9 Warning Signs That A Taurus Man Has Lost Interest

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is a Taurus like when he loses interest? Keep reading for some signs that a Taurus man has lost interest, and how you may get him back.

There are certain signs that a Taurus man has lost interest in you, but perhaps some of these signs are not always that clear. When a Taurus man is interested in you there is no doubt that he feels something for you. But it is straightforward to mislook his signs because Taurus can be quite shy.

So how would you know a Taurus man not interested in you? There are some very clear signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you anymore. Do you know what they are? These signs might not be as obvious as you think…

If you are curious to find out the signs that a Taurus man has lost interest then you have definitely come to the right place. Please keep on reading to find out more…

When A Taurus Man Doesn’t Care Anymore

If there is one trait you need to know about a Taurus man, then it is his stubbornness. This guy is extremely hardheaded and willful, when he makes up his mind he sticks to it no matter what. 

This is one of the clear indicators of how he might treat you if he doesn’t care anymore. He will make up his mind that he doesn’t want to speak to you and you will never hear from him again, especially if your relationship ended on a bad note. 

He will act totally disinterested in stone wall you in a way you have never experienced before. This isn’t because he is malicious or wants to hurt you. He is actually a very sensitive guy and he acts this way out of self-preservation. That is his way of protecting himself from getting hurt any further. 

He is the king of no contact so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from him for a good while when the two of you split up or when he decided this relationship isn’t for him. 

A Taurus man has a very long list of things he wants from a relationship. Probably someone more traditional, and if you don’t really align with his vision of what he wants his future wife to be, he’ll likely call it quits even before it begins.

4 Possible Reasons Why A Taurus Man Loses Interest

There could be a plethora of reasons why a Taurus man loses interest in you. Some of the things could be fairly obvious, and other reasons can be quite subtle. Check out this list to gain greater clarity:

1. He Met Someone Else

It can be pretty awful when you feel a connection with someone and then they start slowly distancing themselves from you. One of the major reasons this could happen with a Taurus man is when he meets someone else. 

This is something you definitely shouldn’t take personally as it is possible that he might just feel a better connection with this other woman. This isn’t a reflection of you and your worth. 

It is simply possible that he found a better match for his personality, and that means that there is someone just as perfect out there for you. Wish him the best and understand that your Prince is also out there. What you are seeking is seeking you!

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2. You Are Not Allowing Him To Chase You

A Taurus man is very traditional and conventional when it comes to dating. He likes women who are super feminine and let him do the pursuing. A Woman who comes off too strong can really freak him out and make him feel disempowered. 

If you are a woman who operates more out of her masculine energy, then you might notice your Taurus man backing away quite quickly. He is a man’s man and likes taking the lead in the relationship.

If you are always the one reaching out to him and doing all the legwork then you aren’t allowing your Taurus man to see you as the prize he needs to conquer. You are basically taking out the fun in the dating. 

A Taurus wants to be with someone who is high quality and knows her worth. This means letting him come to you so that he can win you over. He won’t take you as seriously as a potential long-term mate if you are taking over his role.

Change this up, step back, and stop initiating contact with him. You need him to come to you or else you are at risk of losing him.

3. You Are Too Clingy

Taurus men are very affectionate and enjoy a certain closeness in the relationship they have with a woman, but if you are too clingy it can really turn him off. Especially if it is in the early part of your relationship. 

This is a man who likes to take things slow in his relationships because slow and steady always win the race. If he can take things slow with you, then it means he can really get to know you and be comfortable committing to you.

So if you are too clingy too soon, you are taking away the opportunity for him to miss you and realize how special you are. By doing this you are disempowering yourself and taking all the fun in your connection with him. 

Be more independent and show your Taurus man that you are quite content on your own (he needs a lot of alone time and space) because he wants to be with someone who can be secure when he is off on his own.

You can turn this around if you pull back slightly and give him some space to breathe. Make this a habit!

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4. He Doesn’t Want To Commit

Taurus men are serial monogamists, they love to be in a serious relationship, but only with the right person as they have very high standards and a good idea about what they expect from a relationship. 

They aren’t really the type of guy to mess around and be with many women simultaneously, however, a Taurus man will not commit to someone if it simply doesn’t feel right to him. 

He doesn’t want to waste his own time or your time by promising you something he knows he isn’t genuine about. One thing you can depend on a Taurus man for is his honesty and integrity. Try not to take this personally because it isn’t!

4 Clear Signs That A Taurus Man Has Lost Interest

You might have a slight suspicion that your Taurus man is losing interest, but this might just be a gut feeling. Here are some clear signs that a Taurus man is losing interest in you:

1. When A Taurus Man Acts Like You Doesn’t Exist

When a Taurus is losing interest or flat out doesn’t like you; he’ll act as though you do not exist. Literally, he could walk by and not even notice you sitting there.

You may wonder if he’s doing that on purpose but most of the time he isn’t. He’s just really not paying you any attention and doesn’t notice your existence. Strange I know but that’s how they are.

Now if he doesn’t like you because you’ve done something to make him ice you out; you can expect that he will avoid you like the plague. He will not want any chance of confrontation.

It’s a matter of being able to know the difference between if he is upset with you or if he just doesn’t “see” you…

2. When A Taurus Man Cancels Plans

One of the best qualities a Taurus man has is his ability to be very reliable and dependable. When he says he will do something, you can guarantee that he will do it without question.

This is why it is pretty worrying when you start to notice your Taurus man canceling plans. This is very much out of his character and probably a sign that he is losing interest in you. 

When a Taurus man is in love he will do absolutely everything to keep this connection going. So when he doesn’t, the writing is on the wall…

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3. You Are Not His Priority Anymore

Dating a Taurus man can feel super nurturing as he will always put you first and make you understand that you are the priority in his life. There is no question about how he feels about you. 

But when you notice him putting other things ahead of spending time with you then it is probably a sign that he is slowly losing interest in you. This is a pretty big deal as Taurus men are known for their dependability.

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4. You Are Missing A Sexual Connection

Taurus men are ruled by the sign of Venus, so this means that these gentlemen are extremely sensual and physical by nature. The sexual connection they share with their partner is of utmost importance to them. 

When the sexual connection between you and your Taurus man starts fading then it is quite a major sign that a Taurus man has lost interest. Perhaps the two of you are simply sexually incompatible and there is really nothing you can do about this. 

More Signs A Taurus Man Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Sometimes there are very clear signs that a Taurus man has lost interest in you. This might be painful to learn, but better to know this than to sit in the dark and wonder how he feels about you. Here are these signs:

5. He No Longer Contacts You

I think this is a universal truth for just about every sign, but if a Taurus man loses interest in reaching out to you, he will stop making an effort to reach out to you. It is his belief that if he stops reaching out, then the situation will resolve itself on its own. The quintessential ghoster.

Women don’t always understand this, though. Although they suspect he may not be interested anymore, they still believe they may be mistaken. Despite what their intuition tells them, they don’t trust it.

