When A Taurus Man Ignores You — Why It Happens & What To Do

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Trying to figure out why would a Taurus man ignore you? Here are some reasons why he may be doing this and what it means.

What to do when a Taurus man ignores you and goes quiet out of nowhere? The thing with these men is that they are extremely independent and free-spirited.

It is important that you don’t take this behavior of his personally, but it is also important to understand what you can do to avoid him treating you this way. It may take quite a bit of compromise for some of you to be with a Taurus man.

You need to understand why he acts the way he does and what to do when he does this. He can be very independent, which isn’t always easy for women to handle, but if you know what to do, you’ll be golden.

Are you interested in finding out why a Taurus man ignores you and what you can do about it? Well, you have come to the right place! Continue reading to find out more.

Taurus Man Ignoring Me — 4 Possible Reasons Why A Taurus Man Ignores You

1. He Has Hurt Feelings

If you’ve known him for a while or have been dating him, he expresses his disappointment or hurt by ignoring you. He is one that gives the silent treatment as a punishment until you understand what you’ve done.

In the case of not knowing him that well and he’s ignoring you then perhaps you did something he didn’t like without knowing it or he just isn’t into you and doesn’t want to waste his time.

In dating the Taurus man, if he does this to you, wait until he cools off then try to talk to him about what happened so that you can at least either apologize or figure out what it is you can do to make things better.

Taurus men aren’t much for words when it comes to declarations or apologies. They want to see you take action and prove to them you’re sorry or that it won’t happen again.

This man doesn’t like divulging his feelings when he’s hurt or mad. He’d rather wait until he’s able to think things through. In some cases, he never says anything at all about it but then you have to watch out for his wrath.

What I mean by his wrath is by him cutting you off completely. It’s the ultimate kiss off and Taurus men are good at it. He may also say “lose my number” to you. That definitively means “goodbye” in his eyes.

2. He Is Busy With Work

There are times when a Taurus man will seem to be ignoring you when, in fact, he’s actually just very busy and hasn’t had the time to text or call you. This is one of his secrets, and now I’m giving you access to 30 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Taurus Man, so you can grab your FREE copy here <<

It’ll help you a lot to truly figure him out better and stop guessing, but actually KNOW for a fact what’s going on in his stubborn mind.

If you’re one that needs constant attention, you need to realize Taurus men are serious about their work.

He will get back to you when he can. If you panic, he will interpret it as clingy behavior, which he despises. Be careful about how you approach him if you’re concerned.

Before you fly off the handle, make sure he’s legitimately busy before assuming he’s ignoring you. The more you snap at him for not texting back as quickly as he normally would, the more he’ll add this up against you later.

Taurus holds grudges, and they will carry this list around in their heads of things you’ve done that turn him off. He’ll later use this in arguments or use it as a list of reasons he’s leaving you.

Being busy is not uncommon for a Taurus, as he has many interests and works very hard. He is methodical and slow but steady and gets things done. Keep that in mind if you don’t hear from him for a few hours.

3. He Wants You To Chase Him

As ridiculous as it may seem, sometimes the Taurus man ignores you because he likes you. He wants you to chase him. He is one that is of the school of thought that he shouldn’t have to pursue someone he likes.

He figures if you like him, you’ll come chasing him down. So it really depends on if he’s given you any other signs as far as if it this case or if it’s the case of you’ve done something that made him mad or upset.

You’re going to have to read into his body language to be able to tell the difference. Sometimes he will test your loyalty to him but not answering your text or not answering you first.

You’ll be confused and shoot him a text to say hi and he’ll text back as though nothing ever happened. He wants to see if you’re willing to initiate contact or initiate the relationship.

Being able to figure out the difference between this and the alternative isn’t easy but if you really learn his behavior, you should be able to see what the truth may be with your Taurus.

Not all Taurus men are the same but most of them want a woman who can prove what she wants. That way he’s secure in knowing that he doesn’t have a girl that will play games with his heart.

4. He Have Changed His Mind

If you find yourself getting close to a Taurus man quickly, understand that this is not typical of them. He will freak himself out and pull back once he realizes that he dove in too fast.

Not to say that he blames you or wants out. However, in many cases, he will need time to think about things and decide whether or not this is truly what he wants. Unfortunately, this means ignoring you or giving you the cold shoulder.

Again, he isn’t purposefully being difficult, but when he questions things, he has to have time to himself. He needs to clear his mind and consider what he wants in the future and whether you meet his criteria.

In this case, all you can really do is either have patience to give him the time he needs or just cut your losses and move on. Either way, you need to know that it’s not all your fault.

He will recognize this as well and, at some point, apologize. Unless he’s too willful, in which case he will just go ahead and move on, thus never hearing from him again.

When A Taurus Man Ignores You — Here’s What To Do

This is one guy that you can actually reach out to without seeming clingy or needy. He won’t mind—he’s not the predatory type who needs to chase a woman to feel secure.

So, if you see him going quiet, reach out and connect. Send him a cute message such as, “Hey, gorgeous, I miss you. How are you doing?” Or pop him a hello with a heart emoticon or a sexy picture.

As long as you keep it romantic and sweet, he’s going to be open to connecting with you. He’s one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, so he’s definitely not immune to your charms!

Taurus men really appreciate a woman who uses her feminine energy around them. A woman who doesn’t confront him, push him, or come off as overly aggressive or dominating. There’s nothing wrong with being that woman if that’s your personality.

But keep in mind that if you’re too confrontational when he ignores you, it will irritate him and he may struggle to connect with you.

Instead, tap into your sweet and charming side. Use those qualities when you talk to him in any way. You’ll find him so much more responsive to you!

4 Best Ways To Respond When A Taurus Man Ignores You

1. Drop Off A Home-Cooked Meal

There’s an old saying that you may have heard from your mom or grandmother: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” That quote is talking about the Taurus guy for sure! 

This man loves food. He also loves wine, by the way. Anything that tickles his senses and tastes luxurious and rich! If you take some time out to cook him a yummy meal or buy a bottle of his favorite wine, dropping it off at his house, he’s going to respond very well indeed! 

Make sure it’s a time after work though. He would die if you dropped by his work, unless you know for sure he’s on a break! 

2. Send Him A Gift

One of the “love languages” of the Taurus guy is gifts. He loves being spoilt and adores nice things. He’s a bit like a girl that way, ladies! You’ll soon discover his love of hoarding and collecting things!

So, if you are wondering what to do when he’s ignoring you, make sure you at least think of sending him a little something to remind him that you are thinking of him and that you miss him.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. A little memento, some wine, a book you know he’d like or something like that will go down a treat! You’ll find that he begins chatting again rather soon after that – you’re welcome!

Discover what are the perfect gifts for a Taurus man here <<

3. Never Pressure Him For A Reply

When you do reach out to him, send him flowers, write him a note or buy a gift, let him just be for a while. You don’t have to ask him instantly if he enjoyed or received it.

Remember, time moves very slowly in the world of the Taurus man. What seems like forever to you, or any non-Taurus person, is a very short space of time for the patient Taurus man. Maybe he’s taking some time to process you and your relationship. Give him that time.

When you don’t pressure him, when you allow him to come to you in his own time, that’s when the real magic happens for the Taurus! Keep in mind that he really does want a relationship. It’s just that he’s a little bit scared of moving too fast, of rushing into something he might not be certain of.

That is, of course, if that is his reason for holding back. Either way, he will appreciate your patience hugely, and you’ll see him slowly start warming up. Remember with his level of stubbornness, this is one person that will push back very hard if he feels in any way pressured. 

4. Never Make Assumptions

Lastly, if you find that the Taurus guy is ignoring you, just don’t make any major assumptions about his feelings. That will lead to you getting anxious and probably doing something you regret.

Check yourself—have you been cheated on before? That doesn’t mean all men are cheaters. Have you been abandoned before? That doesn’t mean all guys are going to do that to you. Never project anything onto him or make up reasons for his behavior unless you know for sure!

If you can do that, you’ll likely be able to just lean back and enjoy the ride—and if he doesn’t get back to you, he was never meant for you anyhow.

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Still wondering how best to respond when a Taurus man goes quiet?

When A Taurus Man Ignores You For No Reason — Avoid These 3 Mistakes

When a Taurus man ignores you after an argument it can be easy to want to do too much, when in fact all you really have to do is lean back a bit. Here is what not to do when a Taurus man ignores you:

1. Do Not Crowd Him 

The fundamental thing you always need to remember about a Taurus man is that you need to give him enough freedom and space, especially after an argument. 

If you are too needy and pushy after an argument, he is definitely going to ignore you even more. You need to give him enough time to cool off and calm down so that things can go back to the way they were again.

Don’t force him to talk to you and make things right; he needs to get there on his own without you pushing him.

