Where To Go On a Date With a Taurus Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You're going out with a Taurus man and you need some date ideas to try? Here are the best ideas on where to go on a date with a Taurus man.

Taurus men are born under a feminine, earth sign so the very idea of a date is exciting to them as an event that is anticipated in advance and stimulates all the senses.

They are the fine-living, comfort-loving kings of the zodiac so when you plan a date with a Taurus man you want to pay special attention to your appearance. Don’t be shy to wear your prettiest dress or dab on your most expensive perfume, as a Taurus man will notice and appreciate the effort.

As lovers of luxury, fine foods and fine wines, Taurus will be won over with a reservation at one of the hottest restaurants in town. Your Taurus man loves quality but it doesn’t have to be ostentatious or expensive, as long as it’s excellent or special.  Any food that thrills the senses, or is a sensual experience in itself, think sushi or a shared fondue, will make him smile from ear to ear.

Your best bet to win a Taurus man is by using your traditional feminine charms. Make yourself available, but don’t apply obvious pressure. Instead let him pursue you, as he loves the traditional roles of romance and courtship. He prefers natural fragrances and fibers to synthetics, and a couple’s day at a luxurious spa is just as exciting for him as a meal prepared by the hottest chef in town.

Traditional romance is the way to go

Portrait of a couple enjoying each others company in a romantic dinner

When dating a Taurus man you only need to feed his insatiable appetite for fine food and fine wine, to really win his heart. He loves flowers and date nights that are treated like a sacred experience, so take the time to plan your night out. He loves luxuries and any rich stimulation of his senses, but he will be less impressed by a stuffy formal fine-dining hotel restaurant than a hip new venue in town with artisan beers.

Ostentatious stuff doesn’t turn his earthy sense of luxury on. His taste is for quality and simplicity without frills or whistles attached. A tasting menu with accompanying fine wines will make your Taurus man a delightful, witty companion who says and does all the right things. Choose venues with ambient lighting, rich fabrics, and fragrant gardens, as these, will get him in the mood for love.

Woo him with Art and Collectibles

Taurus is ruled by Venus and your bull is at home in a (collectible) china shop. Art exhibitions, theater, and live music are all things he appreciates, and he’ll love you more if you really enjoy these as well. A perfect date with him would start at an opening of a very collectible modern artist and from there you can charm him to death with a spontaneous meal of exotic food at a place you know well.

He loves shopping for investment art pieces, so if you know a local artist well, and can introduce him to a bargain, he will be more than impressed. Just remember he likes the idea of owning beautiful things, so galleries are more to his taste than museums.

Avoid the unknown, adventures and dirt

Hot Air Balloons with Sunrise applying Retro Instagram Style Filter

A hot air balloon ride early in the morning, followed by champagne breakfast may rouse the curiosity of a Taurus man, but he’ll feel threatened by not knowing what to expect. Save this kind of date for after he has learned to trust you, as a novelty and adventure isn’t really his thing.

A Taurus man is prone to feeling insecure – especially when it comes to being manly and physically strong. Unless you plan to test how far he will go for you, don’t tempt his temper by taking him out of his comfort zone. Stick to tried and tested traditional romantic date themes to bring out the best in him and show you in your best light.

Clubbing or parties: what you need to be aware of

He loves a good party but clubs and parties swirling with unknown people and men you may be tempted to flirt with, will make him feel nervous and insecure. He may hide his anxiety with a display of macho bravado, but be aware at all times that the bull, more than any other sign, is prone to irrational jealousy, even when he has no reason to feel threatened.

You need to stay close to him at parties and in clubs and make sure he knows you have eyes only for him. Otherwise, he might try to make you jealous, or flounce off in a tantrum leaving you stranded in a club. He is a sybarite at heart and won’t be put off by the indulgence of any kind, so he is wonderful to spend a whole night out with, but only as long as he feels appreciated and in control.

Taurus men do not alway wear their hearts on their sleeves. Your bull may seem serene and happy, but secretly he might be annoyed. Get to grips with his hidden desires and what really turns him on with the only guide you’ll ever need.

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