Does Your Taurus Man Still Have Feelings For His Ex? Signs To Look For

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Does your Taurus man still have feelings for his ex? Keep reading this article for some things that you should probably pay attention to.

Are you feeling something just isn’t right with your Taurus and you know he’s had some contact with his ex recently? Perhaps you know for certain they’ve become friends again and you’re concerned if it’s going too far. Does your Taurus man still have feelings for his ex? Keep reading for some things that you should probably pay attention to.

The Complexity of His Feelings

Ok so as I’ve mentioned a few times in other blogs, Taurus men typically cut an ex off and they’re never to be heard from, especially if things went badly. He may not talk much to her but there are other cues to look at.

If you find that her phone number is still on his phone or he’s still connected to her via social media. There is more going on there than it meets the eye. He’s still watching her as he’s still harboring feelings.

He may not talk to her, may not comment on her, or even click “like” on any of her stuff but he still isn’t deleting or blocking her either. He won’t unless things were really bad prior to the breakup.

So you realize that she’s still on his phone and/or on social media but unless he’s showing signs of interest that you can SEE, then you may not need to worry. He can still have feelings for her as long as he’s not acting on them.

Taurus men tend to commit for life once they commit and so when that commitment somehow comes to an end, he still has a hard time letting go of what he glued himself to before.

The Reality

doest your taurus man still have feelings for his ex

Though the Taurus man may still have feelings for his ex or even want her back, he’s not going to easily give up on the relationship he’s in unless it’s a bad relationship.

If things are going very well between you two, you shouldn’t worry unless he starts pulling back and perhaps is showing signs of losing interest. Naturally, if you see him talking to his ex on social media or email, you may want to ask him about it.

Taurus men can be complicated for sure but he’s not going to give up a sure thing by messing around with an ex. Cheating is a very rare thing for a Taurus man to do. That is likely not going to be an issue.

However, there are those rare guys that do decide that they want to see if there is still any “magic” with an ex and can partake of some intimacies. What I mean by this is possibly oral sex or playing around at the very least.

He may stick to his guns and not do intercourse as that’s more serious and that would make him feel incredibly guilty for cheating on his partner. He cannot easily live with himself when he carries such guilt.

Her Stuff Still in his House

Ok, something very obvious if you aren’t living with him but you visit him often, will be seeing some of her stuff still there. If he still has feelings for her, he won’t have an easy time getting rid of it.

He may even box it all up but he’ll keep it for a while before returning it to her, if ever. He’s a sentimental guy and this is a HUGE red flag for you to consider if you’re still just dating and not living together.

If you find a brush with a long blonde hair in it and he has short brown hair, this may be his ex’s hairbrush. This is just one example of what he could be holding onto as he’s not ready to fully let go.

You may want to suggest getting it back to her or perhaps donating it if he doesn’t want to throw it out. He needs to let it go and get it out of his home so he can focus on the present and on his relationship with you.

Starts Acting Weird

does your taurus man still have feelings for his ex

When a Taurus man starts to get comfortable with someone, he starts to back off and seems as though he’s lost a little interest. The fact is, he’s comfortable and that means he doesn’t have to try so hard to win you anymore.

That doesn’t mean he wants to get back with an ex or get together with anyone else. However, if you notice that he starts to pull back because he’s heard from his ex then he is re-assessing his feelings.

Even if she’s calling to tell him she’s getting married, he may have an adverse reaction because he still loves her. Clearly, her getting married means he has no chance but he will grieve none the less.

Keep in mind…

Just keep in perspective that when a Taurus man gives his heart 100%, he expects it to last so when it doesn’t he’s broken and it takes him a very long time to get over, if ever.

If you’re able to keep this in mind then you will understand that there is a part of him that will always love and care for his ex. That doesn’t apply to all his ex’s. It only applies to the one that he really loved and was close to (if he has one like that).

Naturally, if an ex of his that tries to reach out isn’t that good of a friend, he probably won’t bother. He may say hi back but he won’t try to carry on and try to really be friends with her. In his head, he was already done with her and not going there again, especially if he loves you.

All in all, Taurus men aren’t much for cheating or for scheming. He may still have feelings for his ex. So what?! As long as he’s not doing anything about it nor stalking her to keep an eye on her, you shouldn’t worry.

