11 Questions To Ask A Taurus Man

by Anna, relationship astrologer
You might be wondering what questions to ask a Taurus man because you want to get closer to him and understand who he is...

Hello, my lovelies! Are you ready to get to know your Taurus man better? This cool, calm, and collected man can often be a mystery, but fear not! I know these guys so well because I happened to marry a Taurus man! There is nothing I do not know about these men.

I so often get emails from women asking me what questions to ask a Taurus man to get to know him better, so I’ve compiled a list just for you to help you get really close to him.

Are you looking to get closer to your Taurus man? Then you have definitely come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out the most amazing questions to ask your Taurus man to get closer to him!

What Do Taurus Men Like To Talk About?

A Taurus man is a very simple and practical man. His sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and culture. This already helps to understand the Taurus man better – he must love all the finer things in life!

Taurus men often enjoy conversations about stability, comfort, and the finer things in life, such as food, wine, music, and art. They also may be interested in discussing financial matters and investments because security and material comfort are important to them.

Topics surrounding nature and practical skills or hobbies might also be appealing to a Taurus man, given their down-to-earth and pragmatic nature. His other big love is nature, so discussing topics related to the outdoors, gardening, or animals could also spark his interest.

He is a very sensual being and is acutely aware of the senses, so talking about anything that engages his senses – like good food, soothing music, or beautiful artwork – will definitely catch his attention and keep him engaged in the conversation.

5 Flirty Questions To Ask A Taurus Man To Make Him Attracted To You

Here are five flirty questions to ask a Taurus man to pique his interest and appeal to his sensual nature:

“Can you imagine us on your dream date? What would we be doing?”

Asking a Taurus man about his idea of a perfect romantic evening is an excellent way to engage his Venus-ruled love for ambience and sensuality.

This question encourages him to envision and possibly share a scenario where comfort and romance play central roles, which may include everything from an elegant dinner at a top-notch restaurant to a cosy night in with homemade meals and soft music.

By inviting him to describe this, you’re not only showing your interest in his preferences and desires but also giving him the space to express his passionate side.

It’s a discussion that warmly opens up the potential for planning such an evening together, thereby deepening the connection and attraction between you both. Remember, Taurus men value genuine connection, so it’s important to be sincere and show real interest in his response.

He will also be taken aback by your forwardness in including yourself on the date. There is no way he won’t know that you are interested in him if you ask him this! The ball is directly in his court!

“If you could take me to any restaurant in the city, where would we go and why?”

Since Taurus men appreciate good food and luxury, this question invites him to share his tastes and create a future opportunity for you both. He may passionately describe his favourite restaurant, explaining the ambience, the quality of the cuisine, and why he believes it would be the perfect setting for a romantic date.

Asking a Taurus man this question opens the door for him to showcase his appreciation for fine dining and luxury. By asking where he would take you and why, you’re encouraging him to share his preferences, perhaps revealing his favourite cuisine or a place that holds special meaning for him.

This question also subtly implies a willingness on your part to share a dining experience with him, which is very inviting and can be seen as a forward step towards intimacy.

If he responds with enthusiasm and detail, it’s a good sign he’s interested in spending time with you in a setting he enjoys. Listen carefully to the explanation behind his choice, as it will give you further insight into what he values and enjoys.

“Do you enjoy cooking, and what’s your signature dish? I’d love to find out if it tastes as good as you make it sound.”

Asking a Taurus man about his cooking abilities and signature dish is a great way to connect with his practical and sensual nature. Asking a Taurus man if he enjoys cooking and inquiring about his signature dish is a great way to connect with his earthy and sensual qualities.

Taurus men often have a strong appreciation for the sensory experiences of life, including the pleasure of good food. This question allows him to share his culinary skills and interests, which can be a point of pride.

it also provides an opportunity for him to invite you to experience his cooking first-hand, a very personal and caring gesture. The act of preparing and sharing a meal can be an intimate experience and is a way for a Taurus man to show affection.

“If you had to pick a scent that you find completely seductive on someone, what would it be? I’m taking notes.”

Using this flirtatious question, you’re subtly inviting the Taurus man to share his preferences and maybe even think about what you might smell like, which can be quite alluring.

