When A Taurus Man Is Done With You — Here’s How To Tell

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How do you know when it's not just a mood and your Taurus man is actually done with you? Here are some telling signs.

When a Taurus man is done with you, it can feel devastating. How is it possible that someone who used to love you can turn so heartless and cold? This is an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Taurus men, for the most part, have pretty stable emotions. They aren’t the type of guys who go from one extreme to the next. So it is very rare to see a Taurus man get moody.

However, when a Taurus man disrespects you and gets angry and upset, it can be quite something to behold. It takes a lot to anger a Taurus man. He is very much like his Zodiacal animal, the bull, slow and steady until he sees red, and then it is quite a disaster for everyone around him.

If you feel like you have angered your Taurus man in some way, then it must’ve been a long time coming. But how can you know for sure? Is your Taurus man willing to forgive you and move on or he is totally done with you?

Well, Taurus men tend to give away a few telltale signs when they’re completely done with someone, and I have listed the most common signs a Taurus man is done with you below.

How To Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You

The Taurus man sometimes sabotages his relationships with avoidance, so if you don’t react in a timely manner, you may never hear from him again. Taurus is prone to holding grudges because of his stubbornness.

He has a strong character that can easily influence the relationship in a toxic way. A Taurus man forgives easily but never forgets, so if he feels disrespected, you can be prepared that he will have controlling tendencies.

5 Clearcut Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You

1. When a Taurus Man Disrespects You

Taurus men can cut you right to the bone! They are stuck in their own ways but want you to change to be a better partner for them. No matter how much you try to accommodate him with this change, he isn’t satisfied.

He will criticize things you do, and if he’s decided he’s done with you, it only gets worse. You’ll find yourself getting into arguments if he talks. Otherwise, he may just stop talking to you altogether.

Your Taurus man may also say really mean things to you. He probably doesn’t mean it, but he thinks that if he’s mean enough to you, you’ll move on. It can seem rather childish, but Taurus men do not handle ending things gracefully.

Even if he sits down and tries to explain to you why it’s over, he’ll inevitably in some way make you feel bad about it, as if there was something you could do. It may not even be the truth, but again, he’s trying to get his freedom.

If he does actually love you but knows you aren’t the right partner for him, he’ll go out of his way to do his best not to hurt you, but eventually, when you aren’t getting the message, he’ll flat-out tell you.

2. When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet

The Taurus man is the strong, silent type. His moods can vary based on his happiness level. Sometimes he’s quiet because he’s thinking about stuff, and it isn’t always directed at you personally; in fact, it rarely is.

However, it’s fairly obvious when your Taurus man is giving you the silent treatment. He will go out of his way to not talk to you or answer your questions. He can walk in and not say a word. You’ll most definitely feel a wall between the two of you.

A Taurus man silent treatment simply means he’s had enough. His coping mechanisms aren’t as well put together as his working skills. He’s great at doing his job, but when it comes to relationships, he doesn’t know what to do or what’s right.

While he can treat you like a queen, when he’s mad or hurt, he cannot deal with those emotions very easily. This causes him to shut down somewhat. It will also depend on how bad it actually is.

3. He Doesn’t Want Intimacy

A Taurus man pulling away after being intimate means he’s either pissed off or he’s done with you. He just can’t be physically intimate with someone when he’s mad, he’s too sensitive for that.

He is reserved when he’s mad or if he’s done. There are occasions where it may not be decided yet if he’s ready to cut you loose, and so he’ll slip up and have partial intimacy with you but will insist on no intercourse. You’ll find your Taurus man disappears every time you try to initiate sex.

As weird as it sounds, he may be willing to have oral sex or just fool around but kissing is a no as well as intercourse. Both of those require intimacy that he doesn’t want to have with you.

If he gets over it, sex will return to normal. If he starts to decide he is done, this will totally go away completely. He will turn over in bed and want to go right to sleep without even so much as a kiss goodnight. If this happens, he’s definitely done.

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4. He Comes Up With Excuses

You can tell a Taurus man is done with you when he starts using every excuse in the book to avoid you. The two of you might even live together, but it may feel like you are living with a stranger.

You may notice he starts coming up with reasons he needs to leave the house. If you live together, he’ll do what he has to in order to not be around you. He’ll also come up with reasons why he can’t help you with something.

If you are not living together, he’ll come up with excuses as to why he cannot get together with you. The ironic thing about all of this is that if you confront him and ask him to be truthful, he will.

By not asking him what he truly feels, he’ll keep going forward in his life and not tell you a darn thing. He’s one of those “with time, it will work itself out,” meaning that you’ll figure it out and move on.

Just as he may depend on you initiating the relationship in the first place, he may wait for you to initiate the breakup as well. He knows if he ignores you enough or gives you clues, you’ll surely break it off. He would much rather have you be the bad guy in the situation and let you do the dirty work.

What he doesn’t realize is that sometimes this isn’t a viable option, especially if you know what he is up to. Once he realizes this, it may be at that point that he’ll just come out and tell you that he’s done with you.

5. He No Longer Makes An Effort

The Taurus man is normally a very generous type of guy who wants to please the woman he loves or likes. If he’s not into you anymore or feels it’s done, your Taurus man will pull back on both counts.

You’ll stop receiving gifts or compliments from him. You’ll also stop getting his openness about feelings. He will stop confiding in you, he will stop telling you about his day, and he will basically stop talking in general.

A Taurus man will give you the silent treatment or do whatever he can to not even be around you much. If you live together, he’ll practice avoidance in the home. If you two do not live together, you will hear from him less and less, if at all.

He won’t listen to what you have to say or your feelings. He’ll act flippant and uncaring. Whatever he used to feel was important to hear from you, he will now act as though it’s no big deal.

Is Crying In Front Of A Taurus Man Showing Weakness?

Crying in front of a Taurus man is not a weakness, but it won’t change his mood, and he will not know how to respond to your reaction. You see, Taurus is more of a logical creature, and that is the language he resonates with.

A Taurus man may try to offer practical solutions or advice to stop crying. This can make you think he is insensitive or dismissive of your feelings.

