What Every Taurus Man Wants In A Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Learn how to make your relationship a wonderful ride of love, companionship, trust, and harmony. Find out what a Taurus man wants in a relationship.

For those of you who have followed me for years now, you know how much I love Taurus men! I love them so much that I ended up marrying one and I couldn’t be any happier! My Taurus man is everything I could ever want in a relationship and more.

Taurus is a feminine Earth sign, which makes men born in Taurus both gentle and fierce, strong and insecure. Ruled by Venus, a Taurus man revels in luxuries of all kinds and he will not stay in any relationship that doesn’t make him feel appreciated, loved, useful, and adored.

He needs to feel comfortable and secure in a relationship, so faithfulness is a big deal to him. He also wants a comfortable, even luxurious, home and a partner who supports his practical ambitions, understands his insecurities, and shares his need to be surrounded by beautiful things.

A Taurus man thrives in long-term relationships and prefers a stable and steady commitment over short-term flings that leave him feeling empty and unfulfilled. He wants to be with someone who is just as dependable as he is. A Taurus man is truly the perfect partner.

Taurus Men In Relationships — Things To Know

If you are looking for a love that is totally devoted and loyal then look no further than a Taurus man. Being in a relationship with one of these guys can be a truly amazing experience. These guys are so wonderful at making a woman feel loved and cared for in a relationship.

They are super affectionate, stable, romantic, sensual, and above all, very committed to their relationships. A Taurus man goes above and beyond to make his woman feel loved and cared for. She will be his number one.

This relationship will feel super comfortable and you will quickly notice yourself falling into some type of routine because there is nothing your Taurus man loves more than knowing what to expect from his day.

Imagine fun evenings cooking together, cuddling up by the sofa watching tv, and then followed by some sweet and sensual lovemaking. When the relationship between you and your Taurus is good, it is amazing!

But when a Taurus man gets jealous and possessive it can feel a little intense and like you might be trapped. And that he is taking control of your life as well. It is a tricky balance the two of you need to find in order to find the bliss you are looking for in this relationship.

What A Taurus Man Wants In A Relationship — 5 Things To Remember

Have you ever wondered what does a Taurus man want in a relationship?

There are a few things every Taurus man needs to feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship. And these qualities always center around what will make him feel most stable, secure, and comfortable in his life.

Keep on reading if you would like to see if you have some of the qualities a Taurus man is looking for in a partner.

  1. Loyalty and trust. Taurus men place a high value on loyalty and trust in a relationship. They want to be able to trust their partner completely, and they expect the same level of trust and loyalty in return.
  2. Stability and security. Being a fixed sign, the Taurus man sticks to what they love. They are like immovable objects, and so once they’ve found their spot next to you, it’s unlikely that they’ll be eyeing other people.  You’re the one they chose, after all so having feeling safe and secure is crucial.
  3. Romance and sensuality. Taurus men are romantic and sensual by nature. They just love candlelit dinners, surprise gifts, and intimate gestures. They also place a high value on physical touch and affection, so small acts of affection such as hugs and cuddles are important to them.
  4. Traditional roles between man and woman. Taurus men like to see themselves as decision makers and primary breadwinners and they expect from a woman to be in charge of the housekeeping and taking care of children.
  5. Emotional maturity. A Taurus wants a woman with stable emotional responses to different challenges. They do not want someone who is temperamental. This way he will be able to form a healthy and stable relationship and handle challenges in a constructive way.

Are Taurus Men Insecure? And How To Handle Them

A Taurus man is definitely an interesting beast to understand. These guys can seem super confident and like they have everything together, but beneath all of this, there is actually quite an insecure little boy.

A Taurus man seriously hates change, and this is why he is always trying so hard to control everything around him. He wants things to stay the way they are because if something changes then it means he fails and it can leave him feeling quite terrible.

Breakups are especially hard for Taurus men. They struggle to get over that person and it may take them a really long time to recover from the heartbreak. Taurus men have a really hard time surrendering and going with the flow.