If you’re in a situation where your Taurus man is no longer contacting you and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do, I strongly recommend my 30-day Taurus Man Love Challenge. This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring back the passion and connection in your relationship. Start your journey today!

A Taurus man may go radio silent for a while if he has other issues to deal with or is extremely busy. If he doesn’t reach out over a long period of time, it probably means he is either unsure or he is finished with you and your connection.

It is his belief that if he does not contact you at all, you will get the hint and move on. It may not be obvious to him that you are sitting around wondering what went wrong and need some closure. This is one of a Taurus man flaws.

6. He Doesn’t Respond When You Reach Out

As I mentioned, a Taurus man is not reaching out entirely if he’s done. Also, if he answers you when you text him, then he’s not done. In contrast, if you keep trying to contact him repeatedly and he doesn’t respond, he is finished.

Sometimes he goes cold when he has something going on in his life and he doesn’t want to talk about it or burden you with it. Usually, he will at least reply once in a while if that is the case.

It’s a clear sign that a Taurus man has lost interest and is trying to move on with his life when he doesn’t reply to you in any way at all. It is his hope that you will also understand this and move on with your own life.

Sometimes Taurus men do not want to deal with confrontation, so ghosting you is easier than actually telling you that he’s just not into it anymore.

Since he knows how upset you’ll be if he tells you the truth, he’d rather just disappear than hurt you. Getting over him is easier if he ghosts you than if he tells you the truth.

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7. He Withholds His Attention And Affection

Taurus men stop giving you their time and affection when they can’t be bothered. His relationship with you is over if he previously had sex with you and then cut you off.

Unlike before, he will no longer compliment you or be nice to you. There is no doubt that he will be cold as ice. There will be an impression that he is just going through the motions. You’ll be able to tell when he does this that he doesn’t like you anymore when he does.

In order to avoid spending time with you, he will make up excuses. It’s crappy, but Taurus men do these kinds of things when they feel their relationship or interest is over.

Perhaps he has gotten to know you and something just doesn’t click with him. He doesn’t have the heart to tell you, so he just turns into a cold fish.

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8. He Stops Helping And Supporting You

The things he did for you when he was into you were to make you feel cared for and to help you. He will typically stop doing this when he is no longer interested in the relationship. As a result, he will stop doing things and the amount will drop.

He won’t go out of his way to help you and he won’t sacrifice his time or energy to impress you anymore. This is essentially him throwing in the towel, and when you see it, you know it’s over.

It is not uncommon for him to become salty and rude. It may be hard to talk to him anymore, he might say mean things that aren’t true, and he might stop saying nice things to you.

It’s basically him trying to get you to break up with him so he does not have to be the bad guy. It would be better if you set him free than to make him face the truth and reveal what the deal really is.

9. Watch His Body Language

If you still aren’t sure if that Taurus you’ve been watching likes you or doesn’t like you; watch his body language. His actions will always speak loudly about his intent and what he wants.

If he shows you his backside often, he doesn’t like you. If he won’t walk anywhere near you or acts a bit awkward, he probably doesn’t like you. There isn’t any gray area with these men.

Taurus is going to let you know via his body language. If you get him to talk at all, he will likely cross his arms and look nervously around instead of looking directly at you. He’s trying to hurry up and get out of there.

When he’s into someone or likes them as a friend, he will be more warm and generous with his time. If he doesn’t like you; he has no time for you.

His body will reflect how he feels. If you try to reach out to touch his hand while handing him something, you’ll feel his awkward pullback. If he does indeed act this way, then it’s likely a Taurus man does not like you or has lost interest.

Watch this video for some more signs that a Taurus man has lost interest or is slowly losing it:

Do Taurus Men Lose Interest Easily?

Taurus men are fixed signs, this means that once they commit to something it is generally for life. This is why they are so slow to warm up because they like to be careful about what they get themselves involved in. 

So, to answer this question, no, Taurus men do not lose interest easily. On the contrary, it is usually quite difficult for them to move on from a relationship. It really has to take a lot for them to go sour for someone they committed themselves to. 

Of course, if they are just casually dating someone then it is a different story and it is possible that they might lose interest quite easily. 

FAQ On Taurus Men Losing Interest 

There is a chance that you might still feel unsatisfied with the information presented in this article. Here are some frequently asked questions you might still be wondering about regarding Taurus men losing interest:

My Taurus Man Is Not Asking Me Out Anymore — Should I Be Worried?

If you are casually dating a Taurus man and he has stopped chasing you and doesn’t ask you on dates anymore then there is a very good chance that he might not be that interested in you. 

However, he might be going through some personal issues like stress at work or with his family. Just step back for a bit and see if he comes around. If he doesn’t, then it is pretty clear he isn’t interested and it is time for you to move on. 

Taurus Man Not Responding To Calls — Is He Losing Interest Or Just Busy?

A Taurus man generally doesn’t like spending too much time on his phone. He is definitely not a big chatter and prefers to get to know people one on one and in person. 

So I wouldn’t completely take this as him losing interest in you but I would generally advise you to let him contact you first. I know it is easy to be impulsive and reach out to a man when you need his attention. 

But try and soothe your own anxieties first. I promise you, you will be much better off first if you let your Taurus man be the one to reach out. It is very difficult to master, but this is you allowing yourself to be in your feminine energy. 

Try not to take his silence personally, but if he never gets back to you then you know that he is trying to avoid you and of course, this is better for you to know so that you can actually move on from him and meet someone who treats you with respect. 

When A Taurus Man Loses Interest — Final Thoughts

It can be really tough to accept that a Taurus man has lost interest in you because a relationship with a Taurus man is always extremely promising. This is the guy who is in it for the long haul and he can be very nurturing. 

There are ways for you to get him to come around, but that generally takes a lot of space and time as Taurus men are extremely slow-moving and live life at their own pace. 

You will need him to take the lead and come to you because if you chase him when he is unsure it will really freak him out and make him be done with you for good. 

Step back, focus on yourself, and fill your own cup. If he comes back then he will get a version of you that has leveled up, it is also entirely possible that you might meet someone who recognizes your worth without you having to prove it. The possibilities are endless and it is important that you keep holding onto hope.

Is Your Taurus Man Avoiding Commitment?

Does your Taurus man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment…

But get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times.

And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s dismissive avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s fearful avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. 

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful… What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology.

It will stop him from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when he pulls back… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him…

Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

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Anna Kovach

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70 thoughts on “9 Warning Signs That A Taurus Man Has Lost Interest

  1. My taurus man is living in Aruba and i live in Norway. We were together 30 years ago but started to connect through social media again and it was so sweet and nice for almost 6 months with FaceTime etc.
    then I called once and a woman picked up it was his girlfriend…. so here I am still in love and he telling me that he loves me but need time …. l don’t know what do you think ?
    Best regards

    1. Hi Rita!

      If you aren’t involved with anyone and he’s still in love with you then give him the time to clear up his side so he can figure out how to be with you but don’t let him come back without breaking it off with the other woman. You don’t want to be his #2. Be careful and take it slow. Please read my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  2. Hi Anna ~ my name is Kristi and I’ve been seeing a Taurus man for over a year now. I’m so in love with this man but he’s explained to me that he has open wounds from the past (prior love, abuse from his father, etc). We have the most fun together but he cannot commit to me. But we’ve still been seeing each other because I can’t let go of him. We talk every day. It seems like he has a connection with me but can’t give me what I need. All I want at this point is a monogamous relationship. Not living together, not put a ring on my finger, etc. I think after a year, that’s not too much to ask. He agrees with me that it’s a reasonable request but he just can’t do it.