2. Don’t Be Desperate Or Needy

It is definitely not a good idea to do something desperate like begging him to come back. Your clingy behavior will drive him away since he won’t be able to understand it.

Instead of worrying about whether the two of you will get along, focus on the things you can change. It’s meant to be; if it does or doesn’t, it’s not. You need to be as chilled as possible.

There is really nothing more to it, and you cannot control how he feels about you. Remember, though, that your actions are under your control, so save your dignity and do not act in a desperate manner.

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3. Don’t Do This Alone, Trust A Friend

When we’re emotional, we sometimes need a third person’s perspective to see things clearly. It is possible that your friends spotted something you missed when they saw you both together.

It may be comforting to talk to your best friend about it, and they may be able to shed some light on the situation. There is a possibility that they noticed something you did to upset him or find out whether he really is as into you as you believe.

They won’t let you feel like you’re going crazy when a Taurus man ignores you. Hopefully, everything is okay, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Give it some time. Let your friends give you the love and support you need.

Will A Taurus Man Ignore You If He Likes You?

This is not very common, as the Taurus man is loyal, reliable, and consistent. A Taurus man values stability, tends to be upfront about his feelings, and tends not to ignore a woman if he likes her.

When he meets a woman who is loving, adores him, and seems to have it all together, he begins to think about the ramifications of his actions, and then he decides he needs time to think, and his lady may think he ignores her, which is not the case.

So ladies, worry not! A Taurus is not a guy who will ignore you if he really likes you! You’ll be the first to know. Learn more about the surefire signs a Taurus man likes you here <<

When A Taurus Man Ignores Your Text

When a Taurus man ignores your text, there could be a number of reasons for this, many of which have nothing to do with you. This guy is so self-sufficient that a relationship is the last thing on his mind.

Check here if you want to understand the real reasons behind a Taurus man avoiding your texts.

The reasons why he might be doing this could range from him simply being too busy to leaving his phone unattended because he isn’t in the mood to communicate with anyone.

Of course, there is the possibility that you might have done something, and this is why he isn’t paying you any attention. Perhaps you have said something, or maybe your investment in the relationship has become a bit much for him.

If texting isn’t really your game, you’ll be glad to know that I have written a whole guide on how to text a Taurus man the right way. You should really check it out if you want to learn how to play him at his own game.

FAQ On Taurus Man Ignoring You

How To Make A Taurus Man Regret Ignoring You?

One of the things that will make a Taurus man regret ignoring you is for you to ignore him back. If you do this, he will start feeling that you aren’t into him, don’t love him, and are moving on. This is a dangerous game to play with a Taurus man who you have not developed a serious relationship with yet.

Taurus men love affection and adoration. He wants it his way, though, and if you ignore him or give him the silent treatment as a punishment for ignoring you, he would feel devastated because you’re not giving him your love.

This will make him regret ignoring you.

So, ladies, have you fallen in love with a sensitive and fascinating Taurus man? What do you love about him the most? Have you noticed what turns him on and what rubs him the wrong way?

When Your Taurus Man Doesn’t Text You Back…

It can be so frustrating to send your Taurus man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days.

Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with a Taurus.

They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs. And if you treat your Taurus man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man… And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with a Taurus.

And there are three specific mistakes you NEVER want to make when texting your Taurus.

you NEVER want to make when texting your Taurus.

I don’t want you to drive him away. Especially when it can be incredibly easy to capture his heart through text messages… 

IF you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

When you know EXACTLY what to text him… and what to NEVER text him… He will be putty in your hands. And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

>> Go check out what I mean here and keep that Taurus man in your life forever.



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92 thoughts on “When A Taurus Man Ignores You — Why It Happens & What To Do

    1. Hi Norilyn!

      The traits between Taurus men and Taurus women are very much the same. The difference that they may have are due to women having hormones and have a different outlook than the men. Man and woman are different no matter what their sign so you have to take into consideration the difference between feminine and masculine in all the traits that they may share.

  1. My taurus man has not contacted me in a week. We have been dating for two and a half years. We have gotten into arguements before but he has never not contacted me this long. Let me explain everything. He is currently incarcerated a couple months ago he found out that i was talking to my ex (who is also incarcerated) he would call me from time to time like a hey how you doin conversation. I never thought anything about it cuz im so much in love with my taurus man that i don’t have eyes for anyone else. So he found out of course it was big huge fight. I apologized cried promised it would never happen again. I changed my number i deleted my ex off my email so he can’t contact me and told him not to. So we been still working on things but things have gotten better but since then the calls and emails have slowed down alot. He used to call me everyday like all day and night lately im lucky to get one call a day. So i wrote him and told him after he didnt call me for two days. I told him like obviously there is somebody else thats occupying his time and mind cuz he went from all these calls to not calling but maybe once a day so he calls me the next morning and cursed me out and i said ok i wont write you nomore and he said bye mutha f***** and hung up and i haven’t heard from him since. I know i was wrong for what i did a few months back but like i said i corrected everything and started to get his trust back atleast i thought. When he found out i talked to my ex i found out he was talking to a girl that is suppose to be only a friend that he talk to every once in awhile just like me but he said mine is wrong cuz that was my ex and he never been with that girl. Ugghhh i don’t know what to do!!!! Im so depressed not talking to him but i don’t think i did anything wrong writing him telling him if there is somebody else just tell me so i know where i stand. I told him Im always gonna be here for you regardless we have known eachother our whole lives. His family and mines are really close i wouldnt just leave him alone like that. We have too much history. Does anybody think he is going to call or did he just say f*** me?

    1. Hi Sue. I am a Taurus woman and I guess Taurus male and female are just the same when it comes love. We Taurus hate the drama. So I don’t think it was a good idea telling him that somebody is occupying his time and mind. When in fact you were the one who did a mistake by communicating your exboyfriend. We are very jealous people and once you break our trust, it’s difficult to gain it back again. My advice is that you give him space to think about things. Don’t rush things. Give him time to think things over. Be a friend to him. Show him that you care. Again please stop the drama and let him cool down. I wish you can have him back. But if one day, he would tell you that it is over, then you should stop. IT’S OVER. I hope this helps.

      1. I’m Same to a bit of sue prob.. I n my taurus guy was very close friends at first.. We both had gf bf but they hurt us a lot by not being loyal n all.. When times goes by aft I broke with my ex.. He(Taurus guy) als wanted to brk with his gf but can’t tht girlfriend dw to brk.. Aft tht few weeks ltr I n my taurus guy talk out n realize tht we love each other.. Things was perfect we told each other tht we will wait for the time to let the girl cheat on him thn brk so aft tht I n him cn start fresh in our lives but thn aft months my ex msqed me n I replied I als mentioned tht I miss him too just becz my ex said he misses me.. But my Taurus guy saw tht msq n he got hurt n angry I guess he did ask me anything he went back home n drop me a text saying his not angry but he dn wanna go thru the same thing n he told me to remain as friends.. I cried I text him alt he didn’t listen to me. He didn’t call me frmtht day onwards when I msq him call him he ignored aft tht I gave him time for like almost weeks he msq me one in the blue moon n that’s als when he needs help with something.. I’m just wondering if he still loves me n will he cme back to me

        1. HI Anny!

          The only way you’re ever going to know anything with your Taurus guy is by being honest with how you feel and asking him exactly how he feels and what he wants. If you do not, you will always be left wondering what could be or what could have been. Don’t do that to yourself. You need to talk to him and either get answers or closure. Talk to him honey!

      2. Hi Zandra!

        You’re correct. Communication is a huge thing and when someone is accused of being with someone else, they really hate that, especially Taurus. That’s a breach of trust and can end a relationship. Taurus man does absolutely hate drama. He’d rather you tell him how you feel and what you want than to accuse him of things he’s not doing. It’s hard to communicate with Taurus but it’s often best to be very honest and open. Thank you for sharing your input!

    2. You haven’t cheated on your Taurus man. He hasn’t cheated on you. Its his childish insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness that has caused you to cut your ex off completely??!! The shitty way he’s made you feel which has resulted in you feeling so bad that you’ve actually changed your phone number because of it.. is wrong hun. He is still chatting to this woman? course he is… what advice would you give to your friend if she was in your shoes? He’s manipulating you. Live your life chick and talk to whatever men you want.. he shld be ok with that because he trusts you and knows you are his… don’t sit around waiting for him.. don’t do it to yourself..

      1. I’ve been dating a Taurus man in an off for 6 years N I’m now currently carrying a child from him he broke up with me when I was 2 months pregnant I an currently 6 1/2 months an he doesn’t come around at all. He said he need to running his ship as he always has when I was 2 months along .. he only made it to two of my appointments my whole pregnancy should I just give up on him an worry about myself an my unborn or should I keep trying to reach out to him to what’s wrong .

