Dark Side Of Taurus Man — 9 Taurus Men Bad Traits You Can’t Ignore

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Trying to figure out what are negative traits of the Taurus man? Here is a list of some of his traits that leave much to be desired.

So you’ve found yourself falling for a Taurus man. He seems to be quite dreamy, but there have to be some negative sides to him, right? Taurus men bad traits are not hard to notice.

If you’ve been with a Taurus for any significant amount of time, then you are quite familiar with all of their beautiful, positive traits. They are hardworking, have great taste, and tend to be quite caring.

You may also be catching the dark side of the Taurus man. It’s bound to happen. None of us are perfect. Despite that, it’s important to know how to respond to Taurus man negative traits. So, what are the bad traits of a Taurus man?

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time relationship astrologer. I’ve gained unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the Taurus—I should know, I’m also married to one! I’ve also been able to witness how their partners handle and correct it.

I’m grateful that you’ve found your way here because I can help you out. I’ve outlined the nine most prevalent negative traits of the Taurus man, along with my best tips on how to remedy them. Let’s dive in!

Dark Side Of A Taurus Man

A Taurus man can be an attentive and devoted partner when he finds a receptive and appreciative woman. He will be a tender partner and pretend to be a macho man, but when he is surrounded with scented candles and fine natural fabrics, his softness is revealed.

He needs love and affection so that he can protect you. Taurus’ need to have a sense of usefulness and a higher purpose, which they desperately crave.

Your sensitivity can bring out the kindest aspects of your Taurus man, but he has a dark side, so nip his destructive aspects in the bud, or your dream lover could become a controlling, jealous, and manipulative man.

If you’re looking to understand more about these complex creatures and what negative qualities you may come across when dealing with a Taurus man, then please be sure to continue reading.

Not only do I list Taurus men negative traits, but I also explain how to neutralize them for a better outcome for you both in your blossoming relationship.

3 Taurus Man Bad Traits

1. Taurus Man Is Materialistic

The Taurus man is associated with Venus, the planet of romance and resources. He is famous for being creatures of comfort. He enjoys having nice things and being comfortable—physically, financially, and otherwise! When comparing Taurus man negative traits, this one stands out.

This can be a bit overwhelming for those who are less inclined towards material items. Taurus’ spending habits in particular can drive some more frugal partners right over the edge.

2. He Is Immovable

Taurus’ are fixed signs and are represented by the bull. If you can picture how easy it is to move a gigantic beast like a bull without him being interested… yeah, that’s about how easy it is to get a Taurus to change!

Taurus’ are rooted firmly in place. This is great when it comes to sticking to their guns on important issues, but it can cause problems when they’re unwilling to compromise with you period. Taurus have a tendency to be quite ‘my way or the highway.’ This is one of Taurus man’s bad qualities.

It’s a good thing to prime the Taurus for changes as early as possible.

3. He Can Become Envious

Taurus’ are very much the toddlers of the Zodiac. They believe that what’s theirs is theirs and you’ll catch a huge fit if you believe any differently. Unfortunately, Taurus’ often believe that people belong to them or that they have rights to the actions of other people. 

Taurus’ are definitely not playing around when it comes to their people! And they do mean THEIR people. But what are you to do if you’re not okay with the feeling of being owned by another?

With this one, firm boundaries are necessary. Taurus would never hesitate to set boundaries, so don’t you either! You’ve got just as much of a right to your limits as Taurus does.

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3 More Taurus Man Negative Traits In Love

4. He Is Not Emotional Enough

Taurus men are always strong and tough. They’re always about no-nonsense and like to work a lot. In fact; many Taurus men are workaholics. They are so dedicated to their career and pursuit of money that they ignore their heart.

Sadly this is the dark side of the Taurus man in love. He may blow you off because he has too much work to do. You’ll have to define some very clear rules about making time.

Sometimes Taurus men need to be reminded that they have to face their feelings now and then. They may not like it one bit to be told but in the end, they’ll realize you’re right and will work on it.

They need to be shown that you are far superior to their “things”. Perhaps dragging them off for a romp in the bedroom may help. Give it a try!

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5. He Is Short-Tempered Man

Just like bulls are enraged by something as menial as the color red, Taurus’ can be difficult to stop once they’ve become angry. If they feel their anger is justified then they become fixed within that anger. They can be downright intolerable because of this. 