    I’m 47, divorced single mother and he is divorced with no children. We both have busy lives. But I love him so much, and he knows it. He’s never really told me how he feels about me other than the generic “he thinks I’m a great girl”, etc.

    I’m stuck. I feel like I should walk away but I struggle with that thought. He makes me so happy when we are together, treats me nicer than I’ve ever been treated. He’s a good man with emotional struggles.

    How can I learn how he truly feels about me?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kristi!

      I think by holding off on giving you want, he’s essentially telling you how he feels which is that he doesn’t feel connected enough to you to want to commit. Telling you’re that you’re a great girl means he sees you as a lovely woman but he’s just “not there” with you and so he sticks to his stance of not wanting to commit. This is his way of being honest with you. You have to decide if you want to wait and give him more time in case he changes his mind or if you want to move on and let someone else come into your life and sweep you off your feet. You might want to learn more about Taurus. Check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Ashish!

      You may want to check out more of my blog or read my book “Taurus Man Secrets” for more information why Taurus man can go cold.

  3. This makes sense. But why does he ghost on me then wouldn’t stop viewing my status updates? It gets me annoyed.

    1. Hi Lainsah Colette!

      Well, if he is watching you on social media then he’s looking to see how long it takes you to move on. He may have some twisted sense of self and has to see if you really meant it with him or if you will just go ahead and find someone else. If you don’t want him stalking you then you should block him.

  4. I must have a confused Taurus. He does still reaches out & still responds to my social media, but I feel like he’s using me for sex too from your using page.

    1. Hi Jenny!

      I tell you what. If you feel he’s using you for sex then you’re probably right. Trust your gut and know that it means something. If you have this feeling, you should never discount it. Being friendly is one thing but if he’s not committing himself to you then he’s trying to be a “friend with benefits” while trying to keep tabs on you. It’s not healthy. Tell him to crap or get off the pot. Learn more by reading “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  5. Hi Anna,
    My Taurus (friend) (not lover) told me he loved by txt then told me to p….off(in the same sentance) rather rude country Australian male.
    I am a leo 13years older than him, he reconnected after 2 years of non speaking, when he was diagnosed with possible prostrate. He made a special trip to leave his number on my front door. I had called it a day before because of his drinking and explicit texting when he was drunk.
    I saw warning signs but I figured that distance might make him see I was not out to get him. I am independant, and was only interested in continuing a friendship.Strong Leo females do not put up with this rubbish and I told him so.
    Hence he advised me I was now out of his phone ?? and out of his life?? without a word of communication. This friendship had developed over a 6 year period. I was devastated, but have now gottenover it. I thought he was different because he was a single dad for a long time and loved his kids, but there was no time for anyone else. I hope he is happy with his two dogs on a remote property now!!

    1. Hi Maria!

      He sounds like a mess you definitely do not need. Perhaps he has a drinking problem and is why he says the things he does. He probably does care for you but doesn’t know how to express himself and the drinking is not helping. I think if I were you, I’d move on. He sounds like he’d cause a lot of problems for you honey.

  6. Definitely just what I’m dealing with it and it sucks he let me go because he’s being stationed in the Middle East for three years here soon and on top of it very distant because he lost his son. I miss him but I’m not sure if it’s worth the fight and frustration anymore adore him love him but he’s made it clear I’m not wanted. Am I right? Anyone’s thoughts?

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Yikes sweetheart. It sounds like if he’s telling you that he’s done then he really is done. Take him for his word and move on. If he comes back around, you make him work for it. Don’t let him into your heart or life easily. He has to work hard to win your trust and love back otherwise find someone who wants to give you the world on a platter. There is someone that will do that!

  7. Adding on to comment the military one with the so that passed away I actually now disappeared from him because he pushed me so far away still friends but when I’m not wanted why stay even though it hurts and I’ll check on him but that’s it am I right for doing this as well I’m just trying to find boundaries with out being crushed but not losing him permanently because I believe he is my soul mate I can see everything with him but at what cost. FYI I’m a very strong Aquarius

  8. Dear: mrs Anna …i don’t know if it possible to turn him around…the first woman he was chatting and exchanged pictures etc..he’s no longer with her…but he had found him another woman a couple of years younger than him…he’s not only have her pictures on his phone but had the actual picture of her in his room they talk to each other every day messenger message, Skype, Facebook etc..how can i be able to get him back, i don’t know how to use though apps…plus he had already blocked me out from all of his Facebook etc..both women live overseas.

    1. Hi Chandora!

      If he has blocked you and he’s made it obvious he is with someone else then there is nothing you can do. He doesn’t want to be with you otherwise he’d make it very clear. If he’s willing to be a jerk to you then he doesn’t deserve you anyway. You deserve someone to devote their time and love to you. I’d say you should try your best to let go and allow the right guy to come into your life.

  9. I was dating Taurus man. He is being Hot and Cold. Last two months he doesn’t reach out first, but he replays always, and seems to be interesred. But, when I try to initiate coffe, he do not say he do not want, but always has some excuses. Is it possible to reatract him? What to do?

    1. Hi Ivy!

      If he always replies to you then he still likes you. Taurus me get either comfortable or lazy when it comes to texting so they really actually prefer their woman to text them first so that they only have to respond instead of having to come up with something to text the woman. See what I mean? Keep texting him and allow him to take you out. You can ask him what’s up with that too and he should tell you why he is like that.

  10. Last two months he doesn’t reach out first, but he replays always, and seems to be interesred. But, when I try to initiate coffe, he do not say he do not want, but always has some excuses. Is it possible to reatract him? What to do?

  11. Hi Anna,
    Well this has been extremely difficult to read and I am so confused. I am an Aries woman and I love a Taurus man. We live together and the hot cold has become more frequent. His interest in being intimate with me has stopped he says he is tired all the time. I ask what’s wrong and sometimes he flips out and says I nag him to much, why do I have to ask so many questions etc. it’s absolutely heartbreaking. I have no idea from day to day what are status is anymore

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      It definitely sounds like he’s questioning the relationship. I think you need to approach him in a very cool, calm, and diplomatic way and tell him “I’ve noticed your changes with me and I wonder if there is something I can be doing better or differently”. That should spark him to think things over instead of feeling you’re attacking him or giving him a hard time. I hope this helps but if you need more, you should read “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  12. Hi MS Anna,

    It is true that Tauras man is like that and its heart breaking to know the truth. Wish to know something can be done better but however, it is already done and has been long time ago, 1 year ago. Eventhough thinking it might be connected, it does not.He has a girlfriend already. How can we do to attract or improve the interest back? How can we move on better?