A Taurus man who doesn’t work on his problems and faces his shadow side is always going to struggle with relationships.

This is when the nasty and manipulative side of him may come out. It is definitely something to look out for when dating a Taurus man. He needs to be encouraged to work on himself so that he can get over these feelings of insecurity.

But you can help him by reassuring him and telling him how much you love him and that there is no one else for you but him. He needs to see your loyalty and understand that you are in it for the long haul, just like him. Pay him compliments and let him know how amazing you think he is.

The more effort and patience you put into him, eventually it is going to pay off and he will understand that you are in it with him. Be his source of peace and he will love you forever.

Do Taurus Men Often Have Trust Issues?

You may have noticed that Taurus men actually have quite hectic trust issues. They are always second-guessing you or acting suspicious and this all stems from experiences in the past where women have deceived them in some way.

A Taurus man hates to get hurt, and that is why he is always on his guard because the times in his life when he did trust easily, he was really hurt and he never wants to feel like that again. This is why he becomes so controlling.

He also has a tendency to become quite jealous because he thinks everything is conspiring to unsettle his stability and security in life. This is why a Taurus man needs a woman to make him her top priority, this is the only thing that can really appease him.

This is probably why some Taurus men tend to be a little misogynistic and why they like traditional gender roles so much. “Being a man” makes him feel safe and like he is the boss.

How To Emotionally Connect With A Taurus Man

If you want to have a healthy relationship with your Taurus man, then you are going to have to accept the fact that you can’t rush him into anything and that he needs to come around in his own time.

Taurus man values security and stability, and can be slow to trust others. So, to emotionally connect with him you need to offer stability, show your appreciation and be dependable. 

Taurus can be slow to open up and trust others, so be patient and don’t push him to reveal his emotions too quickly.

When you don’t pressure him, when you allow him to come to you in his own time, that’s when the real magic happens for the Taurus! Keep in mind that he has long-term plans, but is a little bit scared of moving too fast, of rushing into something he might not be certain of. So above all, be patient. 

5 Ways To Support A Taurus Man Emotionally

How to Support a Taurus Man Emotionally

There is a lot you can do to make your Taurus man feel loved, appreciated, and stable. His needs are truthfully quite simple, and he needs the very bare minimum to be happy. The good thing about a Taurus man is that for the most part he is extremely chilled and doesn’t often get riled up.

But there are moments where he might get a little sulky, and this is simply because he feels insecure and out of control. Here are a few things you can do to show him how much he means to you. This will certainly have your Taurus feel supported emotionally and make him see that you are the right woman for him.

1. Be Loyal And Caring

Your Taurus man may appear to be confident and even arrogant but he is an insecure soul whose jealousy can become extremely destructive and even violent if you give him reason to doubt you.

He may imagine you are flirting with other men or spying on you to be sure, so take time and make an extra effort to reassure him and make him trust you.

Any sign that you are restless, bored, or looking outside the relationship will eat him up for days and can turn your loving and attentive partner into a surly, calculating, and highly manipulative adversary.

A Taurus man wants your loyalty. He wants you to admire him and make it seem like he is the only man who can ever exist for you. He needs to know that he can trust you and that you won’t disappear the moment things get a little difficult.

A Taurus man needs a woman who can stand by his side and be there for him at every moment.

Take the first step towards winning your Taurus man’s heart and check out my 30-day Taurus Man Love Challenge. He won’t be able to resist your genuine and enduring love!

2. Make Him Feel Secure

The sign of Taurus rules possessions and the accumulation of personal wealth. A successful relationship for a Taurus man is one where both partners are committed to long-term comfort, success, and security. Any threats to his routine or his possessions will be met with fierce and stubborn resistance.

He needs a partner who lets him take the lead and make decisions and one who appreciates his efforts to make your shared lives secure and comfortable. If you are careless with money or his stuff, he will brood over your thoughtlessness and become resentful.

Don’t count on him changing – he won’t change, and if you oppose him, be aware that Taurus can nurse a grudge for life!

