5 Signs A Taurus Man Is Into You After The First Date

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Keep reading for the signs that Taurus man is into you. Have you gone on a date with a Taurus man and are wondering if he likes you or he’s just being nice?

Have you gone on a date with a Taurus man and are wondering now if he likes you or if he’s just being nice? Did it go really well but you haven’t heard back from him yet so you’re unsure what he’s thinking? Keep reading for the signs that Taurus man is into you.

1. Social Media “Likes”

Whether or not he’s talked to you since your date, if you see that he’s clicking “like” or “love” on things you post on social media, then he’s into you. He thinks of you fondly but may be a little shy.

If you see this, your best bet is to reach out to him and tell him what a great time you had with him and you hope to get together again soon. When he replies, you’ll know for certain where you stand in his head.

Clearly, if he puts hearts or smiles on anything of yours, it also indicates signs of affection that are undeniable. Taurus men aren’t that great at keeping up with social media, texting, or emailing.

However, when he’s first getting into you, he’ll probably show more interest. Just don’t be too shocked when he gets comfortable with you and starts doing it less. It’s not because he’s not into you anymore, it’s that he’s cozy and gets lazy.

Signs Taurus Man Likes You After First Date

2. Reaches Out To You (First)

In the event that the date went really well, he’ll likely talk to you again not too long after. He may even text you after the date to tell you he had a good time. If he doesn’t, you surely can. He’ll love it.

Taurus is rather insecure even if he doesn’t seem like he is. He wants to be sure someone likes him before he’ll invest more of his time and energy into them. Therefore after a date if he doesn’t reach out first, you reach out to him and thank him.

When he reaches out to you, he will be really interested in what you have to say, will try to make you laugh, and will probably say some really sweet things. That being said, he’s letting you know he digs you.

He may even send you cute photos or memes to make you smile. He wants to make you happy thus wanting to spend more time with him if you haven’t already let him know as much. You totally should!

3. Will Ask To Spend Time Together Again

Naturally with an Earth sign, he’ll be pretty practical in his approach. If the Taurus man likes you, he’ll let you know by showing you. He will want to try to spend time with you again as soon as possible. You will start to notice small signs a Taurus Man is into you.

While he may not act that excited, he will keep it low key in saying something like “hey, I’ve got this night off, would you like to get together” or something similar. He wants to be around you and get to know you more.

Remember this ladies, its ok for you to let him know first that you really enjoyed your date and look forward to spending some more time together. I’m telling you, when you let him know you’re into it, he’ll respond in like.

Whether it’s grabbing a quick coffee for a short meeting or it’s a long hike in a nearby park, time is time and he’ll take it where he can get it depending on your schedules.

Signs A Taurus Man Is Into You After First Date

4. Selfies Together

This applies more toward if he wants to take a photo at the end of the date to commemorate the occasion. He’s a sentimental one even if you cannot tell. Taking a selfies with you is an indication that he wants to hold onto that memory.

He won’t waste such time or energy on someone he doesn’t really like that much. He will pretty much know via the first date whether he wants to continue or if he wants to remain friends.

Taking a selfies together may actually be a good thing to recognize because it means he wants to get to know you more and see where things lead the two of you.

Certainly if he posts the photo on social media, then he’s digging on you big time. He typically will not do this though because he doesn’t want anyone knowing his business until an actual relationship is fully established.

Perhaps you can suggest taking a photo or two while on the date. If he doesn’t want to do it then he may not be sure about whether or not he likes you enough. He may also be afraid you will post it on social media and wants to remain low key.

On the other hand, he may be totally alright with it as long as you don’t tag him in the photo. He’s just really private and wants to wait until things are more serious before he lets everyone else in his world know.

5. How The Date Went

Much of the first date will tell you whether or not he’s going to contact you again or if he will ghost you. Taurus man will pick up on your energy and will ask you some important core questions about yourself.

This will tell him whether or not he wants another date, wants to see where this will lead, or perhaps just wants to be physical with you. Taurus man typically wants to be physical if he really likes someone.

