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5 Signs That a Taurus Man Has Lost Interest Or Is Slowly Losing It

What is a Taurus man like when he has lost interest in you? What can you look for that may indicate that you’ve lost him or that he’s decided to move on? Keep reading for some signs that a Taurus man has lost interest.

1. He Stops Reaching Out

This seems to be a universal thing for just about every sign but, a Taurus man will stop making the effort to reach out when he loses interest. He figures if he stops reaching out, that the situation will resolve itself.

The problem is, some women don’t get this. They suspect maybe he’s not interested anymore but they still have hope that maybe their wrong. They don’t trust what their intuition is telling them.

There are cases where he may go radio silent for a period of time if he has other issues to deal with or is incredibly busy. Otherwise him not reaching out over a long period of time probably indicates he’s either unsure or he’s done.

He thinks that if he doesn’t reach out to you at all, that you’ll get the hint and move on. He doesn’t realize that you may be sitting around wondering what went wrong and that you actually need some closure. This is one of his flaws.

2. He Stops Replying To Texts, Social Media, or Calls

I mentioned that he will stop reaching out entirely if he’s done. The other part to this equation is, if he answers you when you text him then he’s not done. However, if you keep repeatedly trying to reach out and get no response, he is done.

There are still rare occasions where he has something going on in his life and he doesn’t want to talk about it or burden you with it so he just goes cold. Typically if that is the case, he will at least respond to you once in a while.

When he goes cold turkey with not replying to you in any way at all, he’s likely lost interest and is trying to move on with his life. He hopes you’ll get this and move on with yours as well.

Sometimes Taurus man doesn’t want to deal with confrontation so it’s easier for him to ghost you than it is to actually tell you that he’s just not into it anymore and he’d like to call it quits.

He also doesn’t really want to hurt you so he’d rather just disappear than tell you the truth because he knows how upset you’ll be. It’s easier for you to get over him if he ghosts you than if he tells you the truth.

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Taurus Man stops Giving Attention

3. He Stops Giving Attention or Affection

When Taurus man cannot be bothered with giving you his time and affection, he’s not into it anymore. If he was previously having sex with you and has cut you off, he’s done.

He will not complement you anymore or be nice like he used to be. He will basically be cold as ice. He will seem like he’s just around going through the motions. It will be pretty obvious when he does this that he doesn’t dig you anymore.

He will go out of his way to find excuses as to why he cannot spend time with you. It’s crappy I know but these are the types of things Taurus man does when he feels the relationship or interest is

He may have gotten to know you and there is something that just doesn’t click with him but he doesn’t have the heart to tell you so he just turns into a cold fish instead.

4. Stops Doing Things To Help You

When he was into you, he was trying to do things to help you and make you feel cared for. This will typically stop when he’s not into the relationship anymore. It will drop and he will quit doing things.

He will not go out of his way to help you with things, and he won’t sacrifice his time or energy to do things to impress you anymore. He basically throws in the towel and when you see this, you know it’s over.

He becomes rather salty and can be rude. He may be hard to talk to, won’t say nice things to you anymore, and could even say mean things that aren’t necessarily true.

He’s essentially trying to get you to break up with him so he doesn’t have to be the bad guy. He’d rather you just set him free than for him to have to face up to the truth and tell you what the deal really is.

Taurus Man Losing Interest In You

5. He Tells You Flat Out

While some of the other Taurus men may go at it in the ways I’ve described already, there is sometimes the very truthful Taurus man. He may wait for you to ask what is going on but he will tell you.

He will out and out say to you that he isn’t feeling it anymore and he’d like to go ahead and move on. He may even list why it’s not working for him and why he feels it’s not going to grow any further.

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If it’s him, he’ll admit what his issues are and why it’s not working. If he feels it’s something about you, he’ll tell you that also. It won’t be pleasant to hear but this guy would rather you know the truth.

