gone through a breakup with a Taurus man recently?? Can you share any tips on what helped you to forget him, and open up to new possibilities of love? 

Your stories are valuable to me, and I’d love to hear them! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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  1. Yes i’ve currently split up with one. After him going silent on me for a few months i found he was seeing someone else. I was devastated. I’ve coped is by keeping busy. Painting my walls another colour. Buying new things for my home. Changing my hairstyle. Posting photos of me online looking amazing.

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