3. Be Affectionate And Show Him Your Love Language

Your Taurus man is a sensual, demonstrative lover who needs to eat from a richly laden buffet of sexual and sensual pleasures to feel he has a healthy and rewarding sex life. He will pamper and adore you but don’t take him for granted.

Make the effort to do the same to him, and don’t be scared of expressing deepest emotions, as he will appreciate your effort and protect you in your most fragile moments.

Sharing your secret fantasies with this Bull will excite and please him, as long as he doesn’t feel threatened. If you hide secrets or seem to be holding back, he will become anxious and insecure. You need to be truly naked with a Taurus man, to reap the full rewards of his immense capacity for love.

4. Live Up To His Expectations

Taurus men are traditionalists at heart and in a relationship, they expect the man and women to follow rather old-fashioned rules and roles. A Taurus man wants to be deferred to and appreciated as a leader and provider. He expects his woman to be loving, feminine, pretty, and demure. He wants a woman who shares his ideas for a beautiful and comfortable home.

A Taurus may think nothing of admiring other women but if his wife or girlfriend appears too independent or free, he will brood and become insecure and jealous. The secret here is to give him lots of affirmation and make sure he knows that you love him and do not want anyone else.

5. Make Him Feel Calm And Comfortable

As long as he feels his partner is completely committed to their relationship, the Taurus man will work very hard to make it succeed. He dislikes conflict, although once he is in one, he will be very hard to beat, as he is extraordinarily stubborn.

He is comfortable expressing his emotions but he prefers to do this in a serene and calm way. If you are given to emotional outbursts, you will see his colder side.

He wants to know that both of you are comfortable and that your relationship provides a safe place for each of you to thrive and be successful. If he feels you are keeping secrets or holding back, then he can be quite merciless and even devious in getting to the truth.

Open up to your Taurus man and tell him all your fears, and you will be surprised at how mature, loving, and supportive he can be.

How To Pamper A Taurus Man

What they say is true, a Taurus man loves to be doted on like royalty. He wants to know that he is special and cared for and this makes him feel loved and accepted more than anything else you can imagine.

If you just go all out and do special things for your Taurus man, then he will be super happy and devoted to you for a very long time to come. You may notice that when a Taurus man is in love with you, he goes all out and probably showers you with a lot of gifts and attention.

He may not say it, but he actually wants you to do the same for him. He wants you to make a bit of a fuss over him and express your love in ways that go further than just words. Show him how sensual and romantic you can be and do something special for him often and he will be elated.

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Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

29 thoughts on “What Every Taurus Man Wants In A Relationship

  1. I recently broke up with my boy friend in October who happens to be a Taurus, he says I’m not emotionally supportive.
    I have tried talking to him but it seems his mind is made up about the break up.
    There’s still hope in me that things will work out.
    What advice can you give me.

    1. Hi Dumile! If he totally stops talking to you after telling you that he doesn’t want to get back together then you’ll know for sure he’s done. If he still talks to you however, the door is still slightly cracked open. You’ll have to start as friends again and try to build his confidence back up regarding you. After time if he thinks that maybe there IS another chance, he’ll motivate toward that. So for the time being, you may want to try to be friends with him and show him that you ARE emotionally supportive. Send him sweet memes that indicate you care, when he tells you something about his life, show him your empathy, and just basically let him see your presence is still there for him. There is a lot more to learn about Taurus man and what to do in order to win him back. If you’d like to know more, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  2. Dear Anna, I happened to view your website, I sure would like to see if you could answer a question for me, I am 67 years of age, male, I did while going to high school have had a
    lot of good women friends, though I hardly ever dated or had sex, because I always had to
    work hard in service stations and never had no time for a woman, my mother was a nurse
    and my father had a service station where I was busy, now since they are both gone, I am
    still working hard at 67 years of age, so it seems like all my high school woman friends are all married now and I am still in the background, now that I am in retirement and older now
    I would like to have a relationship,truelove and some sex in my life, I am taurus myself,or would I have to be a loner all my life and keep working,since I am not rich, though I need a love or woman in my life, could I get a simple answer from you if I could, you look like
    a respected person to ask, thanks

