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4 Questions To Ask a Taurus Guy to Get Him To Open Up

Taurus man is a guy all made of style for sure. Being younger or older, he will show some traditional views about life in general, and the best strategy you can implement on him is to let him approach you first and start pursuing you, not the other way around because he is very conservative regarding the roles of sexes.

However, when you two meet for the first time or he takes you on a date, here are the best questions to ask a Taurus man…

1. Do You Like to Cook?

Having in mind that you will be already invited to dinner or any place offering small delicious bites, this question will be asked in an easy-going manner. Even if your Taurus date is a younger guy, he won’t miss expanding his pleasure of being with the interesting girl without the food around.

This can mean that he might take you to the expensive restaurant, local pizzeria or any other cheaper place, but this won’t change the main theme in the Taurus’s concept of how this world is made of. In his head, beauty, status, and food are all interrelated and the only thing you can do is to fit in.

Taurus guy is surely interested in food, but you might meet the one who doesn’t know anything about its preparation, and also the one who can compete with the world’s best chefs. In any case, he will be into this subject and you can expand your conversation about his or your favorite places, dishes, desserts and so on. You can’t miss with this one, trust me.

2. What Are Your Goals in Life?

Questions To Ask a Taurus Man

Try to sound relaxed while you are asking him this because you don’t want to be perceived as some sort of investigator. Just bear in mind that Taurus man is ruled by the planet Venus and this planet is all about the beauty, nutrition, properties and wealth in general.

He is interested to be rich, to have huge net worth and a trophy wife by his side, don’t ever doubt this. If he is in his younger age, the answer he will give to you will show the levels of his ambition and the dream life he is willing to pursue himself and his family.

On the other side, if you are dealing with someone who is thirty and plus, then you will find out where is he right now in his life and how he plans to expand his little kingdom.

From this point on, you are free to expand your conversation to the financial issues, but in this particular case, you should know some basics regarding economics and investments. Taurus men are all about wealth, as said earlier and those themes are the fountain of joy for them.

3. How Would Your Dream Home Look Like?

Have in mind that the area of home and family values, in the chart of the Taurus guy, is placed in the sign of Leo. And as we all know, Leo is all about the nobility, pride and lots and lots of gold and glitter. His home is his heart of gold, as you might say.

And there is no Taurus man who wouldn’t be delighted to think and talk about this theme, even if he still didn’t reach the point in his life when he will actually be able to afford such a place. In any case, he will describe several types of homes, being placed somewhere in nature, by the sea or any place safe and quite.

From his story, you will be able to decipher what decorative styles he loves the most and what types of home he likes, too. And listening to this confession you could make the parallel regarding this “dream home” subject and the types of women he falls for. Remember that his taste for beauty includes all beauty.

4. Do You Like Opera?

Questions To Ask a Taurus Man

Ha, this is a well-targeted question, don’t doubt it. Venus, the ruling planet for the sign of Taurus is also the main ruler for singing and all those beautiful and fairy-like voices. And you might be dating the local teenage guy who had never ever heard anything but hip hop in his life, still, this question will provoke him to think a little bit deeper.

However, prepare yourself. Ask him did he ever heard the Flower Duet from the opera Lakme, and if he didn’t, or if he did, play it on your phone just for a few minutes. This is the most beautiful duet female voices ever performed throughout human history, and this will have a mesmerizing effect on his soul. Furthermore, each time he remembers the melody, he will consequently remember you too.

And not even knowingly, he will attach this beautiful moment with your face. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be any sort of expert when it comes to opera. Just listen to a few most popular opera songs, and this is applicable if you are dating the mature Taurus guy. You will do better than just fine with this plan because he will start respecting you.

On the other side, your question will inspire him to start expanding this theme to all sorts of music and after a while, you two will surely find the common ground. Looking deeper, his favorite music styles will show you what kind of Venus he has in his chart.

And if he is still in his dead-metal or violent hip hop phase, and you are not, then this will be the clear indication about the level of your mutual interests, and therefore your complementarity. But, what interests me the most is how did you start the conversation with your Taurus man when you two first met? Click here for more details on him!

Which sentences broke the ice and how did you two found out you can be a good match? Comment below, I’d love to know about your experiences.

What do you think are the best questions to ask a Taurus man?

3 thoughts on “4 Questions To Ask a Taurus Guy to Get Him To Open Up

  1. Hey ann just thought of let u know that I’ve been seeing my Taurus man for like 4 years know and still havent won his heart completly weve been friends with benefits that kinda long not sure what hes up to I’ve heard alot and learned a lot about him but I’m still in the dark as to what he really wants he wont have me at his house and latley he wont come to mine he dont.text me any more I text him but he still acts interested by answering me idk what to do can u help???

    1. Hi Margie M Bleil!

      Yikes. Often times “friends with benefits” does not turn in to more. If he finds someone who seems to suit him well as a partner, he will break it off with you to be with her. He’s got boundaries up because he doesn’t want you to think there is a chance of being more than what you are. I’m sorry to tell you that but when they do this, that’s why. They just want to keep what they have going with you until they find someone they want to commit to. To test that, you can flat out ask him if he would ever be interested in being more with you. You’ll get your answer. Wishing you the best!

  2. My coming of age boyfriend was a Taurus and I couldn’t have had a better coming of age relationship. I think the same for him. What broke the ice when I first met him? Was 9th grade and he was being intrusive and nosy about something
    I was writing. I said …leave me alone boy (but in a slightly playful way…yet I did mean it)…he picked up on the playfulness and he remembers that first meeting to this day. We were engaged at one time but made a mutual decision our timing was off.
    Now decades later I am involved with yet another Taurus man…older than I am. The connection with us also came through playfulness and humor. He is a riot and loves that I play…
    I’ll say both these guys were/are sensitive as you say but don’t show that easily. I consider them both distancers.
    With both the connection is strong and relationship of years. You are right that playing hard to get doesn’t go well but neither is getting too much into their space. Both these guys want a lot of space. They need it. I’m okay with that.

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