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Is Your Taurus Man Just Using You? 5 Warning Signs

Are you seeing or dating a Taurus guy that you’re developing strong feelings for but aren’t sure if he’s feeling the same? Is he acting kind of strange or even pulled back from you? Perhaps he’s just using you as a rebound or as a “friend with benefit”. Here are some signs you can look for to help you determine what he is doing.

1. Spending Intimate Time But Not Quality Time

This is one of the worst offenses that Taurus man commits. He has a way of roping a woman into bed then treating her as though she’s only a friend. He’ll tell her things she wants to hear in bed and be generous.

He will then turn around and not call her for days or weeks on end. He won’t take her out; he won’t have her over to his place; he won’t do anything that could be construed as dating.

This confuses the woman as she thinks that because of the great pillow talk and sexual connection; that surely he really likes her and there is a future between them. There isn’t!

Taurus man makes it very clear when he’s into someone and if he isn’t doing that with you; he’s probably just using you as a friend with benefits without having told you that’s what he’s doing.

I’m sorry to say but I’ve had numerous clients that go through this exact scenario and are hopeful he’ll change. He won’t. He doesn’t establish this type of relationship and then grows it into more. It’s just sex for him; a good time.

2. Doesn’t Talk About Personal Topics

is your taurus man just using you

When a Taurus man is spending time with you but doesn’t seem to want to talk about his personal life or ask you questions about yours; he’s actually not interested in getting to know you on a deeper level.

He’s trying to get into your panties and have someone he can call here and there to “hang out” with. That doesn’t require getting to know each other or talking a whole heck of a lot. It simply requires willingness and sex.

Taurus men can be rather ruthless. They should be honest about their intent at the get-go but sometimes aren’t. Then again; sometimes they DO tell a woman they aren’t looking for a relationship.

However; the woman thinks that because he’s had sex with her and some good conversation that maybe he’s going to change his mind. He’s not going to ladies. Don’t hop in bed with him if he tells you this. He means it!

3. May Call You Pet Names

Calling you by your name is a VERY personal thing and creates a bond. It’s not always the case but is in many cases with Taurus man. Not calling you by your name makes it less personal.

Also if he happens to be playing the field; he’s going to call you by a pet name because he may not actually remember your name. That only holds true if he’s seeing or screwing other women.

It’s hard to say this really but he’s calculating when he’s not ready to settle down. He doesn’t seem like the sleep around guy but he CAN and will if he’s hurt enough and realizes he’s not into having an actual relationship.

When he’s ready though; he’ll stop doing all this nonsense and start giving his heart to one woman. Some Taurus men become prudes and won’t have sex with anyone until he is actually in a relationship. There are players though and if he cannot even call you by your name or stare into your eyes, he’s using you.

4. Long Periods Of Time With No Contact

is your taurus man just using you

Taurus men are not all that forthcoming with how they feel. They will answer truthfully when asked. When you get involved with a Taurus man, ask him what he sees or what he wants.

If you do not do this, you will be dragged along and wondering if he will ever settle down with you or if he’s going to keep doing this weird awkward silence thing for long periods of time.

He may reach out to you and then go weeks without talking or texting. Yes, Taurus men are horrible at communication via text or calls but; he will still keep in contact unless he’s playing with you.

When a Taurus man is in love or wants to be with someone; he will go to the ends of the earth to show her. When he’s not doing this; he’s not invested yet and you should be wary.

5. Only Has Sex When He Wants To

Taurus men will sometimes use sex as a tool. He’ll hook a woman with a night or two with a passionate love affair. Then he’ll use it as a bargaining chip. If he wants to be close to a woman; he’ll have sex with her like this often.

If he isn’t into her or doesn’t see a future with her; he’ll have sex with her, get her hooked, then he’ll cut out and won’t reach out to her for a long time. Once she feels she can start to move on; he comes back and wants to dive right back into bed.