On the other hand, a Taurus man may also feel empathy and compassion for you. He may offer a listening ear and provide emotional support to make you feel better.

Learn here how to communicate with a Taurus man effectively.

Why Would A Taurus Man Cut Me Off?

If your Taurus man believes that there is something holding him back in your relationship and that there is no room to grow together, he may cut you off. It was probably something in his mind telling him that your relationship wouldn’t work out.

A Taurus man is not afraid to cut you off if he wants to move on with his life. Once he does that, women believe he never looks back, but this is not entirely true. He may wonder what he did wrong or start missing you every step of the way.

If a Taurus man cuts you off, don’t put any pressure on him or try reasoning with him. Remember, with his level of stubbornness, this is one person who will push back very hard if he feels in any way pressured.

I Pissed Off A Taurus Man And He Blocked Me — Is He Gone For Good?

When a Taurus man blocks you, it is a sign he is moving on and doesn’t want you in his life. Your Taurus man is simply not interested in you, and you should move on as well without trying to reach back out to him.

However, if he unblocks you after some time, that could mean that he defined his previous behavior as too harsh and wants you back in his life. He may have felt lonely without communicating with you and realized he had made a mistake.

So when a Taurus man blocks you on social media, it can be a bit confusing. There are a few reasons why he might block you. Nevertheless, you should not try to contact him. He needs to deal with his insecurities or whatever’s holding him down emotionally.

FAQ On Taurus Man Moving On

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Taurus man and how to read his behavior?  Well, luckily for you I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with your Taurus man.

Do Taurus Men Easily Move On?

If your Taurus wasn’t that into you or in love with you, then he may not be so keen to come back. However, if you were a great love of his, then there is still hope.

The breakup will always be a factor in this as well. Was it infidelity on your part or maybe on his? If cheating was involved, it may be rather complicated. Once trust is breached, he tends to move on. Check 

Honesty is always going to be important. If you still have feelings for him and want to get your Taurus man back, you need to be honest. The more honest you are with him, the more chance there is that he’ll give it another try.

If he isn’t interested in doing so, he will probably tell you that he isn’t and will give you the reason why as well, and you will know when to give up on a Taurus man…

Are Taurus Men Moody?

Yes, Taurus men can be moody sometimes, but not so much. When he is moody, he does not like to communicate a lot. He won’t talk about his feelings. In fact, he would rather be alone. He needs a little time to vent.

A Taurus man is usually stable, so seeing him moody is rare. You may not even know when he is moody, as Taurus men usually hide their emotions.

The 3-Step Formula To Pull A Taurus Man Back

It may seem as if all hope is lost with your Taurus guy, but I have come to realize there is another way to look at it. It is in this version that the Taurus makes a return…

It’s not a joke, I promise.

According to my experience, there are ways to make a Taurus guy reconsider you as an option if you have the right qualities. Without a doubt, these are the steps you’re going to want to know if you want to learn more about it.

There is no doubt in my mind that you can get back into the good graces of the Taurus man. I can assure you that you are going to want to know everything you can about this.

As a result of the steps that I have in mind, the results have been astonishing. As a matter of fact, I was shocked.

In order to regain the trust of a Taurus man, there are a few things you need to remember…

I would recommend that you take a look at my method for getting your Taurus man back if you want to be safe

The steps outlined here will ensure that you’ve met with romantic success with the Taurus man <<

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,


Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

56 thoughts on “When A Taurus Man Is Done With You — Here’s How To Tell

  1. My Taurus and I have been seeing each other for about a year. I love him. We speak different languages as I am a Sagittarius. There’s been alot of conflict and now I believe he is close to being done with me. He told me we aren’t compatible, that he makes me cry and that I stress him out and that he thinks we should take a break. The next day we not only communicated, but we went to dinner that night. I’m confused. Does he want a break or is he just wanting to see my reaction? Is he done or does he love me and is hoping that telling me he wants a break will change things for the better? Please, please help. Thank you in advance!

    1. He is testing not only you, but his feelings about you and the relationship. If he was 100% done, he would walk away. Give your Taurus some room to breathe and miss you. As hard as it may be to not show emotions regarding the negative/hurt side, if you really want the relationship…you must go back to being happy, playful and fun spirited.
      Men, but especially Taurus men HATE drama and conflict. They are very much driven by ego as well. That being said, if you two are nit picking each other, that must stop. Compliment him on the things that make you happy and proud of him….Now, by no means am I saying you need to be a door mat. If he isn’t being kind in return and you are truly unhappy, sometimes people grow apart. Do what ultimately makes YOU happy, in the end that is all that matters.
      Hope this helped. Good journey.

  2. I meet a very attractive, funny, and I thought sweet guy online, and we are both Tauruses. We talked on line for a day or two before he gave me his number. Once he had mine, he texted every morning and all throughout the day for two weeks. We had a conversation during mid week of week two texting, which was awesome. We made plans to meet that following Tuesday. On Thursday (the next day) I didn’t hear from him, which was unusual. I sent a text, with no response. Several hours later, I sent another asking if I’d done something to offend him (even though I knew I didn’t). Still nothing! The next morning Friday, he sents a sweet good morning explaining why he hadn’t text ( his 2 yo lost his phone). He also said I did nothing to offend him. His text stopped abruptly after that, with no further contact. I sent a total of three more text over two days with no response. We both saud it was like talking to someone we’ve known for years. We got each other. I just want him to be a man and tell me WHY he stopped talking to me so suddenly. Not sure if there’s anything I can do to get him to tell me. Advice please….
    Signed confused

  3. hi i was dating a taurus man things were good but every now n then we used to fight a lot we dated for a year but recently we fought again and after we fought also he called me he tried to speak to but i ignored him but he sent me msgs but i was angry so i didn’t talk to him but after that i talked to him but he didn’t talk to me i thought he’s angry as days passed he didn’t talk to me he didn’t answer my calls n msgs so i told my everything so she called him she spoke he told I’m jst pissed at her ur sister wants to me go through that I’m in love with im just angry on her but I’ll talk to her he told i thought he’ll talk to me but he didn’t again i told my sis to talk to him she talked to him but all of a sudden he started abusing me n my sister he told that i am not intersted in her he told but after hearing that i was shocked but after days passed his birthday came i wished him he replyed me he asked to that can we meet up today and i asked him why u want to meet me he told he going to give me treat so i should meet him but i didn’t meet him i asked him again he u left what was the reason but he didn’t reply he just changed the topic plzzz help me out in this I’m just confused i dono whether to move on or to wait for him