        1. Oh honey I would let him go. Don’t withhold your child from him unless he’s a danger… but let him go❤

        2. Hi Gizi!

          I hate to say it but it sounds like he’s check out on you and the relationship. He should be the one asking you what is wrong and what he can do to fix it. If he isn’t then he’s not invested and you could potentially be wasting time and energy trying to pull him back to you. If he loves you, he’ll be there. If he doesn’t then he’ll keep doing what he’s doing. Do what is best for you and your baby. Make your baby your top priority and I think you’ll find that you’ll either find closure with your heart or he may realize that the baby is a big deal and will come back around.

    3. Hi Sue!

      I don’t know what things are like for you at this point but Taurus men get very comfortable and sometimes lazy when they feel everything is going well on their side. They don’t consider that their partner may not feel as though things are alright when he backs off a bit. She has to tell him. However, what happened here was that you basically accused him of being with someone else which means you don’t trust him so he cut you off. That’s something they don’t forgive. You probably should have told him flat out that you weren’t comfortable with him going long periods of time without talking to you instead of accusing him of being with someone. I hope you don’t write all Taurus men off because of this. It was a costly misunderstanding but hopefully next time you’ll know.

  2. My and my Taurus man have been dating for ten months but I’m the last 2 months we started to argue an we never used to argue a lot and I personally don’t think we argue a lot but he does ..and he said he started to loose interest ..but he still loves an cares for me an wants us to work things out so he asked for space once and then I said ok but he changed his mind an then we were fine everything was ok an idk what happened in his personal life an he started venting to me an then he said we need to go on a break out of no where (I guess whatever angered him in his personal life) and I said okay and we’ve been on this break for two weeks now and like at first u know he missed me and would message me whenever he did and then .. we hungout everything was great and then the next couple days I seen his comment on this girl pic an I got angry and messaged him telling him I was mad an jealous ..an his response was he’s focousing on himself literally…and after that I felt like he didn’t care an we got into an we both said hurtful things an kinda wanted to end things with me but he didn’t he gave me another chance and said this break ..is because we argue all the time an I need my space to figure myself out ..and he said will be together again just not now ..and I messaged him a few days ago an idk if his phone was broken (he complained about it to me ).. but I haven’t received a reply because I was just checking in with him and idk what to do idk where I stand with him like I think I’m standing on thin ice with him

    1. Hi Faith! Thank you for writing in regarding your difficult Taurus man situation. You didn’t mention how quickly you got into the relationship or if it started out slow. If he got in too quickly then it’s likely that over time, he actually started to get to know you better and found that there are things he doesn’t like about you or the relationship thereby making him want to pull back and try to figure out what it is he wants. If he’s saying he’s trying to figure himself out, he’s probably being very truthful with you. Taurus men aren’t known for lying. If you two were on a break then he felt it was alright to comment on someone else’s photo. This means he’s unsure and until he figures it out, he’s not going to know what to tell you either. There are things you’re going to need to do to get answers. If you like to find out more of what may help you, please consider picking up a copy of my book “Taurus Man Secrets”. It may hold some very sound answers for your situation.

  3. 4 years ago I met the Taurus man that changed my life I was 17 he was 18. The first night I met him I had him drop me off to another guys house I told him it was my house and that the house he picked me up from was my friends house. lol he found out about it 2 days later and he was sorta mad but he got over it… we started being serious after that a year later it started getting rocky we stopped trusting each other but we both couldn’t let go… a year later we stopped talking completely… for about 2 or 3 months… he came over and we got together but I could tell he still had animosity towards me because of something I said the last time we argued… we have been seeing each other on and off but nothing consistent like we used to but when we lay next to each other he is always cuddling into me not even wanting sex … I did a very bad thing by talking to his friend so that we could never be together ever again but that did not work we recently went out to eat together and he watches my Snapchat almost everyday now but does not text back when I text him… what is going on this is terrible lol

    1. Taurus woman here..feel I can relate. He is still very attracted and drawn to you (we have a very hard time letting go), but at this point may have lost interest in being involved as anything more than a friend. Trust is very, very hard to rebuild as our patience makes us hang on sometimes past breaking point. All hope isn’t lost if you can manage to get close enough to mantain a friendship. Taurus loves hard and this friendship will be one of the richest you can find. It might be painful as he really might be solely interested in this if he is already headed in that direction, but this will allow you to rebuild the injuries in the relationship, enrich your bond platonically, and one day when bond is strong (if chemistry is still intact and you are both still single) MIGHT give you ONE more chance to prove you’ve grown. Good luck!

    2. Hi Aliyah!

      It sounds like he really cares for you and wants to be with you but he cannot get past what happened. Taurus men hold grudges like none other. They hang onto it to a point where they cannot let it go and it just festers. They question your morality and they always wonder if you’re being truthful. This tears them apart mentally and emotionally. There isn’t much you can do but tell him that the mistake you made was a one time thing and doesn’t define you or your love for him. Perhaps that will snap him back into reality but if it doesn’t, he may never get past it and could lead to the ending of your relationship.

      1. An Aquarius woman here. I meet a Taurus man about a month ago. He voiced very quickly that he was interested in me and wanted to pursue a serious relationship with me. Many of my friends are Taurus and I get along very well with them I think due to my rising sign Aries. However, he ran into some financial problems and asked me for help. I told him I couldn’t and I don’t trust him enough for that yet that in the future I would. He started talking to me less and less barely saw me. I asked what’s wrong various times he told me nothing. Then out the blue he told me he was falling off from me because I don’t help him and that he’s stuck with problems that he would talk to me when he can. I kept insinuating to end things he ignored it then the last text I sent about ending things he didn’t even respond or read it and was on other social media even looking at my stories two days later I blocked him on social media from frustration it’s been a week and four days. I put him on my WhatsApp contacts to see if he would look at my stories and he does still nothing

  4. Tbh…. I’m a Taurus Man & I’m Jamaican, my gf iz a Sagittarius. Lately all we been doin is arguin and Ik myself personally, I hate arguments and I’m slowly pulling away from things. I try so much to make her happy & all these things but never seems enough to sooth the sagitauris woman. I recently found out a few hidden secrets she was hiding from me and it really made me angry so lately I keep pulling away, staying silent, leaving her in the bedroom alone, goin to bed early, reject sex tho yet I still c her beautiful but the trust is all lost.

    1. Im a sagittarius woman and the guy im seeing is a taurus. We havent got in arguments and ive been learning patience with him but still confused that he tells ne i can still text him but yet he will ignore me. We been dating 6 months and we have feelings with eachother. When we do see eachother its always a positive experience. Hes told me hes just focused and busy. But it still bothers me that i can be ignored a whole week. So i decide not to text him at all n let him come to me. Im being patient with him. I do want this man and he’s worth it so im trying to be very patient. Im not a patient person but i def want this man in my life. Im only afraid he will drop me out of nowhere and suddenly not want me anymore. But i have shown him nothing but good. He knows im a good woman but i guess hes still tryna see. There was a breakthru of better communication on his birthday but im still unsure cuz even tho he says hes bustly hes always on messenger even at work but he wont text me or even read my messages. He never really checks up on me. He’s never called me only text. He says he likes me and im glad hes opening up to me little by little but what bothers me is that his actions are diffrent from his words. He has been hurt in the past and i have to but theres no reason to hurt my feelings either. He had issues with asking to see me or come thru out the blue then he will suddenly diss me. Like tell me never mind or just go silent. I dont understand it. But i feel i should stay silent too n focus on myself cuz im afraid this mught end up going nowhere and thats not want i want i do want it to go somewhere but rn i should leave him alone and i have. I dnt text him cuz he dnt respond. He’ll eventually text me but who knows when. But imma continue foward. Im not focused on other guys or the type that cheats my eyes are only on him. Hes very aware of that. But i still dnt understand why he says one thing and does the other and says hes focused and busy. I know its not that busy for him to ignore me n not even simply say hi. But if hes on fb messenger responding to ppl then he can say somthing. So i dnt get it.

      1. Hi Cass!

        I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time with your Taurus guy. It sounds like he’s not fully committed to you in a sense that he feels he should sacrifice his time for you. He’s prioritizing what he feels is most important in his life and until he gives you 100%, he’s not going to give you more of his time. You need to go ahead and ask him what his intention is with you and if he still wants to make a go of it. You should find out pretty quick if he’s into it or if he’s not so that you can either get answers or closure whichever it may be. Don’t just leave it hanging or he may take the wrong direction and end it later on when you least expect it.

