Taurus Man Likes And Dislikes — What He Wants In A Woman?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Become the ideal woman for your Taurus man. Discover what a Taurus man likes and dislikes in a woman now...

Are you finding yourself interested in a Taurus but aren’t sure what a Taurus man likes and dislikes in a woman? What does a Taurus man want in a woman? Although Taurus men are reserved when it comes to love, that doesn’t mean they don’t develop deep feelings or have specific standards for their ideal woman.

They are equally comfortable with talkative and energetic types as they are with flexible, easy-going partners—this is what a Taurus man likes in a woman.

As the second zodiac sign, Taurus domain includes possessions, money, luxury, and communication. They want to be consulted on everything and have a sense of control. A calm and thoughtful woman is appreciated by the Taurus man, as he likes it when you can be patient and wait for him to take the lead on important issues.

Trying to figure a Taurus man out isn’t as complicated as it may seem. I have some things for you to read that just might help you figure things out. You will learn about his signals, which may help you decide what a Taurus man wants in a woman.

These are 10 things a Taurus man likes and dislikes in a woman that you need to know to better understand what he may be looking for in a partner.

Taurus Man Ideal Woman — What Does A Taurus Man Look For In A Woman?

Born under a fixed earth sign, a Taurus man is a delightful combination of the sensible and sensitive. On the surface, a Taurus man is practical and solid, but beneath his calm surface is a romantic dreamer who longs to be understood and appreciated.

As such, a Taurus man desires a woman who is trustworthy, loyal, and dependable. She needs to value security and stability in the relationship. This means that a Taurus man likes a woman who is grounded and practical.

She also needs to take good care of her appearance and share the same interests as her Taurus man.

Last but not least, a Taurus man’s perfect woman will treat him with respect and kindness and take care of him. He will respond the same way.

Taurus Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

Taurus men seem to be simple souls, but under that calm exterior, they are complicated people who require skillful handling. A Taurus man is selective, and he is very careful, thus taking his time deciding if someone is his future partner or not. Patience and perseverance are necessary when it comes to pursuing a Taurus man’s love.

A Taurus man absolutely loves a woman who adores him. However, he isn’t likely to do well with a woman who wants to be glued to his side at all times. Furthermore, a Taurus man dislikes a manipulative and aggressive woman, a woman who is too demanding and dominant.

He does love to be with his woman and spend lots of time with her, but he also needs space. He likes sensual women, women who take care of themselves. She needs to be independent, stable, and loyal. This is the kind of woman a Taurus man likes.

Stay tuned to find out more about what a Taurus man likes and dislikes in a woman.

What A Taurus Man Likes In A Woman — 5 Things That Drives Him Crazy About You

1. Taurus Man Loves Comforting Woman

Taurus men love the caretaker type of woman. He’ll seek out a woman who is a happy homemaker type or someone that he can see being a wife or mother to his future children.

He is a bit traditional and wants a happy household atmosphere. He is looking for a woman to fulfill this role in his life so that he can have a stable home to come home to when he’s done earning bill money.

2. Taurus Man Adores Loyalty In Woman

They may be simple men who love a home-cooked meal, but the best way to ruin a relationship with a Taurus man is to give him a reason to doubt you. Loyalty, fidelity, and faithfulness are things that he needs in a partner, so flirting with other men to make him jealous will never work.

Even if you are faithful to him, he needs to feel reassured. Taurus’ ego is fragile, and when he feels threatened, he can be your worst nightmare. He is possessed to a fault, and you will need to be sensitive to this. Lots of affection and gestures of love will keep him happy, so if you don’t naturally do this, you better learn fast.

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3. Taurus Man Likes Stabile Woman

Having your finances in order and giving the impression of being organized and stable will give a Taurus man nothing to complain about.

Taurus is the pragmatist of the zodiac, and this makes him a stable and dependable partner. He wants to lead; he is comfortable talking about money; and he needs to know that his woman has his back and appreciates his leadership.

These men need to feel important, in control, and appreciated. If you are ambitious and career-minded or just know what you want, a Taurus man will get behind you and help you achieve your heart’s desire. He wants to know that he can count on you, in turn, to appreciate his leadership and support him unconditionally.

4. Taurus Man Adores Sensible Woman

Sex is important to the earthy Taurus man, who is known for his affectionate physicality and sensual enjoyment. He needs a partner who enjoys sex as much as he does and isn’t shy when it comes to exploring physical landscapes. If you love luxury and creature comforts, then you two will have a lot in common.

He also loves to be spoiled, whether it’s by giving him a foot massage or special attention. If you are not comfortable in your skin, he will try to make you so, but if you are naturally cold and hate public displays of affection, then this is not the man for you.

5. Taurus Man Cherishes An Independent Woman

The Taurus guy typically wants a partner who will always do her best, work hard, and make a fairly decent income. He wants to be the man in the relationship but he still wants his lady to do what she can as well.