    1. Hi Lim!

      If he already has a girlfriend then you’ll have to just be his friend and wait until they aren’t together anymore to try to win him back over. Trying to win him over while he is with her will most likely not work. All you can do is offer friendship to be the person he might turn to when he needs to talk. If that doesn’t work then you’ll probably need to consider moving on. Read more about Taurus man through my book: “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  13. Hi Anna I am a Cancerian dating a Tauran man for 4mnths now(he was once married now separated) I am a flight attendant he is an attorney. So I am constantly in and out of the country. At the moment we can’t see each other due to the Lockdown situation in our country South Africa.
    He has been loving and all, but has had his on and off moments that are confusing me, especially when I am overseas, I know he has alot of issues especially with women (you can hear from the things he says at times) but I have learnt to understand .. One day he is wonderful the next day he is cold..
    So to cut the story short, since the lockdown he has been acting weird, talks to me in the morning then switches off his phone for the whole day, he tried to explain why he does this and again I understood. He will then speak to me later in the evening.
    Our conversations are now literally 2mins long and it’s just about him checking up on me and wishing me a lovely day or good rest that’s it. A couple of days ago he had an issue with his phone and I the same so I had to switch off my phone for a while… Once he sorted out his problem, he sent a message (with no affection, sounded like he was talking to a random person..So Goodmorning my love has gone down to just Goodmorning ).. I replied to it for acknowledgement.. Since then he went silent ,its been 3 days already… Because of my experience previously in the past months, I have learnt to keep calm and wait for him to reach out and not push him, have him explain himself instead.. But now I am here alone trying to figure out what went wrong…Dont know if I should ask, maybe he is no longer into me. Another thing that worries me is that the last time we saw each other he asked me if I ever had a miscarriage, which I havent. I found the question very odd and a bit saddening, but I didn’t show him took it as just a question… So I really and truelly don’t know, I love him but I can’t keep holding on to something that’s not there anymore.. Please HELP!!! Does he still love me or should I just let it g??

  14. hello Dimakatso
    I hope your situation is better no or you have moved on. Taurus man did the same exact things to me but instead of asking if i had a miscarriage he asked if I had stds when he knows ive only been with 2 men and I’m 36. Im a venus in pisces so im very sensitive to his behavior and I dont understand it. we had an argument 2 days ago about me needing to see him more and be sensitive to my needs as I’m incredibly sensitive. the next day he texted me I was too sensitive and we had no chemistry mind you tthe last time i saw him was the first time we had sex, not making love at all just sex which I need more than that . I asked if he would re think about it and he said yes then i sent him a text that night that i appreciated him etc and he just said goodnight. I have no idea whats going on but I cant take this anymore my sensitivity makes me sick over this and hurts my whole life. I wish i never had sex with him honestly. Im also a nurse practitioner so I have to deal with other peoples problems, stress etc all day. I just need support from a man and I dont think that will happen with him. Im sorry to say

    1. Hi Nichole!

      I’m sorry you went through the ringer with your Taurus. Tell him to give you answers or you need to move on. You cannot afford to have this extra stress on your plate. Just as I told Dimakatso, ask him flat out what is going on and what he wants. You have every right to know what the heck he wants. If he still cannot give you answers then let him go and move forward. You deserve better treatment! Blessings to you!

  15. Hi Dimakatso!

    I think you need to ask him flat out what he wants at this point. He sounds like he’s perhaps busy with something and doesn’t want to tell you what it is or he feels he doesn’t have to try as hard as he did in the beginning. Either way, ask him how he feels and what he wants so you can either keep working with him or so that you can let go go move forward in your life. Sometimes Taurus doesn’t say anything unless you ask.

  16. Hi Anna, I’ve met this amazing Taurus man 3 months ago thru a dating site. We both agreed that we have this connection and we vibe when we’re talking as if we’ve known each other for a long time already. He even said “I love you” to me. We’ve tried to meet each other for couple of times (he’s the one inviting and insisting it, since i don’t want to, given that i understand the situation today “pandemic” and know that he’s busy with work) but never happened yet. For the reasons of first he get really sick, the second time, because of work. We’re still talking and I even ask him if he losing interest just to be upfront with me and call him out so many times whenever i feel taken for granted. I know we’re not even dating yet since we haven’t met yet but he already did say I love you and even asked me to stay and asking for assurance that I won’t look for another guy and wait for him. But he’s really get busy now tho he already informed me beforehand and shared how stressed he is with his work right now, and because he left his job recently and even asked my opinion if its okay with me. But I have trouble understanding him right now, he’s giving me this hot and cold attitude, it feels like he likes me at the same time playing with me. He also starting to didn’t contact me everyday. But when i do call and he picked it up we’re good, he explained things and address how i feel, he even sorry for the things that i feel i am taken granted of. The last time we’ve talked, he told me that we should me that weekend and suddenly lost the line because of the net connection, until then i haven’t heard from him yet and it’s been three days already. The day after that call i msg him if he’s serious about meeting up and let me know and even tried to call him but he didn’t answer. I know i’ve already sent a message and call once and i don’t want to send another one since im upset that he did’t even cancelled and just let me wait for nothing. What should i do? Does this mean that he’s already losing his interest with me?

  17. In addition to the my previous comment, he’s in a transition and turnover his job. I wonder if things get better after this. Should i’ve wait since we have one month left before he totally resigned. And hope he got more time for me or should i moved on already? By the way, the day he passed his resignation, he told me that and he even comment “more time for you” should i believe that? Or he’s just hanging me and make me believe with things that will never ever happen? There’s a part of me that maybe he’s staying and still Talking to me since we haven’t slept yet.

    1. Hi Berna!

      I think you’ll need to be patient and let him get everything lined up the way he needs to. Once he does that then he may be able to communicate with you better. That’s good if he’s telling you “more time for you”. That means he recognizes it’s important to give you more of him. Hang in there. If he says it, he probably means it! If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  18. Hi Anna,

    I was dating a Taurus man for a few months. Everything was great, he was open with how much he liked me, spent time with my friends, and made an effort to properly date me (no late night booth calls, last min plans, etc). He told me we were exclusive, but felt like we were moving too fast towards serious relationship. He’s had problems with commitment In the past & feeling rushed, and I was okay with being patient. However, it got to a point where I felt like a “plan b” and expressed that, he apologized & admited he’d been selfish lately with his time. He’s been overwhelmed with work & trying to start up his new biz but said would try harder. I brought up the same issue 3 weeks in a row,. He’d invite me to meet his friends and even his family once but something would always fall through. I began to feel like he didnt want to integrate me into his life and I would become passive aggressive about it. After one of these situations, he ended it saying he really liked me but wasn’t “there” and didn’t think he could give me what I wanted. He said he thought he needed more time for his feelings to develop the way he wanted them to but wasn’t happening. I was taken aback as it didn’t match up with how he physically was me or some of our other convos, my friends were also very confused as he had pulled them aside to share his feelings about me. It’s been 2 months now and I’ve reached out through Snapchat a couple times with easy going comments and he’s responded quickly. However he’s not reaching out to me on his own. There’s something deep down that I can’t shake, and feel like there could be a chance in the future for us. May I have pushed him away by putting pressure on him to integrate me into his life too soon? Is there a chance we could rekindle what we had? We’re both going to be snowbirding in the same area and I brought up meeting up during that time to catch up which he said he’d be down for. Should I wait for him to reach out or should I reach out to him? I would love it if we could get to know eachother as friends without pressure but don’t know if that would be setting me up for being hurt again. Would love your input!

