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How Should You Talk To A Taurus Man?

Have you been watching a certain Taurus guy but aren’t sure what to say to him to get his attention. Maybe you’re nervous and uncertain what he’d really like to hear. I have some pointers that may help you get up the nerve to communicate with him.

Flirt With Him

The Taurus man likes to hear how handsome he is or how good that blue shirt looks on him. Compliment his smile or his eyes. He will be impressed by you having the nerve to speak up.

He will see it as spontaneous and probably pretty hot. Taurus men are typically very good looking and know that they are. They don’t normally have tremendous egos but they do like being complimented.

If you’ve seen how he works, compliment him on his technique or his ideas. He will eat it right up and want to see what else you may have to say.

Give him attention. He isn’t one to ask for it or necessarily need it but he will accept it nonetheless. He’s still a guy and most guys like being told they’re good at something or look amazing.

Talk about Food

Couple Eating Together - How Should You Talk To A Taurus Man

I know it sounds funny but this man REALLY loves good food. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with him via discussing delicious cuisines. If you talk about the meal you cooked last night; even better!

Brag to him about the things you like to cook. He will be intrigued because one of the things he covets most is a woman who will cook for him. His heart is just about literally in his stomach.

If you don’t know how to cook, you could ask him if he’s been to the new restaurant down the street that has excellent tacos. If he hasn’t and he takes the bait, he may then ask if you want to go with him to check them out.

You could also offer to bring him some homemade brownies or cookies. This way you seem friendly yet, he’ll be interested to know why you would include him in your kindness. He loves a kind woman.

Being a sweetheart to him and offering some of your goodies will get his attention for sure. Make sure whatever you make or buy is some of the best you’ve had. He’ll really appreciate it.

Talk about the Outdoors

This man is one that likely loves to go camping, hiking, hunting, or anything that involves him being outside in nature. If you’re a nature person, you’ll easily mesh with him and gain his interest.

If you aren’t so much a nature person, it may be a little harder to discuss things like this but if you do your research, you could use your charm on him with what you learn.

Knowing where some amazing camping spots are or places to go on long hikes may be; you could get him interested in perhaps going to have fun in the outdoors with him.

You can also discuss animals of any kind with him. He’ll appreciate it as he loves everything about nature including critters. In fact, it’s not uncommon for him to have several pets.

Maybe you can warm his heart by showing him pictures of your cat or puppy. Any type of pet you’ve got, he’ll find it heartwarming and consider you to be a very caring person.

Be Straightforward

The Taurus man really appreciates honesty and if you’re interested in him, you could just indicate to him that you are. He will love the fact that you took the time and courage to let him know.

When you talk to him, try to slide your hand across his or slide it onto his shoulder. The physical contact while you’re talk to him will excite him and possibly spice up his ideas of you.

This guy isn’t one of the signs that are complicated. It’s easy to read a Taurus man and even easier to talk to them.

There are exceptions to the rule of course; depending on their moon sign. Most are very easy to communicate with and get to know. They’re funny and fun to be with.

I’ve found that if you just flat out let him know you’re interested, he will respond in kind. Just keep in mind, they do tend to be truthful so if you aren’t someone they are interested in; they will let you know.

If he is interested, he will also respond to you in a way that there is no way you can mistake what he wants. This is one of the more stable signs of the zodiac with the men.

Look into his Sexy eyes

Happy young couple talking and drinking coffee near the window in cafe - How Should You Talk To A Taurus Man

The Taurus man will love a woman to look at him seductively while she speaks to him. He’ll notice and it’s very likely he’ll know what you’re after. Believe it or not; Taurus men love pretty eyes.

He’s a sucker for a pair of gorgeous eyes to look him in his. Now combine that with touching his hand, arm, or shoulder. This will drive him wild and make him want to come back for more.

Talking to a Taurus man is pretty easy. They’re very cool and go with the flow. If you are able to pay attention to how he talks to others, you can pick up what he likes fairly fast.

Use it to your advantage and make conversations out of things you know he likes. You can also let him know what you like and how you’d love it if he went along with you sometime.

Be his friend

When this man commits, he wants the person that is going to be his best friend and always be there for him as he is for them. So when you’re getting to know a Taurus man; pay attention.

Over time you’ll know what he really likes and perhaps what he doesn’t like. The more you show him that you have been paying attention, you won’t regret it.

There is so much stability with the Taurus man when he commits. You may want to check out my book to find out more about this guy. The Taurus Man Secrets book gives you some pretty important tips to helping you get to know him better.

Got questions? Ask/share your story in the comment section below!

16 thoughts on “How Should You Talk To A Taurus Man?