  4. I don’t know where to start. I met a Taurus guy, it was a beautiful connection oh am Sagittarius by the way. We kicked it off it was beautiful, I met his sister in December and after the meeting he told his sister not to pick my calls, I got mad coz when I would call him to ask what’s up he will act weird and sound like he knew nothing about it, we fought and demanded an apology, we barely spoke for 3months, only for him to tell me he tested me and I failed!! I was so mad because I did not want to stop calling the sister but my pride was too much. I ended up cheating on him he found out and broke up with me, after a month we got back together and he kept behaving funny, he hardly wanted to see me and got irritated by me but never stopped having sex with me whenever he saw me. Things become harder emotionally and he kept making me cry with his silence and distant behaviour he gave excuses each time we wanted to see. I broke up with him and two days later he came telling me he doesn’t want the break up, yet again he won’t come back I had to chase him till we got back together, he asked me to cook to make him happy which I did. He never changed until one weekend we were forced to spend time together because I went to a club he got jealous and made me come home to him. We spent the weekend together and it was beautiful he then disappeared and gave me excuses that he was busy, just when I thought I finally have my man back. He promised to come fetch me to spend the week with him I waited but he never came, I went to my uncle’s place and his cousin’s friend asked me out when I told him who was my bf he told me what a player he is and he doesn’t love me that I should leave him. I told my bf the rumors about him and yet assured him I won’t leave him. He got angry and shut me out for some days, we fought and he asked me to go date other guys and come back to him if they don’t treat me right, I told him I can’t!! He went quiet on me and yesterday when I told me all I want is to love him, and stop fighting. He then told me that he doesn’t want me anymore that I should move on. His tired if the drama. His friend spoke to him and still he refused.
    Am sorry to bore u with my stories but I really need help, I want my man back am not willing to let go.

  5. I met and connected with a recently divorced Taurus 5 years ago.
    Thought he was terrific. Dated for a few months.
    We always had a great time but he was dating around.
    I backed out of the scene gently and quietly even though it hurt because I really did have the biggest crush on him !!
    Figured if he wanted ME he’d let me know and make contact.
    About a year later he got married again; to one of the woman who hung through the dating around time he had.
    5 Years later …(which is now) Saw him in a store, said a quick hello and kept going; figuring that he was a happily married man.
    I get a text message a few days later asking me to dinner.
    Responded and found out he is in the final stages of a divorce.
    Couldn’t make the date but we began to talk and text for the next 45 days.
    He was there in the morning, noon and night. Texting and or calling often.
    We finally get together for a couple of hours and it seemed to go well.
    He texted that it was great. Asked me out on a few other times but we just couldn’t make our work schedules match. He said ” No worries. I’m not going anywhere.” and we continued to talk and text.
    Within a few days, it slowed down. He was busy. Said he’d call me later and never did. Several times. But always texted first thing in the morning to say Good Morning Beautiful and he’d fallen asleep. That very same thing happened more often. No biggie. Right??
    So I thought 🙁
    One day, I didn’t hear from him at all. I tried calling him after work around 8pm. Voice mail. Tried calling again around 10pm. Voice mail.
    Next day. No texts from him. No call. So I try again. I call and text. Is he okay?
    He responds to the text and tells me to call him. I do.

    He explains that his x-wife’s son in law became enraged because a family dog had bitten his child. ( it was just a scratch – is what he tells me ) Anyway, the man beat the dog to death.
    My Taurus said he was very upset and had not wanted to talk to anyone.
    Said that’s why I didn’t hear from him. We talked a bit and said he’d talk to me later.

    Throughout the day, I sent exactly 3 texts.
    How ya doing? Hey a got a dentist appt. and can you call me before it gets too late tonight? I have to work early in the morning.

    Blocked calls. Blocked Texts. Unfriended on Facebook.
    I’m floored!
    I’m hurt.
    I’m confused.
    HELP !
    What kind of idiot am I that my heart still wants this man?? :-((

  6. I slapped a taurus guy…he told me really mean things…im a sagittarian girl…..i love him…he wants to get physical but i refused and he txt me mean things….im feeling somehow regret as i slapped a guy to whom i love….will he come back to me?

  7. Hi so me and the Taurus guy I like has been working together for a few weeks has been talking for about a month and just recently I asked him what if the boss fires you and he just said I’ll move on to the next job and he said why are u asking me that and I said well she’s been saying if I keep talking to you then she might and it might be my fault so I’ll just shut my mouth from now on and he asked well what am I doing that I can work on and I told him and he said well if it happens I tried but I don’t think she’ll fire me though I said yeah she won’t I just have to stop talkin to you and so I could tell that his demeanor change so I said I could help u out if you need me and he said see you tomorrow and after that he has shown up for work in two days he hasn’t answered the bosses or my text but he still looks at my snap stories and follows me on social media so that day I felt so bad that I sent him a text apology and I still haven’t got anything back and I told him I would rather not talk to you than to mess things up for u at work because I want u to keep your job and not to mention he also got a text from the boss an hour or two before saying he has to stop talking to me and get his work done and that’s when he hasn’t showed up for two days so I was told before to stop talkin to him and he has told me he couldn’t multitask but it just slipped my mind because I liked him so much and I just wanted to get to know him and he would actually at times talk to me first when I had headphones in he would start the conversation but I don’t know if it’s my fault because I asked him that or what I just need advice like my feelings are so hurt I’m also a Taurus btw and I think I got attached but we were suppose to hangout he asked me in fact if we could hang out and idk if I fucked all that up by just asking what would U do if u got fired and it would be my fault……

