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7 Things To Say To A Taurus Man To Impress Him

Want to impress a Taurus man? Is he worthy of your efforts? What can you hope for if he commits to you? Then you need to know the things to say to a Taurus man.

You should know that any Taurus guy is someone with great future ahead and you should at least try to win his heart and taste the luxury life.

Taurus men belong to that “good and quality man” category in general; something with each woman will be exceptionally pleased.

They are known as somewhat slow and meticulous, but they are also very capable, thorough and more often than not, they achieve great things in life.

Their element in astrology is the earth, so they are always grounded, material, often conservative and all about safety.

This sounds like a dream for many women so you will have to realize that Taurus men are frequently surrounded by other ladies, but only the special ones will be able to win their hearts. And don’t forget that you shouldn’t chase the Taurus man; he will do it for sure if he likes you.

You just need to be a better version of yourself to make his heart beats faster.

So how do you do that? Here are seven things to say to a Taurus man to impress him:

1. “I just love this place you have chosen for our date. You have such great taste.”

Taste, sense of safety, sense of beauty and your admiration for him, will be an aphrodisiac for a Taurus guy no matter what. He will be amazed by your admiration and also, he will be sure that you are willing and ready to make him lead in the game of seduction.

2. “This was an exceptionally wonderful meal, thank you for this experience, but I have to confess you something and I hope you won’t mind. This lemon tart we had for the dessert… I usually make it better. One day I hope you will try it.”

things to say to a Taurus man

In this manner, you will show him how grateful you are for everything you receive, but you will state that you are also an excellent cook and this is extremely important for any Taurus guy.

He might be so rich that he never has to think from which side his next meal will come, but if his special woman knows how to cook, this will have a marvelous effect on him for sure.

3. “Please tell me more about your real-estate plans…”

This is the ultimate call for any Taurus to show off. It really doesn’t matter if he is in real-estate business or he just tries to sell, combine or level up something he inherited.

Every Taurus thinks about the property or properties in most cases and your genuine interest in these matters will show him that you are worthy of building plans together.

4. “This dress/handbag/bracelet/ring was expensive, but I decided to buy it anyway because it has a real value…”

If your conversation goes in the direction of some of your items or he notices something interesting on you, thank him, say that it was expensive, but underline the value of that particular item.

He will become aware of the fact that you are not cheap, but you are also wise and you know how to spend your money, not squander it. For instance, an expensive handbag acted like your pass card for some social event, or your jewelry’s value will never go down, which is the perfect investment.

Taurus is the basic sign for an accumulation of money, goods, and assets, and every Taurus man will be stunned by a woman who can invest and raise her incomes or manage her expenses properly.

5. “I will just order a salad. I love to have a perfect body, but I also love to cook so much. I hope I will cook for you once.”

things to say to a Taurus man

This is a very wise statement because you are showing him that you are disciplined and plan to look amazing in the future too, but on the other side, you are the woman who makes magic in the kitchen and he might get the privilege to try some of your specialties.

6. “Working in the garden is my form of meditation.”

Any activity related to nature will raise your value in the eyes of Taurus man. If you don’t have a garden,  then you can mention how much you love your plants in the pots, your collection of medicinal plants or spices, or you simply adore spending your time in a local park.

Connection with nature is the form of purity and Taurus man will recognize you like nature’s girl, someone who is chic, but natural at the same time.

7. “Mmm… I just love your perfume…”

This is an excellent sentence to leave him in the clouds while he is saying goodbye to you or while you are exiting a restaurant or a club. If he is not wearing any perfume, then you can notice something elegant, sexy or strong on him or in him, and the effects will be the same.

This compliment will also show that you are not an egocentric type of a woman, and you are perfectly capable to notice something beautiful in him too.


And instead of a conclusion, have in mind that Taurus guys are truly considered as marriage material.

However, they are not stupid and they will easily sense if your words are not sincere.

Developing a relationship with Taurus man can be the most valuable experience of your life and you will surely feel cherished and protected. But, at the same time, you will have to love him totally and you will have to be faithful not just to him, but to his whole vision of the future, and then he will let you become his queen.

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Your friend and astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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