He doesn’t care anything about her other than having sex with her and screwing with her head letting her believe there is some type of chance with her. There are rare cases that he’s unsure about what could be and is why he’s back and forth.

However; when a Taurus man pops up after months of not talking and wants to have sex right away or have you send dirty pics to him; he’s not in it for a relationship. Stop him right there and move on with your life.

To conclude…

There are plenty of red flags here for you to consider when you’re seeing or dating a Taurus man. He will for sure show you when he’s not into it just like he will be sure to show you when he is. If you would like to learn all that you can about this mysterious Taurus guy, I teach you his secrets within my Taurus Man Secrets program.

Otherwise, you can also reach out to me if you need some personal guidance by becoming my VIP here.

I give my best to provide you with total clarity in any situation.

Sending you love,

Your friend & Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

31 thoughts on “Is Your Taurus Man Just Using You? 5 Warning Signs

  1. Dear Anna, thank you so much for this article. You helped me to solve a problem that was puzzling me for almost a month. I am glad that thanks to you I didn‘t invest more of my precious time. Do you have any recommendations how to turn this situation around or is this lost cause and I cannot make him interested anymore?

  2. For 2 years our relationship was perfect as I am Capricorn and he is Taurus, ex wife is a Virgo. he always commented how great our relationship is as we are mirrored reflection of Soulmates. Both of his children are 23 and 25 yrs old. He had gone to his ex’s home for 5 days. When I’d brought up the holidays and what he’d like to do, he said his wife wants him back after he’d mentioned he and I were going to co-habitate beginning in January 2020. 2 days ago he said he’s going back to his wife as she and her boyfriend now have parted. So much for hearing how much he loves me and we had the perfect relationship. Our sexual relationship was perfect. I am completely devastated as I had invested 2 yrs with him and the holidays have left me completely crushed, hurt and feeling I had been used! I am 54 and he is 56!

  3. Wow I was reading the stories about taurus cause I am talking too one and i just wanted too know more about them cause I never date one before I am single mom with 4 and he is very different and I got too protect my heart

    1. Ashley Michelle johnson
      I’m dating a Taurus man too he is very caring but he is jealous I’m also a mother n he stay with me we been together since September 2018. I’m still scared to really love him just don’t want to get hurt or used

  4. I’m actually dealing with a Taurus ,(I’m a Scorpio) he’s been in and out of my life and every time I got away or so I thought he was there. I feel so stupid but I’m glad I know. He always call me punk but never say my name. When I confronted him about it he called me ash. It’s funny cause that was just to throw me off. Even telling me he been chasing me for years. Giving me false hope, lying telling me he loves me.. I will say when he called me to tell me he moved so close by me that it was meant for us to be, Now that I know that it’s never going to happen I’m gonna get ghost on him and move on with my life. It hurts cause I invested my time trying to make it work feeling like I made it worst only to find out it wasn’t something to invest in. Reading about our signs the polarity between us, to knowing where opposite but have a lot of similarities to hoping it’s not a karmic relationship..