  8. Taurus men are flakes, liars and cheaters. They lie about everything often. They are materialistic men who want to be taken care of. Users and mean as hell. If you don’t do what they want they treat you like its your fault. 20 years of dating taurus men and nothing but misery. Avoid them like the plague

  9. I have been dating my Taurus man since March 2018. We hit it off well at first. We did everything together and had a lot of fun with each other. He use to give me his full undivided attention. Now, things have changed. We dont spend as much time together and we no longer go out like we use to. I understand he is in law school and it has been proven that he is taking cases already. Every time I mention us going somewhere together he doesn’t say anything. I offer to cook for him and massage him but he tells me no. He says he wants to wait for a time that he will need it. He has paid for my schooling before. He is so in and out though. I hear from him randomly sometimes and its weird. He will call me at odd times. He says he wants me to meet his friends but we have not done that yet. I dont know if he will. He says he wants to have children together. He asked me a question one time and got mad when I didnt answer right away, he hung up on me. I text him I was sorry. because I didnt text him right away when he asked. He then invited me over and talked to me. We talk on the phone or text every day. I ask him is he sees a future with me and he tells me he wouldn’t talk to me if he didn’t. He says once he does not see a future with someone he cuts them off. He tells me his personal business and wants me to open up but its hard for me. I am an Aquarius woman. He told me he wants to get to know me more and he has made a true effort to see how I am but I am scared and scarred from my past so it is hard for me to open up and hurt his feelings. I told him I love him yesterday. He was half sleep and he said you have a special place in my heart too. But I knew he didnt love me. He has told me he wants to get to know better before he says anything like to me which is understandable. I dont know if I should believe him or not. He is so in and out one minute he is hot on me, the next not so much.

  10. I had an affair with a Taurus man. It was sudden. We weren’t supposed to call in love but we did. He had charmed me and I fell for him hard as he did for me. But one day he asked me to choose between him and my family…I was scared. So my instant reaction was no…I need time. Since then he wouldn’t see me as much, got cold. Eventually he broke it off and wanted to be friends. Then he got more cold and distant. He said we would never work because of our huge age gap, family, friends his children etc. I forgot to mention we work for the same company. Eventually, I got frustrated and told him I’m sorry and loved him and I choose him. But it didn’t matter. I finally convinced him to see me once after a long time…he was cold, but I kissed him before we left and told him I loved him, he said it back. But I knew he would be cold again. He said don’t push. And since then we fought over text. He won’t answer my messages or calls. He said to leave him alone, that we are done and he is never coming back. I can’t believe someone could go from 100 to 0 just like that. He was hard in love with me and left so effortlessly. I had asked him to tell me he that he doesn’t miss me, he doesn’t want me and to tell me he doesn’t love me, that would be his out and I will leave him alone forever (I’m a Capricorn, I need solid facts). He told me he doesn’t miss me and he doesn’t want me. But when I told him to tell me he doesn’t love me…his response was “don’t tell me what to do”. I am lost, confused and just hurt. I want him back. Have I lost him for good? He is what I think is reading my messages and hasn’t blocked me considering he says he is annoyed and won’t think twice about doing it. Is he playing games? How do I get him back? What if he is talking to someone else…do I even have a chance in hell??

    1. My Taurus and I got into really bad. He said he didn’t want to be with me anymore. He slept on the couch for 4.5 days. He’s back in bed, after we shared a smoke session and I preformed oral sex. Afterwards we were stuck staring into each other eyes in the shadow of the red light zone in our room. I asked for a kiss but he was like nah you just gave me oral (not uncommon though). I brushed and as I was doing that he came and said I may come to bed tomorrow. I acted like I didn’t hear him so he asked of I heard him. I replied ok finally.

      We texted some, I told him I loved him and said it back. I went to sleep, by 6 am he was back in bed. I asked him for a kiss and he said no you’re not out the doghouse yet. I’m confused…during the argument he told me he was unhappy and that he didn’t want to be with with me anymore…what’s going on? I’m afraid to lose him. He said I need to work on controlling myself when I get angry. He said he was watching me closely and making a mental list. We fight at times but when it’s good, it’s good. I literally can’t get out of bed without him looking for me…even when he’s mad. We have mutual friends that I went to visit during the upset, he called to confirm if I was there but didn’t want me to know it. (My friend told me)
      I’m worried he meant what he said and is gonna start cheating on me. I’ve heard so much about taurus men doing this. Advice? Am I rightfully worried?

      1. Hi Gingerbelle!

        He said you’re out of the doghouse? I guess you must have done something he really didn’t like or have been doing something you are unaware of for some time. Taurus men are good at holding grudges. They hold onto something they don’t like for a long time. This must be what is happening. I think you should flat out ask him what it is that you did that he feels you deserve this. Tell him you cannot fix what you do not know. You have to get it out of him or things may not get better. Ask him. You can also check out my Taurus Man Secrets books as well for more info.

  11. I’m an aquarius and I’ve been dating my Taurus for 3 years we also have a kid together just recently he went into the hospital and I was there the very next day spending the night and everything . One day I came to the hospital and he had a mean attitude so I left and then he called me and told me to keep that same energy . So we didn’t speak for about two days and he got out of the hospital came down to my house and he was acting funny and non chalant I asked what was wrong he says nothing that matters so we argued he left as I haven’t spoken to him for almost two weeks . I tried contacting him but he ignored me . Should I move on or give him space ??

    1. I bet he thinks you should have been more sensitive. You should encourage him to get what is bothering him off his chest. Taurus men hate doing silent treatment, it usually frustrates them more than it does you. Keep channels of communication going and say sorry, even if you do not know what for and that will encourage him to open up.