  1. I have been seeing this Taurus guy for a year now. I am an escort and I’m a Scorpio. I met him at work and he’s been seeing me excl
    usively for an year now. a month ago he told me that he loves me and he’s never said it again. he’s all over sudden gone silent on me. I see him on a weekly basis, but this week he hasn’t texted nor called me…. is he bored with me or what is happening? can he truly be in love with me or he just said it to please me? kindly help me out.

    1. That’s all Taurus, like myself.Once we open up, something you won’t see often, we’re afraid of being rejected by expressing our true feeling..text him back,call him and you’ll see the joy he’ll get..

    2. Hi fatmah omar!

      Not speaking to you for a week isn’t abnormal for a Taurus man. If he’s busy or has things going on, he prioritizes. It doesn’t mean he’s suddenly lost interest in you. If he’s not reaching out to you then you should try reaching out to him. He may be comfortable with you and doesn’t feel the need to chase after you anymore. Ask him about it. He’ll tell you!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Love your book and I think I’m starting to understand my guy more, but I’m still confused… I met him at a conference this past October, and he lives in a different state. We immediately connected and hooked up, and didn’t really make anything of it, because I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. But we still kept in contact and always says how sweet and sexy and romantic I am, how much my soul feels good etc…We’ll, he came to see me on the way home from a business trip, and then a few weeks later, I flew out to see him, and th chemistry is still so there!! I’m starting to really like him but I get so many mixed signals from him…like he introduced me to his friends which I think is a big step, then he recently invited me to a wedding with his family, but then changed his mind, saying it was too big of a step. I’m a bit heartbroken… he’s going through a lot right now with trying to find a new job, looking for a new place to live, and getting things in order., and said a relationship is the last thing he needs right now, but he still wants to keep in contact, and if it’s physical, that’s fine, but he just wants to be platonic for now.

    What does this all mean? I care a lot for him but don’t want to wait around too long, is he just stringing me along? How do I get him to commit?

    Any advice would help!

  3. I’ve known this Taurus guy for months now! And there are days where he shows interests and days where he just ghost me, he likes teasing me, we’re throwing shades on each other all the time but in a fun way! And myself i’m mot an easy one to flirt or spak up first! So what to do

  4. I’m an aries and I met my Taurus guy and we went out a couple of times, I told him I liked him and he said he loved me. But then we have very boring conversations and he said we don’t connect. I’ve tried like real hard to make it work, he is working and am still in school so we don’t really have a common ground but recently he uploaded our picture online. We had a call again and he is like he connects with other girls more. Please what do I do, I really love him?

    1. Hi Gift! Thank you for sharing your confusing Taurus man situation. It seems that he’s unsure what he wants. He should never have told you he loved you before he knew for sure. He rather fell for the idea of love because most likely, he found you to be a beautiful woman. This is what happens with Taurus men, they can open up their mouths far too soon then end up regretting it when they realize it was foolish of them to speak out before knowing for sure. They back peddle and then this type of stuff happens. Sadly, if he’s told you he doesn’t feel a connection, then all you can do is be his friend and give it time. Maybe he’ll change his tune with a bit of time under his belt. Taurus men typically do take a great amount of time figuring out if someone is right for them or not. There is much more you need to know and I can help if you would like to read my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  5. This is for sure going to help out any Libra’s out there that like a Taurus man. I read a lot of articles about Taurus men and it’s completely natural for them to show signs they like you but then give you the ‘silent treatment’. Like Anna says, its all about paying attention and if you do and he’s giving you signs, give them back.

  6. Hi Ana, or any Taurus man if you can please help to understand.

    Why would a married Taurus man cheat ? Is it true if he says they are living like roommates, and that the romance aspect is dead?

    Is he says he misses “me” and likes me a lot is it true?

    Any clarification you can provide will be sooo greatly appreciated. You

    1. Hi Sonja!

      Well, no man is perfect and all Taurus men are not the same. How they grew up can have an impact as can other astrological aspects in their chart. However, if he’s trying to lure you in while you know he’s married, there is no way for you to know if he is even telling you the truth. He may be dishonest in saying he and his wife are living like roommates. If that was how it is, why wouldn’t he move out? I wouldn’t trust it and I would be very cautious. If he’s doing this with you, he may do it to others. Stick with the single ones sweetheart.

  7. Hey Anna
    I’ve been seeing a Taurus man for a month or two, and we are really getting along. I’m a Virgo and I identify quite strongly with my zodiac sign, and the guy I’m seeing resembles a Taurus man in pretty much every way possible.
    We’ve gone a week without seeing each other, and as a Virgo I need reassurance frequently – which he is not giving me. Once we are togehter, everything is so good. But then we saw each other last night, and I was really in a weird mindset – not talking and pushing him away. Probably because I’m scared that he is not interested. I know that Taurus men wants to take things slow – so how do I tell him, that I’m keen without pushing him away – and how do I get to know if he’s really interested or just seeing me for shits and giggles?