    2. Hi, Guy Taurus
      Sagittarius women tend to not want to be closed in or cornered, they are a bit free spirited sort of opposite to Taurus man. In my experience Taurus men need to confirm that their partner is for them only and any type of secret, lie or doubt in relationship turns you off completely and you shutdown and THE SILENCE begins. Unfortunately a Taurus mans behavior is a turn off to a Sagittarius and this type of action gets you no results and no understanding. Behaving in this way does not have her come to you but rather lets her go on with her day. You need to let your Sag be her and do what she likes to do give her the freedom of knowing that she can live her life (of course nothing like cheating or anything that can really disrespect the relationship) but know that she will eventually come around because you respect her independence instead of trying to CONTROL OR POSSESS her which eventually will lead her astray. Its a shame because I understand Taurus want a tight connection with one and only one and youR intentions are right and good but not quite understandable to a Sag. It just takes sometimes to balance these two signs bc your not quite the same.

    3. Hi Guy Taurus!

      It sounds like you’ve already decided that this isn’t’ working for you. Where Taurus and Sagittarius fail is their lack of effective communication. The worst thing you can do is shut down and not tell her exactly how you feel. You need to tell her that the things she says and does upset you and why. You need to tell her what you want then you need to ask her what she feels and what she wants. If you cannot get on the same page then you’re going to have to break it off because you sound absolutely miserable. Do what is right for you.

    1. Taurus when they are super busy, its a wrap you cant get into their heads, your kind of on standby and they will reach out when they are available. But just be reassured that he is thinking of you and although he is busy he is communicating and that’s key because that means he’s not with anyone else. Be patient its worth it. I lost my Taurus for being inpatient and I never got him back and it like a distant memory. Hang in there its worth it.

    2. Hi Amor!

      Hang in there honey. He’s trying to make his financial future successful so that he’ll have a nest egg and means for taking care of his family. If you stick in there with him, you’ll be able to share that lifestyle with him. It’s good you find ways to stay in touch. As long as he is making time for you then you will be successful with the relationship.Patience is key with Taurus men!

  5. Hi I met my Taraus guy in February at first it was cool we hit it off fast. We made plans and everything together to hang out but all if a sudden boom no communication. This had me going absolutely insane just knowing I met my soul mate. We’re on each other’s social media I can’t help to look to see what he’s doing. Finally after 2 weeks he finally answered my texts then boom no communication a week later he starts to text me and boom here and there ignoring me. What is up with this roller coaster ride I don’t think I wanna do this anymore but I still like him what’s wrong!!

    1. Same here. This is my twin flame my soulmate and this is what he does to me too been on a rollercoaster for 6 months. Im assuming theyre falling in love and they dnt know how to act or deal with the feelings. Maybe its overwhelming to be around us and its so intense that it drains theyre energy somehow so they need time?…

    2. Same here, MsLibra37 & Cass!
      Met my Taurus man and we hit it off fast. He told me he loved me first, he brought me out of my shell by helping me find my confidence in myself. He’s all I ever wanted in a man. But he one day a few weeks ago texted me saying he was going to fall back from pursuing anything with me because his ex was threatening me behind my back and trying to plead her case with him by acting jealous. When he called me to explain, I broke down and told him how I felt about him, but that I understood how he was feeling as well. The fact that he heard me cry hurt him, and he swore he would make things right, that he just needed time to get himself together.
      Since then, contact has been sporadic yet sweet. I last saw him yesterday. He came up to me and hugged me. He also texted me yesterday morning to tell me that he hasn’t and can’t forget about me and that he doesnt want me to stress over him, that Im a wonderful person. He called me sweetie. As a Libra, Im going crazy trying to figure out if he is really into me or is he playing games, but my gut screams to hold on. To give him time. I just wish he would talk to me. I adore him, and will listen to him and be a support to him. I just want him to let me love him the way he deserves to be loved.

    3. Hi MsLibra37!

      Taurus men do this back and forth thing like what you described when they aren’t yet ready to settle down. They do this to make sure you’re not getting too close to them because they don’t want you to expect anything from them or get too comfortable thinking there is something more until he’s actually ready for more. If he does like you and you like him then just keep doing what you’re doing, reach out to him, be sweet, and if he still doesn’t come around after awhile then you may consider walking away. However, you might be surprised to see him increasing his interest or contact with time passing. Always do what your gut tells you to do!

  6. I’ve been seeing a Taurus guy for about 2 months and things were going well. We both agreed to not jump into a relationship too fast but to be exclusive. So we proceeded with getting to know each other and he even developed a bond with my son. Then I admitted to him that I was starting to catch more feelings for him and it was okay if he didn’t feel the same way yet but that I would prefer to be honest then to keep it from him and start to act funny towards him. Which he told me he understood and respected. But then he started to confuse me because he kept calling me his girlfriend and telling me things like I couldn’t wear certain clothing because it was to revealing and he didn’t want other men looking at what was his. It became confusing because I couldn’t understand how if we weren’t in a relationship then how could he give me the girlfriend title and have an opinion about my clothing choices. So I called him on it and he kind of got snappy and kept trying to accuse me of pushing for a relationship. But I wasn’t doing that I was just trying to make sure I wasn’t missing a hint that perhaps he was ready to progress our situation further. And he reiterated to me that he wants to be with me but wasn’t ready to be in a relationship because he is struggling financially and is still recovering from a bad breakup. He also hinted at the idea that maybe I was acting like a crazed love lunatic because I told him that if he wasn’t ready for a relationship then he shouldn’t call me his girl or whatever if that’s not who I really am to him. This made me mad which made him mad and he stormed out and hasn’t really tried to make contact with me since. I called him once and inquired if he was still upset and he told me no. Then I texted him and told him that I missed him and told him where I stood and that he could contact me when he is ready. He has yet to reply or contact me at all.
    Should I continue to be patient and wait for him to contact me? I’m trying to attribute his behavior to needing space to process things. But a part of me gets the feeling that my honesty was too much for him to handle and he has chickened out. I really have no interest in any other guy at the moment and I’m not looking to be interested in anyone else. I have my heart and eyes set on him. Our connection was so genuine even before we started to get physical at least in my opinion.

    1. Candice,
      You guys definitely had a connection and he felt it too. Taurus don’t like other men looking at their women because your his and only his and he wants you to know that and everyone else as well. So for him to tell you not to wear certain clothes its for you TO NOT attract attention of other guys. That’s their way of showing love and possession in a way (which can be taken positive or negative) but its not their intention to be mean. He was all for a relationship with you because they fall in love deep and fast but when things get bit dramatic or to quick they chicken-out. For him to disappear is self-preservation technique for them , they get hurt and it’s time to “shutdown all the lights in the house.” This is him processing things at this point. I would definitely give it sometime, don’t reach out too much but also don’t ice him out, they don’t like tit for tat. They like to know you still care but at an extent. If the connection was strong he will come back, Taurus men cant stay away for too long unless you cheat on them and hurt them so bad that’s it. You totally doing right thing honesty is best policy he just couldn’t handle it or things got in his head and he panicked that’s all. Sometimes Taurus think too much into things. Goodluck

    2. Hi Candice! Thank you for reaching out about your frustrating situation with a Taurus man. They have a tendency to not know what they want in the beginning. They get really excited about someone and the prospect of it becoming more but then reality sets in and they know they need to move slower or it’s going to bite them in the rear end. This is why they don’t like putting titles on what the relationship is therefore there is no pressure. I don’t see what you having said as pressure but he did for some reason which means he’s sensitive to the things you day. It sounds to me like he’s frustrated, perhaps a little angry, and needs a little time to get over himself. Don’t throw in the towel yet, you’ll probably need to try to reach out to him a couple more times before you decide to give up. Taurus isn’t great at accepting what he said or did was wrong and won’t want to be the one to reach out first. There is a great deal that you probably should learn about Taurus men and how to properly communicate. If you’d like to check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” it just may help you figure him out, do what’s right for the both of you, and see if you can’t get back on track.

    3. Hi Candice!

      I’m sorry things are so stressful with your Taurus guy. It sounds like he’s been really burned in the past and is a bit jaded now. He really likes you and cares but he’s terrified to put a label on it. He also pulls back a bit when he feels you two are getting too close because he’s afraid of what might come from it. It’s a bittersweet situation. He really needs to do some personal healing. I don’t think it’s bad if you reach out to him but try to back off a little bit as far as discussing relationship things. Try to be his friend (even though you are more). He needs your friendship to see that you’re there for him. Hang in there and be patient!