  12. Hi y’all. I’ve been seeing this Taurus for 7 months now. We were dating casually and after 3 months I told him if he’s not ready for a relationship (he was saying that) then we should stop having sex bc I don’t want to be having sex with him if he could be having sex with others. So we agreed and continued dating. 2-3 weeks later he intensifies his efforts in spending time with me and three more weeks later, a week after my birthday, he makes it official as my bf. I was surprised but excited.
    Fast forward to now and we got into an argument b/c he was texting, browsing etc on his phone while driving and he KNOWS I don’t like that and that it makes me anxious. I check to see if I can help him do something. He says no. The second time we stray into the left lane and I tell my him to please pay attention to the road. The third time we stray right towards the curb, and my gut reaction I slowly and gently with my left hand give the steering wheel a slight push to avoid hitting the curb. He flips. Yells DON’T EVER touch the wheel. I yell well stay off of the phone. He repeats again yelling. I say my bad I got scared. He yells don’t do that you can cause an accident. I yell back so can being on the phone. He yells I wasn’t even looking at my phone, when he clear was. I say yes you were. That goes a round or two and he finally says just be quiet. So I did.
    He has ignored me for 2 weeks. We live together now. So he gets up earlier to go to work so he doesn’t have to see me and comes home late after I’ve gone to bed. Hes been sleeping on the couch. First time saying anything was last night when he asked how I was feeling because I had had a cold the last 2 days. But it was asked very plainly without emotion. Are things with us over and he just doesn’t know how to tell me?

  13. My Taurus ex broke it off with me 3 years ago. Since then he had regularly been in anc out of my life. The contact will last a few weeks/ months but as soon as I mention more he backed away. I recently moved on and met someone else. We ended up back in contact again, I decided my current relationship wasnt working and he was there for me every step of the break up with this other guy. We have since talked every day, we have also slept together. He is very affectionate, open and talkative when we have spent time together. But in the last few days he seems to have backed away. I love him so much but dont want to get hurt. I just doht know what to do.

  14. im a 33yrs old scorpio woman. I recently started dating a Taurus 27yrs old man.

    So heres what has happend
    Well we met on POF, I liked his profile, and his pictures. He is a goofball and dork. Hes about my height (5ft9) . I usually go for taller guys, but anyhow. So, after talking we decided to meet up at a sushi restaurant. Even though i’m 33 I’m still shy especially if i like a person, and he was nervous also. So, when i walked up to the restaurant I saw him sitting at the table near the window, he looked back at me and smile with a big cheezy grin. i thought awww hes a cute bearded nerdy guy! So, I went in and gave him a hug and we both were so nervous and blushing. We sat down and talked about everything from What we are looking for to how we were raised and would raise children if there ever were any). Afterwards we went to the lake and walked around and flirted. We left from there and went to our own homes. We called and texted each other like crazy. 2-3weeks go by and he talks to his mom, and she tells him to slow down because shes afraid that he will get hurt or end up in divorce. So he then ghosts me for 1-2days, and then he starts blowing up my phone all of the sudden with texts messages and i remain more silent, and let him do the talking. Then, later on that week on Friday he calls me and says “why did you let your EX use your car to move.” I told him “cause i felt bad for him, and there is nothing at all between us, cause i want YOU, and only YOU…… and i need to know if we are still together and do you still want me to come over for your party, and stay the night?…. It wont hurt my feelings if you say NO. He ended up saying yes of course baby i want you there. I started to cry, because i was an emotional wreck from monday till then (friday), and i told him i will be right over. I came over and we had fun at the party, and he introduced me as his GF. (that made my heart soar!!!) I ended up staying the night and we slept in each others arms….until the morning and then we made sweet love (hes so passionate as a lover)! He tells me that he loves me, and i was waiting to hear that cause i wanted to tell him the same. So on the monday after the party, he got a phone call from his mom that he forgot his dads B-day. I turned over in bed and he said he needed a minute, and go up and went to the bathroom, where i could hear him sobbing. It hurt my heart to hear how much in pain he was. When he came back in he sat on the bed and without saying anything i came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him, while he cried in my arms. He took one of my hands and kissed it and said thank you. After that things were okay….then towards the end of the week onec again things were good, and then on Friday he had a bad night at work (hes an assistant manager), and he doesn’t text me that much except for he loves me, and then tells me that hes starting to feel socially disconnected, and i tell him i understand he needs time to himself to regroup (even though it really hurts me to my soul to not be around him). So once again im here waiting for him to once again wait it out and text me,………..and its driving me F****ing Crazy. So, in the mean time i have tried to keep myself busy (going to gym, cleaning, hanging with friends), and my heart, soul and thoughts goes back to him, and I am angry, hurt and my heart is aching for him!!!! I am a little confused though….. Does he like to be around me or want to be around me, does he want this relationship? I asked him and he said yes and he loves me, and likes to be around me. And i reasoned with him well if you really like someone or love someone, i mean truly love them wouldnt a person want to be around them as much as possible???????????? I know us water signs are more emotional and put more emotional effort into relationship, esp. if we are in love!!!! I only wish he would stop this cycle of kicking away and loving me and then kicking me away again. He knows he has a problem, or says he does with social disconnecting………..well then fix it!!!!! I let him knw that he could lose something true, pure and great if he keeps tossing me to the side.

  15. so im dating this taurus guy long distance we have been dating for 3 months but hes already said ily and i have 1 question what does it mean wen hes silent

    1. Hi Sara!

      It normally means that he’s done or that he’s not sure what he wants so the confusion causes him to be quiet in order to think things through. Reach out to him and ask him point blank and you should be able to get an answer or if he doesn’t answer you at all then that is your answer also. Either way you should ask and get the clarity to you need to either hang onto him or to let go. Wishing the best!

  16. My Taurus man was soooo into me when we started dating and was all over me with flirty jokes and the I love you , now he’s so cold and distant but he’s saying he’s happy with me does he mean it ? Or is he done with what we have ?
    We get along more when I’m taking care of him and spoiling him , and when I’m about to walk away .
    What does any of this mean is he serious about us????

    1. Yes he means it, don’t walk away, as they are slow in making decisions, he could be busy as he’s always busy, and believe him when he says so! He’s worth the wait…

    2. Hi Rowan!

      Taurus men change over time when they get really comfortable with someone. They realize they don’t need to try as hard because they’ve secured the partner they wanted. They relax and they don’t do what they used to. If you miss him being more active with you then you need to let him know that. Tell him you’d like to be closer like you were before and describe to him in what ways so that he knows what he needs to do. You can do it!