He isn’t one that wants lots of time apart but a Taurus does want a partner that will be alright if he does decide to have a night out with the guys or he wants to go spend time alone from time to time.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to be like Aquarius and take off all the time. He loves the comfort of home and the comfort of his relationship. He just simply needs a little breathing room every now and then. It’s nothing tragic or difficult.

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What Does A Taurus Man Like In A Woman’s Body?

You don’t have to be a supermodel to win a Taurus man’s heart, but paying attention to your appearance will be appreciated. He worships and adores all that is feminine about you. Taurus men cannot resist a woman’s neck, breasts, and inner thighs.

Beauty is what a Taurus man worships. He loves and needs to have all of his senses moved by you. A Taurus man type of woman should have a taste for beauty, luxury, and comfort.

5 Taurus Man Dislikes — What A Taurus Man Hates In A Woman?

1. Taurus Man Dislikes Demanding Woman

While a Taurus man can be a bit possessive and controlling at times; he also really isn’t much into women that are that way. It’s contradictory I know. However, that’s how it is with him.

He wants a woman who holds her own and doesn’t need to be at his side 24/7. There are times when he will need some solitude or time with his friends without his woman. She should understand this.

If he invites you to go along with him on an adventure and you turn him down; do not expect him to stay home with you just because you don’t want to go. This will make him feel he’s carrying a dark cloud over him.

The last thing he wants to feel is guilt because he wants to go do something without you every now and then. Allow him some free time.

2. Taurus Man Doesn’t Like Drama Queen

If you are loud and overbearing with your emotions, the Taurus man will run for cover or shut down. He doesn’t like drama and will escape it at all costs. He prefers a woman who has herself together and is low key.

Taurus man himself doesn’t get upset too easily and doesn’t understand anyone who erupts at the small snap of a twig. Really, he wants a partner who is even keeled and learns to control her emotions.

The same thing can be said by a woman who decides he hasn’t responded fast enough via text or hasn’t responded at all and then proceeds to send him a long winded text chewing him out or crying her feelings out.

He will see this as pressure and a guilt trip thus resulting in him pulling back or pulling away entirely. He really doesn’t like this sort of behavior and will cut a woman loose to find someone who is chiller with him.

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3. Taurus Dislikes Dominant Woman

When you get to know a Taurus man, you start to learn that he isn’t the type that wants a woman controlling him in any way whatsoever. He doesn’t want to feel closed up or tied down.

He wants to love someone freely and have them love him in return but without constraints. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to commit but when he does commit, he wants to feel as though there is an understanding between you two.

In the bedroom, he does prefer to be “the man” and will want to be the one busting the moves. However, he makes exceptions for the right woman. If you try to dominate him or his life, you will be sadly dismissed.

4. Taurus Man Despises Lazy Woman

Taurus is a very driven man, he wants to make sure things get done correctly. He will also want to keep learning as much as he can in order to better himself.

He wants a woman who will do the same. If he feels you’re lazy, he will figure that you just don’t care about yourself or the relationship which could cause him to back out or away entirely.

While chilling out on the couch watching TV is sometimes OK, if you do it all the time; this will definitely appear as laziness and he just cannot hang with that. He will start spending more time away from the house and you.

5. Taurus Man Doesn’t Like Aggressive Woman

Manipulative, passive-aggressive or capricious women who need to always be in control are a big turn-off for the Taurus man. It’s not that they need to dominate you, so much as that they need to be appreciated and valued.

If you are not insecure, and most people are, remember that not everyone shares your confidence, especially not the Taurus man. Other issues that will have him heading for the door are frugality, intolerance, lack of appreciation for beauty, untidiness, and tactless flirtatiousness.

Do Taurus Like Clingy Partners?

A Taurus man doesn’t like a partner who is too dependable and who overly relies on his emotional support and attention. Taurus is not a fan of frequent texting, calling, or seeking reassurance on a daily basis.

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15 thoughts on “Taurus Man Likes And Dislikes — What He Wants In A Woman?

  1. Ex Taurus bf dumped me 5 months ago but he wanted us to be friends after since we work on the same place. We talk for hours almost every other day on the fone. 2 wks ago, I asked for a 2nd chance. He declined and instead said I will always have a soft spot on him bec ours was beautiful but too complicated. Should I cut the communication now? Help.

    1. Hi Denise!

      I don’t know if you’re still in contact with him at this point but unless you’re willing to stay friends with him only then yes, you probably want to cut ties and go ahead with your life. You may have better luck finding someone else who will give you what you want in a relationship.

  2. If the Taurus man dumped you and he is mature in age then move on. It is odd that he is still using you to fulfill his needs by continuing to desire chat with. Stop returning his calls and text and only do so if completely necessary or cut communication completely. When a Taurus ends a relationship it’s over. Don’t let this guy be a time sucker. Use your time to meet someone new or for other more important things.