    Thank you so much for this

    1. Hi Ashley!

      You are so very welcome sweetheart. Knowing is half the battle. There are always other things involved but truly it’s about how you see yourself getting along with someone and whether or not you are two puzzle pieces or just someone you have to “settle” things with. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  5. Hi Anna, I fell for a Taurus Man almost 4 yrs ago, i was instantly attracted to him, we had alot of chemistry, after 3 months of hanging out and talking we had sex, it was amazing. About 2 weeks after i found out he had a girlfriend and 4 weeks after that i found out i was pregnant. I told him the day i found out, he wasn’t happy about it yet didn’t give me an ultimatum of any kind, he was more worried about what to tell his girlfriend. During my pregnancy we still chatted and socialised not like it was before. He called me up a few months after our daughter was born to tell me that him and his girlfriend had parted ways and then came by a few weeks later for a bootie call and again 2 months after that. In the interim his father fell ill and we chatted alot about it, he would not acknowlege he had a child, even now. He asked me for time, I told him i would give him as much time as i could, If i needed anything he was happy to help if he could. Its been 2yrs and 3months since we have really spoken or seen each other, i send him pics and videos of his daughter, he never responds. His father passed November 2019 and i sent him my condolences and we haven’t spoken since. I recently messaged him to remind him that his daughter will be turning 3yrs old soon, and asked if he would like to meet her, she has been asking after him. He messaged back almost immediately which was suprising as it usually takes days if i even get a response, he said he would see what he could do. Not long after, things went straight back to sex, i believe that he doesn’t want a relationship with us, I’m just not sure how to proceed with him, i love him more than anything, i just don’t know if we should move on or see what happens…please help…he recently asked me if i would consider having a threesome with him…I think he is just playing with me, tell me i’m not misreading things.

    1. Hi Misha!

      It does sound like he doesn’t want anything but sex with you. I’m sorry to say that but he’s proving himself over and over again honey. See it for what it is and cut him loose so you can move forward and find someone who will give you love and commitment and won’t ask you for threesomes. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    2. Hey Anna I feel for a Taurus and I’m so confused we broke up, he says I broke up with him but he broke up with me when I told him I didn’t want to jump into moving in so fast… I told him I still wanted to grow and date him and just things a bit slower, he had dated for a couple months. He was angry then sad, then mad, then he completely ghosted me. Like a literal roller coaster and I’m so confused and so heart broken he went from saying he wanted a child with me, to saying he wanted to marry me to just completely ghosting me for something I truly was uncomfortable with doing. I gave him a choice and he chose to not want to be with me but he blames me for the break up, when it was him who truly broke up with me, he went from wanting things to work out to completely ghosting me and I’m so hurt and confused please help?

      1. Hi Buddy,

        Oops yes, saying what you said to him, he took it as a breakup. He took it the wrong way honey. This can happen. Communication is key and in this case, he saw it as you trying to downgrade it which is essentially a break up in his mind. That being said, I think you need to try to explain it to him better. Tell him that you are sorry he took it the wrong way, you meant it in another way and that you didn’t want to break it off. He’s ready for something more serious and you want to slow down. You two are on different pages here. Just talk to him and tell him what you really want and that you want to talk about it to see if things can be repaired. You can also check out my series for more help “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  6. Dear Anna, i am in relationship with a Taurus and i am taurus myself.
    I am 40years old, single mom with 2 kids and he is 47 years old doesnt have kid and has never been married. We have been in relationship for 7 months for now but we do not live together. Sometimes i stayed at his place when my kids were with their dad and most of the time it was me who went and stayed at his place.
    i introduced my kids to him after 5 months of knowing each other, he handled it very well we went out few times on summer together, etc.

    Last september he went for a 1 month holiday which it was already planned before we met.
    A week before he went to holiday, i caught him checking on dating application which he told me before that he already deleted it. I confronted him this by sms, he tried not to admit it, but i sent him some proof and he did not reply me back and ghost me off.
    Then he texted me only to inform that he arrived safely at his destination, after this his behaviour started to change, he was difficult to be contacted and took times to reply my sms.
    so, i gave him time, i texted him occasionally or called him once or twice just to ask his news.

    A week before his holiday ended, he told me that we could talk and discussed when he comes back from holiday and i said OK. When he’s back, he was busy with his stuff,etc then i also took a few days break to another city and spent time with my friends.