    1. Hi Cosette!

      Well the honest answer is yes, you pushed him away. When you started giving him pressure for not giving you more attention and time, he felt as though maybe he wasn’t good enough for you. They look down on themselves then they pull back and say that maybe they’re not the right one. Typical Taurus response verbatim really. Basically if you want him back, you need to be less needy of his time, let him focus on his business when he needs to and be patient with him. You can reach out to him, yes. Unless he’s upset with you then he should answer. Tell him you’d like to try again taking it a little slower and giving him more of your patience. That may do the trick!

  19. Hi Anna,
    I’ve been friends with my Taurus man for 14 years and he chased me the entire time. We finally decided to give a relationship a chance last January but I came into the relationship full of insecurities from previous relationships i’ve had. Instead of letting him in and trusting him with my feelings; i pushed him away that resulted in breaking up\ with me. He’s been in love with for as long as we had a friendship and now since we became official I started to have deeper feelings of love for him past being friends. My insecurities of making him feel unappreciated, not valued and “low” (as he calls it) made him tell me he is completely done with me. He doesnt even care about the friendship any longer and thats what I was afraid of losing all along if we gave our relationship a try and it didnt work. He made it clear with is enraged anger and words he was done with for good but I want him back. I was trying to get over my insecurities while we were together for him to be patient with me but i dont think he wanted to deal with it anymore. He said “he doesnt have any more love to give me” I know I need to give him space but I want him back. I’ve gotten help with my insecurities and I’ll do whatever I can to get him back. Is there even a ounce of chance that he will return or with him telling me he’s done really mean he is…?

    1. Hi Tatiana!

      Yikes so you had a self fulfilling prophecy due to fears. It’s really important to work on insecurities and do your best to heal so you don’t have a reoccurrence of this with him or anyone else. Time to not live in fear honey. When you that you will manifest failure. If he was completely done then he wouldn’t speak to you anymore. You’re going to have to build it from the ground up again and show him that you’re changing for the better. Taurus man wants to see proof of your changes by watching your success. There is no other way and there is no fast tracking. Yes you have to be patient or you won’t have success with this. If you get to a point where he doesn’t respond or initiate contact anymore, that’s when you’ll know he’s totally done and you won’t be able to get through. Take it nice and easy. Be good to him, compliment him, and make him feel appreciated. I wish you all the best!

  20. Hi Anna,

    I’ve been friends with my Taurus man (DOB: 5/17/85) for 14 years and he has chased & been in love with me the entire time. I’m a Leo (DOB: 7/26/86) We’ve each had our own relationships during our friendship but he has always wanted me. The feelings were not felt mutually on my end b/c he was my friend and i was talking to other men. Because I knew how he felt about me, it led me to take some advantage of our friendship once our twice where he supported me financially. When I needed him; he was there for me. We eventually grew up and I learned that wasnt any way to treat a friend and apologized sincerely for it at which he forgave me. The timing finally presented itself that I did want to give an actual relationship a try with him & he was more than willing since that’s what he always wanted from me. I made it clear to him that we would take things slow since from my previous relationship, it really took a toll on my self esteem & insecurities (9 year abusive relationship). We never discussed our past relationships with each other so he never knew these things until we got together. Our blooming relationship started last January however I came into the relationship full of insecurities from my past. He vowed he would be patient with me and if it didnt work, we would still remain friends. Instead of letting him in and trusting him with my feelings; i pushed him away that resulted in breaking up with me. We never had any horrendous disagreements but I would say certain things to push his buttons to see if he was like the others i’ve dealt with and it always backfired on me. I was scared to fully open up my feelings to him thinking if he finally got me; he would hurt me. My insecurities of making him feel unappreciated, not valued and “low” (as he calls it) made him tell me he is completely done with me. He doesnt even care about the friendship any longer and thats what I was afraid of losing all along if we gave our relationship a try and it didnt work. He made it clear with is enraged anger and words he was done with me for good but I want him back. I was trying to get over my insecurities while we were together but I just think he couldn’t take it anymore. He said “he doesnt have any more love to give me” I know I need to give him space but I want him back. I’ve gotten help with my insecurities and I’ll do whatever I can to get him back. Is there even a ounce of chance that he will return or with him telling me he’s done really mean he is…? My heart is so broken & I cant stop crying :,( PLEASE HELP!!!

  21. I have been seeing my Taurus man since October 2020. I pushed the topic of “what is this” early in January and he put me in the friend zone. Since then, we have been spending 3-4 days/nights a week together. He cooks for me, runs my bath, is very physically affections, shows concern about my financial well being, etc. I genuinely believe he does have feelings for me. He has said “I love you” and told me to “let him know if I want a relationship.” Immediately after he opens up (as mentioned above) he seems to go cold and turn in the other direction.

    I haven’t seen him now for about a week. And communication has been completely halted. I have reached out many times and the responses (texts/calls) have been minimal. We communicate so much better in person. This was not gradual as the last time we were together, there was still lots of physical affection.

    I don’t know if I should reach out again or just leave him be. I value him and what we were developing.

    I’d appreciate your insight.

    1. Hi Dani!

      Doing all those things for you definitely seems to indicate he cares very much for you. If he holds back or goes cold it’s because he is terrified of getting hurt. That’s actually pretty normal. Taurus men suck at keeping up with texting. They are old fashioned just like their other fellow Earth signs (Virgo & Capricorn). They prefer face to face. He got comfortable with you as well. When this happens, they hold off on texts because they feel it’s unnecessary and since he’s already “won” you then he feels he doesn’t need to text. Truly in face is far better especially when it comes to discussing anything with meaning. Tell him you miss him and would really like for him to text you back to give you some assurance that the two of you are alright then give him several days before you try again. If he does still care, he will get ahold of you. Good luck!

  22. Hi I’m Aries we’re dating 8 months now with Taurus man ,now he’s like cold like ice 2 months he never called me because he’s busy on his study but sometimes he replies my message but it takes long that he reply my message !He told me that every weekend he text me if his not busy can i trust him? I asked him if im still his girlfriend and he said to me Yes! He told me to stop a stupid question. Because he wants a real woman not a stupid teenager. It this the sign that he losing interest on me?What should i need to do that he’s not going to lost interest on me?