  3. i got a taurus friend,i am not sure if he has feelings for me or not but i cant get him out of my head.i guess i am in love with him.what can i do now, help

    1. Its more better if a taurus guy chooses you than u choosing him.. trust me…. if u choose him first, he might take u 4granted; u would end up pursueing this guy instead of the other way round.

      1. Hi Taurus Queen and Lara!

        Thank you for chiming in. I don’t know if you’re a Taurus woman or with a Taurus guy. Either way, Taurus men don’t typically do any chasing. If they like someone and get a confirmation that they like him, he’ll reach out. He doesn’t want to waste time or energy on someone he thinks might reject him. When a woman does like him and doesn’t know what he thinks then she needs to step it up a notch and let him know otherwise he may remain oblivious or unaware what she wants thus he doesn’t step forward. Be bold!

  4. So a few years back I was chatting with a Taurus man. Things got really serious after a couple years where we both expressed how we felt about each other. Things got really complicated between us both since we were states away and he eventually found someone else and left me in the dark cutting me off. Almost 3 years later he reaches out to me and we start talking again. This time I have my guard up and protecting me heart since it’s was devastating for me when things just ended. He expressed how sorry he was and missed me and also said he couldn’t stop thinking about me. That he had screwed up… so I’m just confused as to why he’s back. It’s still long distance and I still love the guy and he’s also stated that he loves me too. But at this point I don’t know what to expect and if he’s just feeling lonely because of the situation he in where’s he broken due to this last relationship he was in or what.

    1. Hi Zoe!

      Sounds like he’s being pretty straight forward. He didn’t do well with his life after you and so he wonders what it would be like to have you back so he tried to reach out to you and make that happens. If you still want him then give him a chance to prove himself worthy of you. Don’t let him back in easy. Make sure she does all the work. If you need to know more about him, try reading my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  5. Zoe,
    If you want this man back in your life tell him so. If you try to play hard to get, he will forget you. I am a Taurus man myself, been in these situations. Taurus men don’t have time for time wasters period.

    1. Hi Tom!

      Thank you for chiming in with your view of things being a Taurus man. I will tell you this though Tom, not all Taurus men are identical so some are more of the type that will reach out more too. Some Taurus men want a challenging woman, some don’t. It really depends on him and how he grew up. All my information I’ve gathered (I’m married to a Taurus man myself) is in my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Ofoe!

      I actually have an article on all the best matches for Taurus man. It’s called “Best Compatibility For Taurus – How He Matches With Other Signs”. If you want more insight though you can get the Taurus Man Secrets book. It also enables you to have access to one free VIP consult with me. At that point I can zero in on your best matches personally. I’ll leave it up to you!

  6. I am ataurus guy who is in a stressing relationship… I Am so much in love with this Capricon girl Sharon, She is realy cold and always keeps me daubting if she realy loves me.. She hardly speaks those romantic words to me but when i ask if she realy loves me she says yes… I am even already thinking of Having apeacefull breakup with her.. I am seriously going Mad becoz of this please i need advice

    1. Hi Armstrong Jus Ogwal!

      Ok so normally this is where I tell women to have patience with a Taurus man. The thing is, Taurus also needs to have patience. Capricorn women are harder to reach even though they are a fellow Earth sign. They need lots of compliments, attention, and care. They do tend to go silent because they’re trying to figure something out or are confused with their decisions. They need that time to get it together. I would strongly advise that you very calmly ask her if she would like to make this work and if so, you will need her to tune in and talk to you instead of pulling away. Tell her what you need and offer her what you can give to her. Communication is the most important tool there is. Tell her it hurts you when she goes silent or cold on you. I wish you all the very best!

  7. Hello;
    I just want to share that I bought your book on the taurus guy in 2017 and it gave me valuable information on how to better understand the taurus man.
    I started seeing a taurus man in 2018 upon his request.
    I would like to add that we dated in high school and I fancied myself at 16 in love with him then even not knowing what love was.
    He broke up with me and went after someone else whom he married and divorced 5 years later.
    I have been dating only him for 5 years now. It’s complicated; life is like that sometimes. The reason for the complications is I have been going through a terrible divorce since 2016. When I started dating the old high school taurus flame I had already moved back home and in the divorce process for 2 years. My taurus man knows all of this as I have always been open and honest.
    The divorce was final in 2019; however the assets division is what is taking so long.
    Now with all the background said; I know I love this taurus man. I respect him and how he is and especially how his mind works.
    He talks about when we should get married; but there is no definitive date set as we both are working on getting our finances in order first.
    I worry sometimes that he is too good to be true and that he will bail on me like when we were in high school. I have trauma and insecurities due to such a horrible divorce and the death of my only son.
    I guess I just want and need someone to say hang in there; your taurus man you loved in your youth will come through and honor his word and our relationship. What are your thoughts if you have any?
    Thank you and for those on the fence about buying the taurus man secrets book; don’t worry. It’s a valuable book and will help give better understanding of how the Taurus man behaves and thinks. It’s great book to learn from.

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