    After 1,5 months separated, he invited me to a dinner. We met and catched up, etc but i could see that he was not comfortable and felt guilty. I was cool with him, before we parted, i asked him explanation and he asked me if we could talk about it another day because he wanted to explain it in more comfortable and proper timing (we were at his car and he dropped me of to my apartment, no sex involved).
    5 days after he asked me to meet and i invited him to have lunch at my place.
    Again i was cool with him, I made sure he was comfortable, he spent the whole day at my place, lunch, dinner, watching movie together and there was sex involved this time.
    At the end of the day he was opening up with me, he said that he was scared, he did not get use to have a relation with a woman who has kids, he was afraid that it will change his routine, he get use to have everything in place, but when kids involve, it’s gonna a different thing. he also did not know what role he need to apply in front of my kids, etc.
    I listened to him attentively and since then our communication is much better, he texted or called me back, he wanted me to spend time at his place, etc.

    was my approach correct? what i was thinking, i have been trhough a lots, being single, in couple broke up, got married, have kids, divorced. but it was not the same as him..
    I do not want to rush him and i am not in rush either.. but i really like him, i never told him this but i think he would know from they way i treated him.

    please your advise Anna… thank you.

    1. Hi Mei!

      I think that you had every right to do things the way you did. You deserve to know what is going on. If he has so many reservations about this then he probably isn’t really into it. I hate to say that but he’s making it apparent that he’s dragging his feet. I think you should tell him that either you two need to find a way or you’re going to move on. I know you don’t want to rush him but he’s giving you the run around and avoiding your questions which isn’t a good sign. If you want to learn more about Taurus man, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  7. Dear Anna

    Im a capricorn have been married for 8yrs to a taurus man and had 3 kids, two boys and a girl. He never wanted to go with me to the pregnancy check up with all three kids, he would not want his name to appear on the birth certificate of all the kids, he would not let all the kids and me use his medical aid or even place us in his funeral cover. He also would want us to be registered as his beneficiaries for anything he has or at work.
    Now he dumped us when my last born was 2 months old.
    Told me that he is tired and need to be by himself alone.
    My heart is torn apart and feel I have wasted my time and life. He doesn’t even make time to see the kids since we are now separated.
    What makes him so cruel

    1. Hi Lucia!

      I’m not surprised he didn’t want to participate. He’s a “man’s man”. What IS odd is not wanting to name them though. That doesn’t seem right especially since you’re married. What the heck. Sounds a bit selfish. Yes, he should be alone. I’m so very sorry he did this to you. You deserve a lot better and I think someone else can step in and show you the world you DO deserve. He sounds like he is narcissistic a bit honey. Don’t rule out all other Taurus men because of him. Sending you blessings!

  8. Dear Anna,

    About 2 months ago I started having contact with a Taurus man. I am super attracted to him and I know that he likes me too but he did make it clear to me that he’s not ready for a serious relationship because his last partner passed away a year and a half ago and he said that it would still feel like he’s cheating. I recognize all the things I’ve read on your blog in this man … every single one and I know for sure he’s seeing other women. He said that as soon as he gets the feeling that a ‘relationship’ is going further he gets all nervous and doesn’t know what to say or do anymore. I’m not pushing him or demanding anything by any means because I do understand when you have suffered a loss like that and you feel empty inside, there’s nothing to give but I would so love to know what I can expect of him. He seems to think that this feeling he has of not being ready for something serious is about to change in the near future but how can any human being possibly know that? It happens when it happens. I would surely appreciate any advice from you. Blessings to you dear Anna ♥