    1. Hi Lorilou!

      Ok so if he’s still texting you then he still has the door open. Taurus men definitely suck at texting. They don’t like it. They prefer phone calls or in person. If he said you’re still his girlfriend then there shouldn’t be any worry honey. If you can accept he sucks at texting then you’ll be just fine honey. Call him if you want to talk to him. Maybe that will work better. I wish you all the best but if you want to know more then you should definitely read my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

  23. Hi!
    I’m a Virgo. My Taurus man and I met last June during the pandemic. We’ve flirted through FB and texts since until March. We finally had our first real date 2 months ago. We have amazing chemistry and amazing sex. Then suddenly he says he needs to take care of responsibilities over the next few weeks ie his health, his company and his only daughter’s wedding.
    I read that Taurus men like to take a step back to a analyze situations.
    He said he’s not saying Goodbye, he just needs to get through the next few weeks he’s always been very complimentary towards me , very enthusiastic about me, my looks and also how we got together so
    It’s been almost a month and he hasn’t reached out. I’ve gone completely silent, I’m letting him make the first move.
    Should I hold out? I have very strong feelings for him but I don’t want to be disappointed, either.

    1. Hi Michele Kagan!

      They do take a step back but it sounds like he’s being pretty authentic about being busy too. I wouldn’t rule out what he’s saying to be the truth. He will always prioritize and if work, etc is more important to him at the time, that’s what he’ll work at. Since he hasn’t reached out to you, reach out to him. If you wait for him to make the first move, you may be waiting for a very long time. Reach out and say “hi there, hope you’re alright. Thinking of you”. It’s quick, to the point, and has no pressure feel to it. I hope this helps but if you’d like to learn more, you should read my book Taurus Man Secrets.

  24. Hi Anna
    I’ve been together with my Taurus for 2years and a bit. We are not official but together. He is 54 and a bit set in his ways. We have amazing times together but oh my word he sucks at initiating contact and we don’t see each other regularly due to his work load. This year he was diagnosed with cancer, luckily they could take everything out and he does not need anymore treatment. But it feels like he is more silent than usual. He says I must stop.thinking so much and just enjoy. But I can’t understand that if you love someone won’t you want to talk to them or see them? I just don’t know anymore… I really love him.. should I just wait it out or is he playing with me..

    1. Hi Ronel!

      He sounds like a pretty typical Taurus man. I’m sorry to hear your guy was diagnosed with cancer. That’s pretty terrible but glad to hear he’s good now. That must have been harrowing for you both. His silence could be from having just been through something so overwhelming and consuming of him. I think he probably needs healing of not just his body but also his mind and spirit. The other thing is, he’s been with you long enough that he has gotten comfy. When they get in a comfortable place with someone, they do tend to drop the ball a bit but they think it’s all good and he shouldn’t have to try so hard since he has you. I’m not saying it’s right but many Taurus me do exactly this. I don’t think he’s playing with you. I think he just needs a bit of time and space maybe. It’s alright to reach out to him but keep it light and easy. Try not initiating getting together for a while and see what he does. Most likely he’ll come back around. You can also try being direct with him and telling him you really would love for things to be like they were when you two were at the beginning. Hope this helps but if you’d like more information, check out my books for Taurus Man Secrets.

  25. Oh and one more thing… should I also not initiate contact? Or do I leave a message now and again even if he doesn’t initiate?

  26. Hi there
    I’ve been seeing this Taurus man, (I am a Leo) we are both 61, for a few weeks now. From our first date he texted every day and sent voice notes and even sang little songs to me via voice note.
    He prefers texting to phone calls.
    The intimate times are amazing. He told me from the beginning he does not want a relationship and just wants to have fun and is still talking to other women from a dating site.
    I have insisted on honesty from the start and he has always been very honest with me.
    Before our last night together, I had told him it would be our last and I was walking away (as he told me he slept with an old girlfriend while on holiday a few weeks ago) so he was aware of this in advance.
    The next morning I hugged him goodbye and said I would miss him a lot and was very sad to leave. He replied, take a few days to think about it, which I did. then I replied by text I didn’t want to walk away after all.
    Then he texted that we should wait a few weeks then review things to see what is going on in our lives then.
    I am so confused. He won’t say he still wants to see me, but he won’t say okay walk away.
    Is he just keeping his options open? Or is he trying to work out his feelings? Or is he just being an insensitive a..hole. Or maybe he wants me to just stop contacting him? He does keep in friendly touch with most of his ex’s
    Advice please, I don’t know what to do or think. The waiting a few weeks is really hard. Should I initiate contact first after the few weeks?
    P.S. I left a bra at his house by mistake after our last night and he texted afterwards to say he would post it to me. I suppose if he does post it, I should accept he doesn’t want to see me? As keeping it will give me a reason to go around to his house again.

    1. Hi Pamela!

      Upon you walking away, he then decided he needed to think about this also. He second guesses himself and whether or not you’re someone he wants to give up all his “fun” for. I know waiting is hard but it definitely gives him the space he wants to think things through. Set standards for yourself though. Don’t let him have you but also still have fun with other women. He sent your bra back huh? Hmm… well… shoot… he’s staying clear of you then. I wouldn’t reach out for a few more weeks yet. If he isn’t sure yet then he sent it because he didn’t want the awkward face to face meet up to get your bra. Give him time and he’ll let you know.

      1. Thank you Anna for a very quick and insightful response.
        After reading all the information on your site, this makes sense. These Taurus men as so fickle.
        I think I’ll contact him after a few weeks. I can’t wait forever for him to make up his mind.
        I was ready to walk away and he just confused me.
        But I have to draw the line somewhere. I’m not going to be one of his ‘hookups’ I deserve better
        Such a pity the sex is so great LOL Otherwise it would be easier to say goodbye.
        Also I understand him returning my bra. His adult children are often at his place and he doesn’t like to have women’s things there in case they ask questions. He told me this a while ago.

  27. Hi Anna

    It’s Pamela again. I’ve just purchased your 27 Phrases that turn Taurus on. Thank you for this amazing content. I am devouring it like it’s manna from heaven. Lol
    As per my dilemma above. What do I do now.
    He’s sent me a birthday card? I didn’t think he was listening to me when I told him when it was.
    About 3 weeks ago I’d invited him away with me for my birthday weekend but he thought it was too much of a “commitment”
    Is he just being polite with the card? Or is he keeping me hanging on? Or is he keeping all the control and playing mind games with me? Or is he still making up his mind?
    Should I send a text thanking him for it?
    We haven’t been in contact for 8 days now except for a text I sent thanking him for returning my bra and his response to that was a thumbs up emoji and a smiley face emoji.
    Knowing our postal service he must have sent the card two days later.