  7. I met my Taurus in December. He lives 8.5 hours from me and was in town for a job. We went out with no expectations but unexpectedly hit it off and had a very intense connection. He has expressed multiple times that he wants to “keep me”, we keep in touch and always have an amazing and incredible time when we get the chance to see each other. Saying goodbye is tough each time because we don’t know when we will get to see each other again. But he goes ghost on me a few dats after he leaves. I am completely confused as to why he says how much he enjoys being with me, wishes he was closer, wants to keep me, etc. but then gets quiet. He left yesterday, I messaged him today and haven’t heard anything. It may be a day or so before I hear from him or it might not be until I message again to see if all is ok. I have not been pushy and I give him his space but I am just so confused as to why he is very intense and passionate and expresses wanting to be with me when we are together but then gets quiet. I know for a fact he is not married or in a relationship. I just wish I knew what was going through his head.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for writing in about your Taurus man problem. It would see that your Taurus guy has that “out of sight, out of mind” thing going on. It’s probably because you’re at a long distance. If you were living in the same town or nearby, it would be a bit different. He probably does enjoy spending time with you and means what he says. However, he is in his head or focusing on other things when you two aren’t talking which makes him seem cold or despondent. He doesn’t mean to be and it’s something you should talk to him about. Be honest with what you feel and what you want. Tell him it makes you feel so much better when he reaches out to you a bit more. Taurus men can suck at communication via email, text, or social media. If you’d like to learn more about Taurus men, you may want to check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” it may help you understand him better and act accordingly.

  8. this taurus man came into my life after i had just gotten out of an 8 year relationship. we started talking on whatsapp and i was very attracted to him. our conversations were great. but then, a month in of talking – he tell me has a girlfriend of 7 years! i was crushed….but i like him so much that i kept talking to him. We went out on a few dates and slept together – but that didnt change anything. he lied to me saying the broke up when in reality they didnt. he would always tell me he is lost and confused. he then got very jealous when i mentioned my experience with my last guy who flew across the ocean to see me (we met in europe in the summer) and he critized me for this, and made me feel like im a girl who goes around and sleeps with random people which is not the case at all! we kept saying bye to eachother, and then a few days would pass and we would start talking again. i always explained to him how much i wanted him, how much i care, but he is stubborn and does not have the guts to get out of his current relationship – makes me feel not good enough. finally , i said i am done – i cant do this anymore. He has not responded!! i am so hurt, i cant sleep, cant eat, he drained everything out of me. Now, i don’t know what he is thinking or if he will every respond 🙁

    1. Daniela, be reassured that something bad happened or is happening in his current relationship for him to look elsewhere. And he found you 🙂 Its hard for a Taurus to leave something secure in his case this 7 year relationship which probably has gone bad. But whatever is going on is making him want to leave. Be patient. Taurus don’t like to play game or cause jealousy so for him to be with you while having her around is sort of a way to get out. When things his rock bottom believe that he will contact you ,just keep your cool. Keep it together, look good and again no games no jealousy acts and try not to be around too many guys or post pics or anything promiscuous because Taurus don’t like to share or have seconds (in their minds) because they don’t like competition and they feel if you really like them that you wont be testing the waters elsewhere. He is processing and it may take sometimes but just don’t get him upset and come off to hard or contact too much. I know its hard, patience isn’t a virtue of mine either but that’s how you can keep a Taurus around a bit. Not sure how long this is going to take. Goodluck

    2. Hi Daneila. The guy u mentioned seems a bit of a jerk. Sorry no offence but he doesn’t seem to be a nice person. Why do you want to devalue yourself for someone who doesn’t even care for you. Just explore your options you might find yourself a wonderful man

    3. Hi Daniela!

      I’m so sorry you’re hurt by this Taurus guy. I hate to say it but if he’s already in a relationship, there isn’t a very good chance that he’s going to jump out to be with you. If he does then you’ll start worrying if he’ll ever do it to you. If he cannot do what he says he’s going to do and cannot give you what you deserve then he’s not really worth your time or effort. He’s definitely not worth the heartbreak either. There are plenty of other loyal Taurus men that will give you the world. Keep your heart open!

  9. Need advice. I have been talking to a Taurus man for over 2 years now. He lives in a different state than me and recently I went to visit him. We’ve known each other for almost 6 years. Our visit was anything but ackward and he initiated the first kiss after our dinner date. While we were touchy feely during our entire visit (holding hands during the movies, kissing in between) before things got too hot and heavy I was honest and told him I’d been a year in practicing celibacy. That I wanted marriage not some fling. I asked him how he felt about long distance relationships and he indicated they weren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Nonetheless, he stayed the last night at my hotel snuggling and kissing. Now that I’m back I’ve noticed a hot and cold treatment from him. While he will respond to my text/Instagram DMs, I have to reach out first. My question is, has he lost interest? Though we are long distance, we both come from the same hometown and he visits frequently because his parents still live here. I just want to know if I’m wasting my time or not?

    1. Hi There Scorpio Woman, thank you for writing in regarding your Taurus man situation. It sounds like he does like you but since you two cannot be together as a couple in the same town, this complicates things. After 2 years time, I believe that he would know what he wants by now but I think what’s holding him back is in effect, the distance. Something else you need to know is that Taurus men aren’t the best at keeping up with texts or social media. They tend to get busy with their lives and blow it off. He doesn’t mean to hurt you and really probably doesn’t know that it bothers you that much. You need to learn the art of proper communication with him to find out what is truly on his mind. If you like’ to know more, you may want to pick up a copy of my book “Taurus Man Secrets”. I have several books that may prove useful for you.

  10. I met a Taurus guy (I’m a Cancer btw) back in January of this year on a dating site. It took some time for this to actually go somewhere with us but I didn’t mind the slow burn. Things began heating up for us about two months ago. We’d established that we liked each other alot, started hanging out, and we’ve been intimate. Now it’s like nothing even happened. He doens’t answer my text, he doesn’t call or text me like he used to. He had the nerve to get a female roommate, which I expressed that I didn’t like and things haven’t been the same since. I think it’s safe to say that Taurus men are full of it and like to say these things because it sounds good. It’s inconsistent and I’m too old for the bs.

  11. I met a Taurus guy back in January on a dating site (I’m a Cancer btw). It took a while for us to get to know each other and I didn’t mind the slow burn. About two months ago, things started picking up for us and we made it clear that we liked each other. Communication was great, we hung out a lot, and we became intimate. Now it’s like nothing happened. I last went to his place last week when he told me he got a female roommate, which I expressed that I didn’t like then I didn’t hear from him. I saw him this past Monday. He owns a tire shop and I needed his opinion. He acted like he was happy to see me, which I found odd. He doesn’t answer my texts anymore. I think it’s safe to say that Taurus men are full of it. I don’t understand how you can go from liking someone to not contacting them at all. At least grow some balls and tell the person you don’t want to see them anymore. That’s inconsistent and I’m too old for the bs.

    1. Hi Jasmine!

      Not all Taurus men are the same sweetheart. Yours was a bad egg. Not because of what he did but the way he did it. He basically got closer to you and then realized that you weren’t the one he wanted to spend his life with and so he backed off and went silent. He should have come clean with you and told you the truth when he realized it wasn’t working for him. That is on HIM as a person, not on his sign. Taurus men suck with communication but when they’re into someone, they do put in effort. He put the effort in until he realized it wasn’t what he wanted then instead of notifying you, he just dropped the whole think. I’m sorry you went through this but please don’t chalk all Taurus men as the same. Some are amazing! Keep your heart open sweetheart!

  12. I am dating a taurus man. I am very in love. I thought he was too. Yet lately he seems to be a bit distant. He has told me he loves me and wants a future with me. Lately I started sending him good morning messages which he replied to for the first few days. The past 2 days he has ignored them. The past few nights he hasnt said I love you like he usually does. Last night I said I love you and he replied with a heart emoji. This mornings good morning message was ignored. And he has been online. We haven’t argued recently and had a lovely time last night having drinks together. I’m completely perplexed. He is also very secretive. He always puts his phone face down when I’m with him and holds his phone deliberately out of my line of sight when he is texting.

    1. Hi Gina!

      Taurus men get very used to their partner and become comfortable which means that they don’t feel they have to work as hard to maintain your love because he already has you. They get lazy and they don’t see a problem with it. They don’t realize it makes their partner wonder if something is wrong. Now as far as the secretive thing… you need to ask him flat out. Tell him “I notice that when I’m next to you when you text someone, you angle it away from me so I can’t see… is there a reason you do that or is it a subconscious thing?”. When you ask like that, you’re not putting pressure on him nor accusing him of anything. He should answer you honestly. Ask him and find out! Don’t ever assume he’s cheating. Trust your gut, not what others tell you.

  13. I’ve been dating a Taurus for about 3 months and the first month was great, really attentive and physical then his work shifted and he started home projects and he started pulling away. Gave him some space and a couple weeks later we went out a few more times (once a week)and had a really wonderful time as always, like no time had passed. But he is still being distant and not physical(aside from a sweet goodnight kiss) I asked him to stay over one night but he had to go. Now he’s still responding but not really conversations and also not making new plans. Before when I told him he needs to make plans he does but I can’t constantly tell him to step up! It’s very frustrating. I really adore him and don’t want to cut it but how long can you wait for a busy or stressed Taurus man? We haven’t dated long enough for me to feel comfortable with the “he’s thinking of you” guidelines. He’s very stressed about money and work and some investments and while I do not want to add stress, I also don’t want to sit by and get ignored or played. I make
    Sure I always look nice and am fun and flirty but he’s been so stressed the last two dates it’s thrown me off a bit. He’s also not nearly as sensual with me as all the posts would suggest so then I worry more. Ugh. Why oh why did I fall for a Taurus man?

