Is Your Taurus Man Interested Or Just Friendly? Here’s How To Tell

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Taurus man really interested or being just friendly? Find out with 4 clear signs a Taurus man just wants to be friends.

Are you wondering whether a Taurus man is interested in you – or just being friendly? Perhaps you’d make a move on this guy if you knew his intentions, but you just can’t read him?

Taurus men are wonderful; they are so stable and yet so caring. They kind of have the best of both worlds because they can be both super masculine while also seemingly quite in touch with their feminine side.

But how can you tell if a Taurus man is actually interested or just being friendly? This is definitely a tough question to face because a Taurus hates to hurt people’s feelings and he doesn’t like conflict.

This can make it quite difficult because you may think that he is interested in you, but actually, he’s just being nice. Isn’t it terrible that as women we automatically equate friendliness to attraction?

But if a Taurus man genuinely likes you, then he will make a point of it. He will go out of his way to make you feel special. He will be straightforward and won’t beat around the bush. A Taurus man knows what he wants and won’t be shy to go after it.

If you are trying to figure out if the Taurus you are interested in likes you or if he’s just being nice, then this article may help you to see what the truth may be. Though Taurus men are typically forthright in what they want, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to figure out.

A Taurus Man Friend Zone — 4 Clear Signs A Taurus Man Just Wants To Be Friends

1. There’s No Signs Of Physical Touch

One of the nicest things about a Taurus, male or female, is their sensuality. They are very affectionate and enjoy physical touch – especially when they are interested in someone! They will brush up against you, touch your arm, remove a piece of fluff from your clothing, and do whatever else just to get closer to you.

If there is no physical touch and they keep themselves at a distance, then it is likely because they just want to be your friend and don’t want to give you the wrong idea.

The thing with a Taurus man is that he is very aware of his sensuality and he knows that being affectionate with someone shows them that he is interested. It is a magical tool in his arsenal because he knows his touch makes people feel good and is one of the ways he gets women to fall in love.

2. He’s Being Unreliable

Taurus is a very loyal and stable person. He likes knowing that people can depend on him, but he also has his limits and can’t always be available to everyone. However, when he is in love with someone, he will always be there for her – no matter what.

This is why you should be concerned if a Taurus man says he’ll do something, but then his actions don’t reflect it, or perhaps if he cancels plans at the last minute. This just shows that you aren’t as much of a priority to him and are likely in the friend zone.

It is unusual for a Taurus to be unreliable, but if they are, it is probably because they feel like they have something better they could do with their time. And sometimes that means just relaxing on the couch doing nothing.

Wouldn’t you feel terrible knowing someone would rather be lazy than spend time with you? This is a pretty clear sign that you are in the Taurus man friend zone.

3. He Tells You Directly

One of the nice things about the Taurus man is that he doesn’t beat around the bush. He would much rather be honest with someone about his feelings than string them along. He has great respect for himself, and being honest with you means that he is acting with integrity.

The last thing a Taurus wants to do is hurt someone or make them feel bad about themselves, but sometimes this is better than stringing someone along. If a Taurus man tells you directly that he isn’t interested in your romantically, then you need to believe him.

Remember, when he makes up his mind, it is pretty set in stone (he is probably the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac, after all). There is very little you can do but accept how he feels. Perhaps just building a solid friendship is the best way to go with him in the first place.

It is very possible that he feels rushed, so put your energy into the friendship, and see if something grows from it, but don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. See if there is potential to date elsewhere. It is never a bad idea for you to keep your options open.

4. He Isn’t Asking You Out

He may be slow-moving and take his time doing practically anything, but when a Taurus man is sure about a woman, he will definitely ask her out and try to spend time with her. His MO is an investment, and if he invests his time and energy into someone, then he really means business.

If he isn’t asking you out, then he likely isn’t that interested in you and doesn’t want to give you false hope. When a Taurus man wants something, he goes for it! No questions asked. If you are always the one making arrangements to see him, then he’s probably not as invested as you and sees you more as a friend.

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Should You Keep Your Friendship With A Taurus Man?