  28. Hi Anna,

    I have been dating my Taurus Guy for only a month now. I am a cancer. We have known each other for over 9 years through our local chamber, as business colleagues. When I met him, he was engaged to his 2nd wife and I quickly became friends with her. They were married soon after and it only lasted a couple of years. He has been single for about 4 years now but has dated a lot of women. He had been asking my best friend about me for over a year before we finally started talking about dating over Labor Day. He is 57 and I’m 14 years younger so he isn’t someone I had ever considered dating before. When he asked me on our first date, I accepted because he’s always been a good friend and we had a great discussion that day about what we are both looking for in a relationship. After that 1st date, I was shocked at how fun and youthful we both seem when we are together. I have let him take the lead on this and he is great with communication and always plans our next date, before the current one ends. I never have to wonder when I’ll see him again because there is always a date scheduled. He texts me 1st thing in the morning and multiple times throughout the day and then we have a longer text conversation before bed. I am really starting to fall for him and it scares the heck out of me because of my past hurts.

    We went out Thursday night to a community event where we knew we would see a lot of our business colleagues. It started great but toward the end of the night, the energy felt kind of “off” to me. I kind of felt like he was suddenly putting me in the friend zone. At the end of the night, he walked me to my door and kissed me as usual and said he’d text me when he got home. His text only said that he’d made it home and was on the phone with his brother. (Not the usual goodnight text he sends…or the thank you for a great evening that I usually get after a date). And he didn’t mention anything about when we would get together next. This is the 1st time he didn’t book another date before one ended.

    The next morning he texted me about 2 hours later than he normally does. But he did send me 3 pics of himself at the park. I didn’t get any more texts from him until later that night and he said he had spent the day in deep thought and prayer, talking to God all day. He said it had been a day of contemplation and deep introspection but he wanted to let me know he was alive and processing a lot. I told him I think it’s great that he was able to take that time for himself. Later, He did send me his usual goodnight selfie before he went to sleep. I feel like he’s starting to pull away a bit but I don’t know if maybe he’s also realizing he’s developing deep feelings for me, just as I am for him. Could that be why I am feeling the sudden change in behavior? Or do you think he’s gotten bored and is rethinking this?

    I am so scared because my heart is on the line and I’m not sure I can handle another heartbreak. I wonder if I’m reading too much in to his behavior. Or if it would be normal for a Taurus man to pull away for a bit, if they start to realize they are falling in love? Please help!

    1. Hi Airmomma!

      Oh my goodness. Yes honey. Taurus man definitely can pull back if they fall hard for someone. Fear sets in as does over thinking. This is nothing new. Just stay who you are. Don’t change as that will throw him for a loop. I wouldn’t worry too much at this point. I think he’s being normal. Just be patient and loving. By the way…. texts don’t mean as much to Taurus as they do to other people. He isn’t that big on it so don’t hold that against him and don’t take it personally. You’ve got this! I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  29. Hi Anna,

    I’ve known a taurus man for a few years now, though we’ve only met once. (He’s my aunt’s neighbour and lives in a different city).

    We’ve kept in touch by wishing eachother birthdays but have recently started texting more often. Sometimes he initiates the conversation, sometimes I do. Sometimes the conversations are short and cordial, other times they are more spontaneous and lively.

    I wonder if this will ever catch steam and whether I should let things happen at their own pace (which is slow for sure). I dont want to rush things and come across as a chaser.

    Do you have any advice for me?

    Btw, I am a piscean woman.


    1. Hi Laila!

      Start flirting with him a bit and find out if you really want to know. You don’t need to put pressure on or anything like that. Simply make cute and flirty statements. If he likes you the same way, he’ll flirt back. If you don’t try then you may not find out. Sometimes Taurus men need a nudge to know you like them otherwise they’re oblivious. If you need more help, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets.

  30. Hi Anna. I’ve been dating my taurus boyfriend for 2years now, long distant. I’m a pisces. So I feel like things are started to go south, he bought a house Months ago and he hasn’t invited me to go see it, he says he lives with his parents because his dad is so(don’t know why he hasn’t introduced me to them because I’ve introduced him to mine?) I don’t whether to believe him or not. He doesn’t initiate calls as much as he used to and I think his cheating, confronted him about it but he denies. My question is do u think he he doesn’t take me seriously or his loosing interest because I’m going nuts trying to figure it out

    Please help

    1. Hi Moleboheng!

      I think if I were you I would be asking him why he hasn’t introduced you to them. You deserve to know. Don’t be afraid to find out the truth for yourself. Do not assume that because his reaching out has reduced that he’s cheating. Backing off a bit is pretty normal for a Taurus man. They get comfortable and think they don’t have to try as hard anymore because they already won you. I don’t think he’s giving up interest but I do think you need to have a really honest and open talk with him. If you need more help, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets.

  31. I went out several times with this Taurus guy, he was very into it and so was I, then suddenly he pulled back. He took me in numerous dates and even helped around my house with some handy work. He introduced me to all his friends, weve known each other for a while. Ive drunk texted him twice and done some stupid things out of resentment because I am a Scorpio and we don’t talk feelings, nor will I ever open up now. I text him and he always responds, sometimes faster than others, now he takes a little longer. Yesterday I asked him to come to my house to watch movies with another friend of mine and he came. We had fun. So im thinking were at least friends at this point. People tell me he’s confused, that he likes me and to be patient but I think I am a little obsessed, it’s been rough and i just need to know if I should just move on. I don’t want to admit to myself that it’s over but I can’t focus on anything other than this and it feels weird because im never like this. I need help.

    1. Hi Alex Reyes!

      I agree with your friends at this point. I do believe he’s confused or wants to slow down a little until he can figure himself out. Patience is definitely needed which I know isn’t easy for a Scorpio. The thing is, you’ve got to learn it or you’ll have to move on to someone else that wants to move more quickly. It sounds like he may be a good match for you though so instead of giving up, try doing things that will help you slow your roll a little. Meditation is GREAT for that. Try a guided meditation or music affirmation via Youtube. Do it once a day everyday. It will help you! I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  32. Hello Anna, I’ve been seeing this Taurus off and on for 3 years now at first we had a set back where he broke it off with me. Currently we’ve been seeing each other didn’t for sure make it official yet. He acts like he cares for me. Recently he’s been going through a lot health related financially and losing a parent. I try to comfort him as much as possibly I’ve realized when I get him upset he becomes extremely distant to the point of me apologizing several times before he decides to forgive me. His wounds are fresh with what’s he’s going though and recently his text stopped because he was hurt by something I said. Before he stopped texting me he told me he didn’t want to go on vacation with him even tho it’s already paid for. He said to me this is why he doesn’t rely on anyone. It was just a big outburst of emotion on his part and I felt really bad after. I apologized and he started to reply slowly to my text even though his reply’s are a little cold.He still doesn’t want to see me I feel because he ignores the question every time I ask to see him or he will say he’s working late. I asked him if he was ok and he replied saying he doesn’t feel like being bothered. I’m so stress and in love with him at the same time I don’t know if he’s lost interest or should I just be there for him if he needs me. I don’t know if I should cancel the vacation it was something we both was so looking forward to before the little argument happened. ANNA PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. Hi Rebekka!