    1. Hi Dennis! Thank you for writing in about your situation as a Taurus man. While I know a great deal on how Taurus men are and what to tell women, I’m afraid I’m not sure what to tell you as far as how you can proceed to find a relationship or love. That being said, you may try going to places of interest to meet someone who has common interests or you can try online dating. Just take your time because as a Taurus, you need to be sure that the women you find interested in are women that you could have a future with not just a “right now” situation. Even at 67, you should take your time to cultivate something special. There are plenty of dating websites you can try I think “Our Time ” is one that helps people over the age of 50 to find someone. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Anna, wanted to ask a question … If you are in a relationship with a person and you had intercourse with a taurus man while the person and you are still dating, how will he be towards them? He sent to tell that person he has moved on because he knew it won’t last. But he told the person he was falling in love with them, that’s why he look for someone. Will he still change his mind and try to go back seeing they told him they’re no longer in a relationship with the person anymore?

    1. Hi Princess, a Taurus man will have trust issues if he slept with you while you were still in a relationship with someone else. It’s a double standard but he will think that you are capable of doing the same thing to him and so he may not want to be with you even if you aren’t with the other person anymore. Then again, maybe with time and patience, you can show him that you weren’t working out with that other person and it wasn’t the reason you messed around with him. It’s a sticky situation and I think you would benefit from reading my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  4. hi, A taurus man said he love me and talk about his future with me, but suddenly he change and him being no time for me.He barely text and he dont ask to meet me even we are just 5 minute walk from his house to mine, When I ask him if he is ignoring me, he said he is just busy with works,. I don’t feel he is serious. but before that, I told him i am not ready to be in relationship. But now I think Im falling for him. what should I do? and why he is doing like that.

    1. Hi Kaka!

      Either he’s gotten cold feet because he jumped in and got serious too fast OR he’s truly busy with what he says he is. Taurus prioritizes when they have things going on in their lives which can sometimes result in love being on the back burner. He really should learn to tell you exactly what he’s dealing with and why he’s being reserved with his texts. You’ve fallen for him and I think it’s important that you are honest with him so that he can decide if it’s something he wants and that you’re on the same page of if he’s changed his mind. Talking is VERY important so go ahead and open that door!

  5. Hi Anna,

    Need your advice, I am Scorpio female and recently i met Taurus guy and on our first date we had sex and being a Scorpio i am emotionally attached to him and i felt same feeling from him too, after a week i asked him for marriage and future plans, he said right now is not looking for marriage and want to be in relationship, he said i’m stressing him so soon for marriage and everything goes in a flow and on the same day he stopped talking to me and after a day i tried to talk and said sorry and accepted how he wants to be in relationship we will be and will not force him for marriage and let goes in a flow, he forgave me but not talking like before, this kind of nature is hurting me a lot, will he remain the same or will he come back to me, please suggest whether we have future together. I don’t want to force things on him but want to wait for the right time ,please suggest

    1. Hi CuteScorpio,

      You may have gotten into bed with him too quickly. Sadly Taurus man is a slow mover and if he actually wants a relationship, he’s going to be very cautious and take his time. If he’s telling you that you’re stressing him too soon then that means he’s not ready to be where you are. If you want it to work with him you’re going to have to slow down and let things flow a bit more naturally. I know that’s not easy but if he’s worth it, you’ll be glad you did. Patience honey!

      1. Hey anna ma’am ! i love your websites. I am an aquarius and i have been very very close friends with a taurus man for an year and more. We always used to spend time together . Recently we started dating and it was going welll but out of the blue , he said he is not ready for relationship and he thinks it might affect us both’s career. He said he will see if we can date after 2 years once we succeed . I am really heartbroken. He said he is sorry about it. I really dont know what to do. Should i still text him? I remember we always were with eachother during our friendship phase and wait for eachother. we used to talk about career and future plans, he always complimented me , protected me .