It can be quite confusing when you are interested in a guy, but all he seems to want is friendship. This may make you feel rejected and unwanted. But is it really so bad? If any of the above signs ring true, then you may just be in the friend zone with your Taurus man.

This isn’t the worst thing ever, because a Taurus is generally loyal and dependable with everyone in their life. They go out of their way to make people feel good and are fantastic at giving support to people.

Having a Taurus as a friend can be a great benefit to your life. You will always have someone who has your back. And besides, if you still wish that this friendship can turn into something more, then taking a slower approach is the best course of action in any case.

This earth Zodiac sign likes to be slow and steady with everything, and that includes his romantic relationships. Just be patient and show him how wonderful you are, he may come to see that you are a woman who is truly worthy, and that takes time and trust.

Being friends with a Taurus is actually a really good approach if you want to get closer to him. You can show him your best qualities without the pressure that romance can put on a relationship.

How To Know If He Wants To Be Friends With Benefits — Should You Do It?

Taurus man friends with benefits situation can be tricky, but for the most part, I would say that these men aren’t really interested in something non-committal. Taurus men are some of the most loyal, romantic, and devoted guys out there.

A friends with benefits situation may make him feel quite empty and unsatisfied. He is all about building something special with his person, and he would much rather do it without sex than give himself to someone without commitment.

However, on rare occasions it does happen, after all, Taurus men are very sensual and sexual and need physical intimacy in their lives. And if this is something you are open to doing, then you might have a really nice time with your Taurus man.

Just be sure that the two of you are on the same page and have really good communication going on. I never suggest a friends with benefits situation to anyone because 9/10 times someone ends up getting hurt and it just gets messy.

But follow your own guidance, but just be sure that you are thinking about things quite clearly.

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What If A Married Taurus Man Is Flirting With You?

This happens on a rare occasion and can be quite confusing… A Taurus man is usually known for his love of commitment and loyalty. But now and then he also wants to have some fun and take part in some innocent flirting.

He probably doesn’t want it to go any further than what it is, so if I were you then I would keep your expectations very low. A Taurus man isn’t likely to be the type to leave his wife for anyone. He hates change too much and it sounds like too much of a hassle.

Flirt back with him if you like, but just remember that you are the one who is more than likely going to get hurt if you allow yourself to fall for him. Be realistic and know that when a Taurus man commits, it is usually for life and there is nothing you can change about that.

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How To Tell If A Taurus Man Really Likes You

1. Talkative Mannerisms

A Taurus man that is interested in you will talk to you more than most other people. He will find excuses to be near you. He will also try to figure out where you’ll be so that he can show up there.

You’ll notice him coming around you and trying to hit you up with a conversation. If he works with you, he may come by your desk or find reasons to walk by your location as often as he can.

Basically, this is their way of trying to get your attention without actually telling you exactly what it is they want.

If you find he’s doing this, it’s most likely that he actually likes you and would perhaps like to be more than just friends.

On the other end, if he’s just nice to you when you see him, it may just be friendship or courtesy that he’s after. You should be able to tell the difference.

If he’s talkative with you, you’re on a great path. Want to make sure his yours and yours only? Check this out to make sure a Taurus man falls crazy in love with you in just 30 days <<

2. Intensity Differences

When the Taurus man is interested in someone, he will go out of his way to make sure she gets lots of attention. The intensity that comes from him will be different.

If he likes you as more than just a friend, you’ll feel the intensity that radiates from him to you. If he wants to keep things low-key and be friends, he won’t feel quite as wired up.

Watch him and see which level of energy he presents to you when he’s around you. It should be fairly noticeable which one he is and by that alone, you will know whether or not he’s interested in more than plutonic conversation.

3. Clear Flirting

When a Taurus man is interested, he will definitely flirt with you. He will do this quite often, actually. If he isn’t doing this with you then he may just want to be friends.

Taurus men will not likely ask for your number either if they aren’t interested in you for more than friendship. The caveat to that is if you are coworkers and meet up for lunch occasionally.

Taurus men lay it on when they want someone. They look into your eyes when they talk and make you feel like you’re the only person in the room. If he isn’t doing something like this, then it may just be friendship.

By truly paying attention to how he acts around you, you should notice if he’s flirting or not. He certainly likes to let a woman know when she’s wanted.

