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7 Signs A Taurus Man Wants To Commit To You

How can you tell if your Taurus guy is just being nice or if he’s ready to commit? He’s so stoic sometimes that it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking or how he really feels about you. Is there a future for you two?

You’re in luck, because I’ve comprised a list of easy-to-read signs of how to tell what he’s feeling for you. Keep reading to learn the seven signs that Taurus man wants to commit to you!

The Taurus Man & Commitment

First you need to know that Taurus men are very slow in their nature toward commitment. They are cautious, and want to be certain of what they are doing. If they move too quickly, they will often regret it or pull back. 

They realize that they really need to know someone before they take the plunge into something more serious. Commitment is a huge step for them and they don’t take it lightly.

That being said, you really should look for certain signs that will be revealing if he wants to commit to you and take your relationships to new heights. Here are the seven most noticeable signs:

7 Signs A Taurus Man Wants To Commit To You

1. He Discusses Future Plans That Include You

Signs A Taurus Man Wants To Commit To You

Pay attention carefully, because he’ll just do it as though it’s always been this way. If you aren’t listening then you’ll miss what he says. He will start talking about the future, saying “we” or “us.”

Unless he mentions someone else, then he really means “you and I.” This is a huge sign that he’s deepening the commitment, even if he hasn’t discussed it with you or told you that it’s what he wants. 

The Taurus man sometimes just takes action when he’s ready, and he figures that if you aren’t into it, you’ll let him know. He’ll just assume that you two are together and that’s good enough for him!

Anytime he includes you in what he’s going to do down the line, you can rest assured that this is his way of implementing a commitment with you. You had better listen when he talks!

2. He Wants More Time With You

This seems to be true with most signs of the Zodiac. When he wants more with you, he’ll want to spend more time with you. He may ask you to stay over more often, or he’ll stay with you more often.

He will want to take you out more frequently as well. It becoming increasingly important for him to be with you when he can be. Most Taurus men keep very busy whether with work or other projects.

When relationship with a Taurus man is ripe, he will absolutely want to be around you more and more. A Taurus in the bedroom is also quite a bit better when he is ready to commit, as he lets himself go with you.

Intimacy (not just sex) is very important to the Taurus man. Even if he isn’t the most touchy-feely type of guy. He’ll want to be near you and feel you care for him. 

3. He Opens His Heart & Soul To You

Taurus men aren’t the best at communicating their feelings, but they will do their best to show you how they feel by treating you special. They’ll show you how adored you are – that trade off isn’t so bad, is it?

When he’s in love and ready to commit, the Taurus man will start to open up to you about very personal things. He’s ready to tell you some of his secrets and desires.

He may also tell you about problems he’s had in the past with relationships (if any). It’s like he wants you to know as much about him as need be, so that you know he’s serious about you. 

He knows that this is the only way he can truly be close to you for the long haul. It always takes him time to open up, but when he does, you may get more than you bargained for. My husband is Taurus, so I can tell you that honestly!

4. Sharing Space And Time

Sharing Space And Time With A Taurus That Wants To Commit

When a Taurus man is ready to commit, he will actually take steps to get closer. Not only by spending time with you, but he may actually suggest moving in together. Living together is commitment in itself.

When he mentions doing this, he’s serious about you. He’s ready to take the relationship to a new level. There is no hidden meaning here! If he asks you to move in with him or for him to move in with you, his commitment is a reality.

This allows him to really be closer to you and not have to worry about your safety. Taurus man is protective when he commits. He will not let any harm come to you. 

A home with a Taurus man is typically very comfortable. He sees this as your hideaway together from the world. It’s very special and he wants it to be special for you as well. 

5. He Pays The Way More

The Taurus man is a natural care taker type of guy. When he’s ready to commit, he will show you by spending more money and doing nice things for you. He will take over the bill when you go out to eat.

He may also pay for your groceries, offer to do maintenance on your car, and other things that cost him money. He sees you now as his and as such, he wants to take care of you as best as he can.

The Taurus man is a family man, and when he commits, you are his family. This includes making sure you are well fed and healthy. He’ll go to the ends of the Earth to make sure you have what you need and desire.

Throwing money around to make you more comfortable is what he loves doing. Enjoy it and know that he now sees you as his queen. It’s important to him to be able to share with you his life and his finances.

6. He Isn’t Afraid For Others To Know

When the Taurus man is ready to commit, he will have no trouble changing his social media status to reflect the relationship. He will proudly post photos of you two doing fun things together.

He’s now ready to tell his friends and family about you. You are important to him, and so now he wants them to know you. He’s typically very private, so this is HUGE!