  17. Me and my taurus was together for 6 years. Im a Pisces everything we had together was good. I cheated twice but he still wanted to be my friend but we wasn’t together. I had a talk with a girl he was talking to then he suddenly blocked me everything and wont answer my calls or text. I tried calling him from a different number but he hangs up on me before I can get a word out. I eventually want to get back with him but idk if he is completely done with me or not. He wants me to leave him alone. Is there any chance that we could possibly get back together in the future? I just want to work it out.

    1. Hi Keonnia!

      It sounds like he’s icing you out at least for the time being. He probably didn’t like you talking to that other girl he was talking to. He probably felt you were doing it to block him from having anything to do with her or something. Either way, he’s not going to suddenly become friendly with you again. My thought is that it’s going to take time and you’re going to need to give him space for a bit. Try to talk to him in a month or so. Casually reach out and say hi then ask him how he’s doing. You may find that if there is still care there, he will want to re-kindle things. If he doesn’t he’ll just keep ignoring you or icing you out in which you may have to just move forward. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  18. HELP! PLEASE! Any one understand a Taurus man over messages? I need insight and help desperately. Should I give up? Sorry for the essay, but my head is about to explode 🙁

    I have been messaging this beautiful highly intelligent Taurus mind for 3 months, words like poetry at the beginning, contact 4-5 times per day. We decided we’d be soul friends whatever, to take the pressure off. We are both in our 40’s and mature! You’d think!

    2 months in; he suffered loss of his beloved car… and changed all communication (stopped replying so much, he was serious, short in communication etc). I knew he was upset about it obviously, but I didn’t understand the change and so came over as very needy (which I am normally not) when I should have in hindsight given him his space. One night whilst slightly drunk, he said he loved me. Infact, he has always insinuated his feelings whilst drunk… truth or just rubbish??

    Anyway, in the New Year, having spent 2-3 weeks confused by his absent, cold, behaviour, I wrote him a LONG heavy message ( damn wish I hadn’t, but he was driving me crazy, I didn’t understand)… he replied with 3 lines! Since then, he hardly initiates messages. He will reply to my first message if I initiate asking how he is, but never more.

    I know he is online chatting to other women, which I am cool about. But for example, this morning, having not spoken for a few days, I asked how he was (he is getting a brand new car tomorrow, and was excited about it last time we spoke). I merely said “1 day to go; how are you?”
    He replied straight away, that the excitement was turning into mental exhaustion, mentioned his contract at work, then asked how I was. It was a bland but ok message.

    I then replied, saying he must have lots of nervous energy waiting for tomorrow, I mentioned his contract… Then I told him I had a great week, planning my party (dj, bongo player etc), that I was excited, sending invites out, and it would be awesome if he could make it that weekend.
    I asked what time he was collecting car…..

    Nothing back!! No response. 🙁

    What do I do? I fell in love with his mind! Do I let him go? Is this salvageable? Is he trying to phase me out so that I just disappear?

    At this point, I really would love to stay friends, I have formed a real attachment to him, we have so much in common (I am a Taurean), our interests are the same, literature, music styles etc… I want him to come to my party dancing! Just as friends. I would send him another explaining everything, but he has never responded to any heavy messages, and I know he does not like the pressure! I can tell!

    My concern is that he just wants me gone? If that is the case, would he bother to reply out of kindness? I would not want to be somewhere I am not wanted. Any insight gratefully received!

    1. Hi Sarah!

      It sounds like he’s either not sure or doesn’t really understand how you feel. That means that for him to react or give you answers, you’re going to have to talk to him and tell him how you feel, what you want, and where you see things going between you if he’s on board. Perhaps he’ll actually give you some answers in terms of what he wants and how he feels. Then you two can decide what will or what will not happen. Don’t sit by and try to guess what he’s thinking or what is on his mind. Open up and find out! I wish you the best!

  19. I’ve been with my Taurus for about two years I thought every was going good he was the kind a man prayed for did all the right things that show me we were on the same page. He made plans on me moving in with him we were even trying to have a child even marriage on the table I’m still in a emotional wreck two weeks ago he decided to break up with me. He said he’s unsure of his feelings towards me that the way I feel for him is not the same way he feels for me I was more engaged and determined than he was I’m still confuse honestly of how He feels about me which I thought I knew He said a part of him still wants the relationship I decided to give him his space but idk what to think or do at this point.

    1. Hi Jimmy!

      I can promise you that he didn’t just come up with it out of thin air even though he caught you off guard. If you were to look back there were probably subtle signs you didn’t notice because you were so in love with him. Taurus men plan their break up ahead of time to make sure that’s what is best and what they really want. There is something he doesn’t like about the relationship and unless he tells you what that is then you have no way of knowing and no way of trying to possibly fix what it is. I would ask him honestly what it is that isn’t working for him and if it’s something you can changer or work on. Otherwise you’re going to have to have patience. Space is good but I wouldn’t totally cut off all communication. If he still loves you then there may still be hope but you’ve got to be open with each other about everything otherwise nothing will get healed. I wish you all the best!

  20. My taurus man had a relationship with me where he clearly showed that he loves me enough and he used to seek financial help from me and when I couldn’t help him financially much, he broke up with me and he also did cheat me by getting physical with someone else.

    1. Hi Supriya!

      That’s unusual for a Taurus man to seek financial help from his woman. He may not be feeling quite like a man. What I mean is, it makes Taurus men feel weak when they cannot support themselves and have to look to their woman for assistance. It also sounds like in your case that he was just using you. I am so sorry you had to go through this. Don’t ever trust a man that relies on you for money. Any self respecting Taurus man will not ask his lady for cash.

  21. Hi Anna,
    Been having arguments with my Man. He’s a Taurus Gemini cusp.
    I’m a Libra B. Lately it seems 80% of what makes me who I am is irritating and unbearable to him. Says I’m dumb, stupid and immature. That he finds me unbearable. And then he broke up with me. This is after 4 years of being together. We’ve had fights and breakups before but with each breakup he gets more vocally abusive. Is this a sign he is finally done. He said he can’t do this anymore.