    1. Hi Carla!

      It sounds like you need to tell him what you’re feeling honey. Taurus men have no clue something is wrong unless someone tells them. They do like to take things slow but they also like if you’re honest with them about what you feel so they don’t have to try to guess. You get to know if he’s interested by simple honest communication. If you two get along really well there is no reason to think it’s not happening. Read my series “Taurus Man Secrets” for more information.

  8. Hi Anna – I have been talking with a Taurus man for roughly 7 months but am struggling. I am a scorpio. His company did work for a business that I own, which is how we met. At the time we met I was married and so nothing transpired. After seeing each other over the course of a few months, I actually reached out to him to ask him if he would be interested in dating a friend of mine (a genuine request as I figured if I couldn’t have him, someone great should) but he was not interested. Given my marriage was on the outs, he and I started texting, realized we were both interested in each other, and decided to meet. As you could imagine there was an immediate sexual chemistry between us and we started seeing each other about once a week. During this time he made it very clear that, until my marriage was done, nothing with us would further beyond where it was. I know he liked me a great deal though as he would verbally tell me, especially when we were being intimate. A few times I tried to break it off, knowing that it wasn’t right until my divorce was done; however, I couldn’t. He would say that once my divorce was done he wanted to give this a true try; however, as I move through the motions of the divorce, he seems to pull away more. I push, he says he’ll try, he doesn’t (as quickly as I need him to, which is something I need to work on), I get frustrated and pull away/break it off, and the cycle continues. It is important to note that his ex wife cheated on him and he was beyond devastated, to the point where it impacts him greatly, event 4 years after the divorce. She’s still with the guy. He kept saying that once I was available that he wanted to give this a try but, now that I am (almost divorced), his walls are still up and seemingly getting worse. He says he’s scared. He says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him as he’s normally the type to shower someone he cares about with love (he doesn’t do this with me – e.g. flowers, time, romance, etc. – his examples, not mine). He’s frustrated that he’s still this walled up but can’t seem to change it. These are things he says to me. He’s confused because he knows he cares and hasn’t let anyone else in this much in 4 years (I helped him pick out paint colors for his house, he calls when he’s frustrated at work, etc.) but he says the “spark” isn’t there for him. One minute he’s excited to see me and the next he just wants to be alone so he’s confused and frustrated by this.

    I care about him a great deal and know he does too; however, we just keep being off in our rhythm. Another note, he has been FB messaging with a girl he met online a few months ago when he and I were paused from talking (he hasn’t seen her in person). He says there is nothing there but I don’t like it – their messages are very sporadic and not sexual in nature. I know a Taurus tends to do this as a “safety net” but it doesn’t set well with me. After finding that out, I told him about 2 weeks ago that I couldn’t do this anymore unless he gave more and he said he wanted to do that because I’m worth it to him. Actually he said, “so if I tell her I’m talking to someone and communicate better with you, you will let me give this a try?”. I told him yes, that’s what I needed. But, he didn’t (well, again, not as soon as I thought he should) so I ended it (again, ugh) but I can’t seem to stay in that place.

    I want this to work. I asked him if we could talk, he said he needed a day or two to process so I took about a week and didn’t contact him at all and then asked him if we could talk and he said yes and that he’d let me know when (still hasn’t and it’s been 4 days) but he still answers my calls and offers to help me with things (he’s going to look at a house with me today that I want to buy because I need someone that knows about houses to look at it to make sure it’s a good house and my family is all over 2 hours away). Taurus men are known for doing things for others so, is this just part of his personality? Or, is it a sign he still cares? I read your book (and the “how to win a Taurus man back” guide) and understand my approach needs to change a bit (key note: be patient and don’t take it so personally when “he’s busy”) but, I guess I just need to know if there’s still a chance or, did I push him away for good? And, if there is, what is my next move? How should I approach it. I clearly need to reassure and show him I’m in this for the long haul and show him stability to build his trust but, what’s the best way to get him on board too? Do I wait wait for him to come to me and say he’s ready to talk (give him space) or, pursue a time for us to talk (Taurus men are known for avoiding hard conversations)? I need to know I can trust him too. If he says he’s going to stop talking to this girl, should I believe him? Just not sure where to go from here.

    Sorry for the long-winded message but, I really look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Karabeth!

      I think that if you’re still not divorced then he isn’t sure if you will. He’s being overly cautious. I think he does care very much for you but until you’re free to be with him, he sees it as a time that he should keep his options open just in case you don’t ever break free. If you are separated then he’s using the divorce as a vice to keep things from getting more serious. He may not be ready for a relationship yet. Time and patience is all that I can suggest for this to work honey. There is no fast tracking with Taurus. If you need more help, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets!

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