How To Make Your Taurus Man Jealous: 5 Guaranteed Ways To Do So

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to make your Taurus man jealous? There are ways to get him completely fixated on you. Read on to find out how to make a Taurus man jealous in no time.

How to make your Taurus man jealous? The short answer to this is VERY EASILY! They are very sensitive about the issue of your flirting, real or imagined. So, there are ways to get him completely fixated on you. Read on to find out how.

At their best Taurus men are reliable, stable, calm, loving, warm and patient. At their worst, they are needy, inflexible, obstinate, possessive and insanely jealous as well as self-indulgent and resentful.

Taurus is a fixed sign representing power, sensuality, purpose, and determination and men under this sign are preoccupied with security and material accumulation.

They need constant affirmation because, under their appearance of confident success, these men are often desperately insecure.

If you succeed in making them jealous and hurt their sensitive feelings, Taureans can hold a deep and unwavering grudge against you for life. You want to tread very carefully when it comes to making your man jealous as his buttons can be pushed very easily.

This man will imagine you are flirting with other men when you are not, so if actually do, then you may be asking for trouble. When it comes to emotional manipulation, Taurus men are masters of the game, so be careful if you decide to engage him in his favorite sport

Remember that Taurus men love the thrill of the chase, you need to let them feel like they are in control. Make yourself available but be aloof and just out of his reach, if you want to keep and hold his attention.

1. Talk about someone richer or more successful

Taurus is ruled by Venus and this sign’s natural home is the second house of wealth and value. This is the realm of money, belongings, acquisitions, as well as the cultivation of substance and self-worth.

If you want to make a Taurus man feel insecure, mention casually how well another man, preferably a celebrity or local business personality is doing.

Keep it very casual and use a light touch – you don’t want to go too far and get him obsessing over your possible relationship with this man but you do want to make him aware that he has competition.

2. Cancel a date at the last minute

how to make your taurus man jealous

Taurus men are very practical creatures who are motivated to secure both their personal relationships and their wealth.

They don’t like being kept waiting and rejection is their greatest fear, but they do like the thrill of the chase.

If you handle this one correctly and cancel a meeting at the very last minute he will be really irritated and feel rejected in a way that will make him pursue you more furiously.

Overdo it, and he may drop you like a muddy stone, so be careful to keep him reassured before you even try this.

3. Let other people do the flirting

Their jealousy is the stuff of legend so you need to be very careful when you dabble in any flirting at all. To get a Taurus man to react in all the ways that suit you, allow other people to flirt with you while appearing to not show any interest yourself.

For instance, meet him at a coffee shop where you normally enjoy some mutual flirting with the cute barista and do not make eye contact or reciprocate in any way.

This will make your Taurus man swell with pride at how arbitrary men find you irresistible while avoiding the unpleasant scenes and emotional drama that follow when he is really, insanely jealous.

Stop giving him the affirmation he craves

If you stop giving him compliments or appear to not notice the effort he makes to please you, he will start seething inside and will pay close attention to everything you do.

If your aim is to make him jealous, then all you need to do is withhold some affection and stop giving him compliments.

If he is a true blue Taurus he will start wondering what he has done wrong and start giving you his full attention. Taurus men may act tough but they can be deeply insecure and prone to jealousy.

If you want to lose a Taurus man, flirt with other men while on a date, or talk about your last boyfriend.

Appear to be preoccupied

how to make my taurus man jealous

If you pretend to be completely immersed in your thoughts and stare out the window, your Taurus man will start thinking that maybe you have someone else on your mind.

This is how sensitive Taurus men really are.

You just need to stop giving him your full attention for him to think there is something going on.

If you actually flirt with another man in front of him all hell might break loose, so tread very carefully with his sensitive feelings.

Pretend to be jealous

I know this sounds weird, but getting a Taurus man jealous is not going to give you the same results you get with other signs, and if your aim is to make him more interested in you, then you need to play a simple mind trick on the Taurus man.

When you admit to silly and completely irrational bouts of jealousy, you make him more comfortable with expressing his fears and then he may share how you already do make him jealous and maybe even tell you how this makes him feel.

When you understand how jealousy affects your Taurus man and just how deeply he feels his insecurity, you may decide to give him affirmation instead of provoking his long and slow burning fears.

He is a wonderful man when he feels safe and appreciated, so why mess with his dark side and provoke an emotional war? Find out more ways to make a Taurus man jealous by clicking here.

Why do you want to make the Taurus man in your life jealous? Let me (and other women dating a Taurus) know in the comment section… this is a place where you can share your lovestory (and get some practical help, too).

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Taurus Man Jealous: 5 Guaranteed Ways To Do So

    1. Hi Danny,

      Actually it’s more about a woman trying to figure out if the guy is willing to be with her and give her all she deserves or if he even cares. It’s more like a test and many Taurus men tend to test their women. Some forget the importance of the relationship they are in and jealousy may actually jog their memory and bring them closer again. I never recommend head games really and I do advise that they should be cautious and careful in doing so as they could experience it blowing up in their face. Each case is different.

      1. I am 25 ,hesy 22 .at coming I don’t know if he really loves me or if he’s just playing me for just sex . As I can say we talk to each other but sometimes I malice him yet he does the same ,so until I can’t take it anymore I talk back to him ,I want to spite him ,just to see if he has feelings for me deeply or what .how can I know if he has feelings for me ?

        1. Hi Dacia!

          Well it looks like you two need to talk it out to find out where you two stand. You won’t find out any other way. Tell him how you feel and what you want and ask him where he’s at with it. He should be pretty honest about it and then you can figure out where you two will go next, if there will be the ability to build a relationship out of it. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. Go for it! If you need more advice about Taurus, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

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