It plays into his sensual nature by focusing on the sense of smell, which is closely linked to attraction. By adding “I’m taking notes,” you make it playful and personal, suggesting that you care about what he likes, and you might use this information in the future to captivate him.

It’s a tantalizing thought that might excite his imagination and strengthen your connection. Who knows, he might end up buying you his favourite perfume as a special gesture…

“If we were to have a movie night, what film would you pick to keep us cuddled up on the couch all night?”

Asking about his movie choice for a cuddly night in is a great way to flirt. It’s light, and playful, and the idea of spending an entire evening together on the couch suggests comfort and intimacy, which is very appealing to a Taurus man.

This question not only implies that you are looking forward to being close to him but also gives him a chance to share his interests and potentially set the mood with a film that he finds romantic or emotionally engaging. It’s indirect yet suggestive, making it a perfect flirty question.

You’ll plant the idea of perhaps him asking you out for that movie night and create a cosy atmosphere of getting to know each other better while snuggling on the couch.

3 Deep Questions To Ask A Taurus Man To Build A Stronger Connection

To build a stronger connection with a Taurus man and engage in a deeper conversation, consider these deep questions that can tap into his values and feelings:

“If you could change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be and why?”

By asking about his upbringing, you invite him to open up about his past, his family, and any profound influences that have shaped who he is today. You will understand who he is on another level.

This thoughtful and probing question enables you to explore potentially complex and emotionally rich territory with a Taurus man. It shows that you’re interested in his background and the factors that have contributed to his character.

Hearing about his experiences can create empathy and a deeper bond between you as you understand his personal journey and the aspects of his upbringing that he values or perhaps wishes were different. This openness can be critical in fostering a strong and meaningful connection.

“What does ‘home’ mean to you?”

A Taurus often values stability and comfort. Asking about his concept of home can reveal a lot about what he cherishes and desires in his personal life and spaces, and it may uncover emotional depths and his need for security.

This question is an excellent way to delve into a Taurus man’s personal values and what provides him with a sense of comfort and security. Tauruses typically place high importance on the stability and sanctuary that a home provides.

By asking what ‘home’ means to him, you can open up a more intimate conversation about his idea of safety, comfort, and what he treasures in his life. It’s a chance to understand his emotional needs and show that you care about what makes him feel grounded and at peace, which can significantly strengthen the emotional connection between you two.

“What brings you the most fulfilment in life, and how do you seek it out?”

This introspective question invites a Taurus man to contemplate and share what truly satisfies his soul, whether it’s his career, relationships, hobbies, or personal goals.

Understanding what makes him feel fulfilled can also provide pathways for deeper bonding and show that you’re interested in his deeper self, not just superficial aspects.

You are inviting him to share his core principles and philosophies. This kind of question can help you understand his moral compass and what drives his decisions and actions in life. It’s a way to get to the heart of what motivates him and allows for a conversation about deeper beliefs and values.

3 More Questions To Ask A Taurus Man About Love

Here are three more questions to ask a Taurus man that can help you understand his perspective on love and relationships:

“How do you show someone that you truly care about them?”

Since Taurus men often express love through actions, this question will give you insights into how he might express affection and care in a relationship. He may mention gestures like acts of service, physical touch, or consistent support and loyalty as ways that he shows someone he truly cares about them.

You’re tapping into his practical nature. Taurus men are typically action-oriented, especially when it comes to expressing their emotions. They are more likely to show their affection through tangible acts of service and gifts, rather than just words.

This question can help you understand the specific ways he prefers to demonstrate his commitment and affection, which are likely to be thoughtful and considerate. Recognizing and appreciating these expressions of care can be pivotal in building a strong and loving relationship with a Taurus man.

“In a relationship, what does trust mean to you and how do you build it?”

Trust is fundamental in any relationship, and understanding his views on trust can help you gauge what he expects from a partner and how he envisions a strong, secure partnership.

This is the best way to delve into his expectations and understanding of a healthy partnership. For a Taurus, who often values reliability and consistency, trust is likely a cornerstone of any relationship he commits to.

This question invites him to articulate his perspective on trust, including honesty, dependability, and mutual respect. It also opens up the conversation to how he actively works towards building that trust, whether through communication, actions, or time.