He’ll remove himself from any dating websites that he may have previously been part of. He is now on a solid path of commitment. He is yours and he sees you as his. 

Although, jealousy may come up when he’s committed… so be prepared. He won’t like it if you don’t change your social media status or remove yourself from dating sites. He will expect you to do it as well.

7. He Tells You He Wants To Commit

Taurus Man Tells You He Wants To Commit

Taurus men can be very vocal when they want to be. He will likely tell you what he wants when he’s ready to. Then again, he would probably rather show you via the other steps I have listed. 

They are blunt though, and he may squeeze it in to a natural conversation such as this, “so, now that we’re a couple, I think we should…” That’s a really easy way to tell you. 

I have said before and I’ll say it again, pay attention to how he talks to you! He’ll verbally let you know in different ways, if not directly. He’s one of the obvious signs that will show you what is going on in his heart.

His heart opening up to you and displaying what he feels with his time, effort, and money, as well as sharing you with his family are all major signs that your Taurus guy is ready to commit. 

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Final Thoughts

Unless he’s a known player, your Taurus man will absolutely show and tell you that he’s ready. The signs I have listed are among the easiest to detect and the strongest ways to express to you what is in his heart. 

Taurus men take a lot of time to decide if you are the one. Once they do, they are ready to go for it and make it last. Yes, there are some that don’t play legit Taurus roles even though it’s their Sun sign.

That would mean they have a Rising sign or Moon sign that alters their character a bit. Those could be the ones that won’t commit. Thankfully, they are not as common as the loyal and loving Taurus men. 

Speaking of this strong sign, did you know that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Taurus man? He’s a big ole teddy bear that is tough on the outside. He’s a fantastic example of the hearty Taurus. 

And now that you’re taking steps to understanding your Taurus guy’s commitment, aren’t you curious if you two are the perfect match? My free compatibility test can help you out with that, check it out here.

Did your Taurus man show you different signs that he was ready to become more serious? What did he do? I’d love to hear all about it. 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

14 thoughts on “7 Signs A Taurus Man Wants To Commit To You

  1. My Taurus man ghosted me for 6 weeks. I never thought he would come back. But the moment he did, he seems different his more showy of his feelings as if he was sure this time. He showed me more of his side. I was about to ignore him for good but I can see and feel the sincerity when he asked forgiveness from what he did. That happened last year. We seem fine this time but still he’s family don’t know me yet. I’m not sure what’s the real score, is it becoz his slow and taking time or it’s the fact that he has a personal problem being in a house arrest for four years already becoz of drugs. Or maybe becoz I’m a single mother and in our country being a single mom is a big deal. I know that’s one of the factor but still it made me overthink things everyday. Thank you Anna.

    1. Hi Amy!

      It sounds like he had some things to take care of with himself and when he finished, he felt more like he should which is fantastic! If he’s pulling it again though… it’s time to be skeptical. Drugs and house arrest? He sounds like he may be a bad seed for you. Until he can get himself stable and sober then it’s probably not good to have him around your child/children. Please be careful. Taurus men are fabulous and if you’d like to know more about the good ones, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

  2. My Taurus man I can’t even predict his behaviour,because today he can show me the real love en commitment tomorrow he is different,he can even ignore me for months and then come back,am just tired of his undetected behaviour,help me what can I do? Mind you the guy is far from me,we are on a distant relationship.I need your please!

    1. Hi Faith!

      Well it sounds like he’s rather indecisive and is showing you that via his actions. It also means he is nowhere near commitment yet. I would ask him what he wants and if he wants to be together or not. That should help give you an answer so you know whether to hang in there or to move on. If you’d like to know more about Taurus man’s behaviors, please check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

  3. Hi Anna! Ok so my Taurus man did all of those things you have said he does when ready for commitment….met family opened up about his feelings paid for everything and even talked about marriage one day. We dated for a year and a half then he broke it off and immediately started seriously dating another girl. I’m putting it lightly when I say I was devastated!!!!! But finally began to get over him and he comes back into my life asking if I would give things another try and that he loved me. Basically swept me off my feet again.and a week later completely disappeared and not another word from him and no response back to me either. I need your help….. I really do love him I always have and miss him and want him back but I also can’t keep getting my heart broken. And Anna he is a Taurus like to an absolute T! I have learned so much from you. Just love u and trust what u say! HELP!!!

    1. Hi Kelly!

      You have no reason to believe he won’t do this to you again. He sounds unstable and unsure of what it is he really wants. Until he can figure it out, you need to be careful with your heart. If he wants you, let him chase you and put in the time to prove he will be trustworthy. Otherwise you might want to do your own thing for awhile. I’m so glad that my information has helped you. I appreciate you! Remember, let him chase you and prove to you that he’s going to stick around. Hang in there or hold out for someone better. Check out my book Taurus Man Secrets for more information.

