Are Taurus Men Secretive? Here’s How To Tell

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Why are Taurus men so secretive? Maybe he just hides small things or maybe he tells white lies. This article will help you understand him better.

Are you involved with a Taurus man and you feel like he’s keeping important information from you? Maybe he just hides small things or maybe he tells white lies. Why? Hopefully this article will help you understand better why he may be doing these types of things.

Personal Freedom

Taurus men really love their personal space and freedom. Even if you share a home together; he will still want his personal space. This includes his thoughts or secrets.

While a Taurus has no problem being with you or sharing his life with you; he will keep some things to himself because they are his. Remember that he’s possessive.

Though you may believe he should disclose everything about himself; it’s just not likely to happen. He may start to let you know some things over time but it’s definitely not an overnight process.

A Taurus has to trust you with all that he is in order for you to know everything. With the stubbornness they possess, it may be a difficult thing to achieve but not impossible. It will just take a lot of time.

Things he hides from you

Unhappy couple not speaking to each other - Why Are Taurus Men So Secretive

A Taurus man will commit to you over time. The thing is; he will withhold information that you feel you should know. He may still be friends with his last ex girlfriend that he loved very much.

He feels that it’s not necessary for you to know because it doesn’t involve you and he isn’t in a relationship with her anymore; he’s with you. It’s completely irrelevant for you to know; in his mind.

He may also have a last will and testament written out and designated to a family member. If you are living with him and are planning a long term future; you will probably be quite shocked that he isn’t leaving his will for you.

Over time that could change but again; it would take a huge chunk of time for him to trust enough that you would be the recipient of his possessions. He takes his things and his money very seriously.

If you’ve married one; he may at that point put you in the will but in most cases, he will not leave you everything. He will divide it up between you and his family.

He may also meet up with a female friend for lunch or coffee and not bother to tell you. Either it slipped his mind because he felt it was no big deal or he just doesn’t want to upset you.

Generally speaking, if he knows something will upset you then he will avoid bringing it up. He avoids conflict and drama whenever possible. The thing is; if the shoe was on the other foot, he’d be incredibly jealous and pissed off.

His Past

It’s not often that a Taurus will want to divulge his past to you. He may give you some clippets every now and then but he will not feel any hurry to disclose his past; especially relationships.

This man is a solid rock and it’s hard to get him to bend and open up. He may have had some really memorable experiences both good and bad but he doesn’t really want to talk about either.

While you can talk about your ex’s and things you’ve been through; he’ll listen and be there for you but it’s not likely he’ll bring up his ex’s to you. If he does, you will probably be shocked.

Most Taurus men like to keep things like this locked up and stored away as it’s no one’s business. Even the person he is closest to isn’t privy to this information. Again; it’s a rarity for a Taurus to fully open up like this.

Social Networking

Man Eating Breakfast Whilst Using Mobile Phone And Laptop - Why Are Taurus Men So Secretive

You’ll find that many Taurus men will enjoy using social networking sites but he’ll be very careful what he posts. He doesn’t want anyone to figure him out and he definitely doesn’t like anyone knowing his business.

If you’re involved with a Taurus and he wants to keep your relationship on the down low; it’s not because he’s embarrassed to be with you. He is just super secretive and doesn’t think his relationship is anyone else’s beeswax.

Now if he does happen to divulge his relationship status, thank your lucky stars. It’s very hard to get him to do it in the first place but when he does; he’ll expect you not to put too much information up.

Talking about your relationship publicly will embarrass him and feel that he’s on the spot. It will also make him uncomfortable that people know more than he wants them to.

Dating a Taurus can be complicated but be sure that you’ve discussed with him what his boundaries are so that you don’t accidentally reveal too much and he’ll be Ok with letting you show your relationship status.

Don’t ever make the mistake of replying to people who post on his stuff. If you do, he’ll see you as trying to take over his page and will see this as an invasion of privacy. Even though it’s you; he still wants autonomy with his friends.

Important Perspectives

The thing here is to know that your Taurus man will not keep important secrets from you. While he may not want to divulge everything or reminisce about his ex’s with you; he will not withhold crucial information.

He will not want you to keep such secrets from him either. He’d rather have all the fundamentals laid out and followed properly. That means that even if he does withhold some things from you; it may be a defense mechanism.

It may also be that he’s trying to spare your feelings. After all, does it really matter that an ex of his was a super model? It may on some level make you feel lesser of yourself which isn’t something he wants.

He is with you because he chose you very carefully. He loves who you are and what you look like and he will not accept anything less than beautiful. Super model or not, he is with you. Take that as an ultimate compliment!

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6 thoughts on “Are Taurus Men Secretive? Here’s How To Tell

  1. I know a couple taurus man, and i know much more scorpios in my life. I am a taurus woman and i think taurus man are such sweet beasts. Won’t give details,but overall scorpios engange with their hearts so much and taurus just stands there shameless like a cold hard rock (it is still cute tho),trying to take all they can without no care who get’s hurt or not(more wicked than a capricorn)…scorpios watch your emotions they always need to have a dose of your emotions that is why i love scorpios they show me when i behave like shit or behave truly brave. They are like a mirror. Taurus is good to get back on the ground or to focus and move things finally where others are just lame,but taurus help is limited cause they have their minds in so many things,they can get impatient with people who can’t follow their ideas and advices especially when this goes on for years( that is actually patient),they sometimes also pretend they want to help you but when they see there is nothing to do they drop you so cold. I saw this with a gemini and a taurus,the gemini is feeling betrayed but the taurus was just tired of her nonsense life that doesn’t suit the taurus.
    I myself do it too and i really wish it was different but i would only be confused by too much emotional engangement,scorpios are the masters of emotions tho,that makes them less a**holes.

    Taurus Rocks

    1. Hi Ella!

      Thank you for your input from the female perspective. Some people don’t get that there are some differences between the Taurus man and Taurus woman. Hormones is a definitely huge factor in the difference. Taurus men can be fantastic human beings if given the chance but communication always has to be in place and drama avoided otherwise they are crabby bulls.

  2. I’n a Virgo and I’m close to dumping my Taurus. Yes he’s possessive and a great family man as a provider. But I’ve caught him talking to a bunch of girls on social media. And now he won’t let me see his phone. I even gave him a chance and didn’t even bring the past up. Then one day, he fell asleep on the couch, phone unlocked, and my intuition told me to check his phone. There it was again. This time he even payed for nudes. I’m over his temperamental and stubborn ass.

    1. Hi R!

      Eeks when they start doing that sort of thing it tends to who their lack of commitment. A fully committed Taurus doesn’t see any other women as anything. They certainly don’t sneak around to talk to other women either. Not showing you his phone is a huge red flag as well. I get privacy but if you have to hide something then you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. That being said, if he’s doing that and he paid for nudes… I don’t blame you for kicking his arse to the curb. It’s drama you don’t need in your life. A loyal Taurus man isn’t like that but he’s clearly not loyal. Do what is best for you!

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