      Taurus men don’t deal with their emotions very well sweetheart. He has a lot on his plate that he feels he needs to work on. He doesn’t feel like himself because of this which causes him to be distant or cold. This is all very normal. Give him some time and patience. Ask him flat out though if he still wants to do the vacation or no. If he doesn’t say yes then it’s a safe bet he may not be going. This is something he has to go through on his own. Taurus men are prideful. If you push, he will end up telling you that you deserve better and should find someone else. You don’t want that so give him time and space sweetheart. Cut back on texts and be mellow. Tell him you are there for him and then just back off. You might see success come from giving him that gift. I wish you all the very best!

  33. I have had a long distance Taurus for three years …we have spoken every single day with me visiting him once or twice a month. We’ve become so close and he’s such a hard worker despite his crazy hours we still talk. But lately it seems like he is becoming distant. His hours have become more tiring for him. The other day we were texting all day but when I wanted to call he coldly said I don’t want to be on the phone what?! …should I just leave him alone ? We text every day good morning, should I just back away completely?

  34. Anna-
    I’ve gotten all of your books, but I’m still confused. I’m a Taurus, recently reconnected with my ex, also a Taurus, from 40 years ago. I broke up with him, didn’t always treat him well (I was 15/16, he’s 3 years older).
    I only wanted to make amends for the hurt I caused, but we ended up chatting online for a couple of hours, and he invited me to dinner when he traveled to my town the next time he had work here.
    I felt no attraction, was extremely anxious. It took about 2 months for dinner to happen, and it felt like I was being seen as never before. We talked for over 4 hours.
    The next day, I texted him to thank him, then nothing for 10 days. I texted him one evening and we chatted on the phone. That lead to more texting, then more calls, then he asked me to come stay with him for a few days. I didn’t even have to think about it, and I went.
    It was a lot of fun, we talked constantly, were out in nature, and played music. Early on, we set a “no sex” boundary, but we slept in the same bed.
    It was all pretty intense, but I think we were both happy.
    The last night of my stay, I took an Ambien, and blacked out. Apparently I emotionally vomited on him. I still don’t know what I said. The next day seemed ok, and it was barely brought up until on the way home.
    Hearing I had done that put me in a trauma fight-or-flight. I was so embarrassed. He still seemed fine, but I wasn’t.
    I went into my old abandonment cycle, and vomited at him on text the next morning. The next text from him seemed like a brush off, despite him mentioning coming back to see me that week the night before.
    I panicked and sent two more long texts.
    Now it’s been 3 weeks, and nothing. What have I done?

    1. Dear Beth,
      Not sure what happened in the meantime, but Taurus likes short texts.
      Taurus is not a mysterious sign. His actions very much reflect what his desires are. He may not be speedy, but he knows the best way to get what he wants. If your Taurus man is not reaching out, then you can assume that something else has taken priority at this time.
      Try focusing on yourself and making your life path successful. When you do that you’re healing your own wounds and learning to make yourself happy. When time elapses if he really cares for you, he will return to talk. I hope this makes sense sweetheart. 

  35. Hey Anna, me and this taurus guy went on so many dates, at one point we even cuddled, that was the first time we have ever gotten that close. But after that day he keep canceling our plans, saying he’s sick yet he still go out with his friends. We do keep in touch through text, he enjoys playing game so do I and that’s what we usually do. But he’s been canceling our plans…what to think?

    1. Hi Nhuy,
      When he likes someone, Taurus man will put his heart and soul into that relationship, but the problem is, he is looking for that one special, amazing partner who will make him settle down forever. And until then, he is going to play the field to ensure that he settles on the perfect person.If he cancels plans he arranged with you, you can be sure he is not looking to be in a committed relationship. Best of luck to you!

  36. So, I had a sexual encounter with a Taurus when we were wasted and then he kept saying I am just his good friend. It has definitely hurt my feelings And now he says he is not sexually attracted to me and was blackout. Avoids me?
    Is there anyway he will feel the same emotion as I feel.

    1. Hi Anna, l am dating this Taurus man, but most times l get confused if he is really into me or he is just using me.
      We have been dating for over a year now but he wouldn’t take me to his place, l complained and he said he lives with his parents and he isn’t comfortable enough to let anyone visit, he wants to get a place of his own before he can let me visit but l am bothered cos it’s taking too long and besides l don’t know anyone in his life except him. He doesn’t seem to have close friends though but he has lots of ladies always calling and chatting him, he says they area mere online friends or work colleagues.He says he has a very small circle and he isn’t in very comfortable terms with his family. We only either meet at my place or other public places.
      And yes he never buys me any gifts except on my birthday but he is always asking me for favours. I don’t feel comfortable giving him cash so, just last month, l decided to help him invest some of his money so he can earn more, the investment is doing ok so far.
      I am still wondering if he is into me or he is just with me cos of the benefits he gets.

      But he is always very calm even when l am upset and he tries to explain his actions to me with apologizes. He is very affectionate when we meet, always cuddly, touchy and kissing me even in public. The sex is always very passionate and amazing and he never ceases to call me days after telling me how much he misses me. He texts me consistently every morning and gets a bit upset when l don’t reply, he calls me from work every afternoon and every evening when he is leaving work and when gets home we talk on phone for a few hours before he goes to bed, we have a routine of meeting every weekend since we both don’t work on weekends. Sometimes when he has less duties at work, he comes visiting me at my place.
      He always enquires about my day and my work and also help me sort out personal issues.
      He says he love me and he will never leave me . He likes to listen to me talk about my plans and my dreams and he says he will stand by me as l achieve them all. He says he feels lucky to have me and even makes me promise l will never leave him.
      But he still wouldn’t open up about his residence, family and close friends.

      1. Dear Sheyi,

        The Taurus man makes it very clear when he’s into someone and if he isn’t doing that with you, he’s probably just using you for benefits without having told you that’s what he’s doing.
        I’m sorry to say it, but I’ve had numerous clients that go through this exact scenario and are hopeful he’ll change. He won’t. He doesn’t establish this type of relationship and then grows it into more. It’s just sex and favors to him.
        Taurus men can sometimes be rather blunt and come off rude when they tell you that they don’t want a relationship. He may actually tell you that he only wants to be friends and doesn’t want to commit. Tell him what you’ve noticed and ask him how he sees this relationship going. He should be straight-forward in his reply. Best of luck to you!

    2. Dear abc33,

      When a Taurus man doesn’t want a relationship with you, it will be pretty obvious. He won’t go out of his way to make you feel special and he will be kind of icy towards you, in fact, he may flat-out ignore you.

      He won’t ask to spend time with you and he will keep saying he has other plans when you try to see him. He kind of hates drama and he is going to try to avoid a confrontation with you about his feelings.
      And if you do manage to speak to him about his feelings, then he is likely to be pretty evasive and noncommittal, which is saying a lot for a sign that thrives off commitment. He just doesn’t think you are the one. I know how painful that can be to hear and accept. Sending Love 🙂

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