Granted, he may try the other methods first to see if you’ll do the deed but if you don’t and keep hanging on, he’ll have no other choice than to finally sit you down and tell you that he’s not into the relationship anymore.

My suggestion to you is, if you see any of these signs starting to happen, you should just go ahead and confront him about it so you can rip the band aid off instead of waiting and making it much more painful later…

Do you feel like your Taurus is losing interest in you and your relationship? What happened?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

16 thoughts on “5 Signs That a Taurus Man Has Lost Interest Or Is Slowly Losing It

  1. My taurus man is living in Aruba and i live in Norway. We were together 30 years ago but started to connect through social media again and it was so sweet and nice for almost 6 months with FaceTime etc.
    then I called once and a woman picked up it was his girlfriend…. so here I am still in love and he telling me that he loves me but need time …. l don’t know what do you think ?
    Best regards

  2. Hi Anna ~ my name is Kristi and I’ve been seeing a Taurus man for over a year now. I’m so in love with this man but he’s explained to me that he has open wounds from the past (prior love, abuse from his father, etc). We have the most fun together but he cannot commit to me. But we’ve still been seeing each other because I can’t let go of him. We talk every day. It seems like he has a connection with me but can’t give me what I need. All I want at this point is a monogamous relationship. Not living together, not put a ring on my finger, etc. I think after a year, that’s not too much to ask. He agrees with me that it’s a reasonable request but he just can’t do it.

    I’m 47, divorced single mother and he is divorced with no children. We both have busy lives. But I love him so much, and he knows it. He’s never really told me how he feels about me other than the generic “he thinks I’m a great girl”, etc.

    I’m stuck. I feel like I should walk away but I struggle with that thought. He makes me so happy when we are together, treats me nicer than I’ve ever been treated. He’s a good man with emotional struggles.

    How can I learn how he truly feels about me?

    Thank you!

  3. This makes sense. But why does he ghost on me then wouldn’t stop viewing my status updates? It gets me annoyed.

  4. I must have a confused Taurus. He does still reaches out & still responds to my social media, but I feel like he’s using me for sex too from your using page.

  5. Hi Anna,
    My Taurus (friend) (not lover) told me he loved by txt then told me to p….off(in the same sentance) rather rude country Australian male.
    I am a leo 13years older than him, he reconnected after 2 years of non speaking, when he was diagnosed with possible prostrate. He made a special trip to leave his number on my front door. I had called it a day before because of his drinking and explicit texting when he was drunk.
    I saw warning signs but I figured that distance might make him see I was not out to get him. I am independant, and was only interested in continuing a friendship.Strong Leo females do not put up with this rubbish and I told him so.
    Hence he advised me I was now out of his phone ?? and out of his life?? without a word of communication. This friendship had developed over a 6 year period. I was devastated, but have now gottenover it. I thought he was different because he was a single dad for a long time and loved his kids, but there was no time for anyone else. I hope he is happy with his two dogs on a remote property now!!

  6. Definitely just what I’m dealing with it and it sucks he let me go because he’s being stationed in the Middle East for three years here soon and on top of it very distant because he lost his son. I miss him but I’m not sure if it’s worth the fight and frustration anymore adore him love him but he’s made it clear I’m not wanted. Am I right? Anyone’s thoughts?

  7. Adding on to comment the military one with the so that passed away I actually now disappeared from him because he pushed me so far away still friends but when I’m not wanted why stay even though it hurts and I’ll check on him but that’s it am I right for doing this as well I’m just trying to find boundaries with out being crushed but not losing him permanently because I believe he is my soul mate I can see everything with him but at what cost. FYI I’m a very strong Aquarius

  8. Dear: mrs Anna …i don’t know if it possible to turn him around…the first woman he was chatting and exchanged pictures etc..he’s no longer with her…but he had found him another woman a couple of years younger than him…he’s not only have her pictures on his phone but had the actual picture of her in his room they talk to each other every day messenger message, Skype, Facebook can i be able to get him back, i don’t know how to use though apps…plus he had already blocked me out from all of his Facebook etc..both women live overseas.