    1. Hi Charisma!

      Yikes, I am sorry that you feel he’s seeing other women. Your own intuition isn’t wrong. Trust it. It sounds like he has an excuse for not getting closer which makes him unavailable emotionally. That’s very sad. You’re right, it’s not likely to change very quickly. He has to work on his own issues in order to bring him back to himself. It’s not going to just “happen” for him. He has to work on it himself in order to see what the problem is and how to heal it. No one can do that but him. You can stay friends with him and see if anything changes with time but I wouldn’t expect for him to. If you need more assistance, please read my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  9. Hello Anna,
    I’m talking to a Taurus man. I use to like him a lot five years ago when I was 23 but he played me bad. He was 23 at the time too. For the past year he’s been trying so hard to see me and I finally did after bumping into him in the city. I saw him once in nov and he was very affectionate and would go on and on about how much he enjoys my company and I’m the only girl that he has as a friend. He’s very touchy has a huge smile on his face and expresses openly about his life and friends. I still kept my distance after and he kept trying to see me and I saw him again in dec but I still brushed him as being a player bc I don’t want to get hurt. And again he tells me we have the most fun tg. And recently I decided to see him because I was hungry and wanted to go get food with someone . And he was so happy to see me left gym early to get ready for me and said I hit him up because he didn’t annoy me as much and it worked. I laughed. While driving to get food tg, he would tell me to kiss him every two mins and hold my hand and I’d stop him and tell him friends aren’t this touchy and he was like he is just so attracted to me and we have known eachother for so long and he really enjoys my company and he loves physical touch. He also states he’s changed a lot and apologizes for being a dick and tells me his experiences in the past. He tells me all the time that I’m the only girl he has as a friend. We have lots of laugh and fun tg like it comes so naturally. He doesn’t even talk bout any women and if I mention his most recent hookup he cuts me short and tells me how he’s not interested in her saw her only two week and told her he didn’t want relationship but that because he didn’t want one with her . But I still put my guard up bc of the past and I’m very much attracted to him but don’t want to fall unless I know he feels the same. Now I think about it he’s so much different than the person he was when he was 23. He is now 27. Now I’m starting to fall for him but keeping my cool as usual. He will always send me a snap to remind me he’s there or I’ll text him vice versa and end up having long conversations. I’m just taking it slow. But is this just a friendship? How can he be so I intimate with a friend he’s so comfortable with and not fall for? I don’t want to ask him but the way he talks to me it’s like he’s in love but I still second guess myself. Please help ❤️

    1. Hi Navi!

      I think instead of questioning it, you should ask him how he sees what you have. That being upfront will help you connect with him further if there is more to be had. It sounds to me like he is interested in you by how he is acting. Reaching out to you to let you know he’s still there is not something that just a “friend” would do. Go for it honey and find out what is going on. Ask him “what is it do you see us as”. You should get a response that will let you know one way or the other. Sending many blessings!

      1. Yeah exactly I was like there’s no way a friend does what he does so that confused me and you’re right! Thanks for clarifying it ! Ya with him I believe I have to be upfront or I will be running in a loop. I’ll def ask him when I see him in person next time. Thank you Anna so much for responding and providing me a better understanding ! I really appreciate it! Thankyou

  10. Hi Anna

    I have been in a relationship with a Taurus sun, virgo moon, gemini venus man for 10 months, and for 9 months previous to this we wrote to each other. I am Taurus sun, (I think Capricorn or aquarius moon, Taurus Venus ….not sure on birth time though!).

    We have both declared love. I am recently divorced, he is separated 3 years (but still cohabiting, though this will change this year)

    He is so amazing in so many ways, but also SO difficult. He is loving and affectionate, generous, protective. But he is so sensitive and blows up over tiny things.He tells me off for things he does himself and can never see his own mistakes. He can be very cruel verbally when in middle of an argument, threatening ‘if you do it again, see what happens’; as in, he will leave me.
    When he comes out of his rage (it lasts a few days), he starts to soften, and outpours love (almost like he’s guilty), and if I point out these hurtful words, he acknowledges them but doesn’t say sorry?!

    It totally drains and exhausts me when we have these blow ups, he puts me through the mill for days, ignoring my texts, then calls me and we argue (even if I have apologised), he repeats over and over until I can’t take it anymore. When it all passes, he is so loving, poetic, he can’t do enough. We talk things through, he starts to agree with some of what I say, we find a balance.

    I have read that if a bull man threatens, then get ready to lose him. I have prepared myself now that he might walk away, as I cannot live in fear. I have told him this. He said he will never hurt me. What does this even mean?! I asked him. He said, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.