4. Physical Boundaries

Taurus men are very physical and if they are into someone, they will find ways to touch them whether it’s brushing their hand across yours or putting their hand on your shoulder; they let you know.

Being physical is one of the ways they show affection. While they may still touch you like this as a friend, you’ll notice that they tend to linger a bit longer if they are interested in you.

There is also a difference in their energy when they touch you that will let you know if it’s friendship or if it’s romantic. It’s a palpable difference that you’ll feel from him.

5. Eating Together

Here is where it could get a little tricky, but still, he’s normally fairly transparent when it comes to him liking someone. If he asks you out for dinner rather than lunch, he may be interested.

If he invites you to lunch, this could be construed as a friendly gesture. However, if he looks at you a tad bit too long or wants to find a way to touch you, then it could be more.

Pay attention to his body language when he asks you out to eat. Does he seem nervous and a bit shy like a little boy? Is he blushing? If so then it’s a sign that he’s asking because he is into you.

If he seems very calm and solid about asking you to go eat lunch, this could be a friendship scenario where he isn’t thinking about anything other than getting lunch.

You have to really watch his actions with what he says. Remember that actions often speak louder than words. If a Taurus man acts as he likes you, he probably does. If he acts like he’s a friend, that’s probably what it is.

6. Simple Ease

This man is typically laid back and easy to get along with. This is the reason he probably has many friends or co-workers that think he’s really fun. He may also have female friends.

Keep it simple with him though. Even if he wants to be friends right now, he may want something more later on. Taurus men move a bit slowly because they want to be cautious.

If you still aren’t sure about the boundaries, give him some time and see how he responds. He will let you know one way or the other if he wants to explore more with you or if he doesn’t.

Taurus men are to the point and easy to see right through. Their behavior is the tell-tale sign of how they feel as well as what they want.

Going for a Taurus man can seem like a hard maneuver but really, if you give him time and patience, you could develop something worth keeping in the long run. Even if you are friends, wait and see.

Something much deeper could develop out of the friendship if given time. After he gets to know you more, he could decide that you are someone he wants to have in his life far more than friendship.

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Anna Kovach

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32 thoughts on “Is Your Taurus Man Interested Or Just Friendly? Here’s How To Tell

  1. Heyyy ima gemini and the boy i like is a taurus. We get along and he says we’re friends but we’ve never really talked in person/face to face well we barely did when we had a class together but now we don’t.Its this weird vibe between us we kind of copy each other like one time we were dancing to apple bottom jeans and i usual drop low into a backbend and i saw him doing the same thing then he’d kind of hover around me in cheer.One time he asked me where did i go during lunch but i dont but we didn’t have lunch together.This year he helped me with my Spanish hw out the blue then he would dance around me whenever we’d see each other he always laughs at my jokes,one time he was banging on the wall and i said who’s that banging on my window and he finished the verse of the song i was singing.Recently i told him that i liked him over the break and he texted me back saying thank you for telling me then but when we got back to school he rubbed my hand.For some odd reason I just can’t bring myself to talk to him in person im shy but i feel like my shyness is pushing him away because there was one day where i could’ve clearly said hey to him but i didn’t and since then he’s been acting a bit different like usually we would pass each other in the hall now we don’t even see each other. Am i just missing a sign or something?

    1. Hi Taleah! Thank you for writing in about your confusing Taurus man situation. It sounds like communication is really a weak point between you and is why you two aren’t pushing forward. You need to be very clear and upfront with what you want with him and where you see things headed or rather, what you want. If you cannot express this to him then you’re always going to be sitting on the sidelines wondering if he will ever come forward and be with you. Taurus men won’t pursue unless they are certain that they have someone who truly cares for them. You’ve told him you like him but you’ve got to follow up and you’ve got to be bolder when it comes to being in person. Your actions have to match what you say otherwise he won’t take you seriously. You really should check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” to help you learn more about how to interact with him.