Taurus get mad easily and have a difficult time getting over it. They stew in their emotions for far longer than a lot of other signs. This is due to their inability to pivot their stance at a moment’s notice. Just because you’ve defended yourself or made the situation right doesn’t mean that the Taurus is going to stop being angry! 

I recommend pulling some classic mom moves on the Taurus when this occurs. Tell them that you will return to the conversation once they are calm. You can also reiterate that you’re a human with feelings too and you require a relaxed conversation instead of excess vitriol coming off the Taurus. 

Taurus will be forced to calm down if they want to carry on a relationship with you (they’re stuck in their habit, so usually they do want to stay in their current situation).

If you struggle with how to handle a Taurus man and find the right words to make him feel special, I strongly suggest getting my Taurus Man Love Language guide. It will help you finally speak the same love language as him and make your bond so much stronger.

6. Taurus Man Is Lacking Spirituality 

Because Taurus men are so material oriented, they tend to miss growth that they can have within themselves on a spiritual level. They tend to be too practical and cannot be bothered with metaphysics.

They want to be the best of the best, own the best of the best, and acquire as much as they can before they leave this planet. Their focus has little to do with spirituality in the relationship. 

It is not enough for the relationship to evolve physically and emotionally. Spirituality plays an important role and connecting on a deep spiritual level is essential for a relationship’s longevity.

Though there are some Taurus men that care enough about nature and the environment that you can find them trying to volunteer their time doing things conducive to healing the earth.

Otherwise, though they care, they don’t have enough time or energy to work on these things in their lives.

Taurus Man Toxic Traits — Red Flags That Should Not Be Ignored

7. Taurus Man Is Biased

Taurus, as I have mentioned, is very fixed. As far as they are concerned, their way of life is the only way there is. Taurus has a tendency to only be able to see things from their own perspective. This ability to stand their ground on what they believe is admirable, but not every issue requires such staunch dedication.

This is partially why having a discussion with a Taurus is so taxing. If they disagree, that is. Taurus’ struggle to see things from any point of view but their own. Being so rooted in their own experiences has its downsides.

To combat this, play devil’s advocate with them. Show them the other side of the story. It will ruffle their feathers at first, but they might come around. A little bit of shock is sometimes what it takes to bring a Taurus out of their own perspective.

8. He Is Self-Indulgent

Taurus’ will often justify excess by having a ‘treat yourself’ mentality. And don’t get me wrong, Taurus’ work hard and deserve to get rewarded. However, anything can be taken too far. 

When you’re at your wits’ end because your Taurus is spending too much time showing themselves a great time while potentially ignoring the consequences, then it’s time to speak up and use your voice! 

Don’t be afraid to show the Taurus how they are taking their own needs more seriously than your needs or the needs of others. It’s not easy to stand up for yourself but in cases like this, it’s necessary. 

9. He Judges People By Their Looks

The Taurus man is similar to the Virgo man in that he wants to be sure he looks good at all times. He will also want his partner to look her best when he takes her out anywhere.

There are variances to this though as some like a natural beauty that can look good in jeans and a flannel. Then there are some that want their woman in high heels, short skirt, hair fixed nicely, and makeup on to enhance their beauty.

It really depends on what Taurus you have but they all have standards that you must reach to appeal to their senses. They do not want to appear to be a failure because their woman doesn’t appear to fit him or his passions.

Ironically, they are also the type that judges people by the way they look. So even people they meet or going out with friends will have them looking at people.

He is a people watcher and he will definitely judge who they are based on what they wear or what car they drive. Though he’s very masculine; this is a somewhat feminine quality. He gets catty.

He’d sooner judge someone based on a first time meeting than waiting to get to know someone. He knows from the moment he meets them whether or not they are good enough to be friends, acquaintances or lovers.

If he finds they are too shabby for his taste, he will not waste another precious moment on these people. He will stonewall them and move on.

How To Deal With Taurus Man Bad Qualities?

Taurus’ can always benefit from a dose of gratitude. Taurus won’t take well to outright attempts to change them, so it’s best to lead by example. If you make a show of being grateful (perhaps you casually mention your gratitude journaling that you do every morning) then the Taurus might find themselves becoming comfortable with the concept over time. 

You may have to continue to reiterate your limitations to your Taurus man. Since they are so immovable, they sometimes expect others to be hyperflexible for them. That simply won’t do. Stand your ground and tell them the type of treatment you expect from them. 

If you know that you’ll be asking them to make a huge change, try getting them there in baby steps if at all possible. Moving the bull an inch at a time is easier than moving him a mile! 