Understanding his approach to trust can reveal how he maintains and nurtures relationships, which is crucial information for both of you to understand what he needs from you.

“What’s your most memorable romantic gesture, either that you’ve done or received, and what made it so special?”

By asking a Taurus man about his most memorable romantic gesture, you’re creating space for him to reflect on experiences that have touched his heart. This question can give you insight into what he finds romantic and memorable, such as the thought and effort put into the gesture or the emotional impact it had.

His answer will not only reveal his views on romance but also highlight what actions or behaviours he may appreciate in a relationship. Sharing these personal stories can deepen your emotional connection and can also inspire ideas for future romantic endeavours.

You’ll get to see a sweet and soft side to him that may not always be apparent on the surface. Have fun in getting to know him better!

What NOT To Ask A Taurus Man

When chatting with a Taurus man, just remember to keep things chill and respectful. They’re pretty private folks, particularly about money matters, so diving into questions about their bank balance or how much they’re raking in is kinda taboo – it’s just not cool unless you two are super tight.

Also, rehashing old flames and love stories? Not the best idea. Bulls like to keep looking forward, so they might not be too keen on a stroll down ex-memory lane. Talking about past lovers can make him feel a little uncomfortable.

They’re all about comfort zones too, so don’t put them on the spot with choices that could shake up their routine or make them pick favourites among people they care about – that’s a surefire way to get them seeing red.

And hey, let’s not forget, their practical side is a big part of who they are. No teasing about them being too serious or not dreaming big enough, because seriously, those steady Taurus vibes are part of their charm. Just be yourself, keep it friendly and you’ll be fine – they’re pretty awesome friends once you get to know them!

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Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

5 thoughts on “11 Questions To Ask A Taurus Man

  1. Hey ann just thought of let u know that I’ve been seeing my Taurus man for like 4 years know and still havent won his heart completly weve been friends with benefits that kinda long not sure what hes up to I’ve heard alot and learned a lot about him but I’m still in the dark as to what he really wants he wont have me at his house and latley he wont come to mine he dont.text me any more I text him but he still acts interested by answering me idk what to do can u help???

    1. Hi Margie M Bleil!

      Yikes. Often times “friends with benefits” does not turn in to more. If he finds someone who seems to suit him well as a partner, he will break it off with you to be with her. He’s got boundaries up because he doesn’t want you to think there is a chance of being more than what you are. I’m sorry to tell you that but when they do this, that’s why. They just want to keep what they have going with you until they find someone they want to commit to. To test that, you can flat out ask him if he would ever be interested in being more with you. You’ll get your answer. Wishing you the best!

  2. My coming of age boyfriend was a Taurus and I couldn’t have had a better coming of age relationship. I think the same for him. What broke the ice when I first met him? Was 9th grade and he was being intrusive and nosy about something
    I was writing. I said …leave me alone boy (but in a slightly playful way…yet I did mean it)…he picked up on the playfulness and he remembers that first meeting to this day. We were engaged at one time but made a mutual decision our timing was off.
    Now decades later I am involved with yet another Taurus man…older than I am. The connection with us also came through playfulness and humor. He is a riot and loves that I play…
    I’ll say both these guys were/are sensitive as you say but don’t show that easily. I consider them both distancers.
    With both the connection is strong and relationship of years. You are right that playing hard to get doesn’t go well but neither is getting too much into their space. Both these guys want a lot of space. They need it. I’m okay with that.

  3. I was dating this Taurus man , we had chemistry and sexual chemistry so I thought. We had sex but afterward I told him I really wanted to wait out of fear that one he got what he wanted he’d leave. Ever since then he has been maintaining a constant conversation flow but I haven’t seen him since and that was January 13 it’s now April 8th. I’m kind of embarrassed to still be hold onto the thought we could be more . But I truly want him.

    1. Dear Kwadriyyah,

      With men, it is simple. They are there for you if they want you, and you would know it.  
      If he can leave so easily, he was never really meant for you.
      Start healing. Start the new day with good vibes. Nothing is gone, just one temporary person in your life ending the story which was not meant for you.
      So, better start a new journey thinking that everything happens for a good reason and embrace the possibility of someone else entering your life as a partner.
      Love & Light!

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