  4. I have been dating this Taurus man for couple of weeks now and I am still confused if he is really into me. Like from your other article, he has this routine of sending me a good morning text and checking up on me the rest of the day and also he always wants to pay during our dates. But I am not quite sure if he really likes me, I have been to his home once, nothing happened even a single kiss and usually we just hug before we part ways on our dates. So is he just the typical slow Taurus that is why it’s like this and maybe he is not that into me?

    1. Hi Lax!

      If he’s messaging you and checking on you as well as paying for the dates then I don’t know why you are confused. He is taking it slow and there isn’t anything to worry about at this point sweetheart. Just have patience and wait him out. He does like you otherwise he wouldn’t give you any of his time. If you need more tips, check out my book Taurus Man Secrets!

  5. Hmm I have a taurus friend who calls and texts me several times a day, is that normal for just being friends?
    Because I don’t do it with my other friends. As I am an aries myself, and fierce we had some fierce disagreements, we made up again too, but we are both very stubborn, still it’s sometimes hard to agree, but it’s also not an option to leave this friendship. He has been opening up with me about his private life.. He is born 26th April 1989, living in GAMBIA an is 13 years younger then me, but I find him conservative, and having old fashion ideas, like an old soul, he has one daughter..

    1. Hi Anita!

      That seems to be a lot of reaching out to you. I would think that means he likes you for more than a friend. He doesn’t even talk to his actual friends that much I bet. He’s been opening up too? Girl! He is definitely into you. It sounds like you two need to talk about what you have and what you both want out of this friendship. Communication is very important and that is a kink that needs to be worked through for you two to successfully move forward. Learn more about Taurus man by reading my book Taurus Man Secrets as it could help you get a bit of clarity.

  6. I’ve been dating my Taurus for over a year but at the beginning we hang out then 3 or 4 weeks without seeing each other thenhe would come like nothing happened I’m a Leo that always annoyed me a lot a snapped a few times really bad! But every time we talked something improved it’s been 6 months since our last bad miscommunication and I have worked really hard since December to try and understand him and be patient. Last weekend was his birthday we were supposed to spend it together but we got “drunk” and couldn’t make it to my place in time since we have curfew at 8pm I was really annoyed but chose to remain silent, he text me saying “baby I’m so sorry I’m at xxx house and I’m drunk” I said ok after a few hours. Usually when he apologizes he gets me something tht I really really like he did tht again this time told me he felt bad for being a “ terrible guy “ but he was very lucky to have me
    To what I said – you are terrible!! And hearted his “ I’m lucky to have you” after he replied but I love you sounded like manipulation to me so I said what? He said again I love you! Again I replied did you just say that you loved me ? He said yea I did. After that he said we should go away one weekend, I said I don’t want to get excited and then we never do anything because that’s what you do. He replied baby our relationship just went to the next level trust me we are going. The first time I said I love you he told me I hope you know how much I like you and I appreciate you! And that he was t ready to say I love you back. So my surprise this time was pretty big, he is steady on seeing me every week and being more sweet and easy to be around even taking me grocery shopping with him ( this never happened before) everything seems to be pretty align out of nowhere and all of the sudden. Am I too hopeful? Or am I on the right track? I love him so much I feel like he can read me so well, before this happened like maybe a month ago we were kissing and I hugged him looked him in the eye and told him I want you all for myself almost as if I was saying that I knew I was t the only one. But that I understood that I couldn’t keep him if he didn’t want it. And right after that all this started to happen. Thoughts anyone?

    1. Hi Milica!

      I think you’re worrying yourself needlessly. If he’s showing you he cares and tell you as well then why question it? Go with it and see where the relationship leads. Worry will only cause you stress which can cause problems for the relationship. Relax and enjoy! You can also read my book Taurus Man Secrets to learn more about how the Taurus thinks.

  7. What should I do if my Taurus man is asking me for money? Everything else in our relationship is fine except through this.

    1. Hi Angie!

      I would say that you need to stop giving him money. You need to be absolutely sure he’s not using you as a financial cushion for his needs. He needs to stand on his own two feet and not depend on you. You can maybe offer him a loan but you’d have to be sure he pays you back. Also, you have to look at why he asks for money. Taurus men normally want to be the supporters to an extent. They don’t feel like a man if they are unable to provide. Just watch it and see where it goes but if you want to learn more about the Taurus men mentality, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

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