  2. Hi Anna! I have a feeling my Taurus friend does like me but I’m still being quite cautious in his feelings about me, because our friendship is long distance and online so it is hard to tell how he would react physically in real life! But he does flirt very often, and he has told me many times how bad he wants to meet me and how happy he would be to see me, although it does make me quite nervous because I wonder if he would feel the same way if I really do meet him in real life one day. And he has also asked if I would come if he paid for my plane ticket! And he has also offered to let me stay at his place, and eat his food. Although, I do wonder if he’s bluffing when saying some of that hahahaa anyway we are very good friends, it’s just quite wishy washy to figure out some things he says like that because we’re long distance. Thanks if you do get to my comment!

  3. Hi Anna, The Taurus man I am interested in is my boss and that is a very tricky situation and I feel like all of the things you’ve described about how to know if he’s interested is definitely the vibes he’s giving off. I just don’t know if he will ever make a move to ask me out because of our predicament. I’d like to go out with him it seems as if our chemistry is off the charts. I am a Gemini like yourself and would like to explore this possibility and see where it goes. Should I make the first move and ask him out.

    1. Hi Tara!

      Yes, often Taurus men will not chase or approach a woman in fear of rejection. They wait until the woman indicates their interest so that he knows he has a chance. If he’s showing you signs then you should so something really simple like ask him out for coffee. If he accepts then talk to him like friends and let him know you really would like to get to know him better if he’s up for it. If he agrees then he will be the one to set up an actual date. I say go for it!

  4. My Taurus guy never proposed, it started as a friendship and bam! We had sex after one date and then things started slowing down. Now we talk but not frequent and when I pull back too he will be the first to hit up on me. When I start to hit him up, then he slows down

    1. Hi Mary Ferni Quainoo!

      Your guy jumped in to quick and was hasty to dive into sex. He regrets it and is now pulled back. Yes, sometimes they will react when you pull back as well but that’s only if they actually really like you. It sounds like he does but he’s afraid of what it may lean to if he gets too close to you. I wouldn’t have sex with him again until he agrees to exclusivity or a dating relationship. Otherwise he would be keeping you around for “friends with benefits” which is something you probably do not want. Talk to him, get to know him, and be patient.

  5. Hello Anna,
    I am really confused. I can’t really tell if the Taurus man I like, likes me back.
    Things I have noticed/he has done:
    1. Sometimes shy and smiles a lot
    2. Proposed to drop me to my car since its was dark
    3. Comes to talk to me sometimes and smiles a lot(However is very chatty with everyone)
    4. Asked me for my birthday
    5. Not very chatty on social media(I messaged him first)
    6. I noticed that he wanted to walk beside me but I was busy talking to someone else so he moved forward
    7. Seen him glance at me few times
    8. Asks me questions about if I smoke, if i know those places, where exactly do I leave…
    9. When I look away or down while talking to him, he will kind of bend to try to look at me
    10. Talks about food a lot
    11. Waits with me until my car comes and then goes to take his bus
    12. Has imitated my gestures a few times
    13. Remembers things that happened with me or I have told him before
    Are these signs enough to know if likes me? Also how should I flirt with him? (I am a gemini woman)

    1. Hi Annie!

      This definitely sounds like he likes you. He is trying to take care of you and look after your safety which says that he really cares about your well being. They only do this when they like someone or want to get closer. Yes these are signs that he likes you. I think you should tell him point blank that you like him and you’d like to get to know him better. It gives him the nudge he needs. He won’t try to be with someone if he thinks he could get rejected. Initiating the first move gives him clearance that you’re good to go with him. Go for it Annie!

  6. Hello Anna!!! I love your book. And thank you. My Taurus man is long distance. He professed his love for me, gave me a ring and introduced me to his family. But i found out recently he texted a girl he never met.
    Gave her his Facebook name and phone number and nudged her to go on whatsapp so he cam see her face. He also told her he loves his girlfriend. He didnt say fiance or wife. He said girlfriend. He’s flirting!!! What is your take on this please? Because women know that fliritng can lead to bad things. Im devastated. How should i handle this ? He doesnt know that i know about this. Thank you very much. Im a libra