However he’s a slow mover unless he’s looking for a “friend with benefits” situation, keep an eye for the signs that a Taurus Man gives away. Make sure you indicate you’re not looking for that so that he knows upfront.

Do your best to be yourself and be very honest when he asks you questions. It’s important. If he does like you, he will touch your hand, smile at you, make you laugh, and make you feel very comfortable with him.

If he doesn’t particularly dig you too much, he’ll be more quiet, reserved, and won’t want to make any physical contact. Obviously if he kisses you at the end of the date and smiles as he’s walking away… he digs you. Those were some signs that your Taurus Man is into you. Click here for more details on him!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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7 thoughts on “5 Signs A Taurus Man Is Into You After The First Date

  1. Hi Anna,
    Your readings are very interesting and yet helpful. I am a Sagittarius (45) and my Taurus will soon be 45. We are from the same town and have lots in common. He moved away years ago and we linked on social media and realized we are soulmates. We sparked immediately and began a long distance relationship. I would go to him or he would come every 3 months or so for 5 years. The plan was for me to relocate to his area with more potential overall. The sixth year was rough we had a few disagreements that allowed space and a Cancer female slipped in as I hadn’t made it to him. She did not understand him and let me know to take him back all he talks about is me. I did spoil him because I wanted it to be us for life. Long story, but I am now relocated this is the 7th year he always kept contact but is now excited I’m here but not wanting to hurt either of us. He told her I was in their location, it was rocky for them prior to him being honest. She moved out and he is solo. I refuse to be second base so I have been keeping my distance. She doesn’t want to let go so she left items with him. I believe her conscience is eating her because he introduced us prior to her making her moves. She knows he loves me. I know he loves me. He acknowledges he loves me but doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I know everyone who’s important to him he knows everyone who’s important to me. But I let him know I am not trying to pressure anything and in hope we can remain real good friends if nothing else behind it all. Everything about us was so perfect and I’m a perfectionist. Our kids are loving and supportive. We have no kids together but they all look alike. I almost let go because I am so exhausted but he reach out to protect me on social media and began texting and asked to call and we communicated well and got past our misunderstandings. We both are busy working towards necessities so I let him know he’s not forgotten via text from time to time when he’s headed to work or just getting off. I feel like I’ve waited long and patient but need to let him figure out his own path and reach for me. He wants me to come closer even though we are 45 minutes apart and no longer 1,000 miles away. I am not sure I should do that until she’s gathered all her things. We use to eat at all the finest restaurants, take selfies, talk for 30min to an hour when time permitted. He wants me to make more time for him but I’m afraid. I asked him 3 years ago to marry me. He didn’t say no but did say in time we will see. Yet he continues to protect me even from myself. I just see everyday as one we could be together and life being short wishing I had a lifetime with this perfect man who works, cooks, cleans, consoles, gives, and loves kids. He is worth the wait but how do I learn to slow my restlessness I try to stay busy and not annoy him. His mom is a Sagittarius and I think that’s why he tolerates my restlessness and understands me. But will he ever marry? It will be our first unite under God in togetherness if so. And I have lots of supportive friends, I love to work, travel, cook, clean, and spoil him with gifts, unexpected texts, with reminders. I love him unconditionally and pray he feels the same. We both get nervous everytime we ever met up.

    1. Hi Toni!

      It sounds like you need to really sit and talk things through so you two can find a compromise that will work for you both. Don’t back down until he actually does work on a compromise. He cannot have it all his way. You both need to benefit as do your children. Get together with him and tell him exactly what it is that you want and where you want things to go. Ask him what he wants and where he sees things. It’s not a comfortable conversation but it’s the only way you’re going to know what is going on and what he will want and if he will ever give you his full self. If you need more help, please read my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  2. Hi Anna!