    1. HI Emily!

      You called it when you said he’s very busy and stressed. He will prioritize and put love on the back burner if he’s going through some things. Has to get his head right and his life right before he can share it with someone. Either you’re going to have to have patience and wait for a time where he feels more secure or you’re going to have to let him go. You need to decide what is best for you. If you think he’s worth it then stick it out. If you don’t then go ahead and move on. You have to do what is going to be best for you and your lifestyle instead of being miserable or lonely with someone who is handling other issues. The decision is yours sweetheart! Trust your gut always!

  14. I have been seeing this Handsome Taurus for over a month now. We vibe so well when we do spend time. And just as he was starting to contact me more frequently. I messed up! Just today I was on the phone with him at work and a guy approached me casually making convo, I engaged. Then he asked me for my number. I mentioned I had a guy but we’re just friends now. Then I gave him the WRONG NUMBER! My handsome Taurus hung up the phone and I haven’t heard from him since. I’m losing it! I’ve called and texted with genuine and sweet words, but he won’t pick up!? What should I do!?

    1. Hi His Gemini!

      Ouch! He got the wrong impression clearly. I think that if you’ve already apologized as best as you could, now you’ve got to give him a little time to work through it. Sometimes he has to mull it over on his own and figure out what to do with it. He may be jealous and yet doesn’t want you to know so he’s going silent. They’re silly about these things. I think that if you give him some time (couple weeks) then message him to say hi and tell him you’re thinking of him, it may help. Give it a try!

  15. Hi. I understand your qualms, have you said anything even the smallest thing that have made him go off-balance? Sometimes, guiltily, the smallest words do hurt us because we too tend to overthink and over-analyze what women say and do. We are the type of men who also want to make sure that you’re “THE ONE”. Taureans when in love, we would move heaven and earth to make our partners happy (…ier or iest). Always do be honest and ask if there was something wrong in what you did or said, Taureans have principles on even the silliest and smallest things. Talk about philosophically religious ideologies and methods. We see you text someone on the phone we get nervous, you call someone and say “just a friend” we get nervous, you glanced on another guy we get extremely nervous because you might have a tendency to cheat. Loyalty and trust aside from love will always be valued to us because once we commit to the woman we love, it’s until death. Sometimes it’s from our past relationships experience that trigger these fears and anxieties. So I hope you understand. Yet I tell you, not all Taureans are the same, some are adaptable, some are understanding, some are even suprisingly like wind, air or fire signs. It really does depend on one man’s personality and upbringing. If he indeed does not communicate with you anymore. You deserve someone better. And I am sorry on his behalf if he shed a bad light to us taureans or in general, us men. Yet if you find another taurean, just be open and honest and things will go out fine. Help us ease our pain, fears and anxieties with relationships. Help us prove you’re THE ONE.

    Best Wishes,

    -A Man born in May whose trying to disassociate himself from just being a Taurean. Lol.

    1. Hello Aluvstein! Thank you for writing in sharing your own experience as a Taurus man. Perhaps some ladies will gain some insight from you words of wisdom.

  16. I have been dating Taurus man for almost seven monthsnow. He was so lovely,kind and very caring. for two weeks now he has changed,ignoring my calls and I told him l don’t like it for two times and he keep doing that.what does this means?

    1. Hi Midcandy! Thank you for writing in about your Taurus man confusion. If you expressed to him that don’t like it when he dose that and yet he keeps doing it, he probably has either lost interest or is too busy to respond. Taurus men are known for not being the best at keeping up with texts, calls, or social media. They are the “face to face” type of guys because when they’re away from you, they’re busy with other things and tend to not think about the relationship quite as much. This only applies if he’s busy with work or projects that require his attention. Otherwise he may not be sure what he wants with you which is why he’d doing what he is at the current time. It may be important to get to know more about Taurus man, how he can be, and what to do by reading my book “Taurus Man Secrets”. Perhaps it can help you gain clarity and take better charge of your side of the situation.

  17. They may be Taurus, but, they are still guys. Are you, or are you not on a website discussing their behavior? They do this to pull your chain, and make you fret over them. Just focus on the things you have to do, and let them come to you. If they mean what they say, they’ll be back. If they’ve ghosted you, move on. If they have access to watch your messenger/social media, don’t get on for a few days, the ones who care will wonder where you went. If you don’t hear from him, he’s serious about ghosting you, you’ll know then too. Read her book about how to get him back.

  18. So i was dating a Taurus and things ended because i couldn’t figure out his behavior after argument . However four mongjd later he reached out . Things between us aren’t as hot as before and I’m left confused as to why he came back . Shouldn’t it start off for the second time , hot and heavy .

    1. Hi Dede! Thank you for writing in about your perplexing Taurus man situation. It sounds like he probably was hurt or a little jaded after you two broke up which then broke his trust a bit. Due to that, when he came back, he wasn’t coming on like he did before. He will need time to build up to that again if you two are going to make an honest effort toward it. Perhaps you should try opening up and talking to him about it so that you two can get on the same page and find a solution. There are ways to approach this that will help you. If you’d like to know more, you may want to check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”. It just may give you a bit more knowledge you need to survive with a Taurus man.

  19. I’m a Virgo woman madly in love with a Taurus man. When we are together he’s the sweetest man ever but immediately I leave he stops picking my calls or replying my messages it’s really hard for me cos it’s like I’m dating two different people, he tells me he’s always busy but I don’t see how you can be so busy that you can’t take 1 minute to reply my text or call to tell me you’re busy.. we have been together for 3 years now I really don’t want to lose him. I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi Rume!

      It sounds like your guy has that syndrome of “out of sight out of mind”. It’s sad to hear but if he keeps treating you this way then you’re only a passing thought in his world. When a Taurus man really cares for you and wants to have a life with you, he will put in the effort. Yes, they can be very busy but you’re right, he can still message you back daily. If he refuses to do this after you talk to him about it then you need to reconsider your relationship with him. Be open and honest with how you feel and allow him to explain himself then decide what you want to do from there. Trust your intuition though.

  20. I have known my Taurus man for 33 years. He and I were best friends in high school, and he had a serious crush on me. We have talked off and on over the years, and even flirted a lot, but we both were never single at the same time. Now we are. We got back together online, as he is military and deployed at the moment. He has said I am all he has ever wanted, he loves me, and he can’t wait to get home to me. This is all I have ever wanted. It seems so perfect. He and I both have been married several times and all of them have failed. It feels so great and peaceful to be in love with him. Our feelings are completely mutual and they always have been. No disagreements or fights ever. Last week, we were talking on messenger, which was routine for us. We were talking about something random, after he had put in a long, hard day. He said, “I love you more”, which is what we always tease each other with… except, this was not in response to anything I had said. I was crushed. I knew he was telling someone else that too. I asked him, “Was that mean’t for me?” He didn’t reply. Then I said, “Who else are you talking to? Please don’t do that to me.” He opened both of those messages, but never responded. He just vanished. He still looks at my FB story every day and is scantly online… but he will not respond. I can’t believe he can just drop me like that with all of our history. I am even more confused about the possibility of him playing me. This isn’t like him at all. We are close friends. He wouldn’t normally do that to me. I waited a week and then sent him, “I miss you.” No response. He didn’t even open it. It shows it as delivered, but not viewed. He looks at my story every day. But, I don’t know what to do. He is supposed to be shipped back home in 30 days. I am going crazy. I am so in love with him that I don’t know what do to. Please help and advise.

    1. Hi Traci!

      It would seem that you called your Taurus guy out and he knows he’s busted so he just ghosted you. I’m sorry that this happened to you. It’s likely if he’s saying that to someone else then he’s probably in love with that person and has decided to give her his heart thus cutting you off. He was hanging onto the both of you “just in case” but decided to choose her. I know this is very painful for you sweetheart but you need to consider letting go. If he does really love you then he’ll come back but if he does, can you trust him again?

  21. Hi, I’m a Libra-Scorpio cusp, I’m not sure how accurate is astrology but in late July we started talking and did a catch up and he initiated to go out for a meal and we planned to meet on 23rd August which didn’t happen, I am not sure whether cause I initiated to go to a museum before he even told me to go for a meal. Afterwards, we did not talk for a month and I came across his instastory to help him in his assignment and he found me cute and intellectual, lol. His mother applied a job through my company and I just helped with whatever I could. His mother told him that she finds me cute, I don’t understand why he needs to give me this information because I really don’t know how to react other than thanking her. Afterwards, he did ask when was my birthday (he wished wrongly at first). And the following week he wished me and complimented me. I asked him that we should go and eat next time and he replied with a smiley face. Our last paper is in November so I asked him 2 days ago whether he wants to have a meal afterwards but he said he is sick at the moment and has assignment to do so he said he will reply me once he is done. Honestly, I don’t know whether I am wasting my time on him because we used to be closed when we were 13 years old. pls advise, thank you.