    I love him more than the universe, but he is SO frustrating and I sometimes consider walking when he is so verbally cruel, it affects me so much, and he knows. I am patient, and loving, but I am not perfect! I have off days too occasionally, which he cannot handle.

    What can I do with this bull? I have read your book 50 times, it is amazing. I wondered if his planet placements (and mine) would give any further insight? He lilith is Scorpio, I wondered if that had bearing on his cruelty when angry or if this was just common in all Taurus men. I am Taurus, I would NEVER be that cruel!

    Thank you Anna, sending love

    1. Hi Maria!

      If he is blowing up over tiny things then he’s got some pent up issues that he needs to work on. He may have added pressure happening in another area of his life and he needs to talk about it or put more focus on it so he can clear it up. Earth signs are typically pretty solid and don’t react quickly. They only get mad if there is build up. I would be willing to bet it isn’t because of you. Patience will be key to making this last. When he blows up, you keep calm. I would let him know that he is taking it out on you when you didn’t do anything to deserve it. Perhaps by pointing out the fact that he’s reacting over small stuff, he will realize he has a bigger problem and will proceed to work on it. I wish you the best!

  11. Why is my Taurus man ghosting me we’ve been talking but not officially dating for 4 months and I’ve noticed he’s slowly backs off from liking my post and commenting as he use to do witch is how he got my attention & I’m a Virgo I have to be certain before giving my attention and he made it pretty clear in the beginning and out of the blue he started to text less in a day we have never met one another however we have sent voice clips Snapchat vids we’ve opened up to one another and I’ve even sent Valentine’s Day gifts and random gifts expressing my appreciation of his existence in my life and my love because I did fall in love! & I last text him he responds every three to 4 days he texted me two days ago saying hey yooo what’s going on with ah pet name ! We usually call one another nick names however shortly after he didn’t respond after I responded and I’m like really! Saying that in my mind! And I’ve done nothing wrong to my knowledge but he always comes back to me but in the beginning it was so different and I don’t understand but I see him watching all of my social media stories but no response in direct messages I even still engage with his stories because I see him post I engage happy and loving he loves my comments but no response but to one! Of me sending him a hat! But I see him liking another guy post showing heavy support after he post not even posted for 15 minutes and he’s liking every post however can’t respond but then I set it up because he use to like mines the same but not anymore just every blue moon now! However I set him up I made a post to ig to see if he would like mines as well but nope he doesn’t and that concerns me more because when a Taurus wants something they make it noticed! But he won’t just tell me he just wants to be friends! He chased me first! I was living my life fine before he stole my heart and now I’m in so much hurt because I’m in love all alone! I even still share funny things to him expressing in ah way I love him so he won’t think I’m giving him the cold shoulder and that I’m still on his team what should I do because it’s hard to understand him! One minute he’s texting me out the blue as if nothing happend saying heyyy Shorty! Then he doesn’t respond he use to apologize or tell me why he hasn’t responded but now he doesn’t is he mad or has he moved on and just keeping me around just in case something doesn’t work for him because he has free time he’s at home after work and no text yet he’ll probably respond in two more days what should I do!?

    1. Hi Jonni!

      It sounds like you need to have a conversation with him about where the relationship is and where it’s headed. Ask him what he sees happening with you going forward. Tell him that you like him and want to have more of a bond. If it goes without saying then it may go nowhere. You have to be bold and forthright. Ask questions because he won’t tell you unless you do. Taurus men suck at texting. Almost any of them will tell you this. They get in a comfort zone and don’t feel they need to put in anymore effort. If he is still in contact then all is not lost but you’ve got to have the conversation so you guys can either get closer or you can deem it a friendship and move on romantically. You might want to check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” though for more help. I wish you all the best.