    I’m a Cancer (23) and my Taurus is soon to be (24). I feel like I have a good understanding of Taurus men but I’m hoping for some clarity here and maybe a second opinion. So to start off, I started talking to him back in January this year and he is everything to me…literally all of the qualities I look for in a man he has. I feel like I understand him and he understands me. We have so much in common! When we text we’d send paragraphs to each other and were talking on 3 different apps at once, sending paragraphs on each app too. With us there was always so much to talk about. We met for the first time in February 2021 and after the time we spent together, he told me he didn’t think we clicked and that his gut was telling him not to pursue this. I think maybe it was too good to be true to him so he decided to not pursue it and give it some time. I was devastated of course, but I told him I won’t force you to decide and I wouldn’t want it to be forced. I was just very understanding, I stopped talking to him and gave him his space. The no contact was difficult and all I thought about was him. I really feel for him. So within that month I had moved out of state and he did say he had to work out of state but it felt like he was just trying to get away from me. I guess it just happened that way. It hurt me but I picked myself back up and kept it moving. I came back to visit this month and I posted that I was back in town. We still follow each other on social media and still had each other’s phone numbers. Over the month we stopped talking he was actively watching my stories and I watched his but sometimes I wouldn’t. I always had the thought in the back of my mind that he’d be back. Sure enough after I posted I was back in town and he messaged me. He asked if I was still in town and wanted to take me to dinner. I was beyond shocked and surprised to see his notification pop up on my phone! He had to celebrate his friends birthday but it lasted the whole day. We did get to meet up and I was beyond excited to see him! It was natural and we didn’t talk about why he decided he wanted to see me again but it was clear to me at least I think, that he did miss me and that he did give it some thought. Initially I asked him beforehand if we could just give it another try. So I guess once he saw I was back in town he took the opportunity. He was very happy to see me, he gave me a gift. He already spoils me and said that’s what he wants to do. He was passionately kissing me. He pulled me in and we did end up in the bedroom and he was sensual and passionate, basically that “I missed you sex”. One thing I love most about him is how sensual he is. It drives me crazy! While we spent time with each other he mentioned he is available next Sunday but unfortunately I live out of town and he didn’t know I was completely out of the state. I told him I would be moving back in the fall because I have to be on campus for school. He then said that it’ll be fine since he’s going to be busy with work and that waiting 5 more months won’t be bad. We had a great time together and he wasn’t distant this time. He was very close by my side. The first time we met he was close by me then did get a bit distant and stayed on his phone, so I’m happy it wasn’t like that this time. The part where he says 5 months isn’t too long stands out to me. Just by him saying he can see me next Sunday, means he wants to plan for a next time. Then saying he will basically wait for me gives me the idea that he wants to be with me. When he was leaving I don’t remember why I put my hand in his car window but he took it and kissed it. Then we were chatting for a bit then I decided to lean into the window to kiss him goodbye. When I was ready to step out of the window he pulled me back in to kiss me more. We said our goodbyes and he drove off. I am and have been so in love with him! Just reminiscing over that night I feel so whole. But I know he’s taking things slow so I’m just going with it, being patient. The next day I drove back home. I got there the same day and then went to bed. The next morning still haven’t heard from him, so I’m thinking I need to reach out since he put all this effort into seeing me again and giving us another chance. It went really well to me. I don’t want him to get the idea that I’m not interested just because I haven’t talked to him yet like I normally would after seeing him. I think this time I’m overthinking it because maybe it’s very clear now that he’s into me.

    I manifested this. I haven’t been with anyone else for that entire month, I was focused on myself and have no desire to be with anyone else. I know who I want and that’s him. I love him unconditionally. We’re never nervous around each other, we’re so comfortable, we joke together, and it feels like I’ve known him forever. I guess what I’m asking is if he is genuinely interested in me? Maybe he never stopped thinking about me. Since the first time we met he told me he doesn’t think we clicked and the fact he wanted to see me again surprised me. Should I express how I feel again and thank him for last night or wait it out? I have my doubts because I seem to think it’s a FWB situation. I don’t want to think that way. Anyway, I’m a believer that a man doesn’t need to text me first. I have no issue reaching out to him first because I definitely want to hear from him. What do I do here?