    1. Hi Tash!

      Oh my gosh if he is saying horrible things to you like that then you need to find someone else. You deserve respect and love. He isn’t the one for you. If he was the he would treat you far better than this. Do yourself a favor and dump him. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi. Been dating a taurus whom I met online for the past 3months. We’ve had a rough long distance relationship. He was very consistent in the beginning. He would text and call. I’m an aquarius woman so it’s kinda hard for me to express myself. It kinda frustrated him and led to many of our disagreements. I recently found out that his been On Tinder and making plans with other women. He didn’t know that I knew about it so when I confronted him he said it’s an old account.. I guess the change in my mood made him ask what was wrong.. I told him that I went through the conversations on his Tinder account and he got angry. He told me that his tired of my insecurities. Said I invaded his privacy. He did not for once acknowledge that I was hurt by this. His probably been sleeping with these woman but he managed to blame all of this on me.. I took all my clothes and left.. Recently texted him and told him I miss him. He told me that I made a decision. I asked for a chance but he hasn’t responded. Does his silence really mean his done.. Sorry for the long story.

  22. Hi. I have been seeing a Taurus man for 7 months. We spend a lot of time together. Enjoy a lot of activities together. He confides in me, adores the physical affection I give him, loves how comfortable he is with me. We do a lot of couple things and I have met some of his friends. He wants to play golf with my dad. Talks summer plans. He is very loving, caring and concerned about me and my well being. He calls me all the time. Uses the words we and us.

    And then he puts me in the friend zone and says this isn’t going further than what we have now. He is sure someone better will come along. This has happened every 2.5 months. And then we go right back to how things were before.

    The last time this happened, I stood up for myself and said I cannot maintain the relationship as is or feeling second best. I sent him my love and wished him well. I told him perhaps in a month or two we can go golfing as JUST FRIENDS if he wants but I needed space. He said ” I understand.” I thought that was going to be the last time I heard from him. I thought he would actually let me go.

    The next day he called me and asked to see me. He called me twice the following day and said he missed me. And it feels we are back to right where we were. Summer plans. Couple golf membership. Etc.

    Is this typical behavior for a Taurus man? I feel as though he is testing me and my loyalty to him. I don’t think he has the ability to maintain another relationship such as ours on the side. It has taken him a LONG time to open up and is still learning to trust me.

    His actions don’t match his words and confuse me. His actions are the polar opposite of his words.


    1. Update – he, now, has given me a key to his home and told me I could bring my son to stay with me, in his home, while he is away. To me, this feels like a HUGE deal as I know for a fact he does NOT trust easily. So confused by this great man!!!!

      1. Hi Danica!

        It sounds like things have kind of mulled over a bit now yes? Giving you the key to his home is no small thing. Relish it and when you have questions, ask him. Don’t be afraid of him. He doesn’t know what is going on half the time and it’s easier for him when you make it obvious. You’re right, it is a HUGE deal so just relax now and enjoy it. If you need to know more about how a Taurus man thinks, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

      2. Hey,

        I’ve been dating a Taurus man for a year and half now. I’m 40 yr old cancer woman and he is 50, never married. He always claims to be so busy with his businesses, his child and never has time to take me out on a dates. I called him out on it because I’ve been feeling like he was just using me for sex. I’ve mentioned this before and he claimed that wasn’t the case. I mentioned it again and he blurt out he was to busy for a relationship. I got really upset and we didn’t speak for a week. He called and wished me happy mothers day. I wasn’t mean and very respectful on the call. A few days later he blocked me on social media and then deleted me as a friend on FB. I reached out and I figured it was going to be our last hookup. He called the following day and then went silent. He called again asking to see me, but I didn’t fall for it. Is this a thing for older taurus men? Is he just stringing me along until he finds someone else? I consider myself attractive and I don’t have a problem moving on, but I have feelings for him and don’t really want to let go. Should I just walk away for good?

        1. Hi Chris!

          Oops so it may be the truth that he’s too busy for a relationship. He realizes that it takes too much to maintain one and he isn’t feeling he can maintain one. It just sounds like to me he’s being non committal and probably was just enjoying the sex when he could get it. Until he’s ready to devote time to a relationship, he’s going to be like this. I’d cut him loose to see what happens. Go about your life, be busy, take care of yourself and see if he doesn’t come back around. If he really does care, he will for sure but if he really isn’t ready, he will try a little but then still remain “as is”. That will tell you whether or not he’s worth your while. If you want to know more, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

        1. Hi Elizabeth!

          Thank you for writing in sweetheart. I am a Gemini myself. Taurus men can be tricky to deal with but they are not impossible. I don’t know your situation but truly, if you would like assistance with a Taurus man, you are welcome to check out all my blog articles and also my books on Taurus Man Secrets. Wishing you all the best!

  23. I have a Taurus guy we’ve been dating for a year and 1/2. We hit it off really well when we first met we always went on dates, he always spent time with, even had a key to my home. Although I took it back. Lately we’ve been fighting a lot and he’s now saying he isn’t ready for a relationship not just yet so i stick by him with hope and mixed feelings he gives me. He is really confusing and we have been through a lot but in this latest fight I told him I was done and wanted my space o no longer seen a future and I feel as if we’re both wasting our time he argued but says ok don’t call my phone and hung up. He called me twice but I couldn’t answer because I was working so he texted me saying he will never settle down with me I don’t give him that spark to give him all of him, he isn’t that into me, he cares for me so he is telling me this but he isn’t trying to be mean but he is just not into me anymore. I said ok but he sent 8 messages after telling me how I’m emotional I’m always complaining thinks he’s a liar and again he isnt into me. He kept going so I blocked him and he started calling from blocked he wouldn’t stop so I answered and he said he wanted to talk I said no I’m done he said some mean things and I’m done he asked to come over to talk I said no and hung up my phone. we are on day 2 and he still won’t stop calling. Did he mean those things? Was he hurt I wanted space? What is his problem?

    1. Hi Chanel!

      It sounds like he is either angry because you turned him out OR he’s desperate to get you back. Go ahead and talk to him. Tell him that the things he said to you were mean and you want to know if he meant them. If you keep blocking him and not talking to him then you won’t get the answer and you won’t know why he’s doing these things. Ask him flat out and you’ll get the answers you need. If he still isn’t giving you answers that sit well with you then tell him you are 100% done and to leave you be. I wish you the best with whatever you choose!