        1. Hi Someone,
          Space in general is never a bad idea when dealing with an Aquarius man. He needs copious amounts of it, whether he is in a relationship or not. Without space, this guy will go insane, no doubt!
          This is also a very useful trick to use when you want to get your Aquarius ex back, but this usually only works right after the break up so you need to time this properly.
          If your Aquarius ex is used to you being very clingy, needy, and looking for a lot of attention from him, then he might be shocked if you suddenly go radio silent and stop seeking validation from him.
          This will show him that you are actually independent of him and have your own life. He will question what you are doing and start to miss you because you no longer give him the love he has become accustomed to.
          Surprise him by not reaching out and leaning back. This might work quite easily, but it is going to be very hard for you to control yourself to not speak to him. You need to be strong for this to work!
          Best of luck to you!

  6. I am a cancer woman ,i was dating my taurus man since it was 2013(now 2020).so we were so much in love .and he told me several times that he want to marry me.though he is stubborn, i noticed a lot of time,he changed himself to comfort me.i love him more than anything.but he once started flirting to other woman who was attractive, and i came to know and me being cancer woman(sensitive) cut him off.still he came to me several times.and i too went to him.now i am talking to him from 4 days.he asks me about future plans.i don’t know what is going on his head.what if he will fly away again..leaving me depressed ! All i can say i love him so so much.

    1. Hi Wuora!

      Alright, just like I’ve mentioned to many other women, you need to talk to him. You need to ask him what he wants and where he sees things going with you. He will not tell you unless you ask. You won’t be able to find out what is going on with him unless you talk to him. Do yourself a favor and get it out on the table so you will know one way or the other and can then either let go or hold on. If you need more help, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  7. Dear Anna.. I happen to date a taurus man.. I show him all the love and supports a woman should show her man… But he acts colder by the day, each time i try to approach him about his cold acts, he says it’s nothing that he’s just busy but i feel he has another woman that’s why he’s acting cold, and he rarely calls me.. Does it mean he doean’t love me anymore or he’s no longer excited about us?

    1. Hi Cherish!

      If he’s telling you he’s just busy then it’s a good chance he is telling you the truth. If things weren’t right he’d probably fess up. I wouldn’t assume anything yet. Look for other red flags before you decide it’s another woman. Taurus men are old fashioned. They prefer talking about important stuff face to face typically unless he has no other choice than to do it via the phone. Tell him you need more attention from him tough. Tell him you’re a big girl but you still love the way he was with you before he got so busy. It sounds sweet and he may pick up the pace again with you. Check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” sometime honey.

  8. I broke up with a Taurus. The next day I was regretting and he said he loved me and cared for me. Then I got upset again and he said I think we’re done here. I have contacted him and given him flowers a handful of times over the last 5 weeks. He has not responded at all. He hasn’t blocked me. I love him. I want to be with him. I have been doing the things to help myself become a better partner. I have been on my own for so long as a single mom. I just wasn’t use to it. I was protecting my heart for sure even though I was falling in love with him.

    1. Hi Chantal!

      I am so sorry you are going through this. I think what you need to do here is give it a little time. You should tell him what you just told me though that you weren’t used to it and was protecting your heart. I think he’d actually understand that but right now the wound is still fresh so he needs time to clear his head. If you push too much he will block you and you won’t hear from him again. Be careful, tell him what you need to say and then give him a little space for a bit. If he truly loves you he will come back around. Taurus men don’t forget that easily. I wish you all the very best because you deserve all the love in the world!

  9. Hi Anna,

    Just wanted to check if you could give some advice on my dilemma with a Taurus man. I’ve known this Taurus man for almost 2 years now and been dating him for several months. Our feelings are mutual, we both are special to each other, but I wanted us to be official. I told him what was on my mind and asked him if where he thinks this is going. He didn’t give me a straight answer, but just told me that I’m important to him and he cares for me deeply, but wasn’t sure that we will work out if step it up because of the distance (we live on different states) and wasn’t sure if he can give me what I need as a partner. I was kind of disappointed, felt that I wasn’t good enough for him to commit. A few days after that, I talked to him again and said that I think we should stop this if we both think this is going nowhere. We were both emotional during the call, reminiscing all our moments together, and didn’t want to end the call that we eventually fell asleep together on the line. It has been a day since that call and I really still want to be with him, but I don’t want to force him into a relationship. What should I do?