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      Yikes! Taurus men are not fully committed until they are. You are long distance so some part of him isn’t all the way committed. They are always keeping their eyes looking around in case there is someone else who may be better or closer. That’s my guess. He’s trying to explore whether or not the grass is greener on the other side or if he should stick with what he’s got. I would flat out tell him that it’s not acceptable and either he’s with you or not but he needs to choose so you don’t end up hurt. If you need more Taurus man help, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  7. Hi am beth,my friend Taurus man, .,im a crew in the burgershop.we first meet he is my customer.then we talk many thing until we got friends each other…im 9 years older than him..I have a part-time day he invest money for business..because he was busy ,I’m the one who stand by his part.its like we are business partner.he trust me so fast at that time ,..88,888 Philippines money.that is his investment… Until one day we have miss understanding…. I’m angry with him because he don’t have time for our business ..I like his present ,..I don’t know also at that time if I’m angry because his present is not there or I just miss embarrassing of my part because I’m older than him ..then until one day I told him …that I love him so suddenly he told me frankly that he is just treated me as business partner…I’m so hurt at that time ..but I have to accept all whatever he will say to me even so hurtful.still go on our business. .the more he doesn’t like to come with me ….if I need him he never come .until one day ,I have to stop our business…weve got big fighting at that time because it seems that he never care his money or I had just love him …maybe I’m falling with him because he trust me then first he is very sweet to me if he got sick he will tell .its been a year we never talk ..then his money id just keep to the bank …he will get his money or not I don’t care!!! Even I try to forget him but deep in my heart I really love him I think .one day he text on my #,like he ask me if I still angry.then I’ve found out that he unblock me on Facebook suddenly ive blocked him back after he unblock me on Facebook.. Then I never reply I also block him in my # …then one day he come in burgershop try to talk to me then I just said comeback tomorrow for your money in the bank ..then he never back …then he comeback again and say that we will friends again ..he try to give an explanation to me that’s why he change because I told him ,I love I never dis-aggree that we friend again ,I like only we strangers to each other.until I withdrew his money and give to him ..some of his money to somebody I never get ..his investment he got not all because of our fighting.after I gavevhis money ,he go without say something because I’m angry but deep in my heart I miss him so much.until one day I gave him a message then he reply…I told him ,he need to come with me for his some money left..because I need to gave him his money back ,I don’t like to get not my money ..he is very surprised for my message to look for him ..and he is answer quickly and he is willing to come with me ..then we talk like stranger ..I offer him coffee and gave him some gifts ,I both him 2piecs of perfumes until he is comfortable with me ,and he feeling guilty of what happens to our friendship and me too..he ask me about when I will get a boyfriend ,he tell also about his side …we are both single now…I’m happy to know that he is still single …you know I told him that I’m so happy that he is back and I think my feelings more and more …because now when I inviting him ,he will come not like before ,I cooked for him I get some compliments from him..I gave him food f he will go home to his boarding house….I love to take care of him …I only sent him how are u feeling now !? R you OK ? Take care always ,just only like that…sometimes only he will text back maybe 2days after.or sometime nothing..I just understand because he is busy..and I started to search about his signs .and now we talk about business …he still wNt me to be his business partner …he still offer a business and he promise to invest for our business and I told him I can’t take care a business alone anymore because he is busy and now he promised he will gave time…you know in my mind why ??? Why he is like that my heart so happy asking why he still want me to his business partner..and he let me keep his money ,I don’t know f he like me or just friendly to me…I keep only my feelings to him because I don’t want he will change again …and one more thing …when I inviting him we talk so happy ,we share our experience.. Then he got sick he asks help then I gave him massage then I boiled ginger for him ,I’m so worried about him …and I’m so happy to take care of him…then one day I invite him to come and eat I cooked for him….suddenly weird ,he become silent it seems that he doesn’t to touch me ,touch like friend …not happy then say a word …I’m sorry I can’t stay longer because I have something to do…I feel lonely because hes mood suddenly change ..maybe he feel that I like him that’s why he suddenly became serious …I don’t understand what he feel …now I’m very lonely after 2days I try to cooked for him then I invite him …then UE response maybe he can’t come because he still at work because of overtime …I feel so bad because last time he acts different …I don’t know why ….even I feel so bad I still understand and give him him space and time for himself now…I try to move on about last time he act different …please advise me to feel better do I have to forget my feelings to him for the sake of friendship?