If he’s professed his love to you, you likely have nothing to worry about. Watch for the signs and you’ll probably be just fine with your Taurus man!

To conclude…

There are plenty of red flags here for you to consider when you’re seeing or dating a Taurus man. He will for sure show you when he’s not into it just like he will be sure to show you when he is.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Taurus guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him.

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Anna Kovach

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10 thoughts on “Does Your Taurus Man Still Have Feelings For His Ex? Signs To Look For

    1. Hi Nic!

      When you purchase any of my books, it enables you for a free VIP consult with me. At that point you get the email address to contact me with.

  1. My taurus man broke up with his ex wife three years ago after she left him for another man. They are no longer in contact and he doesn’t talk about her much. We’ve been together almost a year and all is well but I’m worried he still has feelings for her deep down and will always carrying around the heartbreak. Is the Taurus man ever able to completely commit to someone new? He had committed to her for life but was devastated by the betrayal.

    1. Hi Lou!

      There is no way for sure to ever know if his feelings are still there but if he isn’t talking about her then that’s a good thing. Even if he does have feelings for her, he’s with you and the love for her shouldn’t tarnish that really. Try not to be insecure in yourself. He’s with you for a reason. Stick with that and be happy he chose you. Yes, of course they can completely commit again.

      1. Hi, am married a taurus man, he is still in connection with his ex, sometimes he praises her, he is stalking her, chatting with her.. Recently he deleted chat also because I was argued with him about her before. But he is telling that they are just friends, I deleted that chat because u will make fight by seeing it, and so on.. He was told me to make friend her in social media if I want. Am very much insecure about this… What I have to do??

        1. Hi Sheyn,
          He probably doesn’t feel respected, appreciated or loved, and therefore protected emotionally enough. More than any other astrological sign, Taurus guy needs to be praised by his special woman so he could feel special too.
          By keeping in touch with his ex, he proves to himself that he is still attractive, highly respected, adored or needed. And in this sense, be aware that most affairs don’t happen just like that, all of a sudden. It takes time.
          What you can do is show your support. Compliment him all the way. He needs to feel appreciated by you.
          I hope all goes well for you both! Sending Love.

  2. Hi Anna,

    I have a taurus boyfriend and he lives far from me.
    Because when I open up about my past, but he did tell me about his ex-wife who passed away.
    in the beginning. Is it okay to ask my boyfriend about his ex before me or not.?
    What is the reason why he hates talking on the phone?

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Renee,
      It is hard being far away from a Taurus man. At some point, you and the Taurus man will both want to actually spend time together. Face to face is absolutely necessary for a Taurus man to continue a long distance relationship.
      The complication arises when he realizes that he cannot be with you while you’re at a distance.
      He could become cold or restless thus sending you fewer messages or calling less. The Taurus man is in need of physical interaction with the woman he’s been spending so much energy on. You need to come up with a plan to see him in person. He will then have a perspective about your future plans. The worst thing would be to just chat and be on the phone without making any effort to be together physically. This is a deal-breaker for a Taurus man.
      Best of luck!

  3. Hi Anna
    I have been in a Relationship with a Taurus ma for 10 years In April of 2023 he confessed to me that he had been seeing another woman for 7 years she broke up with him and he was upset so he decided to come clean was devastated but I forgave him. I have been seeing him again He goes hot and cold on me Should I come out and ask him if he is talking to her again? I am afraid to because if he isn’t he will think I don’t trust him (which I don’t) I forgave him but I don’t think I will ever forget Heisthe love of my life and I have been a very loyal and trusting companion to him He tells me all of his deepest darkest secrets I just don’t want to lose him Please help

    1. Dear Kathleen,
      My suggestion for you is that you make a decision about what you want. Decide whether or not you want to stay with him and work on this issue, or if you need to move on.
      Neither of these choices are easy, but they are both definitely necessary in your process of healing. Taurus man cheats when he doesn’t feel respected, appreciated or loved, and therefore protected emotionally enough. More than any other astrological sign, Taurus guy needs to be praised by his special woman so he could feel special too.
      My suggestion is, face it right away, don’t ignore it and don’t ever allow him to make you his second choice.
      I hope this situation will be resolved in your favor. Sending Love!

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