    1. Hi Libra!

      People change with time and you two are no different. While you may have been very close as teens, when you start aging, things do change with learning and experience. He may have changed and thus changed how he operates. Talk to him. Tell him how you feel and what you want and ask him to do the same. Then you’ll both know what is going on with each other and then can decide accordingly what to do next. If you don’t communicate then there may not be much hope. Open up darling! It may save your relationship or help you two get a better understanding of one another.

  22. I am talking to a friend who’s a taurus. We met after really long time, and he started talking to me and flirting and i reciprocated but i acted a bit weird but i had an genuine explanation for it and he liked it. I told him that i want to take things slowly. I started talking to him again but he took as many steps as i took. Does this mean that he’s ghosting me?

  23. I’m dating a Taurus man but we haven’t defined anything yet. Sometimes he ignores me and after reading this article, I think he’s genuinely busy but I also think sometimes he’s either testing me to see if I’d be available whenever he calls or gets in touch or that he also wants me to do some chasing. But when I start texting or calling him often he just disappears. I really like him and I don’t want to loose him. He makes me happy and be myself when I’m around him. He makes statements that assumes a future with him sometimes but I don’t understand why he can ignore me for days. I hardly see him most of the time but when he makes the time, he’s fully available and all over me. How do I make sense of his actions. I’m really confused and I hurt when he ignores me for that long. Any advice?

    1. Hi Kosh!

      It’s time to get it out in the open sweetheart. You want more with him, you’re going to have to talk to him and iron everything out. You need to get on the same page so that no one is guessing anything. I know that doesn’t sound easy but it’s necessary. Tell him exactly how you feel about him and what you want going forward. Ask him how he feels and what he wants. If things are good, tell him you need him to reach out a little more when he has time as it makes you feel validated and good about the relationship you share. Don’t try to force him to give the relationship a title though. They like taking their time until they’re sure of who they are with and what they are doing. Be patient but don’t sit back and be quiet when you need to talk.

  24. Hi! I’m a Virgo and I recently started talking to a Taurus via a dating app, we quickly moved to snap chat as the dating app wasn’t sending accurate notifications on my end. We had talked every day for over a week, and in there we went on a date. The date was really good I thought, he asked me out but had me plan it, we were both very nervous at first and then the place I chose ended up being closed. It was a Monday night so we ended up going to the next closest place I could think of for dinner, nice but not amazing place, I had 2 drinks to try and calm my nerves and they hit me a little harder than expected… So afterwards we walked around the city aimlessly for a few hours and just talked. He made a lot of eye contact, smiled lots, held my hand the entire time after dinner, pulled me closer when there were strangers near, told me at one point that he was really happy because normally/recently he got bored on dates from apps, but that he wasn’t with me. We kissed and etc. didn’t go home until like 2am and our date stared at 7, he even fell asleep in my lap in the car and yeah. On the app it said he was looking for casual (he’s on leave with military) he knows i get kinda sad when the topic comes up (I haven’t gotten to tell him this yet but it’s less that he’s leaving and more that im afraid he’ll move on and forget about me) CAUSE I caught the FEELS HARD already even though i was (attempting) something casual (so i figured something with an expiration date would be safe lol) so like I just want a chance at something with him in the future. Anyway I haven’t heard from him since Thursday night, and (with an ass ton of restraint) I’ve only sent him 3 snaps since then, all of which haven’t been opened, so I guess my only question after reading this is did I scare him TF away by being too much (cause he seemed really interested so maybe he’s thinking it over or ditched) or is he just busy and I’m being my neurotic-obsessive Virgo self <3 (even more neurotic I haven't heard from him since before we had some really bad weather so another tiny part of me is like BOY DEAD)

    1. Hi Overthinking Things!

      As a Virgo, you definitely have a tendency to analyze things then analyze them again. That’s a natural thing for you. Hmm… he could be very busy but then again, if he senses you want more than he can give you then he may be pulling back on purpose so you don’t get any closer. You should try reaching out to him and seeing what he says. If you wait too long, he might blow you off and move on. Ask him what he’s been up to and if he’s been busy. He should tell you the truth. I hope this helps you figure things out so you’re not left wondering what is going on.

  25. Hello my Taurus man and I just rekindled our relationship from seven years ago.

    I recently upset him majorly and he gave me three shots.

    He has shut me out altogether. He said he needed me to get me to move from Los Angeles to move back to Louisiana.

    We were talking ab marriage and children.

    Is he going to come back around?

    1. ^^^^^to follow up on last comment. He sent me roses for Valentine’s Day today.

      I guess there is resolve for us but he is still not talking to me

      1. Hi Me!

        It sounds like he’s still into you but not fully trusting that things will work out so he’s keeping you at arm’s length. Sending you Valentine’s roses is a big thing though. I don’t think he sends those to just anyone. Keep trying to talk to him and keep showing him that you’re there for him. Don’t give up on him yet because I don’t think he’s given up on you.

  26. Hi, i am a taurus female who is talking to a taurus man ( i’ve known him over a year ) he has always been very attracted to me and vice versa. As both taurus’ and spiritual we both are very interested in each-other and are very much connected emotionally, mentally, physically. As of recently he has been very stressed and have problems of his own.As a taurus , i also know we want to feel secure and stable therefore i have given him my time , energy and security to make him feel secure. However, during this time he has become a little bit distant and hasn’t really been replying to my messages during the day. At night he would want me to call him and that’s where i believe i make him feel stable and secure. I just want to know as a taurus myself we don’t like change .. but since he hasn’t been replying during the day or messaging me like before what should i do? Should i give him space? Or is he losing interest in me? I also know as a taurus we don’t want someone too needy and we also like our space.

    1. Hi anon!

      Alright so this is the difference between Taurus women and Taurus men. The men do not like to text generally. They will do it in the beginning then they will let the woman take over and then expect her to be the one to initiate from there. They get comfortable, lazy, and think they don’t need to work so hard to win you over because they already have you. So that’s really all it is. I don’t think he’s losing interest in you at all. Text him. As long as he keeps texting you back then nothing has changed.

  27. Hi! I just started talking to a Taurus man about three weeks ago and he came off so strong,, the next thing I know I was only hearing from him every couple of days or when I would reach out. I’m a Scorpio woman and I don’t play mind games so I send him a message. The message said that I basically don’t understand the way he’s acting and if he’s playing games to just leave me be. Instantly I regretted it. I’m scared I won’t ever hear from him again.

    1. Hi Elizabeth j!

      That’s par for the course. They are hot and heavy in the beginning then once they get you, they start backing off. They either are afraid of going to fast or they feel they already won you and now don’t have to work so hard to chase you anymore. He probably doesn’t understand why you said what you said. He probably doesn’t think there is anything wrong. I would just apologize for any misunderstanding and that you’d like to talk to him.

  28. My Taurus man and I got into an argument last week. He was unequivocally wrong. He said some hurtful things to me. I ignored those hurtful words and I stopped calling him and texting him. I am ignoring his ass. He texted me yesterday saying “I hope you and our daughter are having a good day.” I left him on red for a few hours and I texted back thanks. He has really pissed me off this damn time. I want him to apologie and make it right. But Im not lifting a finger to do it. Should I keep ignoring him?

    1. Hi Brianna!

      Well if you ignore him for too long then he may think you’re done with him. My suggestion is telling him flat out what he did was wrong and tell him why it was wrong. Tell him it really hurt you and he shouldn’t ever say things like that to you. Tell him that communication needs to be clear and without taking jabs at each other emotionally. Give it a try. I’m afraid if you keep ignoring him at some point he’s just going to give up.

      1. Hopefully someone can give me some insight…

        I met my amazing Taurus on a dating app a little over a month ago. Up until recently things were going great. We talked all the time, were vulnerable about things and were on the same page about what we both wanted and more. For our first date, he cooked dinner for me and we spent the night talking and learning so much more about each other, watching movies and falling asleep and cuddling each other. He had even bought me my own pillow and a special pillow case because the night before our first date we had been on the phone until the wee hours of the morning and he thought I might fall asleep while he was cooking dinner lol We have been intimate with each other. He has a son and I’m okay with that and understand how that goes. He also works a job that I’m sure is time consuming and stressful. Lately things have seemed a little off. He would text but never answer my phone calls. Last weekend is when I noticed the difference because he would text me good morning and chat with me throughout the day but last weekend it was very short and brief until this past Monday. He texted me good morning, explained he had a new project and we discussed some plans for December. Well after that conversation, I haven’t heard from him. We were supposed to get together this weekend but it has been silence from him. I’ve reached out to him a few times to ask if I did something wrong and to express my concern. He hasn’t responded to any of my messages but he checks my social media(stories on Instagram and Snapchat).