    1. Hi Lelibeth!

      If you want to keep the friendship then yes, you need to walk away from your feelings and set some boundaries. However, if you want more then you’re going to have to take the risk and go for it. Tell him how you feel and what you want. Only then will you find out if he wants to be with you or if he wants to just stay friends. You owe it to yourself to find out. Take the risk! If you need to know more about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  8. Hi Anna!

    I’m a sun-moon Gemini. My Taurus colleague/neighbor & I have a good connection but I’m not sure of his intentions. Eye contact’s certainly there. We’ve cooked together, he’s lent me books, he’s bought me chocolate (nothing heart-shaped or overtly romantic), & we’ve hung out for hours at a time. He gives me rides to places & has been helpful in some small ways (he’s actually taking me shopping for jeans this weekend). BUT he hasn’t touched me besides the odd brush of fingers when he hands me something. Touch is supposed to be the big Taurus thing, yes?
    This guy is generally friendly so, all things considered, I do wonder if he’s just being polite. If I knew exactly what I wanted from him I would’ve straight up asked him by now but all I know for sure is that I like being with him & sometimes I’m attracted to him.

    His moon is either in Libra or Capricorn, and he’s moving a few towns away in December. I want him to stay in my life and that’s all I’m prepared to ask for.

    What do you think his intentions are?

    1. Hi Chi!

      If you don’t know his intention then you need to pretty much ask him., Tell him you like him and want to get to know him better but you’d like to know what it is he wants. If he indicates sex then be careful. If he indicates he wants to get to know you then you may have a possible bond. You have to let him know you want more either way so that he knows and can decide whether or not there is a chance. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you want to learn more about Taurus man, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  9. So I met a Taurus guy a year ago online. I am a Cancer woman. I am also older by 3 years. The initial premise was to be just friends as I’m also a widow for a couple years. He’s divorced for over 3 years now. Because we are long distance (roughly 4 hours apart), our “friendship” hasn’t progressed much further but the Big L-word has been tossed around along with a couple of half-ass marriage proposals (all initiated by him). It’ll be another year before I can move closer but I wonder if I should continue to pursue this with him as he’s been distant.

    1. Hi OnTheFence!

      Unless you have something else going on then why not keep pursuing this with him? Tell him you’ve been a little worried about him having become seemingly distant. Tell him you would like to still explore this if he’s up for it. He should let you know at that point whether he wants to or if he has other ideas about it. Don’t be afraid to lay it on the line for the answers you deserve. If you need more help, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  10. Hello Anna, the guy I met through online 3 days ago is a Taurus guy, he asked me a lot about my taste and preferances everyday when we talk, and so do I , he laughs with me alot, he said I am funny when I am not acting my age as I am 4 years elder than me, He knows I am interested on him by my gestures and I let him to know I like him as he is unique and different, He talks about his complicated relationship about a girl whom he hasn’t talk for days, and he said, he believes that she is not coming back. He added that, he hardly cares if she comes back or not. also, he said the girl’s birthday is coming soon , and he is confused about gifting and he wants me to be part of his decision, But I bluntly said it
    s his choice and I also asked him if he misses me between hours that we dont talk, he always asked me what is the right answer I want to hear, I dont give any answer and I asked again and he said yes. I have my online shop deals with branded products, He mentioned about zara perfumes and I said yes, I have , i offered for home delivery if he wants it, then he said he will come pick it up directly , and he keeps mentioning about “I WANNA HIT YOU WHEN I come ” I said I will bite you on your hands, he said okay, looks like he is flirting around and playing with me, I am confused, we talked everyday most of the time, I dont know how to deal the situation but Honestly I am interested on him and he knows I just dont talk with guys randomly except him. We have never met .

    1. Hi tinku!

      I’m not familiar with that style of flirting but if you know it is then it is. If you like him and you say he knows, I need to tell you that you shouldn’t assume anything. Taurus men are sometimes oblivious. I think you should approach the topic with him. Ask him how he feels and what he sees happening you two. Tell him you want to be with him for more than friends or whatever this is. The truth never hurts honey. Check out my books if you need some more guidance.