    1. Hi Saty!

      If he is giving it a go and being good to you then yes, he is interested. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t waste his time or energy. I think you should keep going as it has been and taking it slow. That seems to be what he wants. I do think you can tell him that you like him and would like to have more with him. It can’t hurt really. He will either tell you he’d also like it or he may tell you he’s not ready. Either way, you’ll have answers. Yes, tell him you had a good time. Go for it! If you need more guidance, check out my books Taurus Man Secrets.

  3. Hi Anna,

    I am a Scorpio. When first meeting my Taurus guy I gave him a casual compliment and we talked for a minute. Next time I ran into him he came up to me and talked and exchanged numbers. We ended up hanging out all week and spending the night together which happened in a natural casual way, we just kept hanging out. After this week he knew I would be busy again and we texted a little. I felt a little insecure because there were a couple days I did not hear from him and he apologized and said he thought he replied and he’d been busy. Now out text are few but it seems he is still replying.

    Should I be worried that it slowed down so much? I know it wasn’t realistic for us to hangout so much going forward but he hasn’t asked me to hangout again and it’s been a week. Do Taurus men just need space and time to do it slowly on his terms or should I be more direct and try to ask him to hangout? Any advice welcome I can’t tell if slow pace is good and he need it or if he’s trying to phase me out or something.

    1. Hi Arian!

      No you shouldn’t worry. Taurus men sometimes get ahead of themselves. They have to kind of pull back and re-asses the situation and figure out if it’s what they really want and if they are ready. You can also reach out to him and see how he is doing. You can suggest getting together too. Taurus men honestly do not mind when you reach out. They hate texting usually anyway. They’d rather talk face to face or on the phone. Just be more forthright with him and I think you’ll be fine. Need to know more about Taurus man mentality? Check out my book Taurus Man Secrets.

  4. Hi Anna,

    So, I’ve started talking (dating) a Taurus man as well. I am a Cancer. He and I connected on a dating app. Sequence of events: We connected on the app on a Sunday afternoon and went back and forth through text getting to know one another. We continued talking the following day and then again on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon he asked for my phone number so that we could connect. He contacted me and asked me if I was free and wanted to go out with him that night. We set something up and met up with one another. We went to a lounge where we talked, learned about each other and had a drink or two. I noticed that he would not move his leg from mine and eventually started moving closer to be next to me. As we kept talking, he asked if I wanted to go to another lounge where there would be music and dancing. We left and arrived at the lounge. At first, he seemed a little shy, but then after a few minutes, he gently took my hand and we started dancing. The type of music is considered sensual and we stayed dancing like this the entire night. I felt extremely comfortable and was really enjoying myself. He caught me off guard as my eyes were closed while we danced and he started to kiss me. The kiss was explosive yet extremely passionate. As the night went on, he would continue to kiss me on and off becoming more passionate each time. Unfortunately, the night had to come to an end as we both had to work so we ordered a cab and he got in with me and rode half an hour to where I live to ensure I made it home safely. He walked me to my door and proceeded to make out with me again before eventually ordering his own cab to go home. He then proceeded to text me on his ride home. When he arrived home, he called me to let me know he had gotten home safely and I thanked him for a wonderful night. He also said the same.

    He then texted me the next morning to let me know that he had been exercising and proceeded to text me throughout the entire day. He has been texting me everyday since our first date. Texts consist of him sending funny memes or videos to make me laugh or in essence generate a conversation. He also told me about his world of how much he enjoys playing video games as well as sports. Has brought me into the world of movies he enjoys and tells me about his day as well as his routine. I have been enjoying it as I have been getting to know more about him, but I would much prefer to see him. This upcoming Sunday will make three weeks that we’ve been talking and I’m starting to get a little nervous that we haven’t had a second date yet. I haven’t said anything because I don’t want to possibly mess anything up in the event that he wants to take it slow. As I was thinking of reaching out to him to ask when I’d see him again, he sent me a link to a movie and I suggested that we go see it to which he responded was the point of sending it. So we have our second date set.

    I guess a part of me wants to know if the pace in which we are moving is a good pace because I really and truly do like him and my gut says that he likes me as well. I guess confirmation would help. What should I do…

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