  24. I’ve been seeing this taurus man for a year now. We have been through so much together. I was even there for him when his ex who dumped him for another man was getting engaged. He still hasn’t made our relationship official and he always said he thought we needed more time. A couple of days ago I found out he was still texting his ex and i made him show me the conversation. They were teminising about the past and being super friendly. He insisted I give back the fone or he would walk away (we were at a restaurant). There was this part where he said he regretted losing her so I was reading it out loud, he got angry and threatened to leave…i eventually handed him the fone and I said I’m the one who’s walking away. Walked out and blocked him out of anger and he ended up blocking me too. Is it over between us?

    1. Hi Noha!

      Oh wow! I am sorry to hear this sweetheart. I think if he’s still in communication with her then he likely still isn’t over here and is trying to work it out with her. That is what would hold him back from declaring your relationship. I think maybe you should continue doing what you started which is walking away. You can still attempt to be friends with him but if you do, ask him what is going on between him and his ex. You have a right to know. If you need more Taurus help, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets. Wishing you the best!

  25. I’ve been dealing with my Taurus man for almost 8 years now. In the beginning we were very young like 19 years old young and he was a cheater. I was fighting with a girl my whole high school years over this guy and me and him was always off and on but somehow he knew how to always pull me back in but after we graduated he went to live with his friend at college and I use to travel to see him and one day he came back with me and started to live with me and we would have little bumps in the road and get over them but I was the only one working in the beginning and then I got pregnant and then I stopped working and he started working but he didn’t do things that I would do like for an example I use to leave him my car and card just to make sure he would have money and food on him and he didn’t do the same for me not to mention I had his child so then I started to question myself and became truly unhappy and I started talking back to a guy I was talking to before me and him got serious and we were talking a good 2 years on and off and then I started to be more risky with it I started to see the guy more and I guess my Taurus started to catch and began to look through my phone and caught me and every since then things been off. I’ve always dealt with porn in our relationship but now it’s like escorts, strip clubs and he always complains about money with me but doesn’t mind spending it on things like that and now we have 2 kids together and he was Entertaining escorts while I was pregnant matter of fact 2 days before I went into labor and like 3 days after. Everytime I catch him I always open my mouth because I’m a Gemini and I can’t hold things to myself. Whatever on my mind I have to get it off so I mention the escorts to him and he was so childish about it when I came to him about it and then now it’s him going to strip clubs but sneaking it and I really think I just messed things up between us by me cheating cause it’s like now he’s just insecure, doesn’t trust me. It’s really confusing but that’s my life now

    1. Hi Stephany!

      Oh my goodness. Your relationship sounds very toxic sweetheart. Your guy is doing these things from his own decisions. You cannot make someone else do anything via your actions. If he has a problem with what happened then he needs to tell you that and break it off or take a break so you two can sort through your issues separately then see what the future holds together. Honestly all that he’s doing is all about him. It’s not about you or what you did. He is choosing that route. I’d say that you need to figure out if this is how you want to life. If it’s not then you need to make a change. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  26. Hi Anna, I am and older widow who has been in a relationship with a Taurus widowed man for more then five years. We have always got along, he has been very slow in the relationship and we are good friends. I was fine with the slow pace because we had both lost our spouse a few weeks apart, had retired from the same place, attend the same church and social group. He has ed problems, which I am fine with but it worries him. We had talked about it an I have been very understanding, He has said he did not want a relationship about a year in but he kept coming back. He said he likes me a lot and cares for me. I sent him a text when drinking and told him he disrespected me. He has went silent for three months. I have wrote a letter apology because he did not respond to calls or text..I then left him alone and reached out a couple time after a month. When I ran into him at an event he came near me and said Hi. I replied hi, do you want to talk. He said no. I said ok and nothing more. Is he done for good? He is so confusing because he is so much hot and cold. Help.

    1. Hi Marlene!

      It sounds like he sort of gave you the cold shoulder by saying he didn’t want to talk when you ran into him. I would say that he may be done. If you want to know for sure though then you should ask him flat out if it’s done. He should tell you the truth when you ask but you’ve got to be prepared that the answer may be “yes” to your question. If you aren’t ready to hear that then you’ll have to give yourself a bit more time to decide. Wishing you all the love in the world.

      1. Hi Anna,
        He did reach out to me to say he misses me. We did meet up briefly he did say sorry, but was not ready to talk about the issue yet. He did kiss me several times and gave me a big hug. He has not contacted me in two weeks. I am not contacting him in anyway and leaving it up to him, when and if he is ready to have a real talk….I will give him a bit more space to see how thing go…thank you for all your help..

  27. Hi. I’ve been with my Taurus lover for a year now. I betrayed his trust with lying about stupid stupid things and now he “doesn’t want to break up with me wants to talk and me to tell him everything” but then just ignoring me and not asking to actually sit down and talk to me? Is it that he is still hurt and he’s not ready to have that talk? Yesterday he was acting like nothing was wrong when I knew there was so I kept pressuring him to tell me. Said he would see me today but I blew up as I still didn’t know what was going on. Now I know and he’s said he doesn’t want to break up but needs me to be honest but how do I go about this. Do I just wait until he reaches out to me?
    To make it a little bit easier. We have usually a fantastic relationship. Yes argue here and there but nothing like this he’s told me I’m the love of his life and we spoken about marriage and kids I just don’t know how last week I was told I’m the love of his life and this week I’m a stranger

    1. Hi Jme,
      Try to communicate with him openly and honestly, and you will make him interested again. That’s great to let him know you’re thinking of him and that you care for him.
      Will this spoil him? Yes, it will, but it’s part of the technique of improving things with him.
      Just try to look at things from both sides of the coin when you’re with a Taurus man. There are some other things you can bring up to engage him in conversation more via call or text.
      Being sweet, polite, and caring are the things that a Taurus man wants in a life partner. He needs you to do these things.

      Sending Love to you both!

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