  11. Please guide me whether to continue my journey with him?? I really no heart to leave him after so long. I just want to know if he loves me?

    1. Hi Vimaladevi!

      I’m afraid I am no fortune teller. What I can tell you is that you need to learn everything you can about him. Check out my Taurus Man Secrets books. They may actually help you with your journey. It touched on a lot of topics. To know if he loves you will be signs you need to look out for sweetheart. This is included in my books. Also you do get one free VIP consultation with me when you make that purchase. I wish you all the best.

  12. Hi taurus guy kinda shows he likes me but whenever i ask him abt this he says he does as a friend and they nxt day he’ll msg me first leaving me all confused does he like me or not?

    1. Hi Arathy!

      If he keeps telling you he likes you as a friend then treat him like a friend. This will make him wonder. If he does secretly like you then he will come out of the closet with you after you’ve given him friendzone treatment. Give it a try but if you need more assistance you should check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets as it can provide you with more tips. I wish you the best!

  13. Hi Anna. I have been friends with a taurus man for 7 years now. I have always had a crush on him and he knows about it. I am older than him. Back then we weren’t so aligned with each other’s thought process so we never dated or became intimate. Also he doesn’t believe in relationships much. Now I am married and suddenly he has started talking more to me. He flirts and comments on my pictures. Recently we met as friends and it was a great time. He has suddenly opened up with me and started sharing his personal stuff. As far as I know Taurus’s are private pple and they only share if they trust someone. One drunk night we had a conversation online where he was angry about the fact that I got married so early and that i had a crush on him which he said we could have given a try to but when I went deeper into this conversation he just got pissed and said no point as u r married lets not be romantic. We again met in a friend’s party and he invited me and later that night we ended up having sex. He was so sweet and sensual. Best sex I had. Like I saw another side of him. After 3 days, i texted him confessing how much I liked him back then and that i have always wanted this for us which never happened. He got all rude and said it was just 1 night thing and he would never do that again and asked me to be more understanding. I did as i understand im in a marriage and we are friends. So we decided its the best thing to do as our friendship will be ruined. I didn’t speak to him for a week as I expected him to show some appreciation or intimacy and on top of that he made me feel as if it was all wrong. I was upset. He shared me 2-3 memes in between which i didn’t react to. Earlier this week, he msged me asking to come to his house. And he has never done that in the last 7 yrs. He only invites his closest pple to his house. Before going, I wanted to be clear and he said he is only interested to meet that day if I am keen for not having feelings and just sex. And I was shocked as he was completely opposite the last week. He said its awkward if we get love in between as anyways its not happening. It made sense to me because of the situation we are in its best to keep love away. So I went to his house. He was super prepared with everything like food, drinks, vibe, lighting, music and even which movie to watch. He is so different in person warm, gentleman, sweet, and sexy. He even gives his hand for me to get up if im sitting down. Who does that in today’s world. I am just in awe with him. We had an amazing time and the sex was mind-blowing. The way he does it makes me feel like he is really into me. It went for a long time that night and then he hugged me and slept of. Morning when we woke up it was just back to being strictly friends as we said bye and again silence. No msg or calls. I am okay to have fwb but is he playing with my mind because sometimes I feel he really likes me a lot and then he becomes cold. I want to be an understating friend and also think from his point of view because im married. Is he just using me or he genuinely interested to have sex with me coz he likes me and lusts for me. I know the situation is complicated but we have been platonic all our life and we always valued and respected each other. We have always tried to suppress our likings for each other but after the first sex its been hard to resist each other. Can u help me understand whats in his mind?

    1. Hi Sudeepta!

      Thank you for sharing your story. I think with him being very cordial, planning everything, and caring for you, I think something is there but unless we were to read his mind, there isn’t a good way to know without asking him. I will say this, if you are married then he knows that it’s not going to go anywhere unless you break free therefore he’s not dedicating more time to you than he already is. It’s like a friendship with sex. He may want more but unless you are able to be free and be with him then he sees no point. I hope this makes sense sweetheart. Taurus men commit when their partner is able to do the same. I wish you all the very best!