These topics are not always the easiest to talk about, but it’s important to know what to expect from the behavior of your partner. Once you can identify their slip ups then you can collaborate with them to create the relationship that you both desire.

Bad Things About Taurus Male — FAQ

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Taurus man and how this will affect your relationship?

Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate the difficult times you might experience with your Taurus.

Is A Taurus Man A Narcissist?

Do you want to know whether are Taurus men narcissistic or not, here is an answer…

Once he sets his mind to something, a Taurus man will think he is always right. If you struggle to compromise with him, he will try to force you to be the one to settle. He may even make you doubt yourself, and this is what narcissists usually do.

Let’s not forget that not all Taurus men tend to be narcissistic, but some of their behaviors are very similar to those that narcissists have. This is one of the Taurus man flaws.

Are Taurus Men Known To Be Manipulative?

Taurus man is very stubborn and very persistent in getting what he wants. This often translates into manipulation. He may even induce guilt in you or use emotional blackmailing to sway you to his side.

Taurus man can become bossy or controlling which is also categorized as manipulative actions. He is doing this to get things done and along the way he can argue with everything and everyone. He can hardly let go of things.

Are Taurus Men Toxic In A Relationship?

The Taurus man sometimes sabotages his relationships with avoidance, so if you don’t react in a timely manner, you may never hear from him again. Taurus is prone to holding grudges because of his stubbornness.

He has a strong character that can easily influence the relationship in a toxic way. He forgives easily but never forgets, so if he feels disrespected, you can be prepared that he will have controlling tendencies.

Do Taurus Men Play Mind Games?

Yes, he can play mind games without even realizing it. It is a form of manipulation. If he is doing that, that means he is not capable of providing fundamental elements such as trust and respect, which are necessary for a healthy relationship.

The Taurus man will not allow himself to be manipulated but can engage in such action for his own benefit.

Normal Dating Advice Can Backfire With A Taurus Man

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Taurus man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there. I remember crying myself to sleep worried about whether my man would EVER commit to me.

And there were a TON of nights when I just couldn’t sleep at all. I lost hours of time from work and doing things I loved…

All because I couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart… How to get him to see what a catch I am… And to finally commit to me.

It made me feel incredibly insecure…

And I’m an extremely confident woman. I’d never had a man not fall for me quickly. EVER.

But… I KNEW how good he was for me, so I didn’t want to give up.

All my friends kept telling me to just move on. They couldn’t see what I saw…

That he was the most INCREDIBLE man I’d ever met.

How could I just give up on that???

I couldn’t!

And now, looking back, I’m SO grateful that I DIDN’T listen to my friends.

He is the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. And now we’re happily married.

But it wasn’t easy. It took a LOT of work.

I had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language.

And it worked!! 

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Taurus man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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xoxo, Anna

Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

5 thoughts on “Dark Side Of Taurus Man — 9 Taurus Men Bad Traits You Can’t Ignore

  1. Hi Anna, Share with me dark secrets of a carpricorn man and everything about a carpricorn man. Thanks.

  2. Anna what is your sign? I really love your commitment towards understanding someone else. I am a Taurean man and definitely possess a lot of these negative traits, with the exception of materialsim. Im just curious of your sign because the ability to step back and reflect is a rare trait that i think would compliment any person. I am so stubborn and dismissive because I find that’s it’s rare to meet someone that is as aware and committed to the same morals and virtues that I have. I won’t compromise those aspects because I spend a great deal of time on the people I care about to make sure they benefit from my presence. It’s rare to find someone else that cares as much as I do and you have shown a great deal of love and compassion for your Taurean man that most people are incapable of realizing with compromise.

  3. Thing is you have to really LOVE Taurus man to be in relationship with him, otherwise it’s not possible to deal with stubbornness, controlling and narcissistic ways. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I hate lies, even “white lie”, i don’t like when man doesn’t keep promises, I don’t like bragging man. Sadly he is like that, even do he has a good heart. Pisces girl here! Feels so good to be free , girls! Do not run after anyone please! Life is too short

    1. Dear Alina,
      Good riddance!
      The Pisces woman is great at keeping the peace much of the time. However; she is more emotional than her Taurus man and that means when she talks, he sometimes isn’t sensitive enough.
      Taurus men are often rough around the edges and aren’t good with feelings. They are great at giving advice but not so much at giving you a hug and telling you everything will be alright. It is not a good match emotionally.
      I hope the right guy finds you soon!
      Love & Light.

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