    1. Hi Abbie!

      Taurus men are in no hurry to put a label on what he has with you. When you ask him before he’s ready, he will be kind of stubborn. That’s his nature. He wants things to flow naturally between you two rather than rushing to a title. Reach out to him and ask him how he’s doing. Tell him if there needs to be a slower pace then you’re alright with that as long as you can at least agree to only see each other. I think he’ll agree to that but then you’ll have to be patient until he’s really ready to commit fully. I wish you both the best of luck!

  10. My Taurus man friend of 3 months is always hot and cold. One minutes he’s in love but the next minute he’s accusing me of cheating and saying that he can’t trust me. I don’t cheat and I make myself available to him most of the time unless it’s late night or early mornings because I’m asleep.

  11. Hello Anna!

    I met a Taurus man on a dating website. Since the first day of acquaintance, we have been corresponding every day with several extended messages a day. It has been one month already. The initiative in the conversation always comes from him. Even if I reply with a message without a question, he finds a topic to latch on to and asks questions himself. A couple of days ago we met and had a nice time. I was interested in him, the only thing that embarrassed me a little was that he acted very cautious, not crossing the line even in conversation. After the date he immediately texted me when he got home and continues to text me every day. Basically our dialogue is endless and doesn’t stop. But he doesn’t ask me out on a second date, which confuses me and makes me doubt that he likes me. I know it’s only been 3 days, maybe I’m getting too excited. Is this normal for a Taurus? Does he need time or is he just not interested in further relationships?

  12. Intriguing, and I agree in so far as my exposure to Taurean admirers indicates, but this sounds more challenging than this Pisces woman might want to deal with. Anna, you seem to be describing a walk on eggshells and tightropes, do what he wants or else relationship.

  13. Hello, i am with a taurus man for more than a year, but the problem is, i am the other woman. We’ve had faced and solved so many problems and trials in our relationship, and we are so happy and good together and he always said that he was so sure that we are really meant for each other, but the problem is his wife and his children, they had 2 kids and that makes me feel so unsure about him though he always say that he’ll just make his children secure as for now. Chaos came up because his wife took all his money and salary and manipulated him with their children to make him come back to her.. i was also threatened and tend to doubt him for that, though he always said that he will really do what he promised to me, but i doubted him. I started asking him if really meant what he said to, i always asked him if he really love me though he kept telling me that nothing has changed in what he feels and plans about us. But the problem now is, he said to me that he is now tired of what is happening, and that he just need space, he said that he will not use his cellphone for a month because he is tired. He doesnt want to have contact for a month..So i said to him that i will give him that space for him to think of our situation, and told him that whatever decision he makes, i will accept it wholeheartedly. But i also told him that if ever he will not choose me, just informed me, for me not to kept waiting, and even told him to to come back to if he is really sure that he wants to settle down with me, and that he really made up his mind that i was really the one that he wants to be with him for the rest of his life.. he never replied with that..

    Now, i miss him so badly.. and tried to contact him but he isnt reachable. He really kept his distance with me.. we havent contacted for three days now. Am i just so impulsive. ? My mind is buggling and restless. What should i do? My mind kept telling me that i should wait for him to contact me..and just trust him, but i am so messed up.. and i cant sleep thinking about him..by the way i am a gemini (june gemini).
    Please help me enlightened my mind

  14. Hello, I am a Libra women and dating and in love with a Taurus man. It’s been 8 months and he is extremely devoted to me. He compliments me all the time, always in touch and we spend alot of time together. He talks about a future with me and includes me in everything.
    However, I find him to be very unemotional and sometimes quiet, other times gregarious and funny. He is hard to read. He doesn’t express his deep emotions at all.

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