      1. Hello Anna, it’s been an interesting read but l can’t help but compare “the taurus man” and these 5 signs “they’re using you” to the taurus woman who has been popping in and out of my life for the past year or so. Maybe you can give me a taste of your expertise because I’ve spent the best part of last year/this year trying to clear some a load of unanswered questions:-

        We were casually dating last year but it became apparent after awhile that these meets or hook-ups were usually on her terms (IE. once a month if I’m lucky) and there was always alcohol involved too. I enjoyed her company and wanted us to do different things and sometimes meet me halfway but she just wasn’t interested. I can’t deny that she was the keen one/forward one to begin with and if anything l needed a bit more time to warm-up because l liked her but l wasn’t sure about her intentions. This eventually led me in giving her the cold shoulder one dreaded morning and I’d say this was when things started taking a turn for the worst….

        Before you know it, she became distant and within a week or 2, started making hints about going on dates with another guy etc etc… Which l didn’t appreciate in the slightest as it felt like she genuinely never liked me to begin with and was taking this opportunity to brag which l found distasteful. Despite this episode, we somehow still managed to keep on talking with each other most of the time and occasionally meeting up etc…. Think she hated us arguing/falling out and enjoyed us making up but my gut was always uneasy after as l strongly felt that there were other guys in the picture. I’d even ask her occasionally but she’d always jump on the defensive or worst yet try and deviate the questions which made things worse because l would’ve rather be in the know (if there were other guys in the picture) and then have the option to decide if l still want to stick around etc… After all it’s 2021 and no need for the secrecies or pretensions.

        Moving forward:-

        She started to be distant with me this year and then out of the blue, she made 2 attempts to see me in March – She couldn’t get hold of me the first time so tried again a couple of weeks later. She invited me to a friends house after she’d had a bit to drink and before l know it, she wanted sex. We spent all night together and the following morning we left together and went our separate ways and she completely ghosted me after that. Went from talking to me nearly everyday or every other day (by this point) to absolutely nothing. I tried to bring this attention and to find out how she was feeling and why the change in behaviour towards me and she tried to assure me that it’s nothing personal and that she’s just been busy with work etc….

        Couple of months passed by and then l get a random knock on my door in the early hours of Sunday morning round about 4/5am – It turned out to be her, she even had some guy in the background trying to chat to her, this guy claimed to be her boyfriend but she still wanted him to go and she still wanted to come indoors. It was then she started opening up about a what a good night she’d had because her mates organised a surprise 30th birthday party for her and that he ruined it for her and before you know she started whispering sweet-nothings in my ear and telling me how she much she missed me etc… It was clear that she wanted something more to happen but l couldnt bring myself to go there because I’d met this “apparent boyfriend” of hers and he seemed like a nice guy but clearly naive.

        The sexual chemistry between us is amazing and something l seem to experience with Taurus women ESPECIALLY but given the opportunity, l would’ve rather pursued something with her that just had a lot more substance but sadly it wasn’t meant to be – I’d like to think that maybe she was genuinely into me “in the beginning” and l single-handedly messed up when l had that off-morning BUT would a woman (or in this instance – a taurus woman) sincerely move on that quickly if that was the case?!

        She keeps popping in and out of my life randomly and I’d like you to please give me your perspective. She recently found out that I’ve been chatting with her friend who’s place she invited me back to in March and started flying off the handle but yet there is absolutely nothing going on there – I just took the opportunity to thank her for allowing me to come to her place and sleep over that night and we just seem to get along on a friendship level and she has even confided in me regarding a guy she likes but it’s nothing more than that.

        This is the same person who tried to shut me down last week by telling me she’s got a boyfriend and she’s happy but was happy to cheat on him with me and the only reason nothing happened is because l sent her home in a cab before something did. The same person who clearly doesn’t want me but would also appear that she’s not happy with anyone else having me.