  14. Hi Anna
    I work with this Taurus guy who gives me a vibe that he likes me more than just a friend. We are best friends. He goes out of his way to help me with anything. My friends were the one who noticed first that he likes me and I should give him a chance but I didn’t believe them. My friends picked up on his vibe whenever I am around him. He smiles a lot, he also blushes at anything I say. After listening to my friends I also noticed his behavior. In no time I found us flirting with each other at times. But then out of a blue he mentioned his girlfriend. That just confused me. His actions towards me shows me that he really does like me. He once told me that I am extremely special to him and he will never disappear on me
    If he ever leaves this job. But the mention of his girlfriend couple of time confused me a lot.

    1. Hu Sunaina!

      So he’s attracted to you and may want more but he has a girlfriend and until he’s ready to end his relationship with her, there is nothing that can happen between you two other than the friendship you already have. Give it some time. He may realize that you’re a better fit for him than she is. It may not happen but as long as you just keep the friendship alive, you may find out more at a later time. Often times best friends end up being much more. Keep doing your own thing and let things develop as they may. If you need more tips, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

  15. Hi Anna

    I was seeing a Tauras and that time we were living in the same city. I met him over one of the dating sites and we had great compatibility but after 6 months, both of us felt connected and comfortable- he would call me and talk me for hours – share all his old stories and this happened for approx 6 months where he asked me out indirectly and i just said yes we can give it a try but never had a serious conversation around the same. Since he likes his work, we would meet once in 2 weeks post 10 PM during weekends since he was living with his family as well. But few months later, I came to know he was still swiping right on Bumble, I never asked and he made up stories as if he was not on the dating sites anymore. I started having trust issues and he made up stories post then. Then I moved to another country and we were still connected for first 2 months and he told ppl I am his gf but then I guess he started getting irritated with my questions when I started asking him about if he still there in te dating site which I found out through my friends. Now we hardly talk but he just texts me randomly saying he misses me and that’s it. I am not sure what doe she want. :/

  16. Hey Anna! My name is Melissa. I met a Taurus man last month at a party but I was sick and didn’t get a chance to talk to him or even introduce myself. I was able to get his social media through a friend though and was able to say hi through there. Of course I initiated contact and he actually responded. We talked a bit about how I saw him at the party and wanted to say hi and how he doesnt remember me. He kept asking for me to show him pictures to see if he remembered me, I sent him pictures and eventually he started asking me questions about myself almost like he was trying to get to know me which to me it shows he is interested. He asked me how old I was, what I did for a living, my marital status and if I had kids. After that I asked him out and he said “sounds great” he offered to take me out to eat but when it came down to actually setting up a date and time he ended up saying he didn’t have time to go out and that he was always too busy with work. He then stopped replying to my messages and leaving me on seen. I’m sure he was interested at one point right?

  17. Hi, Anna
    My name is Jolie
    I am a September libra woman
    I have a taurus guy friend we’ve known each other for 7 years.
    I had crush on him but I never showed. Whenever he showed up I had to leave my friends and pretend to be having something important to do. As days passed by I tried to keep in touch with him . I visited him at work alot and he seemed to be happy. Since two years he started to flirt with me by touching me more often . Hugging me along long hug every time I said goodbye. We both seem to play friends but I have feelings that he likes me. I am okay with being just a friend but it would be better if we were more than friends . I tried to pull him in this conversation but we didn’t go too far. He proposed me to be his girlfriend but when I told him that he seem to not be serious about this so he covered it by saying that he was just joking . I am not sure if he is interested in me or we are just friends . He really seems to be jealous Whenever I flirt with anybody but him. We touch , we talk we seem to be closer enough to call it dating . What can I call it Anna

    1. Dear Jolie,

      The Libra lady is intelligent and loves to have really enriching conversations. The Taurus man loves the same and the two should hit it off fairly well when they decide to take the step toward talking.
      The Libra woman will be very flirty and so it shouldn’t be too much of a mystery when she becomes interested in the Taurus man. Taurus men do not like to make the first move.
      This is great because the Libra woman will easily flirt with him and get him to understand very quickly that she’s interested in him. This breaks the ice and will help them to start moving forward. Having said that, you would need to make a first step and let him know that you like to get to know him!

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