  9. I was dating Taurus man. He is being Hot and Cold. Last two months he doesn’t reach out first, but he replays always, and seems to be interesred. But, when I try to initiate coffe, he do not say he do not want, but always has some excuses. Is it possible to reatract him? What to do?

  10. Last two months he doesn’t reach out first, but he replays always, and seems to be interesred. But, when I try to initiate coffe, he do not say he do not want, but always has some excuses. Is it possible to reatract him? What to do?

  11. Hi Anna,
    Well this has been extremely difficult to read and I am so confused. I am an Aries woman and I love a Taurus man. We live together and the hot cold has become more frequent. His interest in being intimate with me has stopped he says he is tired all the time. I ask what’s wrong and sometimes he flips out and says I nag him to much, why do I have to ask so many questions etc. it’s absolutely heartbreaking. I have no idea from day to day what are status is anymore

  12. Hi MS Anna,

    It is true that Tauras man is like that and its heart breaking to know the truth. Wish to know something can be done better but however, it is already done and has been long time ago, 1 year ago. Eventhough thinking it might be connected, it does not.He has a girlfriend already. How can we do to attract or improve the interest back? How can we move on better?

  13. Hi Anna I am a Cancerian dating a Tauran man for 4mnths now(he was once married now separated) I am a flight attendant he is an attorney. So I am constantly in and out of the country. At the moment we can’t see each other due to the Lockdown situation in our country South Africa.
    He has been loving and all, but has had his on and off moments that are confusing me, especially when I am overseas, I know he has alot of issues especially with women (you can hear from the things he says at times) but I have learnt to understand .. One day he is wonderful the next day he is cold..
    So to cut the story short, since the lockdown he has been acting weird, talks to me in the morning then switches off his phone for the whole day, he tried to explain why he does this and again I understood. He will then speak to me later in the evening.
    Our conversations are now literally 2mins long and it’s just about him checking up on me and wishing me a lovely day or good rest that’s it. A couple of days ago he had an issue with his phone and I the same so I had to switch off my phone for a while… Once he sorted out his problem, he sent a message (with no affection, sounded like he was talking to a random person..So Goodmorning my love has gone down to just Goodmorning ).. I replied to it for acknowledgement.. Since then he went silent ,its been 3 days already… Because of my experience previously in the past months, I have learnt to keep calm and wait for him to reach out and not push him, have him explain himself instead.. But now I am here alone trying to figure out what went wrong…Dont know if I should ask, maybe he is no longer into me. Another thing that worries me is that the last time we saw each other he asked me if I ever had a miscarriage, which I havent. I found the question very odd and a bit saddening, but I didn’t show him took it as just a question… So I really and truelly don’t know, I love him but I can’t keep holding on to something that’s not there anymore.. Please HELP!!! Does he still love me or should I just let it g??

  14. hello Dimakatso
    I hope your situation is better no or you have moved on. Taurus man did the same exact things to me but instead of asking if i had a miscarriage he asked if I had stds when he knows ive only been with 2 men and I’m 36. Im a venus in pisces so im very sensitive to his behavior and I dont understand it. we had an argument 2 days ago about me needing to see him more and be sensitive to my needs as I’m incredibly sensitive. the next day he texted me I was too sensitive and we had no chemistry mind you tthe last time i saw him was the first time we had sex, not making love at all just sex which I need more than that . I asked if he would re think about it and he said yes then i sent him a text that night that i appreciated him etc and he just said goodnight. I have no idea whats going on but I cant take this anymore my sensitivity makes me sick over this and hurts my whole life. I wish i never had sex with him honestly. Im also a nurse practitioner so I have to deal with other peoples problems, stress etc all day. I just need support from a man and I dont think that will happen with him. Im sorry to say

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