        I explained to him when we first started talking that I don’t do games and am about being honest and keeping the door of communication open. He also agreed and we both promised to be honest with each other regardless of how we thought the other person would take it. I do care for him but feel as if he was running game on me or is no longer interested.

        What gives? Why the silent treatment?

        1. Hi SassyCapricorn!

          I’m not entirely sure that he’s doing the silent treatment. Taurus guys suck at communication as far as calls and texts. They are a little old fashioned on that front. He’s comfortable with you and doesn’t feel he has to put in as much effort now. It’s not right but this is what they do. I would gently tell him that you feel he’s pulled back and isn’t communicating the way he could be thus making you confused. Ask him for more clarity. He should tell you the truth about what is going on in his life which I think is probably nothing to do with you. If you would like to know more about the Taurus man nature, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  29. I’ve been in love with a taurus guy on and off for just over 3 years now. We have a lot in common and share similar hobbies etc – which is how we met. He tracked me down after we met through mutual friends and we became very close, very quickly. He’s extremely passionate but also likes his space which works well for me – as I can be the same. Our relationship has been very on and off and we recently broke up – just before Christmas in fact. He got really angry one evening at my house when I asked for a little help with something after dinner – I had cooked for him several times during that week and was feeling a little like he was taking it for granted. He blurted something about me not paying my share for a meal he had paid for a couple of weeks earlier and stormed out of my house. He is fond of storming off – so this was just another drama queen moment. Problem was – I had a car accident a couple of days later and he was still ignoring me – so I felt like I couldn’t contact him, this made me feel like the entire relationship was about him and I couldn’t rely on his constant support when things were tough, so I broke things off with him and told him why.

    We didnt speak for about 8 weeks and I sent him a little message and a card over Christmas because he doesn’t have family around him so was feeling a bit bad for him, since then we started messaging again and recently he drove to my house when I wasn’t home and left 2 bars of my favourite chocolate in the letterbox for me.

    I’m totally confused by all of this, I don’t understand why this guy doesn’t get that he wasn;t there for me when I needed him and just seemingly walked away from our 3 yr relationship over me not going dutch on a meal with him when I did so many other things for him and our relationship. Does he have commitment issues, or did he just never really feel that much for me? I don’t feel like I can even talk to him about this because I’ll just get the silent treatment again.

    I want to move on to be honest and maybe I shouldn’t have sent the card over Christmas – but the unfortunate thing is my heart wants what my heart wants.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Sue!

      Ok so… Taurus men will often think of themselves and do not ever like to admit that they are wrong. It sounds like if he really has convinced himself that you’re the problem then he was willing to leave it and move forward. Sad that happened and I’m sorry you were put through that. Not all Taurus men are like this. Once they shut the door and stop talking, they pretty much aren’t likely to talk again. I know it’s hard but probably best for you to find another way in your love life. Someone else will be there that will give you the world. Read more about Taurus man in my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  30. I’m a Leo and I met this particular Taurus over a month ago online. We texted for a few days and met in person a few days later, it went well. A few days later, I went over to his place. We talked and cuddled, went well. He bought me some chocolate, which I didn’t expect. Some days later, he said he needed to be alone for a while. I did text a couple of times because I was worried and he eventually resurfaced, apologizing. I went over again and same thing (cuddling and talking, also got me dinner). It went well, aside from him being in physical pain. Now it’s been 2 weeks since we last texted and I don’t know if I said or did something wrong because he’s ignoring them now. I really care for this man and he admitted he’s terrible at texting, but I’m scared he’s done with me now.

    1. Hi Anon!

      Taurus men need some time to themselves. He probably didn’t want to get too close too fast because he knows that could end in disaster. He needs to take it slowly. You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s just how Taurus men get. You can text him, that’s fine but don’t go overboard. Unless you ask him a question, he may not feel he needs to reply. I know that sounds dumb but that’s often how they think. I wouldn’t throw in the towel quite yet sweetheart. If he does this for a month or more then stop talking to him. Sometimes going silent on them makes them come back around. If you need more tips, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets! I wish you well!

      1. Im Leo woman met Taurus guy on dating site 3 months ago we are long distance I’m in cali he In Florida it’s hard we text everyday we were love bombing a lot in the beginning a lot sexting then kinda slowed down but we text everyday he got laid off his job and hurts me because sometimes he depressed he leaving to another country for job I wish him best some times he says I’ll call u in a bit he doesn’t or takes him hrs to call me back I know Leo woman are center of attention I don’t wanna lose him I really love him trying to be really patient it kills me

  31. I met my Taurus man on a dating site. We talked for a couple days and he said let’s meet up and made plans then he fell through. He hit me up again about a week later and we made plans again to meet up but unfortunately fell through and I was like okay didn’t think much of it told myself he’s not interested or whatever. A couple days later I posted a selfie on my story on IG and he replied to my story and we started talking again consistently and we hit it off really well and we found out that we have so much in common and told me he was reluctant to see me because his ex has the same name as mine. He told me he’s comfortable with me and that I’m what he’s looking for and that I’m fun and nonjudgmental which he liked and that he I’m the first person in forever that he put in the effort to talk to. We were both out of town and decided once we’re back we’ll go on our first date. The day he came back in town we went on our first date everything went so great he even told me we should do this again twice when were on the date. He texted me later after our date and told me thank you for coming out I’m glad we met and told me that I’m easy to talk to and that I’m as pretty as my pics. I made sure to let him know that I had a good time. I texted him the next day and went back and forth with texting. The next day I texted him this time there was no response and that threw me off by surprise I’m like what the hell is going on? I waited a couple days and still no reply so I decided to text him again and check up on him he said “hey I’m sorry I went mia I had to fly back home because my dad is in the hospital and I’m here with my family” so I told him it’s all good and that I’m sorry to hear that I’m here for him if he needs anything and that I’ll keep him and his family in my prayer. He didn’t respond at all to that text message so I figured he needed his space and be with his family during that difficult time. So a couple days go by and I text him again to ask about his dad he replied to my text saying that his dad is better and that he’s out of the hospital and thanked me for asking about him and dad. I heard from him for over a week and I needed an explanation because I knew something else was up so I told myself I’ll text him one last time and let him know that I’m still interested in getting to know him and that I’d like to see him again if we’re on the same page. He texted back saying “that he’s not gonna lie he’s been off the past couple of days because of what happened and to top that off that his ex messed up with his head and he didn’t want to lead me on so that’s why he backed off. And that he really enjoyed talking to me but he doesn’t know if he can be serious right now”. I replied telling him “thank you for being honest and that I wasn’t expecting to be in relationship with him and that I was trying to just get to know him and go with the flow and that I enjoyed talking to him and enjoyed his company and that we had a lot in common and that he does whatever that makes him happy and comfortable and I respect it and I wished him well”. Fyi he told me the story about him and ex that they were together for 7 years and broke up. She got married and divorced and he decided to give her another chance and it didn’t work out and they broke up again. And now she’s trying for third time to get back together with him?!! I haven’t heard back from him since and I backed off completely didn’t talk to him since either. I like him ngl and I can’t get him out of my head and I don’t understand why he went silent we were still in the talking phase like why didn’t he give me a chance? Please help and tell me what I can do

    1. Hi Merna!

      So very sorry to hear that your hope is fading and that he’s cut ties with you. Taurus men go totally silent like this when they are done with the situation. I think he knew you wanted more than friendship with him. He didn’t want to hurt you and he didn’t want the extra stress of dealing with all his other issues right now. He’s feeling overwhelmed and this is what happens with a Taurus man. They feel burdened and cannot focus on love or relationships until he gets everything in order. I would say that since he told you he was giving her another chance, he felt it only fair to stop talking to you so that his ex/gf wouldn’t get upset or question him. He didn’t give you a chance because his heart wasn’t there. I am so sorry and my heart goes out to you. Don’t give up on love… there is still someone out there for you. Keep your heart open!

  32. Hi Anna,

    Another poster mentioned it more recently, but PLEASE consider doing an article on Taurus men who are very attracted to you (love, lust, obsession- who knows?) when you are not available and did nothing to provoke him. It is real, and all of the Taurus man traits seem to go into overdrive when they frequently observe you, but cannot have what they want. One thing I’ll say is this: they say very little, become opportunists, and their body language is very telling. They seem to veer wildly from one extreme to the other.

    PS: I am a Pisces, Leo rising, with Moon, Venus and one other planet (I forget which one) in Taurus.I am NOT a typical vague, dreamy eyed Pisces female.

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