        Can you perhaps give me a clearer picture as to what you think is going on here Anna?! Apart from the obvious SIGN that reads “SHE’S USING YOU”. I would’ve happily run each and every question/doubt l ever had past her but from experience, she either shuts me down by telling me we’re friends (a term she uses to label every guy in her life) OR why am I trying to start an argument. Hope you can appreciate why l’ve had no choice but to turn to you as the voice of reason.

        PS:- In reference to the pet names ~ She does use my actual name in text messages when we’re not getting along but I’m actually saved on her phone as “A Pain In The Ass”

        1. Hi Chris Lee!

          There is a difference between “a pain in the ass” as an endearment versus actuality. It’s hard to tell the difference which one she may mean. What I can say is that she may be toxic for you in different ways. If she has a boyfriend, it’s a no win situation for you. It’s not her right to be jealous or controlling in your life. I would tell her to make a choice in what she wants or walk away. You shouldn’t be in limbo because of someone who thinks you’re a pain in the ass. I hope you understand what I’m saying.

  12. My ex was a taurus, we lived together for 8months and had relationship for 10month. He broke up with me maybe because i told him i wanted to have relationship that would end up into marriage one day, i think he was scared of that coz at the very beginning he told me he didnt want to get married, he just wanted to live together to a woman he loves.. so after he broke up with me, we still communicated but we even hookee up many times. I know it sounds not good but i still love him but i am not expecting him to come back to me. If hes using me for sex, i also use him on some other ways like he offers me to pick me up even in the middle of the night and drove 200k.. then even if we broke up he still gives me money hahhaha!! And bought me laptop when my laptop was broken.. then if i ask him to do something, he does. But i know we wont ever get back coz he told me 3times when i begged him before. So no expectations and go with the flow. And im just doing things when i can take advantage of him. Hehhehe. Sorry if im evil. Im a pisces who turned to be a shark.

  13. I’m currently getting to know a Taurus guy (very attractive) and holds great conversations.
    He does call me by my name and also “bae”, babe, baby, buttttt I believe that he’s secretly in a relationship.

    He travels to my residence all the time because of his busy schedule with his son and being in law enforcement (we both have the same career)

    It’s only been a few weeks but my gut is telling me to back off but I’ve been wrong before.

    Reading this article seems really bad but it’s hard to gauge him right now because it’s so early.

    I feel as though I maybe overreacting because of past relationships- I don’t know

    1. Hi Michelle Wright!

      If it’s truly your gut telling you then it must be so. If you were wrong before then it wasn’t your gut. Your intuition is always right. Your negative voice can sometimes confuses you and so I want you to try something… relax, take a few deep breaths until you’re tranquil then ask yourself if you should stick with him and see how your body responds. If you get tense then the answer is no. If you are still relaxed or feel normal, it’s yes. That is the true nature of your gut honey. Give it some time and don’t rush. That way you have time to see what he is and if he’s worth it.

  14. Anna,

    I have bought your book and have read many things by you. I have a question. So when you sleep with a Taurus and he is so affectionate, sensual and basically holds you the whole night and half the day, I guess it just seems like there could be more there. I have had amazing sex with this man and I am a cancer/cancer/pisces. In my forty years I have yet to have a better lover and I have had some good ones. So i guess I should be asking the group was your Taurus always like that with you in the bed even when he was using you or left you? We do talk afterwards he does tell me things about his life but he is very guarded but so am I. I just have never felt this connection and it will be such a letdown if I have to let him go. I have known him for three months. I met him playing pool, something we both love to do.

    1. Hi Amber!

      Thank you so much for reading my material on Taurus men. In answer to your question, Taurus men are “in the present” when they are with you and so yes, they are sensual and passionate whether they are in love with you or are just having a passing situation with you. I think that if you’re wanting more with him, you really need to talk to him about it. Him opening up very slowly is very normal. I wouldn’t write him off as using you. Talk to him and ask him if he can ever see being with someone like you in a relationship. You’ll see what he says and then you’ll know what is going on with him. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions. You need to know! I wish you all the very best!

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